Gitex Technology Week 2018: Top 3 Eye Catching Gadgets

Gitex Technology Week 2018: Top 3 Eye Catching Gadgets

Gitex is here and a lot is happening under its name. At the Gitex Technology Week, designers from around the world try to capture that opportunity and show their products.

If you look forward to Gitex and are a tech fan, you must know that three super amazing gadgets are about to make a debut on it. While there are going to be more gadgets at the Gitex as this is the technology era, these 3 are a must watch.

Amal Smart Glasses

Amal Smart Glasses are showcasing at the Gitex this year. These are glasses for the blind and visually impaired. Once they wear it, they can navigate across the city by offering voice commands. It’s an interesting technology catch because it helps in many ways.

Essentially, you can call Amal Smart Glasses a virtual assistant for someone who wears it. They will be able to process data such as traffic information, weather forecast and meeting schedules in real-time.

Other features include facial recognition, currency prices, prayer times, warnings, etc. All this while, it will assist you with navigation.

Gitex Technology Week: Amal Glasses
Gitex Technology Week: Amal Glasses

The Smart Police Station (SPS)

This is got to be the most interesting debut at Gitex Technology Week 2018. The Smart Police Station (SPS) is a very interesting gadget.

Introducing a self driving police station on board through an autonomous vehicle, the SPS lets Dubai residents pay their fines- On Board, instead of going to the local stations.

This has to be technology at its finest!

While some people still prefer paying cash or credit, the SPS will still facilitate ease for the users!

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Gitex Technology Week 2018: SPS
Gitex Technology Week 2018: SPS

Intel Track Systems

We all know the pain of getting lost in shopping malls. However, thanks to technology, the Intel Track Systems are here to change just that. Working as a satellite tracking device, it gets attached to a usual shopping cart that can guide buyers towards those stores that are situated in bigger malls.

Intel Track Systems are known to provide accurate distance guidance 3-5cm which is more than the GPS navigation systems.

You can even shop through special offers and bookmark your favorite purchases for next time.

Technology- Gitex
Technology- Gitex

The Best Part?

You can pay for the goods you buy through an in-built app. How cool is that? There’s absolutely won’t be any need for cash.

Gitex has a lot to offer. This year, a lot of products are debuting on it but some have easily caught our attention than most. The top 3 ‘attention catching’ gadgets have been listed above.

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