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September, 2019

Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

By on September 29, 2019

Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

Facebook has created a new digital currency and its name is Libra. With partnership with Visa, PayPal, Stripe, Mercado Pago. Furthermore, these merchants will be accepting Libra.

Moreover, other tech companies on board with Facebook for Libra include eBay, Uber, Lyft and Mercado Pago.

Overall, Libra seems pretty solid because Facebook will also be introducing a new digital wallet with it called Calibra. People will be able to exchange and store the currency as well in a safer way. The mission will be done with and through Facebook apps.

Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

What Is Libra The Cryptocurrency?

Libra will be introduced during the 1st half of the coming year. The currency will be run by the Libra Association which is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The whole aim of the cryptocurrency is to be accessible, secure and then be stable. It has also been announced that Libra cryptocurrency will be backed by the Government’s money.

Libra Doesn’t Look That Solid

It is apparent that to make Libra legit, there might be serious problems. It seems to me that Sheryl Sandberg’s Facebook COO is trying to come up with a one-stop solution for digital currency.

This means that Facebook is trying to secure a name in the cryptocurrency industry by the name of Libra and then support it with all sorts of other mechanisms including digital wallets and currencies.

The gimmick and trick by Facebook here with the cryptocurrency is that they are going to come up with a one-stop solution, the cryptocurrency itself (aka: Libra) and then come up with a well-rounded solution such as the Digital Wallet to support it and so the money goes back to Facebook itself with its detrimental exchange rates on and for the app. Close?

The idea is that Libra will be a secure way of exchanging money, payments and other business activities by a complete solution online.

Furthermore, and lastly, with the new cryptocurrency, Libra, being backed by monetary exchanges with government money, a solid backing and great support, America might be in for a pleasant ride with Libra;

‘A secure and digital way of monetizing your payments and solutions (complete and secure with AI) to facilitate buy and sell exchange’ online.

Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

However, with a new conference in March 2020 on Libra, it is apparent that Libra might not bear fruit.

Moreover, if Facebook’s current CEO-ship changes where the COO comes in to change the leadership and the existing political situation changes so that we have a new President in The U.S. and things change across the globe.

However, not that The U.S. is in a good place or its citizens, really!

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Top 4 Energy Companies To Invest In 2019

By on September 28, 2019

Top 4 Energy Companies To Invest In 2019

What is happening in the World is a clear indication of what is lacking in the world and that is ‘energy and oil’. However, energy and oil companies are the ones that need boost because of shortage of supply. This gives birth to the notion of investing in oil and energy companies. If you are looking to invest in energy or oil, here are the top 4 energy companies to invest in 2019.

Furthermore, if you are looking to invest in energy companies, here are the top 4 energy companies to invest in 2019.

Moreover, while the existing oil crisis is pretty alarming, oil prices are pretty disturbing. Additionally, while the ongoing situation of oil is affecting the global demand and supply of oil across the globe, the problem is that there is lack of oil and that is giving birth to the notion of investing in energy stocks.

The Truth: Oil Crisis

Demand For Oil And Energy

The demand for energy stocks is high and looking at 2019, we can say that energy stocks have battered greatly because crude oil prices have gone above the ‘$50 per barrel range’.

Moreover, investors have been skeptical about investing in oil because there is increasing debt and concerns about energy and oil exploration and production are increasing.

To tell you the truth, the increasing amount of debt has caused crazy concern amidst individuals across the globe.

Furthermore, investing in energy stocks is an important concern. However, investing in them now is an excellent idea because there is shortage of energy right now.

Having established that, if you look at energy stocks and want to analyze how much money you want to invest in it and where to put your money in, here are 4 energy stocks (Stock Market Today) to invest in 2019.

1- Chevron Corp. (CVX).

When it comes to Top 4 Energy Companies To Invest In 2019 , Chevron Corp (CVX) is on the top. A big investment company that will give back $13 billion to its shareholders this year, it is one of the major energy companies that can produce high amounts of energy in due time.

Furthermore, with a payback of such big numbers, Chevron can provide investors with sustainable dividend investments.

2- Cheniere Energy Inc. (LNG).

Going by the ticker of LNG, Cheniere Energy Inc. is another top energy company to invest in this year.

A natural liquefied natural gas provider, it has exported about 750 LNG cargoes to about 25 countries.

Cheniere will probably become one of the largest LNG providers in the world at some point in time.

Moreover, Cheniere cash flow has increased by $3 billion this year. Based in Houston, it is expected that this company will grow by $6 billion in the coming year.

Top 4 Energy Companies To Invest In 2019

3- Devon Energy. (DVN)

Based in Oklahoma, Devon Energy. (DVN) has a very sustainable cash flow.

Moreover, the company has a very strong efficiency, good performance, and a conservative approach.

With an operating cash flow of $623 million, the company had a 23% increase compared to a year ago and it produced a free cash flow of $59 million. It makes for a good and viable company to invest in these days.

4- Helmerich & Payne (HP)

Helmerich & Payne (HP) has produced oil for about 47 consecutive years and is a company to watch when it comes to stocks, energy and oil.

Based in Oklahoma, the drilling company generates a good volume of 6% dividend yield. With a nice and decent payback, Helmerich & Payne (HP) can help you go up the ladder in a short span of time if you are honest about your investments.

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Fortnite Season X: Now Gamers Want It To Stop

By on September 24, 2019

Fortnite Season X: Now Gamers Want It To Stop

According to reports, in 2019, the global games market will generate revenues of $152.1 billion, a +9.6% year on-year increase. This number and increase is staggering.

Fortnite X: The Truth

There are 2.2 billion gamers in the globe. These numbers are staggering and unfortunately, gaming itself makes you lose a lot of money. In fact, it is just a deviation from your routine and ‘getting lost in a world that is quite unreal’.

The bigger about this now is that games such as Fortnite Season X have taken everything on a brand new level. What I feel is that the gaming companies know the gimmicks of the gaming World very well. These ‘gimmicks’ are based on the human principle of one’s body, eyes, nature etc. and while their basics are the same for all and they do remain the same for everyone, it is true that gaming world itself makes everything so well spread that it supersedes expectations of individuals themselves.

This is what the gaming world creates and now, gamers want it to end. The gaming world itself or games such as Fortnite X have defined what the infinite loop of gaming itself is.

Fornite Season X: The Game

Fornite is a game that fits this explanation very well. It is one of the most favorite hobbies of people in and across the World. Fortnite has been making rounds since a very long time now but the new Fornite Season X is getting people worried.

Also, lets not forget that there are a lot of people who end up committing suicide, after getting lost in these voluntary mayhem kind of worlds that promote the same behavior and remove the auto response rate off the human body to ensure that there is nothing wrong with anything.

However, so much time passes when you are gaming that you forget the reality and Fornite X is one of those games that definitely promotes this culture and VERY strongly.

Fornite Season X: The Problem

According to a gamer who played Fortnite X this weekend, in just 5 minutes, the game felt like a ‘War Zone and it resembled Gotham City’. The area was swampy and the gamer, reported by The Verge, felt like he was hiding in a small barbequed place. (How to deal with people playing Fortnite: Season X).

Overall, the game felt like a mix of and playing 5-6 different games altogether. For the gamer itself, it was a nightmare. Fortnite X shows a culture of robots and those cartoons that we have already seen. However, if people with dumb eyes are playing with, which by majority are, then you can’t blame the game or the creator.

In fact, and moreover, you could rather just hope that these people are educated against these extremely alarming creatures that are taking things on a whole new level (in games such as Fortnite X).

Furthermore and sadly, with the state of the individuals themselves, gaming itself is a deviation from reality itself and something that we cannot afford to lose at all.

Change Of Realms: Fortnite X

The best part about Fortnite X, is that it is changing nature altogether. The haunting part about the game is that it has the ability ‘ to be everything and every one’ and show you in a good and well rounded pack, say the game itself.

If we are talking about Fortnite Season X; the concept of the game has been taken to a brand new level.

Honestly, things have changed so much in Season X that there are so many changes that it is impossible to see them exist in the parallel world.

Developed by Fortnite, the game feels overwhelming but it is bursting at new levels.

However, to see new advertisers pouring in their advertisements and to see wall features and new items gracing the screen, it is a very weird loophole that you can’t get enough of it and you can’t move past it.

It is forgiving yet compelling; however it instigates a lot of things for you and and so many things only every level.

Season X graced the screen in August.

Season X of Fortnite graces you with a stone like culture. It starts with fun, with a layer of you against the world. However, it also changes you to fall into a dream like state where you stand apart from the rest of the Island.

Fortnite Season X (Fortnite Season 10 News) brings to you a sci-fi metropolis type structure where there are new shootouts designed and overall. Moreover, it leads for you to be on a level that you can pretty much do everything off but with wrong graphics and side advertisements and no money, things can just not work out.

Essentially, the picture of Fortnite Season X shows you the limits by which things can perhaps go in motion or slow down. The scary thought about Fortnite X is that it graces you with infinity and to top and bottom. It shows you a world of great capacity and so many realms that after a point, you might start wondering about your own sanity.

For gamers and for the people, I swear, this game is a side step from reality and that is exactly what the problem is these days. (Read Solution Here).

Furthermore, if you want to succumb to these pressures, where you play and pay, and pay and pay some more to play less and some more, it is an infinite loop that, at the end, makes you question your sanity.

However, at the end of it all, you should be aware because there is no point if you escape your sanity. That would be death, inevitably.

Finally, gamers are now hoping that Fortnite X slows down. It is sort of like a culture where you go towards infinite holes and loops and it is something that can drive you to the point of no return.

It is better if these ‘anti-reality’ things change because if you are promoting a certain culture, people will get engaged. That invites a nexus of no return and a nexus like that is a very dangerous one.

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What Is Going On In Pakistan?

By on September 22, 2019

What Is Going On In Pakistan?

Pakistan is a country that is lacking supplementary ideas that can easily and readily help the country by passing some major obstacles.

This means that if we look past our own eyes and vision, it will lead to enhancement in peace, serenity, longevity and new beginnings.

That should be the Starting point of all decisions and base.

Pakistan is a country segregated by fear. The truth about Pakistan is that everything is already here.

Be it roads to culture to serenity to fun and travel, things always look good . However, the problem With Pakistan is that Pakistan ‘things don’t materialize according to the talent of this country, efforts of its people, minds of its work force and doings of its people.

Problems In Pakistan

The major problem with Pakistan is that when you take it by the International measure of Indexing (perhaps as an economy or country per se), it becomes second to none. However, what I wonder is:

Why do we measure things by Global Indexing?

If we look at the domestic economy of the country and divert our attention towards the small, micro and minimal sources that can contribute towards the well-being of this country, it will add up.

Total efforts of it can be taken care of by making everything ‘visible and transparent’.

Pakistan can benefit greatly from peaceful efforts to help its local population.

The country already HAS everything. Pakistan gets eyed for its Resources. The country should enact resources and depute people to protect its state from all corners to add mobility in the country.

Pakistan is threatened by its allies, foes and friends for its people, dramas, acting, education; its elites and its Roots.

Pakistan’s Problem

Pakistan is gold.

Pakistan only needs ONE man to lead it from “The Front’.

It needs a strong hand that can help in determine its authority, so that things can operate smoothly on Every front.

With an appropriate man, this country has NOTHING to lose.

In retrospect, the global economy is moving at a fast pace.

Moreover, the presiding government cannot even do anything about this matter and the fact that the last 8-9 months have been such a drag in the country is quite a haunting thought. (This was 2019).

Therefore, the call for an authoritarian government and a good and quick hand on top is the way to go about it. Not the army, not the state, not the military, not the ISI. The government needs a hand, the army needs stability and the Operations of this Country need a predominant hand that can help it move forward with grace and class.

Finally, Pakistan has to coincide with the efforts of other Muslim countries especially #SaudiaArabia to become One (in all measures) and to withstand and support of Saudia-Arab by every measure.

The Upside of Pakistan

Pakistan can be an undeniable force for the people of this country as they are very original and are Muslims by pre-dominance. Pakistan has a lot of potential and it is obvious in every regard. Moreover, the military army of the country is doing very well as well and perhaps in every regard.

Furthermore, Pakistan should get rid of the People who are the Enemies of the State and these Enemies will mostly be those who are more in line, in opinion, with the open-mindedness, or perhaps, liberality of others. Rather than boosting an open culture, realize that everyone has a mind-set and a belief and a code. The country should follow the same discipline because the people of the country are also sitting in their homes and everything is Very close by.

Moreover, The People of the Country should be enough in clear and understanding and complaint about the disturbances in the Air which is effecting every individual and in every capacity.

It won’t be too long before this aspect of the economy becomes obvious.

Furthermore, anyone who is against the believes of the Muslims will always be the enemy of all, according to the Book, and the one who is an enemy of the all will make sure every one becomes an enemy as well, to ensure that their own motives don’t become the truth.

Moreover, if you are Not a Muslim , you CANNOT run a Muslim state; for it will be Against The Best Interest of The Country.

Other than that, if you are Swearing by Oath and then trying to ensure you stand by it but pretending and finding the fact that others are also of the same excuse, then you cannot walk and nor will the others.

However, the others will make sure you get botched down by an inch or two and in the process, and by the Universal Laws, you will definitely be knocked down. Probably in a second or two and then by the second or two or none of One. And that One is the decision of the Universe itself (signs that Allah gives you).

Finally, when the Universe Conspires To Tell You The Truth With Every Sign On Your Face, It Is Time To Let Go. This is because nothing can stop any Universal Force if something is That Wrong in the universe itself.

To Conclude

Years have passed on by and many people have left this Earth. The principle of E=MC2 always presides and truly it does in every and most capacities. Finally, the truth can never hide especially if too many people are at stake.

Finally, staying sane in the process of all of this is the key to a happy life. You are in control of everything that you have but your vision is limited to you. It is better if the universal authority itself determines which path one will go, be it a country or human. (Something major and minor in between).

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Top 5 Convenient Products To Buy This Year

By on September 18, 2019

Top 5 Convenient Products To Buy This Year


This is 2019 and it is almost October now. Few months left till 2020. When it comes to convenience and convenient products, some products definitely made their mark this year and were perhaps the clear highlight too. Off of these Top 5 Convenient Products To Buy This Yea, are technological products or other interesting products too.

If you are looking for some convenience, here is a list of top 5 convenient products to buy this year.

1- eAlarm+

eAlarm+ is a handy accessory that consistently works as an alarm perhaps. You can place it on your bag and it will alarm you when someone is close to your bag so that there is no theft. It operates continuously, with a battery time of at least 30 minutes so you feel good wherever you go.

2- Hair Removal Products

Every woman wants a clean face. Moreover, there are many ways to clean your face these days and these include shaving, waxing, cleaning etc.

Moreover, threading, waxing and plucking all lead for the hair to grow again pretty rapidly.

If you want a full stop solution for hair removal, there could be many possibilities and the choice is yours. Some of these include: Finishing Touch Flawless Women’s Painless Hair Remover, Hair Removal For Women, TOUCHBeauty Painless Hair Remover and a few others.

3- Leica Sofort Compact Instant Camera

Leica Sofort Compact Instant Camera is another one of the best and most convenient product to buy this year.

In terms of quality and design, Leica Sofort Compact Instant Camera allows you to take the best kind of pictures and they come with an instant roll.

Top 5 Convenient Products To Buy This Year: Leica Sofort

Additionally, with a $299 price tag, it is expensive. However, it is pretty cool because it gets you polaroid and special kind of pictures right away. Its good and its effective for those who love making memories and shots.

If you are looking for Top 5 Convenient Products To Buy This Year, Leica Sofort Compact Instant Camera also makes a very good choice.

4- Headphone Technology: Apple AirPods

Moreover and more last, headphones are such that they never go out of passion. These are called Apple AirPods.

If you are looking for Convenient Products To Buy This Year, Apple AirPods are a must buy.

Priced at $145, these headphones are quite amazing and come with a great sound quality.

Headphones have become a necessity these days. Moreover, if we are talking about Apple AirPods, know that they are an interested gift because they come with a very special quality and sound and they let you enjoy your music quite well.

Top 5 Convenient Products To Buy This Year: Airpods

5- Shake N Wake Silent Alarm Clock

The Shake N Wake Silent Alarm Clock is another handy tech accessory. It helps in waking you up if you are sharing a bed with someone. It is a life saver because before someone forcefully wakes you up, this clock moves you a little and wakes you up right on the time. It is simple and good.

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Bob Iger Leaves Apple Board

By on September 16, 2019

Bob Iger Leaves Apple Board

According to latest reports, Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, has resigned from Apple’s board. Interestingly, his resignation comes months before both two companies were trying to set the launch of their streaming services; Disney+ And Apple TV Plus.

(Apple Stocks Today: Read)

On September 10th, Iger resigned from the board. Moreover, his resignation comes from the fact that He resigned before the Apple Event on 11th September and the same date he resigned was the same day that the subscription price of Apple TV Plus was launched.

Iger Leaves Apple Board: Tech Unveiled

Iger Leaves Apple Board: Disney+ Announced

Iger announced that he joined Apple’s Board in 2011. Moreover, both their relationship (Apple And Disney) existed before time as well.

The problematic concern for Mr. Cook here would be that Disney has their own kind of head to head direction going on. Disney+ And Apple TV Plus are one and the same kind of thing. And more importantly, the split means greater competition thats all.

Iger Leaves Apple Board: The Story

Bob Iger’s move of leaving Apple board comes from the fact that both Disney+ and Apple TV Plus will be launched about 11 days apart.

Furthermore, the fact that Iger leaves Apple board has caused a little change in hierarchies but everything else is fine.

Iger’s strong move outside of Apple shows that the competition is on because Disney+ as the Apple TV Plus will be launching 11 days apart.

Iger Quits Apple Board: And To Conclude

Disney+ will be costing users $6.99 per month when it launches on November 12th, whereas Apple TV. will be launching on November 1st for about $4.99.

Disney and Apple seem to be in competition and Iger’s move of resignation shows how competitive this World can be. Also, how interesting competition can be and how you can change for enhanced competition.

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Robotic Process Automation And Human Resources

By on September 15, 2019

Robotic Process Automation And Human Resources.

Technology is a common foot in and off every domain and off every work place. Moreover, technological advancements have helped in facilitating practice, in and off, every HR policy and work place.

On the other hand, the use of RPA in human resources has increased over time and that has enabled many procedures in the field of HR and technology.

Finally, coming back to Robotic Process Automation and human resources, know that there are both pros and cons of using such technological procedures in your daily HR automated processes.

What is RPA?

RPA Technology

As the name suggests, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software technology, combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the use of machine learning capabilities.

RPA helps in taking care of high volumes of data so that HR tasks can be practiced quickly and with ease.

In other words, RPA in Human Resources can be defined as incorporating advanced technology (as per the latest methods in technology). RPA can be used to process normal human resource tasks in software technology.

Furthermore, Robotic Process Automation processes ensure smoothness in work, technology, adaptability, longevity of projects and speed of science. They ensure ease in the field of HR through easy management, quicker processes and fast communication.

The Use Of RPA In Human Resources

RPA is an application of technology with structured inputs and business logic.

RPA and its subsequent tools can allow a company to configure software; or perhaps, it can guarantee you a robot automated generated system. This, then, can be used to capture and interpret applications in order to conduct important HR functions such as the following, by measure:

  1. To interpret applications and to process a transactions to manipulate data for your own use.
  2. To communicate with digital systems effectively.
  3. To generate an automatic response to emails to in order to deploy numerous bots, which are programmed automatically to generate a sequent, sub sequent and conclusive ERP system.

RPA In Human Resource

Identifying the use of RPA in HR involves automating every process by using simple repeated administrative and clerical actions by numbers, explicit logic and brains.

RPAs are essentially an automated mechanism at your disposal to conduct HR related tasks with ease and in an automated, organized ways. Essentially, it makes life easier for HR personnel.

You can essentially use RPA in every human resource-related task including the following:

· Employee relations

· Recruiting and hiring

· Training and development

· Compensation

· HR generalist activities

Pros And Cons Of RPA In HR Related Processes

Using RPAs (Robotic Process Automation) in HR involves the use of automated software applications to organize HR processes. These include hiring new employees and practicing over simple HR-related processes.

Additionally, the first known adoptees of RPA include Blue Prism and UiPath. Both of these have worked for human efforts and skills for conducting HR processes with utmost ease.

Initially, HR automation occurred at a basic level of computer code. However, now it is at a god-speed level, i.e. the *mouse click level*.

When you properly implement human resources, RPA knits the HR core system data fields, cloud-based software fields and then it works to standardize, automate and streamline different processes.

Use Of RPA In Normal Technology And HR Business Practices

RPA in human resource works to reduce HR costs (all kinds of HR costs).

Robotic automated processes can help the human staff by handling processes and handling many tedious tasks. Moreover, it involves increasing on-boarding HR processes as well. Furthermore, it helps in validating and hiring data naturally.

Moreover, it also decreases the onboarding time. It allows data entry and onboarding easily without proper human intervention. Furthermore, it increases regulatory compliance. It maintains proper regulatory compliance by 100 percent and it keeps a good running log of actions through compliance checks.

Further pros of using RPAs include improved job satisfaction and reduced errors. However, RPA, since based on technology and is essentially technology, is an ingenious solution to usual work environments. There is a discrepancy between RPAs and human resources and it is the employee itself.

RPA techniques advance usual mechanisms of human resources but they also instigate the need of employees to learn and yearn better.

With a proper system intact, RPAs can bring a lot to the table especially as far as Human Resource Management is concerned. The benefits and use of RPAs can be seen effectively through companies that adopt it successfully.

Finally, well known and top companies that are using this RPA technology in HR processes include UiPath, WinAutomation, IBM, PEGA and Nintex.

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Vaping Ads Ban After Death Reports

By on September 14, 2019

Vaping Ads Ban After Death Reports

E-cigarettes/vaping are apparently causing many deaths, according to new reports.

Moreover, this has caused CNN to make an announcement that it will no longer continue to run vaping ads anymore.

According to reports, CNN will not be running any kind of ads after a serious vaping ban. Things are getting serious because there are serious, deadly injuries getting caused by it. However, vaping companies are freaking out!

Vaping Ads Ban: Tech Unveiled

Reports Suggest The Following..

Reports reveal that vaping is causing many deaths and CNN has agreed to ban Juul and other ads of electronic cigarettes after the subsequent vaping ads ban.

Furthermore, according to the President of CNN Worldwide, serious illnesses and serious deaths are being reported by vaporizers; these include e-cigarettes and vaping.

However, it is unsure yet as to which product category we are talking about and the consequent warnings associated with it.

Certain Reports Are Suggestive Of The Fact That..

Reports suggest that CNN and its policies regarding e-cigarettes advertising will not continue because an investigation is still on-going and the fact that in these investigations will come and follow through many observations.

It is also being said that the main cause of deaths with e-cigarettes and vaping are associated with a glitch in the electronic cigarettes or vaping itself. Things are serious because certain number of people have already died because of it. Nonetheless, the vaping ads ban is going to follow through.

Cigarette ads have been banned on the television since 1970.

Vaping Ads Ban: A Strong Concern

There has been a major and strong concern about cigarettes and vaping. E-cigarettes have many tobacco laws against them. Their regulation is necessary.

Reports suggest that President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump has suggested a ban on the non-tobacco flavored e-cigarettes. In some states, they are illegal.

Juul- Vaping Ads Ban

The brand in question as far as this ban on e-cigarettes is confirmed is Juul. Juul is quite popular between teenagers & it is also being reported that teens are smoking this in great capacities.

Juul launched a multi-million dollar campaign, with ads on print, TV and radios. However, the notion these are less harmful or safe has not been approved legally.

Nonetheless, Juul and E-cigarettes both are a major concern. The ban on them is quite necessary because they are reportedly causing deaths.

It is a good way forward, to at least stop ‘devices’ from harming us! It is also a good way forward by CNN for a rapid vaping ads ban.

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What Is Matcha Tea?

By on September 13, 2019

What Is Matcha Tea?

Matcha Tea has risen to popular fame these days. The tea has wide spread health benefits.

According to experts, the tea can prevent cell damage, it can greatly help with brain health, it can improve your metabolism and it helps you with its mood swings, detoxification and others.

Furthermore, you can assess the quality of Matcha Tea by assessing its flavor, by color and by the appearance of the Froth that appears on the froth of the tea.

It Helps With Fighting Cancer

A well-known cancer fighter, a great fat burner, a good metabolic booster, this tea is well-known, particularly as a great aid for the mentioned reasons.

Moreover, it is being said that the tea is quite far behind than other green teas.

Many “Big” things are being said about the benefits of Matcha Tea.

For starters, it is well known to torch body fat. It is also Well-Known as an anti-cancer diet and grocery list.

Wide And Well Known Benefits Of Matcha Tea

If you haven’t heard so, this tea provides you with the following benefits:

1- It is high on anti-oxidants such as the EGCg

2- It lowers cholesterol and then blood sugar as well

3- It prevents disease

4- It is quite rich in fiber and it contains wide spread numbers of vitamins, chlorophyll and fiber

5- It calms the mind and body

6- It lowers cholesterol and then blood sugar as well

7- Provides an excellent dose of selenium, zinc, magnesium, vitamin C and others

8- It is a good detoxifying agent

Provides Big Doses Of Anti-Oxidants

Matcha Tea has a high number of anti-oxidants in every sip.

Reports suggest that it is a brand new anti-oxidant which comes packed with anti-oxidants and than certain superfoods.

Highlighting the benefits of the tea become quite known if you have the right attitude and if you start taking things seriously.

Matcha Green Tea is an anti-oxidant power house. It was reported by Matcha Source that Matcha has the highest number of anti-oxidants in it (1573), whereas others such as Gojiberries, pomegranate, blueberries, spinach hold lesser volumes.

To conclude and therefore, this tea is considered on the top and as the top anti-oxidant we know.

Benefits of The Tea

The biggest benefits of this tea are derived when you take a sip of it. It boosts your energy, it improves metabolism and it provides great resistance and energy.

Matcha is well-known to provide physical endurance and increase it by 24%.

Looking to buy It?

MatchaSource, PaperAndTea, MatchaConnection, TeaShop and iHerb are 4 of the well-known places where you can get this tea from.

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Apple Event: 5 New iProducts

By on September 12, 2019

Apple Event: 5 Brand New iProducts

The Apple Event took place yesterday.

At the event, 5 brand new Apple iProducts debuted and the masses are quite excited.

It is being reported and said that the new Apple products offer a decent upgrade from the previous ones.

Least to say, at the Apple Event, 5 brand new products were unveiled and all of these new products offer a decent upgrade from the previous ones.

The New Apple iProducts

iPhone 11

Better than the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 comes with a 6.1 inch display (LCD display) along with a brand new A3 bionic processor and the GPU. It costs $699, which of course is less than the previous XR.

The new iPhone offers some upgrades over or from the previous phones. It is an advancement over the last phones.

Slightly more advanced and a bit more polished, it offers viable enhancements over the previous phones.

The new iPhone 11 comes with the following:

  • A13 Bionic Chip
  • 64GB-128GB, 512 GB storage capacity
  • 2x Optical Zoom
  • iOS 13
  • Camera night mode
  • WiFi 6 Support
Apple Event: Tech Unveiled

The iPhone 11 Pro And Pro Max

Apple has announced the new iPhone 11 Pro and the latest 11 Pro Max which will sell for $999 and $1,099.

In terms of colors, the new iPhone 11 Pro has a new midnight green color, a refreshed space gray, refreshed silver, and a nicer color- say in gold finish. 

Moreover, Apple is also promoting a bigger dynamic range display called Super Retina XDR.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

The most powerful devices are also designed to be durable — iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has the toughest glass ever (found in a smartphone) and it is rated for IP68 for water resistance of up to 4 meters for up to 30 minutes.

The phone is well protected against everyday spills including coffee and soda.

The phones also features a powerful new A13 Bionic processor along with multiple rear cameras and a solid camera quality. It comes with tools such as Night Mode.

The iPhone 11iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are priced at $699, $999 and $1,099, respectively.

Preorders begin Friday and they will be available in stores on Sept. 20.

The Apple Event: The Brand New Apple iPad

Furthermore, the new iPad comes with a 10.2 inches screen and is valued at $329.

Previously, the it was valued at 9.7 inch display. The new iPad has a 7th generation processor and it comes with a A10 Bionic Processor. It also has a smart connector.

Moreover, the new iPad comes with a 10.2 inches at $329. Previously, the iPad was at 9.7 inch display. The new iPad has a 7th generation with a A10 Bionic Processor. It also has a smart connector.

The new iPad comes with a 3 camera system, a telephoto, regular lenses and an ultra wide display screen.

You can shoot with the new iPad at a 4K resolution with 60 frames per second. You can shoot with the coming software at different subjects through every lens.

With a 5.8 inch OLED screen, the Pro Max comes with a 6.5 inch OLED screen. With 1200 nits of excessive brightness, these phones come with a A3 bionic processor and a well rounded GPU.

Apple Event: The New Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 has been launched just recently and it has certain features that make it a good stand.

With an extend battery life, like most other smartwatches, the Series 5 dims the brightness, but it retains all of the same visuals you’d normally see while using it. It also has the same 18-hour battery life as the Series 4, which is an impressive feat.

The Series 5 costs $399 for the GPS model and $499 for the GPS + LTE model, so they’re the same prices as before. However, it’s the first Apple Watch to release with ceramic and titanium finishes, the prices of which weren’t shared onstage, so expect them to be pricey.

These were the main products at the Much Awaited Apple Event. Stay tuned for more updates at techunveiled.