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April, 2019

Sri Lanka: Tech Unveiled

Is This For Real: Sri Lanka Bans Face Covering

By on April 29, 2019

In a shocking state of affairs, Sri Lanka has banned face covering after the pressing bomb in the country that let 250+ dead.

While it was reported that the ban on face covering came from the Sri Lankan President Mairthripala Sirisena on Sunday, there were about 253 people killed in the attack and ISIS seemed to have covered responsibility for it. However, it still makes no sense as to why they are banning the muslims.

The news isn’t a big deal though because most of the population in Sri Lanka are buddists and very few women wear the veil. Even if the country gets an influx of tourists, it is true to begin and say that the ban on the veil is still a a surprise because you can cover the feelings of a man but you can’t take their cover away.

The notion is survive, deep in and go harder so it is very strange that they have banned the hijab. Though least to say that the attack was nonetheless very devastating.

On the attacker:

Sources on the web reveal that the mastermind behind the attacks was someone who spent a lot of time in India. If they are identifying it, it doesn’t make any sense because some say it was ISIS- the militants while others say that it was who? Unsure.

They are still looking for answers but what’s strange is that there was a synogogue attack in United States of America and NPR reported that the veil ban comes after covering Easter Sunday attacks.

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Fashion Update: Tech Unveiled

List Of Fashion: Fashion Update

By on April 24, 2019

List Of Fashion: Fashion Update

Long Tops

Long tops are in and we are talking about the Arabian culture now. There are long shirts and long tops.

Summers are in, and, these are the looks:

White Washed Look

White is the colour of the season and the Meghan Markle look is in. In Pakistan, the look has been stunning and white.


Patterns and designs are in especially in Pakistan. It is the inspiration for the summers and it is definitely in.

In Designer Bags:

I am talking about:

  • Cult Gaia Bamboo Circle Bag
  • TopShop Flint Wooden Tote Bag
  • Statement Sneakers

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Jacinda Ardern: Tech Unveiled

Jacinda Ardern Presses Waves With New Iconic Image

By on April 23, 2019

New news is in and the story is that Jacinda Ardern has made it to the face of.. Or emerged as a global face of global war.

It is quite upsetting to see what’s happening in the world today. We’ve covered it so many times but Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Spain, Pakistan, Iran, Uk, India and Notre Dam (more).

It is the face of elections this year and people are competing.

In current news,

Jacinda Ardern was seen hugging a woman and that picture will now be painted on a street in Silo and that too in Melbourne.

It’s her unity and the recent Christchurch terror attack that sort of ignited a sense of modernity amongst the Europeans. They are still hunting but it seems like it is the common lay man doing all the jazz but getting paid by different respective governments. Whoever’s leading the way of it is the main hunter and probably, in this year’s election, he’s going to get caught.

The highlight of the image is the PM standing with a muslim, face to face, in the same word and the same sentence: S’a’l’l’a’m.

It is a tribute to the Muslims it seems, as Prime Minister Imran Khan of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan along with the lady herself, Jacinda Ardern has been named amongst the most Influential People Of Pakistan.

The worse is happening to Muslims still and It seems like there is divine help along the way. We’ll see what the end results are but there’s going to be agony with help, along with the new world along the way for the current term and Presidential elections 2019: This Year: Around the Globe in 80 days.

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World News: Tech Unveiled

World News: There’s Something In The Food

By on April 22, 2019

World News: There’s Something In The Food

It is surprising to see where the world is going right now.

In global news, Pakistan seems to have been struck by the food just as the world has been hit by blasts, bombs, figures and more.

As Jet Airways came to an end, sort of a halt in the time frame it came to an end which, disturbed the entire world just recently.

The opinion right now is that the political season is on and people are fighting for their rights. Governments are being formed but calamities are hitting the world as well. For me, to great extents (See: Sri Lanka, Spain, Ecuador, Quetta, Paris, Germany and more).

In recent news, in Pakistan, 75 students have been admitted to hospitals in Peshawar. Their condition is stable but their condition is pretty normal.

What it looks like is that something is wrong with the food here and it seems to be a very big malaise.

While the government of Pakistan, and the current PM, Imran Khan, is trying its best to work hard and play hard too, the common concern seems to be the federal government for him. While that is his problem, the food seems to be disturbed.

People in the country are not feeling well and today’s occurrence in Peshawar seems to be an erratic concern.

The cause of concern was nausea, abdominal pain and headaches.

The obvious cause should be and is: Food. The recommendation for the government will be to clean what’s in the food say water, drainage, sanitation and more.

In other news: Latest in the world: Resources.

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Comedian Zelensky Wins Presidency

Social Media Accounts To Get Blocked

Colombia Landslide

Media Faces Notices in Pakistan: ARY, Bol News

Latest Bitcoin

Gold Prices: Pakistan

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Sri Lanka: Tech Unveiled

Widespread Blasts In SriLanka- 137+ Killed

By on April 21, 2019

Multiple blasts have rocked Sri Lanka and it was reported that 137 people have died.

Moreover, along with the 137, 400 people were injured. The blasts were widespread and all across the countries. Additionally, the blasts rocked three churches and then 3 high end hotels in Sri Lanka- it’s just three hours away. The blasts occurred on Easter Sunday.

The blasts hit three hotels than one church in Colombo.

The blasts were also targeted in Batticaloa and Negombo.

Where Have The Blasts Occurred:

  • 25 killed in Batticaloa blast
  • 47 killed in Colombo blasts
  • Almost 500 injured
  • Church targeted in Colombo
  • 67 killed in Negombo blast

Politicians across the world are worried about it and have paid their condolences to the respective parties in Sri Lanka.

Things really don’t look good but this is exactly what is happening in the world.

The time is crucial and things aren’t stopping.

Caution: Everything has stopped and it seems that things will continue to go this way at least till governments are formed and order is restored.

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Pakistan: An Insightful Look

Pakistan: An Insightful Look

By on April 17, 2019

An Insight into Pakistan

Pakistan is an evolving country yet Pakistan is still being seen in the slumps by many. However, the notion according to us is : (Why?).

To be honest, Pakistan is off-limits, or so it should be. It is a country that has all the essentials to live and survive this life. The bare minerals, the resources and all that, it’s all here in Pakistan. Essentially, that would mean exactly why it is off limits. However, the prying eyes are exactly what the problem is and has been in this country.

Trump, Trump is a notion that conflicts and contradicts in Pakistan.

The problem with Trump has been to take things away whenever he deems right and rightfully so because it is his world, or so he thinks.

The message to America at the moment from Pakistanis should be to stop all contradictory matters that conflict with this country because it is their purpose to invade and root off all the good thing this country might have.

As far as America goes, (The NewZealand bombing, the Australian shooter, the Gaza Strip, the Muslims and all other things are proof of what has gone down in 2019 so far; till April, and this is a notion of Pakistan- So far, In Pakistan)- In Pakistan, the natural calamities such as those in Balochistan are proof that things might be very rocky this year. For Pakistan, summers are right here, the weather changes, the crops, the wheat, the natural resources, the etceteras are all here and they may revolt this country; the message, however, so far, should be that “we’ll be careful”.

The One Word Problem… With Pakistan

The one word problem with Pakistan is that Pakistan is usually in the limelight and is getting there… After all, all the fashion is being inspired by Pakistan. The problem is that people in Pakistan are getting paid for their inspirations but less but the europeans and Americans (and designers too) are copying the image of Pakistan and getting paid more for it. The idea here is: It is a mix and match, a judaspiction.

If we get to the bottom of things, then I would realise that Pakistan is a realm of possibilities but the problem with Pakistan and Pakistanis per se is that it the politics that is ruining this bloody country… Bloody, a notion to be taken seriously because the underlying meaning here will be: Still?

Pakistan has had 3 main parties up until now and the savior at the moment seems to be Imran Khan. Other parties would add up to; say PML-N (Check Hamza Shahbaz) ).


Imran Khan’s term has begun recently and at the moment, in Pakistan, there is pretty much everything that one would need to survive… Life, essentially and integrally.

Pakistan’s main problem has been lack of funds but the irony and laugh here and within is that it has been the people, the underlying magicians come politicians who have been looting this country for so many years. The problem hasn’t been Pakistan but essentially the People Of Pakistan! (Check Zardari).

Currently and at the moment, PTI is still in power but the hooligans have been the PML-N and it is coming right in-front of them. Essentially the notion is that Pakistanis have never seen that day that their politicians go to jail. However, the idea is and what is essentially happening here is that things are changing in Pakistan. The truth is here and so is PTI’s notion: Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaaf and we are about to see some changes in the country. The hope always was and remains that Pakistan is a country that needs the right kind of people but the people of Pakistan are still the problem.

Pakistan lacks education but it is getting there because we have the right institutes in the country however due to the image of this country, we get tied to our own rhythms. Pakistan has the right kind of population, the right kind of infrastructure, the right kind of people (as well), money, faith, religion, integrity, sincerity, loyalty. The loopholes; however have been the hoggers who are looking for their own vested interest in the middle of this country where they only see the good for themselves or are too scared of getting caught; after they’ve done everything. The idea here is: Too Long. Things are changing in Pakistan and it is 2019; the world of possibilities and new realms.

Pakistan is on the forefront this year and the hope is; it’s all coming back to Pakistan.

The key note and takeaway here is: Pakistan is off limits (a) What the government should ensure and that would be to mark their bloody authority-After all, it IS blood that we are talking about at the end of the day and that too in Pakistan).

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Notre Dame: Tech Unveiled

Notre Dame Fire Shocks Europe

By on April 17, 2019

Notre Dame Fire Shocks Europe

The latest fire in Notre Dame has shocked Europe.

Governments along with companies have shown their concerns and paid interest to the matter; Further, they have showed their inclination to pay millions of dollars to Europe to rebuild the building.

Monday night was a nightmare for French as the fire in Notre Dame took the place by a storm.

Paris is one of the tourists favorite and it is the most famous landmark in the country. It has attracted millions of tourists each year.

Individuals and top personnel from across the globe paid tribute to Notre Dame, saying that they feel badly for the victims. Moreover, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook paid tribute and his condolences to Notre Dame’s heritage.

The fire has shocked the world but what is hauntingly true is that there have been simultaneous attacks across the globe. You never know but you know it might be absolutely true that these attacks might be planned and if not planned then… Definitely an inner game or agenda might be going on.

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Ilhan Omar Death Threat: Tech Unveiled

Support For Ilhan Omar: She Faces Death Threats

By on April 16, 2019

The new controversy in town is that Ilhan Omar has faced increased death threats. What’s evident is that the video is a showcase of 9/11 and she is being threatened for it.

The revelation is that the video was spread by Trump and she is being accused of it.

Ilhan is of the opinion that this video and its wrongful promotion is affecting her image and things might go wrong.

While commenting on the report, Ilhan said that violent crimes such as these are taking lives and are affecting people like her adversely.

Trump is the one who has been pushing this agenda forward of Ilhan Trump and death threats.

Essentially, Trump has been pushing all of his agendas forward and Omar is one of them.

Omar is being wrongfully accused of a video which has only been made through images and slides.

Least of all the judgemental personalities, Omar hasn’t done much to affect this problem yet.

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Facebook: Tech Unveiled

Did Facebook/WhatsApp Just Go Down In US?

By on April 15, 2019

On Sunday, mega giants such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were down on the last day of the weekend, Sunday.

It was revealed that all social media giants such as Facebook were not loading off on Sunday.

When all three social networks went down, it wasn’t clear as to how long the platforms would be.

According to several reports, none of the users could were worried about Facebook or Instagram.

Moreover, Facebook acquired Instagram both in 2012 and 2014.

Several people wrote on Twitter about the outage, including #FacebookDown #InstagramDown and then, #WhatsApp down.

Facebook has over 1.52 billion active users on Facebook.

Tech Unveiled.

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Airplanes: Tech Unveiled

Feature: World’s Largest Plane

By on April 14, 2019

There is a new plane and evidently it is the world’s largest plane.

The world’s largest plane has flown to the Mojave desert and in California.

Designed by Strato-launch, it is designed to act as a launch pad and that for satellites.

The wingspan of the plane measures 385ft (117m) and it is on a maiden flight that reaches new heights and that too off 170 mph.

Stratolaunch was built by Paul Allen and in 2011.

The prime purpose of the plane is to let it act as a flying launch pad for the satellites.

The purpose of the plane is to fly to a new 10km (6.2) miles before it releases to satellites and orbits.

If the project’s aim is successful, then it will be a cheaper way to make bran new objects in space; to use it rather than getting objects from the ground.

The person who flew the plane was Evan Thomas; and while talking to the reporters, he said that the experience was quite fantastic.

Interestingly, the plane performed really well and the airplane flew as shown.

To Conclude:

Stratolaunch described it as a vessel and it is considered as the world’s largest plane in the world.

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