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April, 2020

Why Is It Important To Fast In Ramadan?

By on April 27, 2020

Why Is It Important To Fast In Ramadan?

Fasting in Ramadan is important because it helps in clarifying your thoughts, your heart, your mind, your body and your soul.

It is just as you are on a diet and without that. Why? Because essentially, everything else contains chemicals, insecticides and what not to some or every extent, which is harmful for the body. Fasting in Ramadan helps you cleanse your mind, body and soul. Cleansing is very important for the soul. Ramadan, then helps you become brand new.

Ramadan Helps In Purifying The Body

While the body has the natural mechanism of cleansing itself, if you are smoking too much and you are eating too much and you are all over the place; then no part of your body will work. Fasting helps with that.

Moreover, fasting in Ramadan is important because it helps you bring in your balance again. Remember that Islam is balance and for restoring your self, you can fast so that your body comes to its natural state (dusk-till-dawn- settling back in your self).

Ramadan is a one long month. It is a sacred month. It is a month when the Quran was revealed on Prophet Muhammad.

History Of Ramadan

The ideology behind Ramadan is to reinstate the “Holy Kabbah”, which off and on was taken off by the Yahud for its delicacy and gold.

Furthermore, it isa practice that makes you bow down and stop.

All enemities are prohibited in the month of Islam.

Ramadan is a call upon and a month of belonging and longing for the Prophet and his mother.

Ramadan is a pardah against satans and satanism (it is a practicing religion now).

Benefits of Fasting

Ramadan has many benefits to offer. These include:

  • To cleanse your body
  • To get your sanity back in order.
  • Moreover, to realize and think.
  • To prepare for going back to normalcy; long hours of inundated work.
  • Additionally, Ramadan is the only calendar on the year.
  • Ramadan is the most sacred month where Allah revealed himself to Muhammad.
  • Furthermore,Ramadan is a call for prayer; to make you realize that its not Allah that doesn’t listen to your prayers but yourself because you are not in your senses amidst the worldly problems.
  • To clean your nafs (your heart), your mind (your body) and your soul (your presence) and your bone (your belonging) and your ‘self’ – (your heart itself). In clear ideology, this means your entire balance. For your body, to cleanse without eating, for you to pay attention to what God has given you; for your senses that you have to be there for Allah and not the other way around and for your self belief that Allah is there and there is no other prophet (satan) but Muhammad and that this is life and there is no other life or spectrum and that no one is taking things away from you and its all here. In essence, this is possible if you are in your senses and after a year long eating or perhaps half, its important to take a break so you go back to your divinity and start a new life after Ramadan, for the next part of the year. It is all ari-the-ma-tics.

It Is A Sacred Month

Ramadan is a very sacred month. It is a month of good will and perhaps, for you to realize. It is a month of realization; to help you get back in your senses again. Moreover, to make you realize that outside world and to help you come out of your fears.

Furthermore, to help you gain strength to face the world again. For you to get a break. For you to succumb to all worldly pressures and sit in sujood and come back to your self. It is a month of surrender, to God’s will and to help you get back on your two feet again.

To Conclude

Fasting essentially helps you pay Qadr (Read: LailatulQadr) to the minutest of things that we usually take for granted. It teaches you sabar (patience) and it makes you remember how good food is, your eyes are, your sanity is, and how otherworldly pressures make you lose your self and nothing else.

If we surrender to God’s will, then definitely, God is kind and He is merciful. Ramadan will help you pay attention to your self and your belongings and make you remember how fortunate and blessed you are.

May we all stay kind to one another and may we all stay put to each other; After all, Ramadan is a call for prayer; for oneness, longitude and solitude.

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5 Health Tips To Keep Going In 2020

By on April 21, 2020

5 Health Tips To Keep Going In 2020

2020 has been such a mishap that people are trying to understand whether to work, fix, do nothing or something or nothing per se. This state of ‘circles’ has left people miserable. If you ask me, summers are already here and it is going to be difficult to keep up. For that, if you are wondering how to keep going, here are 5 health tips to keep going in 2020 that might help.

1- Have Water

One of the 5 health tips to keep going in 2020 is having water.

Having water is essential if you want to survive. There are no limits to having water. In fact, the trick with having water is that when you are at your limit, have another sip or two and break that rigor.

Then you are good to go. Water is energy and there are no limits to having energy. Have water, purge and then keep going.

2- Eat healthy

Another one of the 5 health tips to keep going in 2020 is eating healthy. Eating healthy might be the ultimate trick at this point in time.

While it is true that you wouldn’t want to eat that much at this time and might be going without eating anything, it is important that you start with something.

Men should have their meals cooked by their wives or themselves: Steaks (something that makes you full) and women should preside in something lighter; while steaks are fine, so is chicken or anything halal.

Greens would work, so would bean and so would carbs. If you have ‘roti’ in Urdu and perhaps Pita in English or something similar; Wheat is essential too. It’s all about energy otherwise you will be fainting while coming back to yourself.

3- Keep yourself warm

Despite the fact that it is summers and you will be running around, you might want to keep yourself warm.

For that it is important that you snuggle in your beds and stop running around. Get a book, keep yourself warm and think about those who fill your heart.

For 5 health tips to keep going in 2020, you should also try to make sure you are at your fullest and you are taking care of your health.

This running around, when you get up and then get something, then you sit and then you get up. I’d say relax! Your bone for sanity and let yourself be. You will find peace.

Everything is internal and your gear is for your blood only. All else is secondary.

4- Have anything that is clean

Cleanliness is virtue and if you aren’t being clean then it is important that you be. Take a bath, brush your hair and go for a walk (it is a must to breath and go out in the open and enjoy some fresh air.

Remember that if you are facing rigidity in your bones or feeling some inkling in your veins, it is fever. For that you must walk and rest.

All processes are internal, else is external. If you are ‘seeing things’, those too will disappear with water. Try it and leave us a message here if it doesn’t work :-).

5- Space is essential

You cannot live without space. Whether it is your husband or your family or your children or yourself, it is important that you give one another space.

Looking for 5 tips to keep going in 2020? Keep reading.

What happens in commotion is that small misunderstandings build up and it makes you develop a stubbornness of saying no to everything. Then, what everyone says is second talk and your anger doesn’t stop. That too is coming back to yourself.

Don’t forget that you see life through your eyes only and keeping yourself sane is the key. Listen to everyone but make sense out of things yourself. If you become stubborn, your end will probably be anger.

When you are anger, you start opposing everything and at the least stick with yourself a little. Those are your tears which perhaps wouldn’t even open if you are under undue pressure or in that angst itself.

The ultimate therapy is crying and that only happens when you let your heart settle in. Let yourself cry and have water if you are too dehydrated. There is no shame and if you feel someone’s watching you or after you, drop that thought.

You will come back to your self if you let your last breath breath: 10 seconds and then sublimity, realization, processing, letting go and a new life and a new start.

We hope the above 5 health tips to keep going in 2020 mentioned above help. However, for further details or assistance, contact us or leave us a message here. We are here to help!

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The Corona Shock And How It Is Practically Nothing: Conspiracy Theory

By on April 19, 2020

The Corona Shock And How It Is Practically Nothing: Conspiracy Theory


The corona shock or call it coronavirus or the biggest, highest, “nonexistent” “system reversal” in “history”, corona has literally swamped us all and has pretty much left us with nothing.

While you can deal with corona virus by having plenty of water and leaving all matters on Allah, it is important that you understand the bigger motive behind corona.

If you get too entangled in something, it becomes hard to get out of it. Therefore, it is better that you take one day as it is and 10 days for your basic necessities. This will help you find peace and patience off of the hoax and moving around in circles for nothing.

The corona shock has upset the world but it will soon be reinstated as well. Remember, where there is a will there is a way.

If You Understand Deep Thought Mythology: Corona Is A Hoax

To understand the corona shock:

If you abbreviate corona, you get: cars, oxygen, rum, oxymetholone, nasal sprays and something as dirty as anal retentive. [Everything perhaps related to drugs and medicines].

Reverse it and you will understand the motive behind corona: To get all of these for one man’s survival or for a group of survivors (the mafias) and essentially, to hoard and procure and getting things off people and putting them down in deep thought mystery. Essentially, it is an effort to take things away from people and leave them with nothing but osteoporosis or cancer by and per se.

If you want to understand

Corona is related to your respiratory tract and ultimately thyroid cancer, so it is important that you have plenty of water and green tea to clean your system. It is the work of a joker (quite literally), with the same motive and that’s why it feels real. Jokers are real, who fear death and loneliness for they can’t live in darkness.

Jokers are real and they preside on having lucid fun and putting people to shame. The world is that unfortunate, its true. However, there is hope; the essence is to never give up.

Remember; what is happening to you is all calculated and it is done. You are not asking for it and you are not talking about it so why is it happening? These are the works of the unbelievers, the atheists, who keep doing wrong on the notion ‘if there was Allah this wouldn’t happen and if there is Allah lets see who stops us and their debates are always never ending’.

To understand you have to listen and to listen you have to be patient; You can take care of this hoax by sticking with your self.

After doing all wrong, they work on the notion of other people finding out, by reversing the system (paying a few and asking the majority to behave a certain way. They actually perform that way, to take the aesthetic sense off you and sense of life: your intuition.

The corona virus has not just shaken people by their grits of it and left them helpless; it has literally reversed the system.

While the rest of the world is dealing with the shock, others are still busy screwing the shock further. The call to action here is to take care of your belongings and stick to yourself. Corona, just as cancer, is a frenzy; it makes you feel helpless and sends you in a state of infinite loops.

Magic is real: you are not asking for anything and it happens to you: Its Nazar. And nazar is the end of mankind!

Motive Behind Corona

Corona in my opinion is a petty game of playing people by the shit of horses and the pettiest and sneakiest things available. It seems like a revenge of one and time will reveal who’s.

Corona is a hoax and the hoax is exactly this. The solution to it? Water, water, water, water, and more water and the 99 names of Allah SubhanaTaAllah.

Hypocrisy At Its Best

Corona should have been taken seriously since day one and the answer to that is cleanliness: on a global, person and interpersonal level. Water is the best solution to it and one that can take care of the corona shock itself.

(Hazrat Muhammad on water).

To Conclude:

The works of corona and the corona shock itself is miserable. Furthermore, people must change before they get driven beyond their excessive capacities. They should calm down, detach, have water, relax, exercise and go to sleep on time. Laziness is another outcome of corona which is against the human body so one must be very careful during this period of corona virus.

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Why Should You Avoid COVID-19

By on April 10, 2020

Why Should You Avoid COVID-19

COVID-19 is a by-product of diazepam, alprazolam and few other ingredients that will automatically make your stomach go loose. Covid-19, therefore, should be avoided. Instead, if you are corona positive, you should try to stick with water and let your body heal naturally.

The idea behind Covid-19 is totally exaggerated. The purpose is to make the sick fallen sick and sicker meet dooms day, in order to make big money off of existing patients.

People are taking COVID-19 as a drug that can cure corona. However, Covid-19 is a bigger aim to perhaps end eternity and make money off of their sickness. Its the devil’s work and the devil is in the Quran so he exists. (Read Michael Jackson for example, a well-known, shady, devilish man-woman, perhaps, God or someone very satanic.)

Go With Natural Mechanisms Than Covid-19

If you have tested positive for corona shock, you should try to go for ‘cleansing the system’. For that, you should eat vegetables, enhance your taste, drink plenty of water and have green tea, at least once a day. Rest and avoid the public eye for 10-15 days. Once your system cleanses itself, you will heal automatically.

If you are struggling with these two weeks of corona virus, then it is better that you take a pain killer and then start relaxing. Keep it as natural as possible; avoid anger and fighting in the hidden and there will be no reason for you to not heal.

Is Covid-19 Ponzi Scheme?

The human system is quite complicated. We should ideally be fixing ourselves as is. While we don’t feel complete most of the time, the ideology and essence for it is to drink plenty of water and your body will reinstate itself, just as dusk till dawn. All other ideologies are senseless, especially Covid-19.

COVID19 is a no go- it is a Ponzi scheme. It will make your system leak water and perhaps leave you with nothing. You should eat minimally in corona virus but do have water. If you are eating, then have a cup of green tea and you will be good to go.

Covid-19 is an effort by a devil in disguise. It is as lucid and flaccid as the devil himself. Trust that there is nothing better for your gut and system than natural water and light things that a human body can actually take. Combine this with sleep and you will be good to go.

Covid-19: Tech Unveiled

What You Should Remember!

While COVID-19 is a very recent subject and a long in undated debate:

The human system is a process in intself. 100 years ago, the median age of a man was 700 and of a woman, 1200. Today, the median age of a woman is 12 and of a man is 10. They say all of these are the works of a devil, who might soon be recognized. Just reminds me of Michael Jackson.

Furthermore, these are well known signs of Qiyamat (Qiyamah), which are clarified, proven and proven again by science, technology and matter. One must undo the works of the devil, even if it needs a bit of a crush of an ego for the devil is there and he should be stopped till he floats a free with his Ponzi stick and Ponzi schemes.

Food For Thought: Realize And You Will Find God

One of the biggest signs of corona virus is restlessness.

Considering the death rate these days and going back to basics, simplicity was key to everything.

Unfortunately in today’s age and time, when it’s all about materialism, people really have gotten off track and perhaps have forgotten the instilled values of faith in men and women alike.

While it is true that more than half of the total global population is leading the same life, things have changed. It is going back to basics and it won’t be pretty when people start finding the truth.

The need and rush for COVID-19 is coming from perhaps the devil, who blames it all on the Yahud and America. All of these are the Devils works.

Coronavirus (based on the car corona and those who drive it perhaps, off of the revenge of the devil) is a flus- it is done though, perhaps with insects mating with insects and throwing them off borders. However, COVID-19 is a bigger scam as all other things are. What we need for survival is water, wheat, barley, certain important vegetables, meat, chicken, fresh fruit and all other basics. It is better to stay away from all things that are not natural.

Its not happening though.

The Truth About Covid-19

#MyAbbreviation for Covid-19 is: Cancer, Ovaries, Vividness, Implication and Death.

Covid-19 is a scam just as all medicines are. We are talking about big money here. The victims? Could be anyone or everyone. The deaths would be more prevalent in men and women who are not well educated, perhaps those above 60s, mothers and fathers who are dependent on others for income and so on. It is the devil’s work and the devil is the ‘alleged’ Prime Minister of Pakistan, who is Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson Is alive.

We Leave All Matters On Him

To Conclude

A well-known devil, the ‘pir’, Satan, the flus ‘God’, the one who calls himself Allah and so on.. This man should be revealed as he reveals people and is Firaun. The man who thieves, burns women alive, eats up women and men and doesn’t leave a muscle. An animal. Perhaps a flus as big as is Ponzi is.

Oh I mean, what Sorrri! A pseudo Muslim in disguise and a run away after who every one is after.

Nonetheless, the topic is not Michael Jackson, he literally puts this blog to shame with his name as in. We are talking about corona and corona virus.

Both men and women should stay in their homes and avoid drinking and eating from outside. Have bottled things and there is nothing better than water. Try to have herbs, greens and light food. Salad perhaps. And you will be good to go.

If you are coronainpakistan, take a rest for 10 days with these tips and test yourself again: You will be corona negative.

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How To Come Back To Normal After Corona

By on April 7, 2020

How To Come Back To Normal After Corona


The recent coronavirus has shocked the world but there is hope. It can be taken as a wake-up call, for people to understand, that, when there is too much havoc in the world, everything screams, and perhaps, rest assured, all decisions are His. If you are wondering about How To Come Back To Normal After Corona, all we can say is that you need to start taking care of yourself. It starts with you and it ends on you (life).

Furthermore, if you are trying to understand or perhaps realize as to how to come back to normal after corona, the idea is to just relax. Start with yoga, eat healthily and greens; smoke less, and check your respiratory tract. It starts with the last breath and you build on it; whether you experiment with your breath and start breathing from it or perhaps have a lot of water as The Solution to all of it.

The busier you are, the worse the symptoms of corona could be. Eventually, it all comes under Nazar. Essentially and to realize that do we see skies screaming corona or perhaps seeing elephants down the lane with corona or perhaps whatever the mystery of a succumbed eye would be. No.

To Make You Understand: An Inundated Solution To Corona: Water.

The idea and essence of it is ‘that, it is all done, and while it is done, we need to move out of it and try to make ourselves come back to normal routine or our normal selves. It ignites anger and it makes you resist, which is against human nature and resultantly, what happens to you is you being haywire.

What it further does is that it ignites fear, anger and all kinds of emotions in and within you and truth be told, it rather, in its own sense, is yet another end of mankind in its own way. Let’s not be aloof to the fact as to how many people have died because of coronavirus.

Moreover, it is better that we understand the notion of ‘creation’- that perhaps everything is Done (!) and the way out of it is Prayer, eventually. We can’t fight in the hidden and we can’t stoop down to their level.

Anger is the end of mankind and everything that is against Islam is truly wrong and whatever the 5 principles of Islam are, are for your own benefit. Islam, in the end of it all, is the answer and solution to all problems.

A Call Upon, From Here On To There On

For those who can understand human nature perhaps, what we can say is that human nature is a very sensitive debate.

Call it corona or cancer perhaps, corona is done in an effort to take care of the 2018-2019 losses and for a better start to gain control for the rest of the world.

What people fail to realize is that there is no such thing as control and we are by His Will. The corona shock has delayed 2020 by 4 months, and again, till theirs’ persist or ours. Essentially, the idea is clearance and to sort out things for a better future in 2020 and perhaps later on as well.

It is literally a shock but if we get in the nitty-gritty of it: 2020 started with load shedding, gas shedding, petrol expenses in Pakistan and lose control.

Being a part of the Pakistani corporate culture, rest assured, things are now, first, a given (LGBT) and now it is common nature to bring the other down at workplaces; by the tongue, by hidden agendas, by the revenge of schizophrenic personalities and perhaps by just botheration by bipolar personalities who perhaps subside on the fact of the ‘God complex’ or the drive of being ‘That’. The IT factor or perhaps ‘the chosen one’.

What people are failing to realize amidst all of this jibber jabber is to take care of themselves, the purpose behind every sickness be it corona or any other.

How To Disintegrate And Stay Sane

Eventually, if we think about it, every sickness of yours is another’s effort to bring the other down. While Islam tells us otherwise and I think we all are by practice, religion, we must take care of the other on the first sign of negative or wrong doing. There is a higher order, but it comes later on. The essence is to let go and breath. Remember that there are no limits to anger.

Furthermore, it is not Pakistan or Sri Lanka or perhaps America or Trump for that matter; the truth is that when all else fails, we leave all matters to Him and rest will be His following, just as everything else is. Only He knows.

Moreover, if we are talking about How To Come Back To Normal After Corona, I’d say that we take care of our health. We are just 1 being. 1. Moreover, instead of taking care of the world or perhaps work from home or anything else, we start with ourselves. We have a bone to keep us normal that life isn’t escaping us nor is anything else around us. Everything is there, be it anything or anything else for that matter as well. Humans have limits and it is better we stick to them to ensure peace and well-being on the whole.

Understanding Life Through Meaning

What the notion of creation does is that it creates a ‘haul’ or perhaps ignites a sense of ‘running away’ in a person and that would essentially mean just you being all over the place. Life isn’t escaping us, for that we have the bone.

To take care of ourselves, I cannot emphasize enough or much on the need of having Water, Water, Water and Salat.

If you realize, water is energy, if I let you in on a new secret and there are absolutely no limits to energy nor are there any limits to having water.

Water is your solace and if you don’t heal with water in 2 days, given you don’t get angry and you control yourself, I’d say you will be absolutely fine. Water makes you purge, just get everything out of your system and prepare for the next day.

Islam is so complicated that we talk about the present only and we have no idea about the next day as well. The keep is to keep yourself in balance and not an inch more or less perhaps any of it. Anything in by extreme is against second nature or human nature perhaps.

It is also very very easy for one to go in ‘reverse’ amidst fear and that is all-natural and very much possible.

Furthermore, reverse means you go in reverse of yourself and that would essentially mean you going from human to someone with no innate desires or motives or breath or anything else for that matter.

While corona is recent and while, we are talking about How To Come Back To Normal After Corona, I’d say and suggest it all comes down to cancer. Even cancer is not there. Everything is Created. To take care of our selves is to nourish ourselves and for that, water, water and only water.

Health Tips For Taking Care Of Yourself

  • Take care of your health. (Read ISLAM and it is all in the Quran- The cure of Everything).
  • Drink plenty of water. Water, water, water, water. There are no limits to drinking water. Water for the bone, breathe, everything else.
  • Don’t test yourself or others by any limit.
  • Never ever fool a soul. It leads to paranoia and Bipolar Disorder. It leads to death by and per se, eventually.
  • Eat greens and eat healthily. Steak for men and chicken for women. Keep it light. No anger and no frustrations. Remember all processes are internal as is the human mind, body, and soul. That means you have veins and no matter what you do it will all come back to you. There are people who have forsaken lives and most of us, whoever we are, are above and better than that. Therefore, I’d say that we perhaps just thank Him. For His blessings and also to realize that we stay with our Blood (parents and siblings) for they have no intent. All other intent comes to you and whatever you feel is the utmost truth. (Read: Instincts). If you get lost in the process then realize blood is blood and everyone else is not important. We stay with our blood for they have no intent off you. This means they are not here to take out things off you or come with an intent to do something to you; Perhaps laugh on it while they are in their bathrooms or perhaps anything else for that matter. Everything comes to you and it all adds up. The solution out of this is The 99 Names Of Allah Subhana’Ta’Allah.
  • Remember that the world has moved on beyond every capacity. Everyone has money and everyone has been there done that. It is all coming down to Islam and that would eventually be everyone’s peace. Don’t forget that what we just mentioned is all against Islam. It is time that we come back to normal and start living our lives like civilized human beings.

Rest assured, we can say that;

Be it corona or any other disease, everything passes so did history. No two times remain the same, no two people stay the same and no too bad nor too good persists for too long. Only balance does and that’s for the self. All else is loose control.

To understand How To Come Back To Normal After Corona:

Just take care of your health and that starts with Water, Water, Water, Water, Water, Water and more Water!

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