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10 Predictions For 2020-2021

By on December 2, 2020

10 Predictions For 2020-2021

Are you someone who lives on thrill? Are you someone who believes in predictions? Do you believe things can come true if someone predicts? If the answer is yes then keep reading because here are 10 predictions for 2020-2021 by Tech Unveiled.

10 Predictions For 2020-2021

1- The dead will be back. (Quran).

2- We will be closer to the Day of Judgement.

3- We will be taking care of covid the same way we started taking care of it when it started. Things will be left on common ground till the end of 2021 now.

4- There will be a lot of deaths and people will not accept the new world order.

5- Muslims will suffer at the hands of the Jews but Muslims will retaliate.

10 Predictions For 2020-2021

6- Small talk, small grounds, meaningless meetings and parties will end. People will turn to Islam.

7- One thing that will keep going is cannabis. Other drugs will lose hope.

8- All world leaders today will stay but Mr. Biden will face excess pressure from the Jews.

9- Things won’t be pretty on nuclear fronts.

10- People will be running around for a covid-19 vaccine. (coronavirus20202021)

2020 has been very challenging. It has been lop-sided, it has been frantic and it has been ‘funny’ at the hands of Mr. Trump, who himself suffered at the hands of corona. 2019 wasn’t pretty, thanks to Mr. Trump, where we saw too many blasts across the world especially New Zealand, America (not reported), Afghanistan, China, Syria and Japan.

Soon after, 2019 took a big drag to Feb 2020 and there was the ‘corona pandemic’. A silly man at work, corona is a serious thought. 2020 was all about corona.

By world statistics, 200 million thousand people have died at the hands of this coronavirus, which is based on human feces but what it is actually based on is human flesh.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – YouTube

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