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What Does The World Need Right Now

By on April 12, 2021

What Does The World Need Right Now

As we move at a very fast pace today, the world is exceeding at an innumerable pace. There are many things that the world can benefit from today. This includes the right apps that can get us anywhere we like, the right mediums to bring ourselves up or let’s just say launch us, the right podiums to talk about things as a youth, and the right places to meet the right people and let’s just keep going. We have these things in different shapes perhaps or maybe we don’t have them in the exact form that we need them in.


What does the world need right now could mean a number of things but what it really needs is the people with the right attitude, people who can work fast, a smarter work life, a smarter work-life balance, easy travel, more comprehension and gelling, and a mix and match amongst everything to keep things going. While it is easy to point these things out, the sad part is that it is a far cry because things seem to be going in a very difficult direction right now that low developing countries such as Pakistan and its citizens may benefit from them very late then they nearly should.

What does the world need right now

The Right Transport Systems

The world needs the right transport system to move around domestically and internationally freely. We have security for a reason that, everyday whatever different activity is observed gets pointed out daily or whenever and that is what the cops are paid for. We need to be able to have the right systems to launch ourselves and the opportunity to travel whenever we can, if not freely then at least for the aforementioned things.

The Ability To Move Forward And Abroad

What the world needs right now is also the ability to move forward and abroad. This means that we can use the facility and privilege to move forward and travel when we like. The governments need to be able to create a system in which we can move freely and whenever we like. We are so confined at the moment that we feel restricted and depressed because we can’t move forward. If only there were opportunities to move forward freely through podiums such as going abroad for traveling, we would be happier citizens, being able to make the most out of our lives.

The Podium To Do Something

If you are a part of a 3rd world country, you don’t get to do too much. You can sit and relax or be a part of a career where travel is demanding. Career develops with age because age adds to the experience. However, as a decent freelancer by international standards as well (fiverr), you don’t get to do too much in the country. You don’t even get the option to go abroad freely and gel with people from your category or league.

Life is a ballgame who doesn’t know but you stand on some steady measure and that is you. However, you will always need aid to let yourself going because every decent measure plays a significant part in the universe (law of the universe). One must always, therefore, be a part of an economy where one can move freely and come back home to go back again and get the system rolling as well.

There is plenty to do these days despite the corona setback however things are not as ideal as they should be. We need to be able to move forward with dignity and grace, travel, get to know more people, come back to safer societies and move around with league. It is a desperate time and with people hoping to have things worked out, it is still better to live in a freeer society which presents more opportunities to its citizens.

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How To Prepare For Ramadan: 2021

By on April 8, 2021

How To Prepare For Ramadan: 2021

Ramadan 2021 is around the corner, in fact just six days away and there is a lot to do to prepare for it. If you haven’t been able to get the things to prepare for it already, here is a good guide (guide 2021) on it. How to prepare for Ramadan is all about feeling good and rejuvenated (again). It is a month where you can relax, sit back and enjoy the basic freedom of life while also assessing till the next year because your fate gets written till the same day your soul was lifted up on one of the Qadr’s and you get a response from God. That would be hidden and till the same date in the next Ramadan, when the veil is lifted off, you get another chance from God for another year in this life depending on how much you got because of your doings on this planet and how you behaved with what you got.

Ramadan is a sacred month and one must practice all kinds of seclusion in it especially ‘sticking to yourself’. If you have sort of understood the concept of Ramadan, here is how you prepare for it because there are just 6 days left for Ramadan 2021. It starts on 14th April, 2021.

How To Prepare For Ramadan

1- Clean your home today!

The first step to prepare for Ramadan is to clean your home today. Sort out everything and then sit on what you need to get and then prepare to spend some money, Ramadan can get expensive. Essentially, you think about all that you need in Ramadan and about clothes too for Eid.

2- Prepare for Eid (get a suit or two).

Sort out your clothes for Eid as well. Ramadan 2021 might be short and steady so you might as well want to get something for Eid beforehand. If you are a fanatic and want the latest in, then wait for it but keep it as a pointer.

3- Get everything you need- Fruit you can get every second day

Get all the necessities you need in food for the month. Ramadan is a slow month so make sure you get the staples and all extras. Focus on fruit and vegetables. Keep it light, keep the additionals rotating and the month should be good.

4- Power Of Prayer

Make sure you pray. That should be on the agenda. Once the month is here, spend the day in peace and serenity, come closer to God and night in solitude. Look out for the year ahead. There might be a lot coming up. Pray for normalcy this year and health and wellness all over.

5- Focus on Eid and till after Eid

Get the things you need to get for Eid. Plan your food choices and make sure you enjoy the month till the 5th day of Eid.

How To Prepare For Ramadan

Ramadan is a beautiful month and it gives you the chance to leave your sins behind and move forward with the right attitude, dedication and sanity.

Furthermore, this Ramadan, you should try to pray all five times (benefits of praying) and maintain sanctity after the break of fast. Try to pray as much as you can and read the Quran. Ramadan is a blessed month for His blessings come down on His men (and women) and they get secured for the time till the next Ramadan. So make sure you play your part in making the most out of this month but also towards contributing to the greater good and this month would then be full of His blessings and love on and for you.

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How To Heal The Right Way

By on March 31, 2021

How To Heal The Right Way

There is nothing better than healing if you ask me. Healing is not just our innate purpose in life but it is also important and necessary for living life. We have to heal every day, for we work, go to the gym, meet new people, eat new foods and do so much more than our spectrum changes and we need to bring it to balance. For that, we need to rise up and go beyond our own selves to restore ourselves to normal balance or equilibrium.

Life has indeed become a race and for many other reasons, healing should be our first and foremost priority. Without being healthy, we cannot function and if we cannot function, what is the point of life?

Healing starts with you and if you have taken it upon you to heal, you can also go further by healing others as well. If you are interested in finding out more about healing and how to heal the right way, here are a few important tips.

Healing Begins At Home

Healing begins at home. Moreover, healing is internal so first, you must fix yourself internally to be able to see things clearly. Internal healing has a few aspects associated with it and here are few simple fixes for it.

Internal Healing.

Start By Breathing Normally

Make it a habit to breathe normally for your day. When you wake up, take 10 breaths internally and take 10 breaths externally. Breathe in and breathe out, inhale and exhale till you find internal equilibrium. Then go to the bathroom and empty your system by having plenty of water and make sure you do have plenty of water to keep going. Also, make sure that you take green tea and similar beverages to keep your system clean. There is nothing better than flushing for clarity as well so make sure you do. You need to have clean energy for yourself to fix internally so make sure you have a lot of water and flush all of it out, especially toxins out of your system. (Read: How To Flush Out Toxins From Your System). You should make drinking water your habit and once you have, you can pass on this advice to others on how to heal someone without ‘essentially’ doing anything.

Eat Right

For internal healing, it is important that you eat right. Make sure you have green vegetables and fruits to keep your system clean. You also need the right foods to eliminate the wrong toxins and it can be difficult in such a fast pace world to keep track of everything so here is where exercise comes in as well.

Moreover, make sure that you eat right and make it a habit to walk every day as well so that your system pumps new blood and you can automatically start flushing toxins out of your system. It is a habit to do things for 10 days till your body adapts to it and starts becoming a part of the newer process. Once your body adapts, you can start training it and be a part of something healthy and nice.

What you can eat is kale, broccoli, apples, bananas, cucumber, carrot etc. to keep your system clean and healthy.

Exercise From The Bone

We have a bone and to get a grip of yourself, make sure you exercise from the bone. Walk from your bone so that you get rid of excessive fat and look from the bone whenever you want to lose fat. Furthermore, it is important that for being healthy, you have the right weight so that you can process things on time and are essentially on point-blank.

Exercise, eat your way out of depression and all such things first, make it a process not progress and eventually progress if you need. Just make healing a part of something that you are committed to. Moreover and also, you must remember that healing is always internal and everything is external, so if you are healed internally, you will see things right and so on and so forth. It has got to do with your energy so make sure you take care of your energy by eating foods that eliminate toxins, drinking plenty of water and go exercising. Make this a habit and you should be able to enjoy the greater pleasures in life.

Walk, Jog Or Run

In exercise and if you want to heal the right way, make sure that you walk, jog or run. Running can help in getting the body in motion and for pumping new blood. Moreover, it can help you align with yourself and it can help in an outburst of energy that brings in more energy.

Walking, jogging or running can also help you get a clearer picture of yourself. It can help you process dreams eventually where all the energy is sealed and where it needs to come out. It is true that if you process your dreams, you will have no sickness so make sure you go ahead with it and everything will fall into place.

Healing is excellent and once you get used to it and it becomes a habit, there is no running away from it. Furthermore, if you have been looking to heal the right way, the above few pointers can help.

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5 Stocks To Buy In March 2021

By on March 21, 2021

If you have money right now and want to invest, don’t be afraid because investments are a good way of protecting your money. While there are many types of investments available, stocks are a great option because they are accessible and profitable. If you are looking to invest in stocks, here are 5 stocks to buy in March 2021.

5 Stocks To Buy In March 2021


If coronavirus is benefitting one company, it is Amazon. The corona pandemic has made people sit at home but people are still spending and eCommerce giants are benefitting. The pandemic has made eCommerce companies such as Amazon benefit. Since last year, the company’s stock price has increased from more than $1900 a share to now $3200 per share. The profits of Amazon are incredible and with the company having a P/E ratio of over 75, Amazon makes an interesting bet. E-commerce giants are benefitting with a P/E average of 55 at the moment and Amazon has a bigger one to boast and that means good numbers.

Amazon is one of the safer havens of people when they invest and if you are looking to invest today, Amazon is a good investment in March 2021 and one of the 5 stocks to buy in March 2021. (top stocks 2021)

Disney (NYSE: DIS)

Disney is a special stock that comes in a buy range of $191.14. It is affordable and has performed consistently, making it a good bet in March 2021.

A yearly performance of the company’s stock suggests that Disney stock has risen on a year to year basis and since it is affordable, it is a good invest this month.

Disney is benefiting with its Disney+ especially during Covid-19 recovery and streaming entertainment.

NextEra Energy (NYSE: NEE)

NextEra energy is not an exact winner of the corona pandemic. However, it is a company worth investing in.

NextEra Energy’s subsidiaries currently provide millions of homes and businesses to people across America. It is the biggest publicly traded utility company in the world. At the moment, its subsidiaries are Florida Power & Light, Florida City Gas and Gulf Power.

NextEra comes in utility stock and those have always been safer bets. NextEra is the biggest producer of clean, renewable wind energy in the world. It plays a crucial role in the significance of U.S. solar energy industry. They provide clean energy infrastructure and are one of the best bets in 5 stocks to buy in March 2021.


Gevo also makes for a good investment in this year in 2021. Gevo stock has met a decent rise in 2021. Up until now, Gevo stock has increased from just more $4 per share to nearly $14 now.

Gevo is a clean energy company and it focuses on the production of clean and renewable fuels.

Gevo has perfected technology that helps it turn renewable feedstock such as food scraps and waste food into clean and renewable fuels such as jet fuelts.

Companies which operate on green energy space get advantages such as grants, tax cuts an and increasing demand which Gevo benefits from.

Gevo, therefore, is a good bet and invest for 2021.


Alphabet is another tech giant which is worth your investment today. Alphabet is a parent of Google, the leading online search engine. The growth in Alphabet has been incredible and it will continue to grow in the time to come.

Alphabet is a big tech player and it has a P/E ratio of 35. Usually, peers have an average P/E ratio of 24. Alphabet, therefore, is a big stand and a favorite among analysts today.

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5 Ways To Stay Secluded In Corona Wave 3

By on March 15, 2021

5 Ways To Stay Secluded In Corona Wave 3

The new corona wave 3 is taking a serious toll on people because they really don’t know what to do. Things are shutting off, that is for sure. What will help is taking care of yourself, act and be normal, lie down straight, clean yourself (Read: How To Keep Yourself Clean) and keep being the normal/same all along without any restrictions or self-thought to stop. The basics, we all know.

So in this state of corona wave 3, what should be done to protect yourself and stay secluded.

We mentioned the word secluded in the article because it is the best option out. No breath, take care of your self, drink water, align your body, get some rest and keep going. If you are feeling an inhibition to party or go out all the time or drink alcohol (Read: Alcohol and Corona Virus), stay away. It is time we clear up because the broader game of corona virus is much more than we think and it will take a while for us to heal.

The best way out of corona wave 3 is to stay in seclusion. Healing will take a long time so it is better we start today.

If you want to stay in seclusion during the third wave of corona virus, here is what you need to do.

How To Stay In Seclusion In Corona Wave 3

1- Make sure you avoid people as much as you can.

2- Try to ensure that the evil eye doesn’t bite you. Stay put and have plenty of water because water is energy.

3- Go for a brisk walk every 30 minutes throughout the week. It will get your energy rolling and your heart to be beating the blood normally, as it should.

4- Don’t forgo cleanliness and keep going. Indulge yourself in some activity, read a book and be careful. Corona Wave 3 is serious and the lock down is more intense. Keep it in your homes and go therapeutic.

5- Eat proportionately. Don’t eat foods that are too harsh for the body or system. Eat light, eat proper and keep exercising. You have to drink water with food to ensure that there are just lipids left in your body. Don’t go out, don’t sit out. Just stay where your safer havens are and keep working on yourself to keep yourself going. In essence, just keep it clean.

Corona wave 3 has been taken seriously by governments around the world and there might be some serious fixage that will be needed. While there are many people working on fixing, we must ensure we play our part by keeping it cool, not fighting, working on healing only, and turning to religion. (The practices we adopt out of religion will already keep us sane).

(Corona- the paradox or paradox syndrome)

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The Third Strain Of Corona Virus

By on March 13, 2021

The Third Strain Of Corona Virus

Corona virus is back, it seems and people are worried again. They are calling it ‘the third strain of corona virus’ or ‘third wave of coronavirus’ and it doesn’t look good.

What is the third wave of corona virus?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. The third wave of corona virus is an extended virus of the second wave of corona. It is seemingly back after things started getting back to normal. As soon as schools started reopening in Pakistan and food joints in America, say Salt Bae, corona is back again.

If you have been diagnosed with corona or it is being called the third wave of corona virus because there was so much discovery of the second wave that once people started healing, more started coming up and they panicked, calling it the third wave because they couldn’t handle it.. the answer is that in this wave and period, you be simple and you take plenty of water, you stay at home and you protect yourself from anything and anyone.

Corona virus 3rd wave is as serious as a gut trying to make its way out of commotion and trying to make itself explain that it will take care of it once it gets a good grip of itself. Corona virus is a serious concern and most people will not be able to make sense out of it if they do not get a grip of themselves by aligning themselves by the center and start practicing meditation for clarity perhaps.

The third wave of corona virus may be the final calling for the fourth and the last but till then, we can still work wonders to help getting rid of it. Many people have died because of corona and in this last wave of corona virus, or the third strain of corona virus, you do the following:

1- You should ALWAYS wear a mask. If you cannot wear it always, wear it below the nose. Mask will even help to align your breath, so wear it!

2- Stay away from filth, wherever you find it. Do not compromise on quality of the foods especially meat. Get it fresh and spend more than suffering in agony because of the third strain of corona virus.

3- Have something sweet because there are so many things that have an impact on us as we move or even if we are sitting at our home. Get some energy and then walk or exercise or whatever. Just create your own world and sanctuary and this will only be possible if you get a grip of yourself. It may SEEM like an easy process to align yourself and take care of everything but trust me, it is not. You have to be stringent, you have to make sure that you balance everything, you have to take care of your ‘energy’ and you have to move around. This wave will probably end up killing what is left of the 2nd wave of corona virus.

4- When you close your eyes, you see a yellow or orange thing. This may be Al-nur or light for those He has sent his saving grace on. Whatever you see with your eyes closed is for you. Do not fight in the hidden. That is the game. What you do is realize that everything comes to you for help, be it eyes or a crisscrossed something or whatever it is. You on your part must always keep going. If that energy is getting out of proportion, you calm it down by having water. These are hormones. There is no harm in masturbation as well to balance your hormones and once they start getting in place, shit more and pee more till your body is stringent. Cleanliness is the way out of all evils so make sure you keep yourself clean and healthy so you can keep going. Never stop walking and as soon as you sink in depression, go for a walk. Just keep yourself going because anything can happen anytime and between corona, it will be hard to keep up. Thus, align yourself, your intuition, the gap and keep going.

5- During this third strain of corona, make sure that you keep praying, meditating, and keep yourself balanced and in the center. If you want to align the center, read “laillahaillAllahMuhammadUrRasoolAllah” – notice the ‘ahah’ in it, one of the things it is on is the other person laughing at you (Marut) in their hidden (you can have open enemies and we have all kinds of people in the world)… you reading it to find a tick in your head (and ticks are from the divine) that He understood and so will the other person, you keep going and ignore and silence is the best virtue and that they move out of of your life and that they understood while you necessarily having to react on it in your hidden. Some feelings we don’t understand but what you feel is coming from somewhere, it is people laughing at you or feeling for you so thus, it is important that you get closer to religion to understand everything is for you and you prioritize yourself in front of Him and you till the end of time because there is one life and that you keep going.

Thus for aligning the center, you read LaillahaillAllahMuhammadUrRasoolAllah

Furthermore, for keeping yourself going and not fighting in the hidden, you should practice religion. Mine is Islam so I will suggest the following for the following. Religion is WRITTEN (pre-written) and should be taken very seriously. Quran is the remedy of all, and it is. Science vs. Man- Man, Man Vs. Religion, Religion, Religion Vs. Science, Religion and Religion vs. All? Religion, after all, Islam persisted before technology and science, it was annihilation and people used to live much much longer than they do today. So definitely the Quran as it is mine, for all answers and some of the answers are:

1- Read LaillahaillAllahMuhammadUrRasoolAllah for aligning the center.

2- Read Surah Naas for aligning and then balancing the center for the left.

3- Read Surah Falak for balancing the right.

4- Then come on the center and you will automatically start reading laillahaillAllahMuhammadUrRasoolAllah

5- Alamnashra Laka Sadrak for Nazar (evil eye)

– Qul-o-Allah O Ahad for ghayab (even if you think you are dwelling in the ghayab)

– Alhakomutakasir for keep going and persisting, literally for breath and the notion ‘God persists in silence’.

– Ayat ul kursi for keeping your seat alive and balanced (for power and attorney)

– 99 names of Allah for consistency and letting go of all evil that is clung on your body (most of the cases these days because of nazar which inevitably leads to voices and shadows because you cannot take it and you go in reverse and start seeing shadows and spirits because these are people trying to get to you but you are in reverse so you start seeing this instead of what hits the heart and that ‘it is your gut feeling ‘.

– Read what you know: ayat-e-kareema, chaar qul, ‘wabe saumi ghadinaweeto min shar e ramadan for balancing the center through the eyes, and lailatulqadar.

The Third Strain Of Corona Virus

6- Just wear a mask in this third strain of coronavirus and drink plenty of water. Stay away from alcohol and keep it low. Once you have gotten a grip of yourself, move ahead in direction. You can do weed if you want but limit everything till your energy is balanced and you have the right strength. Then move forward in the direction.

7- Meditate, breathe from your nose, keep reading laillahaillAllah and stay away from any malaise there is. Keep it to yourself and work. Things might be distorted for a good amount of time if they continue to persist this way.

8- Vaccines are not bad, go for them and avoid eating out or in gatherings.

9- Get the mind body and soul healing rejuvenated and get in touch with your inner self.

10- Stay put and keep going.

The third wave of corona virus is now a bigger problem than the former two and things are apparently very serious. It is better to take care than lose a life. All of the stated above will help because otherwise everything else will have a serious impact on your life especially driving and all others. Keep travel to a minimum, sought out your trades, move forward with patience and ‘keep it going’. We hope the third wave of corona or the third strain of corona virus gets eliminated from the universe right away.

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Top 5 Fashion Trends For 2021

By on February 20, 2021

Top 5 Fashion Trends For 2021

Are you a fashion enthusiast? Do you want to find out what is in fashion this year? Are you on the outlook for the best fashion gear, apparel and accessories this year? If yes, then you have stumbled at the right place because we are here to discuss the top 5 fashion trends for 2021.

Top 5 Fashion Trends For 2021

Belts (Statement Buckles)

First come first. If you wear dresses, statement buckles are very in this year. A lot of designers (designers 2021) are bringing back mid-section belts this year. You can use statement buckles for clinching your dress or sweater or blazers, it’s up to you. However, they look really good and are one fashion trends to watch and follow this year.

Top 5 Fashion Trends For 2021: Tech Unveiled

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are also in for 2021, in fact most are calling it a must-have fashion accessory this year. Whether it be Gigi Hadid or Meghan Markle, both have been spotted wearing baseball caps this year. The accessory is quite retro and quite in, and makes everything look good. Baseball caps are another fashion trend to watch this year.


Did someone say headscarves as a fashion trend for this year? Well, yes. In fact, headscarfs are one of the Top 5 Fashion Trends For 2021. Headscarfs have been worn since the longest of times. They help you protect, they make you look good and they go along with every kind of clothing. They are just the right fit. You can either choose a silky design or block letters or bold colors. The choice is yours. Nonetheless, they still look quite good! (Headscarfs 2021).

Subdued (Mellow) Yellow(s)

Yellow is a very well-known color. Yellow is Pantone’s color of the year for this year. It is a summer hit. It looks good on most dresses and on handbags too. Leave the accessory, drop the color, that will be true for a subdued or mellow yellow.


Sequins are another one of the top 5 fashion trends for 2021. It was an obvious thought that you cannot wear sequins beyond a certain age. However, things have changed this year. Sequins look good despite how sparkly and shiny they are. They look good during the day and night. The best part? They put you in the spotlight as it is!

How To Fix The World In 2021

By on February 8, 2021

How To Fix The World In 2021

After the corona pandemic, fixing things in 2021 might be a difficult task. There has been loss of life, there have been bombings and fights. People are fed up and they want and need a solution. If you are one of them, looking for ways to how to fix the world in 2021, here is how you can do it.

How To Fix The World In 2021 Or How To Fix Things In 2021.

1- Fix Yourself First

To start off with, you fix things by fixing yourself. For that, you need to check your body. You need to drink plenty of water and flush whatever there is in your system. Keep a straight head, walk-in your direction, eat properly and be mindful of others. Drink water and herbs (green teas (best green teas) and similar- benefits of green tea) till you have a stringent and straight outlook/appearance. (How to have a sleek appearance).

2- Fix Your Home

Once you have fixed yourself, you will realize how to fix your surroundings. It all starts/begins at home so start fixing your home. Whether it be people or your home itself, make sure there is no room for fights. Clean your surroundings, make it a safe haven and be comfortable in your own element. Then take a leap and step ahead.

3- Move On In The Right Direction

You will be shocked that after 2018, people are more aware and know what is going on. The truth is getting revealed as to what the ‘bigger game is‘. Blowing off people in smaller economies for your economies, rodding and shredding people for promoting products say hair products or pharmaceuticals (the big pharma’s) and so on. The answer to this is annihilation. This is His land. You walk free, you eat out of your plate and you work hard to achieve what you want. You be mindful of others, you don’t gossip, you don’t indulge in the 5 major sins (understanding Islam) and you walk in your path. There are a lot of people in all the countries in the world so rather than focusing externally, you focus on your self. You make something out of yourself and once you have enough, you start contributing to others. This is how life works and this is how we can possibly fix things in 2021. (Global World Orders- Conspiracy theories.).

4- Spend Money In His Direction, Trust The Process And Plan Your Travel

Once you are earning, it is good to spend money in His direction. You must also always trust the process and finally, you must always plan your travel as well. Travelling teaches you a lot in life. It opens doors to some excellent people, it tells you a lot about culture, it shapes you, molds you and cultivates you. Once you are in a position to spend, you can even spend on others while traveling as well. This is ‘The Greater Good‘. What should keep you sane is that everything is right here and if not today, you can plan for the next year. Also, remember 24 hours of a day than a whole year and 24 hours in a day than a millisecond. Just keep up, save, work and stay with yourself than indulging in other activities of prying into others’ businesses or others in general. All of this will help you keep a straight head and work for the betterment of others and yourself as well. This is again a direction of how to fix the world in 2021.

5- Focus On Your Country, Your Government Can Take Care Of Other Countries

Don’t be vague in your opinions and think nothing can be done. Rather, if you want to start fixing the world, you focus on your country. You spend from your money and you help and fix the poor. We have governments sitting on our heads so they can take care of other countries and it can be a collective effort to fix the world. Once we start fixing, we realize what the problem is or who is creating this problem that undoes what we do and we take care of the problem as well. There are too many people working towards the same motive so be patient and work towards your family and success as well. It is a long road ahead and life can be beautiful if you are mindful of what you are doing. Stick with balance, and you will hopefully and preferably attain what you want to achieve and attain and then you can work for the betterment of the world again.

Here are a few tips on how to fix the world in 2021.

Eminem – Till I Collapse [HD] – YouTube

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How To Deal With Cancer Patiently

By on February 7, 2021

How To Deal With Cancer Patiently

“Cancer- It All Adds Up”.

Cancer is a disease that everyone is scared of. However, if something is a problem, you ‘deal’ with the problem than forsaking it. Or making it something as big as something that you cannot deal with entirely. If you or someone you know has cancer, realize that cancer is not that big of a deal. We have treatment for it, we have medicine for it. Moreover, we also have people to make you feel better and death indeed is inevitable indeed (so there is no fear in you while you deal with it).

One of the major symptoms of cancer is ‘having a bad taste in your mouth’. The taste is saline, it is that of an infection and it is actually a taste of ‘pus’. If so, you should go see a doctor rather than hiding it because this happens when your body is not completely aligned. The reason for this could be lack of self-care, too much sex or destroying yourself in the hidden. Cancer is as simple as an infection spreading in your body because your gut wasn’t able to digest and process the food you ate or medicine you took or a chemo injection as well.

If your body isn’t aligned (and it is stitched by His decree), you resort to lying down and sleeping. The body has a self-generating mechanism where it restores itself to normal just as any other circle of life does. If you do realize you have cancer, what you do is that you start drinking water first and purify your body and resort to sleeping and resting. 10 is a code so start with 10 days and in this case, 20, so that your body starts going back to normal. Once it is, the taste will simmer down. You can go for a test again, preferably a mammogram and assess what is left..

Taking Rest Is The Key To Saving Yourself In This World

Cancer springs from the fact that your body cannot take it anymore. This also happens when you have taken on too much work. Or when you can’t relax or you cannot let go of people or you are doing too much and getting no rest. You should be your first priority. You can take care of others when you take care of yourself. By His decree, the last age of a man is 100 and for a woman is 120 so believe that ‘every thing is Done’ (Zuckerberg and his shenanigans with AI and grillers and rods and all of AI really) and that is why we are dying earlier because ‘we cannot take anymore‘. It also has to do with the respect (that we inevitably die) which Islam is all about. He saves your grace by saving you from this inundated course of evil in life and brings you at peace by bringing you to Him so your head doesn’t bow down to anyone but Him (and to Him we shall return).

Nonetheless, there is only one life and everybody has the right to live their life. There are Books for how you should live your life so do so because life indeed is a ‘fascinating concept’. In our age, we have forgotten what a system is, what lungs are, what a heart is. We just take everything on and head on till we return home and till then we gather so much that we cannot process for the next 20 days and then there is another day. So for that, understand your body, walk with your head down, practice religion and what 10 levels of a body. From head to toe, there are 10 levels (mind, body, heart, soul, reflex etc. Therefore, the body is pretty easy to understand and then we have veins and for clearing the veins we have water so it is pretty much an easy feat to flush things out of the system. Eat carefully and let your system restore and lead a blissful life. Let your body process and relax. Head your day one by one. Categorize your day, take it as a pit stop (manzil) and till you don’t get home, keep yourself sane and walk with your head high but your toes straight and eyes right on point (downwards in direction, always).

So what do you do if you have cancer (there is no such thing as cancer). You will realize how Parkinsons (fulfill your dreams by reading Surah Naas and even Parkinsons will disappear as well) turned into Alzheimer’s overtime and Alzheimer’s turned into heart attacks and heart attacks turned into nothing and then it was cancer all of a sudden. You will be shocked to know that Cancer is Done- just like everything is Done (by open enemies or for you being too loud and of course for One motive- Moneyyy!). (The Global World Orders- products etcetc. The asparagus syndrome and what not).

Yes so there is no such thing as cancer or sickness. If you do get sickness, that means stop because you might be doing something out of proportion and water can fix EVERYTHING (quite literally).

Dealing With Cancer Patiently

Once you have understood that there is no such thing as sickness and if you are sick ( say have cancer), here is how you can deal with it patiently.

1- You never make a big deal out of anything. There is a reason why there was an indication of ‘cancer’ for you. It means you stop and you wait and realize if you are doing something wrong and stop it and get on the ‘right path’. This can include too much of weed, smoking in particular and alcohol in all might. You accept and move forward. There is no 88% chance of survival after getting cancer so it cancer is improving and it will all improve inevitably.

2- If you do have cancer, you realize that Allah is there. He is there so reach to Him and talk to Him and get answers from Him. All souls go back to Him and He is just indeed here. Think of Him and think of this and it will give you a lot of sakoon. Once you have ruled out any weakness, you will start improving automatically. This will give you a lot of strength. Pain is a part of every process in life, be it a sickness.

Cancer is the biggest outcome of nazar but don’t be in any denial and transition yourself to balance. Also, if your doctor suggests treatment after 10 days of getting cancer, then you start healing yourself. You take rest, you lie down, you start drinking water, you get rid of ALL resistances, you sort to mazheb and you start sleeping. Take 10 hours of sleep and move around more, start walking and start JOGGING. It will move your energy, dispose it well, get the spots outwards as well and leak those spots in pee once you start drinking water a lot. There is a high chance that after this and try going on the 15th day then, you won’t even get cancer.

Dealing With Cancer Patiently… Continued

3- Never give up. Everything is right here. If you have wronged someone, make amends. Ask for forgiveness. Never challenge a soul and never hurt anyone. Never gossip and start afresh. Ask for forgiveness and get on the right path. There is absolutely no reason for you to not heal if you do have cancer if you take rest, be humble, let go of what you are holding inside, start taking rest right away and feel the difference.

4- Stay away from artificial intelligence. We are living in a time and age where there are invisible cameras and rockets hovering above us. These have such painful impact on us that we can’t escape it. If you feel so, discuss with someone and contact your respective governments as well. If you are not doing it or asking for it, why are you getting it? Then think, realize, stop. Move forward, understand the problem and then move ahead in the right direction.

5- Be patient. All processes take time. Just as a cooking a steak or a meal being processed. Or a let’s just say you walking till you get home and can’t get rest, or an airplane flight or a Deutsche course. Anything and everything takes time and so will ‘cancer’. So if you are on getting it out of your system and getting rid of it, BE PATIENT and rest and rest and sleep, sleep and sleep, your body will restore itself back to normalcy. After that, have plenty of water, take a break from FOOD and flush it all out. There is no reason for you to not heal irrespective of whether it is cancer or Parkinsons.

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What Is The Trick To Success?

By on February 2, 2021

What Is The Trick To Success?

Life isn’t easy and if you are here, you better make something out of yourself to leave a well inundated mark in the universe. Not many people have a successful life but those who do, are the ones who ‘played it differently’. Many people come and go but the trick to success is ‘being playful‘ while enjoying your moments, ‘being nice’ when it’s too odd to do so, and ‘being comfortable in your own element‘. You have to own yourself to have a life that you can make the most out of and for being successful of course.

If you agree up until here, then keep reading because you will agree with me further when I say that the key to a successful life and the trick to success are the following important points:

Key/ Trick To Success

1- Keep moving forward but don’t forget others in the process.

2- Always have a balanced approach and keep no such secrets that you turn into a schizo while doing so and think you are successful when it is only in your own eye. If there is any guilt, check it and run freely. It is a free world and keep attaining your goals, while heading in the right direction and work for yourself but also for the betterment of others!

3- Keep your head up high. There is only one life. The median age for a man is 100 years and for a woman is 120. So there is plenty of life. Watch out for others around you, check people for their vibes, and have your goals sorted. Listen to your intuition and work on perfecting your intuition. Intuition is the balance between the right and left of the body, so the center and that would be the gut, so perfect yourself (this includes your diet, subsequently your mood etc.). You can indulge in many careers and while you are at it, you should have one particular goal that you are after. Working to attain that goal will help you with dealing with life. This is one of the most successful tricks to a successful life as well.

4- Another trick to success is to never fool people and never have someone else as the motivation for your success. Keep heading in your path without another motivation and you will find success knocking on your doorstep. Moreover, success isn’t anything out of the box. It is everything in a box and it isn’t measurable by any stance so know your goals and work to achieve them, that is success by itself.

5- Finally, the last trick to success is to always be happy. You can only work when you are at ease so make sure you keep yourself calm and collected and then move forward in the right direction.

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