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June, 2019

There’s A New CEO At Warner Bros- She’s A Woman

By on June 25, 2019

In brand new updates, Warner Bros has hired a brand new former BBC executive named Ann Sarnoff.

Warner Bros new CEO is making history with the holdage the company has.

As of new reports, Sarnoff will be joining John Stankey, who is the CEO of Warner Media.

Stankey will be joining and replacing Kevin Tsujihara at Warner Bros. For now, what we know is that this the news is quite commemoratory.

John Stankey will be bringing a lot to the table. She has previously seen many monetization methods and all of these skillsets that she carries will be held dearly by their team.

Warner Bros: Technology

In a press release, it was remarked that Ann has shown cohesive ability to innovate and grow revenues. It has embraced the evolution that is taking place in their industry.

It is a big time changer in history and this has never happened before.

Nonetheless, it seems like a split second into momentum this year and its a big and a first for Warner Bros- I guess history is being made.

Stay Tuned.

How To Say No

By on June 19, 2019

How To Say No

If you really want to succeed in today’s time and Age (Read: New Age), you have to make sure you know how to say no.

Saying No can do you Wonders especially ‘drive motivation‘ in you and guide your system to the true purpose or right.

Moreover, in retrospection, no one wants to hear a No.

Everybody is out there to get to their True Purpose in life. However, how many are they hurting along the way and who is out to really get it is something that can help only a Few.

The Truth Is:

If you find out; the truth is:

Everyone Works for their own ‘selves’ and when they don’t stop, why do you.

The Belief should be: Balance. The Idea should be to achieve it by Day end at the least. The Solution is to keep One Day as your target, not your doings, or done.

Once you realize THIS, your believes will get strong and you will get some affirmation on The True Purpose Of Your Life.

Fighting with yourself; internally or externally or holding a GRUDGE is the End of a soul. There is no end to anger. Nor is there any end to crying, realization, dreams, goals and serenity. The idea is to Keep things to yourself and don’t let ANYONE bring you down.

How To Set Yourself Apart

Everybody has goals. Everybody has aspirations. However, no one wants to get ”disturbed” while they are trying to ”’ Attain”’ what is Written for them.

Some people try to start their life or perhaps their day with the belief of their end. They don’t mind screwing 4-5 people a day for their own motives. Especially the people in HR.

Nonetheless, the NEED to TALK or start talking can literally help you get away with a lot, stay with your self and help you attain Mind, Body, Soul balance.

Remember, we are already US. And there is no definition of a man or woman per se.

History Speaks For Itself

If you look at history, every artist, book writer, singer-songwriter or anyone else for that purpose, talks about ‘light’ or positivity or motivation perhaps. However, if we categorize it down; Everyone talks the same.

Sometimes we are restricted by ourselves, other times we are restricted by our families and third of the times, we are quite difficult to ‘bear’ or ‘bare’ by other people.

Most people in this New Age are following a code of destruction perhaps with their ways of talking or dealing with people. It mostly starts at work. Your HOME is your place of retribution. For self belief, the first notion holds True. Never let anyone come in your way with their blind talks and irresponsible ways. YOU will stay till the end and EVERYTHING is INTERNAL.

The Biggest We Face Today

“Until you learn how to confidently say NO to so many things, you shall always say YES to so many things. The real summary of a regretful life is a life that failed to balance YES and NO. Yes! A life that failed to recognize when to courageously say NO and when to confidently say YES!”
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

There have been so many books on how to say no but does it really work?

It will once you start afresh by saying Amen and then not to take out your anger, ESPECIALLY not in the Hidden. (Which means you being alone and getting it out of your system; on the other person or on yourself. There is no end to The Hidden War; one which is non-existent. The rest is doubt).

A wise man will never let you cross you and a disrespectful man will never react on his disrespect. The peacemakers will always be patient and the fighters will always make you regret.

Staying to yourself is the idea of a successful life.

Getting To Your True Purpose In Life.

Saying No: Quotes To Make You Smile

“Love yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious.  You get to choose how you use it.  You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept.”
― Anna Taylor

“Sometimes “No” is the kindest word.” – (for the ones who understand)
― Vironika Tugaleva

“Tone is the hardest part of saying no.” – Tone matters!
― Jonathan Price, Put That in Writing

“When you say no to the wrong people, it opens up the space for the right people to come in.”
― Joe Calloway, Magnetic: The Art of Attracting Business

Looking For A Simple Formula? There’s None!

If you think about it;

The Human Nature is such that when told by someone or anyone, it stops, realizing, processes and notes it down.

The problem is; No one in this Entire World is here to save you OR help you EXCEPT your blood (your family- immediate).

Rest of the idea is simple.

Saying no is about confidence and confidence is all about your internal process and that is Health. The help is Water. (Literally). It helps with the tears, gut, reflexes and helps you stay ground till the End.

Certain Books On How To Say No

The art of saying no: Damon Zahariades

How to How To Say No: Without Feeling Guilty: Patti Breitman

The Power Of A Positive No: William Ury

Stay tuned.

Apple Outperforms Since Dot Com Bubble

By on June 12, 2019

Apple Outperforms Since Dot Com Bubble

Apple has done something that it hasnt done in so many years.

According to reports, Apple shares have gained about 1% for about 6 straight sessions now. This is their biggest gain since 2000.

What is evident is that Apple’s stock has finally rallied in about many, many years. Moreover, after 20 failed attempts, there has been a shortage of and in a dot com bubble which is affecting people in many and every sense.


AAPL +1.16%, rose by 1.2% on Tuesday to post a 6th straight win. This is Apple’s longest winning streak since the 7th day stretch in April.

Apple stock has gained 23.5% for the year and it has a SPDR Technology Select Sector which has gained by 24.2%. The Dow industrials DJIA dropped -.0.05%.

Moreover, along with this, Amazon is up by 0.16% and Facebook Inc. FB (+1.88%).

On the other hand, consumer inflation has hit 15 month highs. According to reports, fueled by food prices, the consumer price index was up by almost 2.7% in May as compared to a year earlier. Accelerating growth by about 2.5% in April, food prices rose in the month of May to about 7.7% which is its fastest pace in the past three years, after it climbed to 6.1%.

Non food prices have climbed by 1.6%, as it moderated to about 1.7% increase by April.

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

Technology in Pakistan

By on June 10, 2019

There are too many problems in technology across the globe. After all, technology does have its pros and cons. However, having a notion is one thing- ‘technology’. ‘Believing in a notion’ is another thing; And creating notions over notions is the start to the No End Concept (built now around the principle of Scarcity of the Human body). This is where Writing comes in and this is where we start touching the notion of technology in Pakistan.

Understanding Basics

If we UNDERSTAND that EVERYTHING is already there in this world, why do we complain. And when everything is there, why are there problems? There is always something or the other that is going on and the idea is to understand things, people or even basics by the Roots of people.

Coming to technology in Pakistan, there are many ‘unknown’ reasons for countries such as Pakistan to lag. They stem from corruption.

Pakistan has enough technology to let people live in the ‘new age’ for decades. Superseding of anything is bad and technology holds true for that as well.

There are actually NO SUCH problems of technology in Pakistan. If Pakistan begins with itself and define ‘terms of trade’ according to its own language, it will earn its own respect back and put other countries to shame.

Roots begin with respect and respect is what we are all standing for as is. Take it down and you have a circle of jokers around. The essence is; to let things happen.

Certain Pointers Pakistan Can Benefit From- Technology Wise

Technology is not ever changing. If we look at the entire Globe, for that matter per se, we have few major technology companies working and they are unfortunately interferring in everyones’ lives through ‘stop indicators’ and ‘pause and control buttons’.

Even Apple announces its product ONCE a year and the rest of the year is its production.

However, if we look at the deep concrete “GIVENS” such as raw materials, basics, identities, people, life, joy, happiness or even thrillers, we can say that things now have to be resolved at a GLOBAL level and we have to let go off things that the REST of the population doesn’t know.

That will not only bring things back to normal but it will reinstate normalcy in the universe.

Pakistan already HAS 4G technology and that is literally enough for you to see the entire web in a day; lets hope you are not watching the ‘bad stuff’ and taking pieces out of technology to become an identity that takes care of our technology and doesn’t work for the betterment of technology itself.

To sum it up; Pakistan only and only suffers from CORRUPTION and that is the ONLY problem of and IN Pakistan.

Some global changes in major consoles overtime, especially 2020.

Technology In Pakistan

Things To Note

1- Change in Google Search Console

The Google SEO Search Console is quite a complicated ordeal.

Most of how it works and what is there doesn’t even work. I guess the Google Search Console is coming up with “Mechanisms” that a common man can probably no longer understand.

The Algorithms are what are missing. Developing new algorithms could be the solution but Stoppage and understanding will come when there is no introspection between two competitions: Google or perhaps Apple by a 3rd party, say Fargo.

Unfortunately, nothing is defined these days, let alone ‘well defined’.

Google can literally ‘Just Do It’ by sponsoring ads and since most of what we are and is done is through Google; be it Blogging, Websites; The Internet PERHAPS. Then essentially, there should be no problem between for ‘a common man’ to understand the basics of the Google Search Console.

Google Search Console is essentially basics of the ‘Writing On The Internet’ and there are just few things that you have to take care off for you to rank on the Console including:

What Do You Need To Understand About Getting Ranked!

Writing is one of the biggest hobby, passion, goal and the ultimate cash on for Most Muslims in Pakistan.

However, few are lucky to have their Good websites ranked and very few are those who can really resist the urge of not earning through the Google Adsense.

While it is true that the Google Search Console is not readily available for Muslims countries ‘entirely’, would it be enough to say that our Internet is used on decorums that even we are not aware of. This is through the Web Hosts we choose, the Writing that we do, the Money that we DON’T get paid (through ‘deductions on platforms that don’t even pay us, especially Muslims, entirely).

Google indeed does has restrictions. However, by using your creative spaces properly and using your technical eye, you can realize that it is not difficult to have a ‘good effective website running’.

These include:

  • Writing good articles
  • Learning How To Back Link
  • Creating Hyperlinks
  • Adding Images to your Text
  • Spending money on your website right when you start it- 2, 3 articles by you are fine
  • Go for Adsense but at a later stage say 1 or 2 months of your website or perhaps if it has rightly indexed.
  • Don’t go for complicated terms. Start with BASICS no matter what information is there on already what you know.

Everything starts with a Good Website and a good website starts from scratch.

Choose WordPress for simplicity and authenticity for success.

Authenticity is success and success is you. Authenticity is aesthetics and aesthetics are common sense.

Go with yourself; don’t let your brain get tangled in a process.

The “Trick” is to realize that a human capacity cannot breathe for more than 10 seconds. So take a break and that break should always be water (while writing 😉 ).

Tutorial For Google Search Console.

Google Search Console can further be improved by learning the basics of the search console, reading about sources of adding additional things on your website to make money such as products (but that only happens when you have a running website already).

Learn for Part 2 of the page and wait for number one to complete in the Second Part of this post on WordPress.