10 Signs That Dajjal Is Here

10 Signs That Dajjal Is Here

10 Signs That Dajjal Is Here

There is a lot of press on Dajjal being here. Do you realize he is here? I think he is. Just as there is a lot of speculation about Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) or talk at least and Qiyamat too, then I think yes he is, and here are 10 definite signs that he is.

1- Humans will not behave like humans anymore. They will behave like animals even in front of their mothers and family members and it will be as normal as ice. (They will feel like a rod rodding their central never and them keeping secrets and just irritation or losing eyes and going blind and going against everyone and without an answer).

2. Have you read Surah Yaseen? There is a statement in Surah Yaseen ‘that the Dead will be back and that Trumpet will blow on the Day of Judgement‘. Who do you think of when it comes to Dajjal? Will be covered in stage 2 of this article.

3-. There will be knocking and thumping on top of homes. People will be in reverse. It will be in reverse, dead but alive, alive but dead. Dajjal would be after everybody and he will be. He will have a thousand personalities, will be an open enemy of the state and will kill people in the name of God. He will be a conspiracy theorist and would look like MJ.

4- Dajjal will enter the Kaabah and take off the veil and rod the gold and take the key (but fail) and leave that place after shredding it and trying to get in it to realize you can and run away from it forever. (This has already happened.).

5- People will be running around like animals, without doing anything. They will understand nothing, they will fathom nothing and they will have absolutely nothing to understand, realize, or process. It will go back to ‘who taught you how to talk’ and humanity will have to start all over again. Dajjal only works for money (big money, big pharma’s is his game). All of this will leave us with nothing. Say… no eyes, blasted retinas, and for a layman who knows nothing, this would mean the end of eternity because only 10,000 individuals are literate by every merit).

10 Signs That Dajjal Is Here

6- He will have a face of a man, body of a torso, butts of a woman and tongue of a horse.

7- He will take everything away from humanity and make them sit on 0 and keep it on zero-till Muhammad (PBUH) finally wakes up and puts him to shame.

8- He will then take humanity to phase 10 (10 heavens), sit on the far side of the east, and control humanity from there. He will resemble Hitler. He will be a neo-nazi and he will not be a pleasant sight. Furthermore, he will move around the world for freewill whenever and wherever he wants.

9- There will be a parallel orbit around the universe and dajjal will walk on it. There will be knocks on doors, things will start disappearing or falling from our hands when we don’t ask for it. We will get angrier than usual and in the hidden without a fault. Resultantly it will jeopardize our relationships with our closest and all signs of Day Of Judgement will hold true.

10- People will know who dajjal is and despite everyone knowing, there will be no answer to his misogynies except for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who will fight in his right and everybody will join him to fight against dajjal. And he will finally be bought down.

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