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July, 2019

The World: A Bizarre Outlook

By on July 31, 2019

The World: A Bizarre Outlook

The world outlook seems meager and bizarre, for things are seemingly at a definite halt.

It looks to me and it appears to be that there is War and even if it isn’t, then these are definite signs of war on the whole.

In a comprehensive read up of the World, we look at many different factors.

For one, India is at War with China and is in cohesive effort with Trump to bring down the East Asian region. Modi is backed by Trump and these are clear indications of his supposed wrath for the Muslims.

War: Tech Unveiled

On the other hand, Trump is in full fight with China, as he is aiming to bring down the technology sector in the country.

First, it was his trade war and now, it is his attitude towards the Western economy. The Eastern economy, he doesn’t take much seriously except Saudi Arab, which has gold, oil and silver presiding there, by in large.

Let’s not forget that these three are priceless commodities and commodities are not that easy to get.

Hence forth, to conclude, it is important to say that Trump is fighting a war and the war is succulent and prudent.

On the other hand, it is important to see what is going on in Pakistan.

A grim outlook of the country shows that there are attacks on all boundaries of the country. NWFP is at war, so is Baluchistan. Karachi has been drowned by floods, with about 12-20 reported deaths and then we have India, which is igniting the war and is some what paying a price for it.

Things seem weak. However, the quick reminder is that these are lives and a lot of people are dying.


In Afghanistan, there was an important gun men set up which blew off many people. On the other hand, India seems to be bothering Muslims in the country and Afghanistan in general. That appears to be Modi’s strong hold in the economy. Seems like Modi hasn’t learnt his lesson in the past few months.

Moreover, there also has been a flood in River Chenab as India has released its water without any information as such.

Interestingly, Pakistan had been a little normal till Ramadan. However, since Ramadan, there have been so many bombs that the collateral damage for the leaders of the country is quite prominent and huge.

On the other hand, there has been a major river flood and flooding in general in Europe and they are saying that it could create a big economic havoc in the region.

Things don’t look good on any front. (Globally and Economically). Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

Stay Tuned At Tech Unveiled.

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Stocks 2019: News Snippets

By on July 24, 2019

If you are a stock enthusiast, here are the top snippets from today: Stocks 2019

Stocks 2019: Tech Unveiled

1- ASX 20 Gets An All Time High: Read here. (Indication: Positive).

2. China Launches STAR to Boast Stock Market: Read here. (#Emerging Businesses)

3. Dow Falls To New Levels: Read here. (Controlled by Mr. T).

4. Stocks fall because trade progress is disturbed. Read here. (#CurrentPolitics).

5. The Apple iOS Update: Read Here.

Stocks 2019: Tech Unveiled

6. Apple stocks could hit new all time highs: Read here.

7. CannTrust drops significantly: Marijuana gets hurt. Read here.

8. KSE Turns Upwards March: Read here.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

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Boris And Trump: Tech Unveiled

By on July 24, 2019

Boris And Trump: Tech Unveiled

With life passing by so quickly, it would be very important to realize how to control everything, stop everything and to understand, where this world is heading. It’s only #2019 and things are already at a loose. Well, they are not a loose, maybe according to #BorisJohnson but from His eye, definitely. Trump and Boris, therefore, at trying to seal the deal, in an effort to stop everything and then, give everything back, to him, which is also his favorite sign.

News Reveals The Following

Latest news reveals that Mr. Donald Trump is back.

This is for ‘God’s’…

Trump’s logo is: ThumpThump.

The Day of Judgement is: Qiyamat

(Read up on Qiyamat and you will understand the language.. Though in the Quran it states, “The Trumpet Will Blow…” and that would be for Mr. Trump because the World knows who this man is and he still doesn’t submit to His will- which is, surrendering everything in the name of Allah.

Similarities Between The Two And Subsequent Plans

Sources have confirmed that Mr. Boris, who seems like a clone of President Trump himself, is the new Prime Minister of the UK [His immediate plans].

Read: Who Is Boris Johnson? And Here:

For me, Boris and Johnson… Oh I mean, Johnson and Johnson or perhaps, Trump and Trump, are for me, the same. This means business, this means lost hopes [ for the businesses, this god forsaken man has forseen and taken away and much more].

Boris and Trump’s example in the Quran and literary is similar by nature. Their faces say the truth. No one, on Earth, looks the same as one another. However, what they have done, how much they have helped each other, good vs. evil and how much evil they have done is the truth about them, themselves.

For me, Boris as the PM of United Kingdom and Trump’s revelation to keep it going, that is, the War on Iraq and Afghanistan.. Doesn’t mean much sense because the Muslims, aka. right now Iran, is in full force to beat the World to it. And their belief, mindset, everything… Allah, is with them. May they succeed, in whichever way they have pursued.

So are we back to the same lifestyle, space ships, cars, hoolllll—eee—gunnnn-ssss- culture, life and laugh, laugh and lol, P****** and Holes?


Time comes, time goes. It might be registered that these two big guns, Trump and Boris, who acts like Johnson and Johnson, that’s where his name has been derived from probably. The two clowns are back. And Hazrat Aminah is right here, to assess, who are we working for, what are we doing, why are WE never satisfied and why do these goons get to do the ‘ooo-laaa-laaa-laaa’, while we try to be humans amidst our usual life routines.

It’s a problematic concern, definitely, though it is in the news that there has been some Divine intervention and it has also been revealed that #Allah [subha’na’Ta’Allah] has come down on Earth with the ever so mysterious Hazrat Aminah [that’s her start, and she’s here till the end]. Though the catch? Allah is on Earth and there is not bigger a name than his.

Problem discussed?

Now, here’s the catch.

Both Trump and Boris have recently been caught for raping a girl and for Trump, it’s a common. Only that he does it and he makes sure every second of the soul is Wiped off of the face of the Earth. Trump’s legacy might be there, though ask the people as to what he does with them, so that’s a humanitarian concern to kick his butt out of this ‘hole’ aka Earth.

For Boris, he was in the news two days ago for someone heard a girl scream next to his house. He was heading out with a drink and was found with a girl. The girl screamed, and he had to be taken to the locker- Though then he might have been freed.

So I am wondering, if he is the PM of UK and he is the President of the World aka [the long forsaken United States of America] and if they are running the world… So we, the common man, will become like them. So if we are under Trump’s order or [Hukam], then perhaps we will all turn to him or turn into him and keep nodding and he’ll keep smiling with that right lip twisting towards the side of the goon’s face while the little lip residing against the upper lip and that’s his devilish smile. That he knows it all. How Trump how… Well, that’s a question, I am never going to tell.

The game? No body admits what they have done so essentially, this world and life is a game. For the gamers yes, for the ones in solace, they sit and watch and wonder if they can do something to change the entire system, the system created by them i.e.

Boris is the same, probably 8 inches lower than Trump.

Two goons settled-

Next, news reveals that Ms. Christine Lagarade is resigning from IMF and she is going to head the Common fund or similar in the UK which shows that America has conveniently intervened in the Queen’s economy already.

If Lagarade likes her respect, she should stay at home till the boys blow away her holes off.


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Dubai In Paper: News Ranked

By on July 22, 2019

Dubai In Paper: News Ranked

1- Smart Dubai To Launch Expo 2020 Virtual Assistant

2- Dubai to feature bigger enterprise this year, with Rashid leading the way for Dubai’s assistance’ type fish.

Read here: News

3- Dubai Won’t Be Showing Calories In Menu For 2 Years

Read here: News

4- How to Do Business In A City Like Dubai

Read here: News

5- Dubai On Job Performance: How it performed and what’s on stake.

Read Here: News

6- Dubai Modernizes: Here’s what you need to know.

Read. here: ..News

Stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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Iran: News Snippets: 21st July

By on July 22, 2019

A lot went down on Sunday in all worlds. However, what’s important is this world and in this world, there’s a lot of commotion going on.

If you want to find out what happened today, here are all the news snippets you need to read.

Israel Admits Its Killing Iranian Forces and Troops

Israeli Minister Says They’ve Been Killing Iranians In Syria ‘only’ since the last two years.

China And UAE Collide

Iran Confirms Safety Of British Tankers [they are after oil].

Cnet Tests 5G Internet

Mr. Donald Trump Attacks The Fed: Calls For A Rate Cut [Trump, the responsibility is on you, still, because you’re the President. Rather than yelling at the Fed [dothadothies], how about you show them rise in business activity and maybe they’ll adjust rates according to that].

Muslim Power: Iran And Britain- Cause: United States of America.

Trump doing a pick or choose on Iran: Says He Won’t Bomb Iran: Uweayan. [him crying but his sarcasm but his choose.. but… but… but… Enough is Enough Mr. Donald Trump.

Moral of the story:

Calm down America, before Iran takes your As* down.

Stay tuned.

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An Introduction To Hemp Oil

By on July 20, 2019

Hemp is gaining a lot of popularity across the globe. It is being used for improving pains and aches.

Hemp oil, they say, can be applied to your skin as well. If something’s burning, use hemp oil or drop it on a beverage and have it.

Moreover, hemp oil improves back pain and it has no side effects at all.

Sleeping Issues

Hemp oil is also better for sleeping issues. Use hemp oil to eradicate your problems and to sleep properly. A good night sleep is a way towards overall health and well being. And trust me, hemp oil is going to help you with that as well.

Other than that, hemp oil can help you with severe agitation, anxiety, restlessness and stress.

Difference between hemp oil and marijuana?

The difference between hemp oil and marijuana is quite or well more or less the same.

Hemp is a plant that is easily related to marijuana. The categories of hemp oil include Mary Jane, dope, reefer, herb and others.

Concentration wise, hemp has a lower percentage of THC than marijuana. Thus, it qualified and became legal in 50 states.

However, its medicinal qualities are sort of a low dose than THC.

If we are talking about hemp oil and related products, then note the following:

Vegan CBD gummies- is available for $39.99. Recommendation though, is to NOT get them. They are artificial and dangerous, for a certain fun you can and will lose a bigger deal (aka yourself).

Organic CBD Hemp Gummies- 150 MG

These organic CBD hemp dummies are better than the ones stated above but they have a higher dose of CBD, which might be a little dangerous.

CBD demand is in the high right now. Booming demand for CBD has made Hemp a good cannabis cash crop.

If you are looking to invest in cannabis products, know that hemp is gaining a lot of popularity. Right now, they are in an extraction facility and processing plants (in the US).

News is in the work, that Coca-Cola and P&G might soon be accepting it as well. However, if this and when it happens, it will be a huge turn over in history.

The Upside?

There are hemp producers in Asia and they cost lower. So this would impact US farmers adversely.

Hemp sales have gone to great highs from 2016 to 2020. From less than $3 billion, hemp manufacturing has increased to $6 billion in and by 2020.


On the other hand, restrictions on medical pot are also loosening world wide. Interestingly and for now, over 50 countries such as Brazil, Germany and Australia have had access to medicinal cannabis.

  1. NuLeaf
  2. Medterra
  3. Charlotte Web
  4. Spruce CBD
  5. Elixinol
  6. Populum
  7. cbdMD

Finally, CBD oil is used for:

  1. Nausea
  2. Chronic pain
  3. Migraines
  4. Seizures
  5. Inflammation
  6. Psoriasis

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Top 5 Mobile Games For iOS And Android

By on July 18, 2019

If you are a gaming fanatic and a prediction guru, here are the top 5 mobile games you can start from.

Some of these top 5 mobile games are obvious, the others are… Well, glory.

Learn about the following games below.

1- Fortnite

Amongst the top 5 mobile games is the infamous game Fortnite has succeeded PUGB (Player Unknowns BattleGrounds). Comments on the game reveal that it has risen from where BG collapsed.

Fortnite has an interesting team and bizarre characters. Guess who has entered the Fortnite team now:

Mr. Keanu Reeves (aka Mr. John Wick).

Darth Vader too is a part of the plan.

Fortnite is not for the weak. In fact, when it is a live battle, there is so much excitement, frustration, and carnage, that it leads to an uncontrollable solution amongst the players because of their kicks and knacks.

Word of advice: Kindly keep your horses intact while you are playing the game because even the way you are reacting during the game, goes to the other person. And if you’re fighting against it, in this list of top 5 mobile games, here’s your answer:

Be careful of each other’s frustrations. ;-).

2- Survior Royale

Survivor Royale is another one of the top 5 mobile games to see and follow.

Survivor Royale brings a good hold to the table. It has good and enhanced graphics, it has certain home comforts that come directly from the PUBG. The map to play on is quite huge and the games eventually become very interesting.

Bottom Line

Survivor Royale is for the survivors, so they can learn a thing or two about how to survive, not the game, but life indeed.

This game isn’t recommended for the casual gamers.

3- Battleland Royale

Battleland Royale is a more friendly version of the game. It is a casual edition.

There are about 32 players in the map. Every game lasts for say 5 minutes.

The truth is that when you are playing the game on your phone, it will not have the strength to continue. Hence forth, a mobile game such as this, with better graphics and designs, will last for 10 minutes at a stretch- 5 at a max.

4- is a Battle Royale type of a game. The game itself doesn’t take itself very seriously.

It is a low end game but a good time pass. The lobbies are smaller, whereas the graphics and sound quality is lower.

It’s better to not play this game if you are an actual gamer.

5- Bullet Echo

Finally, if we are talking about the top 5 mobile games, Bullet Echo is one of them.

Based on a strategic BR experience, Bullet Echo lets you navigate using a torch to find the seekers and the destroyers.

With a 2D perspective, this game might be suitable for those between say 10-15 years of age. Others won’t take it seriously.

Stay tuned for more updates at

Subsidiary website:

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Shazam 2 In Essence: Short Review

By on July 17, 2019

While Justice League was a disappointment, DC has found its new muse called Shazam 2.

Previously, it was revealed that The Trench will arrive prior to Aquaman but people have been wondering about the second part of of the film now. The Love And Glory.

Shazam 2 will be rounded by Warner Brothers, a new line of their parent studio, DC, and Marvel.

The movie has been directed by David F. Sandberg and produced by Peter Safran.

Based on the characters of DC Comics, the movie has been distributed by Warner Bros Pictures.

In fact, Shazam is the 7th instalment in the DCEU.

Shazam 2 has 7 super heroes with 7 super powers including the following:

  1. Wisdom of Solomon
  2. The Strength of Hercules
  3. The Stamina of Atlas
  4. The Power of Zeus [the one who controls lights and magical resistance]
  5. Courage of Achilles [that ends destruction]
  6. The speed of Achilles [the one that ends destructibility]
  7. Speed of Mercury [takes you to heaven].

Nonetheless, here is the trailer of the movie:

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

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Satire Comedy: The Top Four ‘Mains’ Of The World

By on July 16, 2019

We’re talking about satire comedy and there are only a few things that come to mind.

The globel theory is Trump and the real theory is Slump.

Let’s start with:

THE SATIRE: Mr. Donald Trump.


If we are talking about Trump, all he needs is attention.

Whether it is bad ‘attention’ or good attention, learn that both attentions are harmful. And everybody loves attention.

Moreover, in satire comedy, which is probably who he really is, satting on fire, tiring in flame, losing control, and playing the blame game [Iran].

Trump’s priority for now are the following:

Schools, comedy, fashion shows, airports and “other Decisionz”.

Losing Control Satire: 2nd is Donald Trump Jr.

Jr. likes to call himself Jr. because ‘he’s awh so cool’ [read his Twitter; you’ll understand how he writes]

He loves his bromance and loves to romance, for he is the son of the President. However, nobody likes them, so its always forceful and when it starts getting forceful, it becomes a joke.

Jr’s priorities [being the PM of America] include carnage, wreckage, mayhem, sight seeing and split bee-ing. He pukes all the time after his alcohol and rushes to kill humans and blood. He didn’t have that childhood, so he takes care of the children and argue, if they are Muslim, then we’ll say, it was them, and their parents. And we’ve done a good job. And may America Live Forever.

However, lets not forget that Trump’s favorite movie is V for Vendetta and so is Trump’s. I hope they don’t take V personally now.

Satire: Presidents/PMs

Fully Satire: 3rd is Ms. Ivanka Trump:

Ivanka Trump is interested in the Jewels. She’s catering towards it. Her order is to pass humans as humanoids [sarcasm of course because who the hell is she to pass orders on Muslims]. And if its their scare, that means they are pansies. I bet she’s in reverse.

Ivanka’s first name is f-i-ranka [category of Firaun], rest, we know her second name as well, which is Trump. She acts like a boss, moves her butt like a jagger and starts shouting when she doesn’t get Jared her way.

Ivanka, who has a successive board share on the Presidency, is just a ‘pwetty tool’ and image. She too is after Trump and everybody’s running their own blame game.

She doesn’t like to work but she literally throws tantrums. Though does anyone care? Only the goons who have a literal figure of ‘Americans’. Rest, they’re migrants.

Many successive shows, seasons and movies had Trump’s backing and his magic hand came successfully to show the World what’s next. That was showed through Game of Thrones. Though it was a show that raked millions, some of the popular ones ‘got caught’- Danereys. Nonetheless. It’s Trump’s Calling.

My analysis would be to reveal Trump’s paradise: Which is made out of envoy, craziness, carnage [through bomb, shells, airplanes, fighter jets etc]. His family isn’t one. He has reproduced with many. He is incest and these are laws for a common man and woman. Read molestation, murder, ‘chor bazari’, etc etc etc.

Definitely Satire: Fourth one is the Queen.

Everybody presumed that the Queen will be dead but it is the Queen, so she said, I won’t be dead, you be dead.

Mr. Prince Charles and the dead plus the obnoxious husband were wondering if she’s finally dead so that they understand ‘what’s gonna happen if the Queen is dead’.

While they were discussing THEIR problems, Trump came in between, the unwanted child, saying no prooooblem. I’ll ensure the Queen DOESN’T live and rest, I will ensure that Britain exits from their monarchies and bow down to him, as HE is the richest person in the world.

However, their sad part was the Queen wasn’t dead. She was just rejuvenating. The Queen got fully back in by end of December two thousand and eighteen.

Anyways, while the Royal Family was dealing with their own health and related issues, like tears and tissues, Trump and the rest of Brexit, including Macron, were very concerned. Because if the Queen were dead, they had to run to Trump.

Nonetheless, towards the mid of December, the Queen was back and now, the Queen is going to make sure ‘they’ [in trump’s language, they, in anyone else’s dictionary “People”, will live forever, in their very own Britain.

The truth is, this isn’t Satire. This is the Real Deal.

People are saying something is in the air or are not feeling well. The truth, its people at work. And Mr Thump Thump is leading the way.

Satire: Speculation

There is some crazy speculation that there has been some divine intervention that has stopped these ‘goons’ from celebrating their daily christmas.

News is also abuzz that things will stop but things will take time.

Stay tuned for these paradoxical updates at Tech Unveiled.

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Mr. Trump, The Devil And Allah

By on July 15, 2019

Mr. Trump, The Devil And Allah

I’ve never had a personal encounter with Trump. However, I’ve heard (and news suggests) that he has been “misbehaving” for a while now. The Main man of America, or so he claims, has been accused and challenged for murder, suicide, and genocide (hundreds and gazillions of times).

Trump’s official plan of 2018 was to take everything to Barter this year (with his slogan, Give Everything Back). However, he failed to realize that Money is not the only things that is important but other things matter too in life, say women pregrancy that you take care off by killing them, families, by killing their mains and the infamous Mask and Hooligan culture where they bother every person in the United States. It spread because it was allowed and people started using it.

People have had enough of Trump’s roaring and as soon as he was ‘sworn’ in as the President, the World went in to a state of shock. (March 2017). Since then, Trump has been very operational with guns, bombs, designing special Trump bullets for Netanyahu (Israel), Assad (Syria) and so on. This plan of his becomes fruitful to ensure that if there is genocide, every proof in the world will say its him because the final sign or print is made by the hands of the borrower or manufacturer.

Currently, he is after Sudan, America, Japan, India, Jakarta, Rabbi-ul-Awal (Saudi Arab) etc.

Having said all of this, since the last 8-9 months of so, Trump’s been a little shackle here, a lil shacker there. However, in the last few months, people across the globe were hearing a silence in the air. They were talking about a saviour coming down on Earth to save them, probably seeing an eye too.

Trump’s plan befell because since the last 8 months, this person who’s come down from the sky to prevent insanity and other loopholes is Hazrat Aminah.


Since December 21st, Trump’s behaving a little for it has been the Advent of Hazrat Aminah.

In Trump’s case, things were already out of control and least to say, they didn’t even stop.

Overview Of What Has Happened Between Decemeber 2019-July 2019

Let’s start with Musk.

The news regarding Elon Musk taking control of the weather is also absolutely true.

Have scientists been talking about extreme weather changes?

Well, you will notice that between the pattern.

There are quarters of 4 and these are climatic changes: (rain, wind, air, clear). This applies to all weather.

However, harsh winds, volcanoes, floods, thunder, are all being created by Musk to control that element of the world and Trump’s for the rest.

Both are brothers, they’re Orange and they work together to create perfect harmony in the world and in between the skies and even there, up there, where He (Allah), says Hi.

Trump’s The Devil

Elon Musk is Trump’s kindle man. They are also planning to take away Amazon to become a super power of three. (in front of? People, of course to get a knack and high).

You’ll also notice that Trump often wonders as to why it’s only him, him and him. There’s a recommendation for him that people are YELLING that it’s him (the biggest immigrant, terrorists, aloof, fook) and he’s going to be dead if he doesn’t pay money to all the nations he has destroyed.

Relationship Between Trump And Musk

Also, Mr. Devil aka Trump and Musk are roaring: he takes charge of the world and he takes charge of the nature (planets, skies, weathers, stars), to create a perfect ambiance for himself and Mr. Trump.

…(and that’s how he functions).

(Trump wants perfection, HE GETS PERFECTION). Trump likes MONEY, HE BURNS MONEY when any decision goes wrong. His anger is his wrath. Truth: he is just a fake pseudo side kick of Pablo Escobar.

The Reality

Enough with the jokes on Trump, I swear to God there are too many. The truth is that people across the globe have had enough of this drama and they want an answer (they do have an answer, they only have to admit).

For the people after, between December 2018-July 2019,, at the hands of Trump and the middlemen, there is no answer for the common man but Allah and to believe in his Authority.

Allah And The Devil

There is no doubt that it is carnage in the Muslim world and the rest is history.

However, to conclude all of it, you might be planning but it is Allah doing all that is in the upper skies and oceans, calamities and other carnage to put this blame game to an end (as to who did what and who did who).

This is being done in order to MAKE SURE that these ‘challengable’ ‘authorities’ stop getting attention, fame, and love for ‘eventually stopping the carnage”.

The bottom line:

Allah is on Earth now to take care of everything.

Entry of Allah

If we are talking about Allah and the wreckage all over the world, we see that He is not happy.

It was first the people who created carnage on Earth (murder, infections etc) and then it was Allah’s carnage to show who the father really is.

Recent news revealed that since things aren’t stopping on Earth, say the evil or bad things, Hurricane Barry, the volcano in Sacramento, the Nepal flooding, which left over 60 dead and almost 250+ injured, the US volcano alert and other big highlights are just clear examples of his A’Dhaab.

There is no news but one, that Allah is on Earth to save the holy one, His Hazrat Aminah because she is on the sky and Qiyamat (The Day Of Judgement) is till her life.

For Those Who Can Understand

The basic principle of life is:

what goes around, comes around. What you put out there, it will come to you, in a better form or a worse shape.

However, in my opinion, though their is no explanation or justifications in his decision but things always happen for a reason.

Also, if you think about two people fighting and the other doesn’t stop, then the ball is in his court though he doesn’t know that his Breathe, life, Love and Heart and also the mind {ofcourse] is His {Allah’s}. And he gets these things done from his Slaves for a greater good. And as they say in the Quran {Aur Yeh, Yeh, Nahi Jantay).

President Donald Trump And His Moves

President Donald Trump is the presiding President of the United States but if you look at his videos, you will see how much of a goon he is.

Everything for him, is a joke, and therefore, he is a joke. Therefore, everything in America and across the globe became a joke. So did earthquakes and floods that are rocking America.

After divine intervention, Mr. Donald Trump did stop a lot of pre-planned shootings after the advent of Hazrat Aminah which was in June-July, 2018, then May-June 2019 and then July, 2019.

Everybody has been sitting right here but Trump’s notion of “Muslims” and “Razhul” is absolutely incorrect. In fact, it is in the news that people are seeing a huge light and they are speculating if there is anyone who can save them or get them out of this mess. Also, Trump’s actually doing everything again like throwing people off the treats and making them beg. Honestly, Trump, what you’re born with and where you’re going to go because for you that will be the right path and you’re going to die like this, breathe like this and think like this. This is what he brings to the table and people are definitely getting Served.

Nonetheless, it is said in the Quran, ke “agar tum baaz nahi aaogay, to mein baaz layke aaonga“.

Too much of bad will not result in Good Mr. Hero. You are in Reverse and you think everyone is out there but it is not a game. It might be your game, to get attention and apprehension and appreciation, though everyone might just be a minute or quarter away [Read Hazrat Abdullah and Read NewZealand episode) and the message to him after this is:

You’re Gone.

5 Quotes On Allah (in retrospect, Trump).

“Not Allah did once say don’t worry about it- He said Trust Me”.

“Never think any request from you is too much from Allah. He says do it and it is”.

“Allah Comes First”

“Put Allah First And You Will Never Be Last”

“Indeed we belong to Allah and to him we will return”.

It’s Trump(The Devil, D-Evil, D-Ajal, D-Jinn), Vs. Allah (His sovereignty, his Love, his evidence, his sign, his recluse).

(The proof, IT’s HAPPENING).

Moreover, before these certain selected happenings, there were other carnages in the world. There was a bomb blast in a school in Florida around March and till March till May, it was the devil’s Grin (The devil is ofcourse ThumpThump).

Till June and July, he was looking at the caretakers (read: Vladimir Putin) and is getting his army in the congregation to launch a big attack on the World to show who the Boss really is. Though from every eye, especially Saudi Arab, You Can’t Move A Muscle B____ because we have Allah at our disposal and we’re chanting: GIVE EVERYTHING BAAACK.

Allah’s Glory

Allah has not stopped since the last 8 months of so. He has literally put everyone in Shackles and his anger seems to be justified for the rest, for not taking care of Hazrat Aminah, Allah’s daughter, who has been sent down to take care of the rest, as he says, ‘enough is enough’.

Additionally, what I’ve read about Mr. Donald Trump today is the fact that this man claims to be God. Well, that’s his language, bar and minimum. However, after Hazrat Aminah’s advent, he’s sort of become a human.

On Trump

If Mr. Trump needed a psychaitrist, I would wear a Mask of God and come near him and ask him who is God. The notion of these Americas is that they have everything and they can kick, bomb and spit on anyone they like. Mr. Trump is also on a fight against Allah, claiming to be God. So he probably also brought a mask of the Prophet, he tried the Japanese way of Feng shui, he has tried walking on earth like an elephant and his notion simply is; BAAAAUMB THEM. And the last bit he says, “I AM GOD”.





Additionally, if we book at patterns of the last 6 months, then the New Zealand attack happened in March followed by the Pulwama Attack (feb), and Srilanka shooting.

Also, after all of these destructions and terrorisms and after meeting Hazrat Aminah, his stance has been the following (and it is true):

  • ompeo intereggating belief in the Prime Minister of Israel that God (AKA) Trump or God, per him per se, is going to save the country.

  • Trump On A Mission of God (Saying he’s God Sent to Save The World)

Trump commenting on NZ Attack, failing to use the word Muslims or Islam though the attacks were on a mosque.

Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Says Serving Him Is A Mission From God

To further strengthen this fact, we look at the following links on Mr. Devil, Mr. Trump.

I’M Mr/ Trump And I Am Taking You To Heaven Or Hell: You Decide: I asked You Already. Now Its My Turn: THATS WHAT YOU THOUGHT. YOU’RE GOING TO JAIL AND THAT’s MY Order.
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