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August, 2020

Square Inc. (NYSE: SQ): Square Inc. Performance And A Look Ahead

By on August 31, 2020

Square Inc. (NYSE: SQ): Square Inc. Performance And A Look Ahead

Square Inc. (NYSE: SQ) is a well-known company (Read: Top Companies Of 2020), ranked well at the stock exchange.

From March 2020, to August now, Square has impressed investors. In March 2020, Square Inc. was priced at $38.09 at the stock exchange. Today, it is priced at $155.86, which shows that people have made use of the company’s app thoroughly in the last six months.

In fact, Square Inc. is one of the few companies (Read: top companies worth your investment in 2020) that has risen in the last six months, when the corona pandemic was at its peak.

Square Stock Is Secure And Long Term

Moreover, Square Inc. is a long term buy, which adds to its worth and appraise. Square was previously trading at $56.39. After a few months, it is trading at $150 per share and it really isn’t stopping. Investors are saying that Square can sky rocket to $200 this year so potential investors should be watchful.

Another sign as to why you should invest in Square Inc. is that Dan Loeb’s Third Point hedge fund picked up as many as 800,000 shares in the 3rd quarter of the year of the stock.

Resultantly, many hedge funds such as the JP Morgan increased their price target of the stock to $172, with an out performing rating.

Morgan has been very hopeful about the company’s stock, calling it a digital winner, both in the processor and payments market. Many others have also raised the price target of Square. as well. This includes analyst Kenneth Hill from Even Rosenblatt, who kept Square’s price target at $181 per share, from an initial target of $136 per share.

Square Is An Answer To A Cashless Society

What is surprising is that 1/3rd of the consumers need a cashless society. Square is proving to be an answer of that.

Because of Covid-19, people don’t even want to touch money. Global e-commerce is also hitting sky rocketing levels. As digital payments continue to grow, SQ stock will continue to see positivity. Square is an answer to a cashless society and most of its revenue comes from its Cash App processing hardware and software.

Large part of Square earnings is attributed to its Bitcoin business. Its EPS came in at 18 cents on its sales. It sales soared to 64% to $1.92 billion. Square has also had a decent profit margin. It achieved a gross profit of $597 million, which was up by 28% on a year over year basis. Furthermore, its Cash App profit rose by 167% (year over year basis) to now $281 million. Its Seller ecosystem also generated reliable gross profits to now $316 million.

Square is a good bet, therefore, and a company that is worthy of your trust and investment. It is a long term stock with a lot of growth potential and one that will continue to rise when business activity increase in the long term.

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Top 3 Portable Blenders For 2020

By on August 21, 2020

Top 3 Portable Blenders For 2020

If you are a fan of coffee or tea, portable blenders will help you go a long way. Time saving and cost effective, portable blenders make life easy for you, step by step. If you are looking for the top 3 portable blenders for 2020, here are 3 you can look into.

The CKEYIN MINI Portable Blender

Called the best portable blender, CKEYIN MINI Portable Blender can hold 420ml liquid and has a 3000 mAh operational battery. With a size of 21.7 cm x 8.4 cm, there are plenty of reasons you should go for this blender. A top choice amidst buyers, the blender has a high-speed blade, a USB charging port for your phone, a handy LED display and an attractive design.

On the other hand, if there is a reason as to why you should avoid the blender and look for another is that it is kind of cheap so you might want to think as to how long it will last.

Nonetheless, it is one of the top 3 portable blenders of 2020.

Nutri Ninja Pro

Ranked as ‘very good’ by raters, priced at $59 at Amazon, $60 at Best Buy and $90 on, The Nutri Ninja Pro is fast, easy to set up and clean and has a durable blender cup. It is generously sized, but the problem is that it is a bit noisy.

Overall, the blender has 900 watts of blending power. It can be used for pulverizing fruits and vegetables, and make silky smooth drinks.

It can also crush ice, lemonade and make for a good few things.

The GODMORN Portable Blender

For greater portability and well designed, Godmorn Portable Blender has 300ml capacity, 1,200 mAh battery rating and a 19cm x 8.6cm. Easy to transport, and a quick charge battery, the Godmorn portable blender has two blades with portable blenders and a nice shoulder bag. Overall, a good buy and a decent charge.

While there are many portable blenders out there, these are the top 3 portable blenders for 2020.

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Tech Roundup: Best Tech Products Of 2020 So Far

By on August 19, 2020

Tech Roundup: Best Tech Products Of 2020 So Far

2020 has been one hell of a ride. While most people were fixated on the corona pandemic or corona virus, others failed to realize what is happened on the other front, as far as product launches and development was concerned. If you are a tech enthusiast and have missed out, here are the best tech products of 2020 so far.

Best Tech Products Of 2020 So Far

1- CleanPod UVC Sterlizer

Priced at $90, the CleanPod UVC Sterilizer is a handheld device that you can use to kill germs on anything. Call it a wand that works to displace all kinds of germs, CleanPod UVC Sterilizer is a must acquire to keep yourself and your surroundings germ-free.

The Kettle By Balmuda

Priced at $179, The Kettle” by Balmuda helps you take care of your water in a faster and better way.

Not only does this water work great, but it also has a classy design so it is a must fill in your home.

With a decent and sound power base, and a simple indicator, this kettle is light weight and is good for keeping your liquids warm and soothing.

Pixel Buds By Google

Priced at $179, Pixel Buds by Google look good on the ears. Wireless, Google’s Pixel Buds are comfortable, they offer soundness, they allow you to hop between music and video with ease and they are easier on the ears on the whole.

Google, with its Pixel Buds, offer quality, better battery life, lower background noise and overall affordability as well.

They are available at for $179.

Google’s Pixel Buds are also one of the best tech products of 2020 so far.

iPhone SE by Apple

Priced at $399, iPhone SE by Apple is an interesting bet. It is affordable, it is for someone who needs a phone with a nice camera and a nice processor. Essentially, the iPhone SE can be categorized as a must-have tech product because it is affordable and fulfills all needs of having a decent product at hand that you can use for your comfort, needs and purposes.

Apple iPhone SE, is therefore, another good recommend and one of the best tech products of 2020 so far.

While the aforementioned 3 products are essentially amongst the best tech products of 2020 so far, here are others that have made their mark in the markets:

1- FR FRD Ultimate DURA ACE Di2- available at for $11,999.

2- Nanoleaf Shapes: Hexagon Smarter Kit: Available at for $199.99.

3- KEEP Cannabis Storage: Available at for $152.

4- Fillup: Available at for $124.

5- Osmo Pocket DJI. Available at for $299.00.

6- Moon UltraLight. Available at for $49.99.

7- Larq Movement Water Bottle. Available at for $98.

8- Positive Vibration XL. Available at for $99.99.

9- Era Pro. Available at for $70.

10. OLED TV RX. Available at

11. Magic Keyboard Case for iPad Pro: Starting price $299 but it is worth it.

12. OnePlus 8 Pro. Priced under $1000 but still a decent bet.

13. Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener: Priced at under $500 and it is one of the best out there.

14. MacBook Air (2020). Available for a starting price of $999, MacBook Air is still an affordable bet and one of the best gadgets of 2020.

15. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Priced at $1,399.

If you are a tech enthusiast, these 10 tech products are amidst the best tech products of 2020 so far.

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What Is Islam? Going Back To Basics

By on August 11, 2020

What Is Islam? Going Back To Basics

Islam is’ in the air’, whether for right reasons or wrong. It’s not a curse actually. In fact, it is the finality of all religions and must be paid due respect to.

There is a pattern and method of doing things, for beings’, innate processes and others. It really isn’t free-will. Amongst the five main religions (today), (Judaism (Tawrat: Torah or the Law, revealed on Moses), Zabur (Psalms) revealed to David, Injil (The Gospel), revealed to Isa/Jesus), the finality of all Books is and was the Quran. (Islam)

Today, while we have the following religions here, say ChristianityIslamJudaismHinduism, and Buddhism, (and we have plenty now), but to realize that Books were levied in a proper process and method, we Must pay attention to Islam (and without a choice). Furthermore, for the Muslims, that is the only choice.

Islam: Tech Unveiled

Legacy Of All Religions

When the Jews didn’t stop being ungrateful, there was another Book (for their own mercy, after all, who can compete with Allah SubhanaTaAllah), and for people asked for His mercy and then finally there was another book, and another and then, the Quran, which was in fact by His decree, His final word (which proves that what is written in the Quran will hold true after Qiyamat or Day Of Judgment): That, there is no other book coming after it, nor has it ever come and that Islam is the finality of all religions.

So, the essence is, we believe in something and that something is all that we have up till today and till here to there.(The Day Of Judgment).

Times are changing and it will be Islam. Must do our wise to spread it. After all, there is an afterlife, and if not here, then we should be and do by the Right to ensure that we get paid for our deeds and actions in the hereafter as well.

Though, what we do is what we get, e=mc2 is true, so do good and good will come to you. Karma is real and then for full proof, live your life by the principle of Karmic Redistribution and let God be the judge of else all. That is when you get full safety in this life and full security in the here after.

God’s Message for Muslims And Moving Ahead In Direction

While some Muslims are blind by faith and hold The Quran as a Book of God, God too is another name of Allah SubhanaTaAllah. So it is Islam and it will be Islam.

The problem today and that has persisted is that everybody has held their particular religion near to themselves. However, if we realize, we believe in the finality of all religions, we hold the divine intervention near and dear to us, we hold the message clear to us and we move from here to there on.

If there is a word on the Day of Judgment, it will be 2090 (copyrights reserved). Rather, we also believe that people are hearing and approving and converting to Islam. In fact, the truth is that The Message, which was delivered in 2018, when the world saw a ‘Prophet’ kind of a figure or perhaps, calling it now ‘prophecy’, was the Message of Qiyamat (or The Day Of Judgment).

Therefore, we have the 5 religions by His decree, Qiyamat and Qiyamat from here on to there on, with The Message, go live.

Understanding and Believing A Process Than Free-Will

We must believe in something, otherwise we are monkeys running around like goons. We must bow down (prayer, salat), otherwise we think too much of ourselves. Furthermore, we must also surrender because it is not free-will, rather it is a code of life, a measure of life that you have to behave a certain way because it is not about you but about the other too. That mode or code of life is Islam and it is innate by process in every living being. Trust that Allah SubhanaTaAllah revealed all Books by measure. If we are not bowing down to Him, we are rather just fighting with our selves.

Islam indeed is a mode of life and it would be fancied by those who are spreading it for money and there is no harm in that either, for don’t we do for and to earn money.

However, to realize that Islam is a practice, it is one of the largest religions in the world, it is the finality of all religions, and then Islam has a lot to prove, provide, and proceed and to celebrate.

Muslims have suffered for a very long time and it is time that they rise up and show the world what they are made up of and what they have to prove.

In This World Today: Lets Resort Back To Normalcy

It is so convenient for people to blame Islam for every wrong doing. I mean doesn’t Mark Zuckerberg fart or Trump or whoever disrespect Islam in today’s age and time?

Blaming the Muslims, torturing them, labelizing them as ‘extreme’ (isn’t free-will extreme). I mean there is absolutely no justification against or for or will the Quran and perhaps all answers are already in the Quran. What one needs to do is sit down, jot down; the Book is for your redemption and to realize that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. A Muslim will never stop for mercy, nor will he every beg for kindness, nor will he ever get shamed nor will he preside without revenge. Only His persists and what is he asking you for and otherwise when. Islam is justice and a religion that all will see flourish.

Islam has already started spreading. It will spread like this and it will be mayhem and carnage for the Muslims has suffered for too long. And it is time now for the Muslims to rise up and show these 4-5 daddy’s what they are made up of.

Islam is a practice (and you can do without it and go without it, nobody is asking you to come towards it or practice it in the first place). However, those who do will see:

  • 1- How beneficial it is
  • 2- How refreshing it is
  • 3- How it is good for your clarity
  • 4- Divine processes, help, guidance, measure, behavior
  • 5- ‘and all other processes in and without retrospect.

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Self-Help: 3 Things To Do After Life Goes Back To Normal After Corona

By on August 7, 2020

Self-Help: 3 Things To Do After Life Goes Back To Normal After Corona

While the corona pandemic has really shaken everyone to its very core, there is life ahead. In this self-help article, we will explain 3 things to do or be mindful of when life goes back to normal after the corona pandemic.

What has gone has already passed but what is ahead is something that we should all be mindful of. This is where self-help comes in and the point of this article gets delivered.

What we can take as a lesson of the corona pandemic is to be mindful of others, to be careful of one’s emotion and self, to ensure everyone’s safety while and whereas ensuring ours and to be careful of our actions. This is not a land bestowed upon you by your forefathers, nor is it free will. If it is free will, you keep it to yourself because no one is asking for it. The idea is to be mindful and rest will follow through. After all, we have a divine purpose by innation and that should be our motive in life than else where and alls’ where.

Self-Help: For Corona Tech Unveiled

Another To Take Responsibility

One person is objectionable and actionable by every objection and action for each and everything that he or she does on this land. Times have changed. Following the corona pandemic, one will realize how important it is to be mindful of the self, that everything is internal (this is the secret) and that to be careful of ourselves for other’s selves’ as well.

Reports suggest that things are ‘resorting back to normalcy’ following the corona pandemic. It will take time, it will be slow but things will go back to normal. (Read: How to stay normal).

If you are someone who has a little bit of sanity and humanity left in them, here are 3 things to do after life goes back to normal after the corona pandemic:

3 Things To Do After Life Goes Back To Normal After Corona

  1. To be cautious of others, to be mindful of what you are wearing, eating, and passing, to follow ethics and be considerate of everyone who is around you.
  2. To realize that no one’s life revolves around yours. That every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Moreover, to think that humanity suggests that one’s nature is to help, save so never go against nature to destroy someone’s self because it will create an opposite and equal reaction and it will come biting you in the butt. To be Mindful Of Others. (Think of Karma if you go in the wrong).
  3. Start wondering what you are doing, to realize that it is not free will, to realize that your godforsaken attitudes will not take you anywhere. If you are living with someone, you just can’t call it off or just say yes or no according to yourself. You should have been the same when something initiated as well as you are when it is ending. You are liable to someone once you initiate an exchange with them and your actions will always have an equal and opposite reaction. This land is as much as yours as ours and there is no such thing as free will. (Islam)
  4. Worry and feel for the other, to respect the other, to have sanity in yourself, to not play with someone’s emotions and to realize that everything is not about you and no one’s lives revolve around you after a certain point. Life is bigger than this. Smaller actions translate into bigger actions and words and a small kindness can go a long way.

There are all kinds of people in this world. The biggest lesson that corona can teach us is to stay in our limits. Furthermore, to never transgress and to ensure that you don’t wrong a soul and that His revenge is the best. After all, if man takes revenge, why won’t He? (For patience).

Self-Help: Corona Pandemic: Tech Unveiled

Life Is Simple: Don’t Complicate It For Yourself Or Others

Life is better if simple. Self-help is necessary to check you self. Whether it be loose stomachs to back aches, to feeling bad to feeling good, to going in depression, corona brought everything to the table. Next time, it will bring the one who did it to the table.

May we all be protected by His mercy though once things start opening, we find the right way of doing things, be mindful that there are all kinds of people in the world (iblis is there too) and that people have to be stopped once gone out of control with you or if transgressed you and if they don’t stop then you take every action to ensure they are stopped in all mighty capacities.

Be Mindful: Do Good And Good Will Come To You

Remember that life is as simple as e=mc2 so be mindful. To do good and good will come to you and all processes will follow suit.

You really don’t know what will happen next. Therefore, then, how can you ensure something while seated on your guts that haven’t moved in a long, long time and while.

Finally, if there is a lesson after corona is to be clean, to have a lot of water, to check your breath, to check your body, to check your systems, to check your surroundings, to check your appearances, to be mindful, to ensure your safety above anyone else’s and to be sure of your actions because every action indeed does have an equal and opposite reaction.

Hope this self-help article helps and stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

What Is Our True Purpose In Life?

By on August 4, 2020

What Is Our True Purpose In Life?

We, human beings, are innate beings, with a divine purpose in life. While most of us will not understand what that true purpose is, it goes without saying that ‘our true purpose in life is to Help’.

Those of you who often wonder and ponder as to where to go ahead, how to go ahead and what to make out of life, realize that you plan for the next 10 days. Then, you realize that your true purpose is to help (that takes care of this life and the after life as well) and that you are ‘free beings’, here to live your life, given to you by Allah SubhanaTaAllah and there is only one life and none other, life becomes simple. Simplicity is the way of life.

Life is beautiful, only if you realize how to make the most out of it and that is by realizing your true purpose and that true purpose is to help, as stated above.


Nobody has had it easy. We have millionaires who commit suicide, men and women from all natures and kinds, who now commit suicide at their ‘prime age’. If you want to realize an answer to the question if we are controlled and something is affecting our mood, relationship and reactions, even in the hidden, then the answer is yes. And if we want a person behind that name, it would be Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg is all about technology and who doesn’t realize the science and man debate. The answer for that is that everything was and is tested on Man and science is the opposite of all human processes. If we want to start with something afresh, the answer to that is annihilation: This is God’s land, eat, sleep, pray, make amends, tie knots, be happy and live your life. However, if it becomes that selfish and that gutted, then you stand with what is referred to in Islam as Alms Giving, which really is ‘sadqa’, or perhaps under the category of ‘what is your true purpose in life’, which is help and: to help by money, food or perhaps money itself.

We have already bore the fruit of technology. It is time that we stand tall against all irreconcilable measures to take back technology or give technology and stop turning life into a game and it is all life. Call it AI or how our words are recognized while we speak in our homes to find ads on our screens that are similar to us by talk, I’d say that if everything is done in proportion, it would balance out. However, if it is as extreme as robotics and man and women robotics and arpeligic wheelchairs to shred and picking motives to grind, then I’d say that it is time we stop, we come back and we start life all over again.

The Shredder And The Griller

It always goes to basics, and it always goes back to roots and ‘what is natural will never suffice’. We are all tied by His decree by faith and that is mazhab and that means to feel for another’s pain or loss, happiness, anger or perhaps their true self-sufficiency itself which is their heart. It is a bitter world now because we are being shredded and if we look at it closely then gadgets especially the ‘rod’ ones are to blame here. People die because of it and His decree is here to protect and save. However, this is not how the world works and whoever is at work here, must stop, confide and make it a solace to protect each other and one another. The wrong can only persist for so long till it bursts into your face and then it becomes casual talk and all else fails.

There are limits to a man. Once transgressed, that man should be held in full proportion and be questioned for his actions under ‘his authority’. Secondly, Balance is the key to self sufficiency and today is by no means balance. Everything must be restored in its true balance and state to find normalcy, behavior, and for the world to be set in true motion for everyone to bear and take on the fruit of His authority.

Life indeed is e=mc2.

What Is Our True Purpose In Life? Tech Unveiled

We Have Had Enough: Its Time For Normalcy Again

If we want to come back after all this shredding and roding, we go back to what is our true purpose in life and we find solace in the fact that He is there and we find a motive in helping others and be normal in normal routine otherwise.

For us Muslims, who have a better understanding of it:

We Are Being Controlled: It Is Time Zuckerberg Admits.

“Dream within a dream anyone?”

Do you ever have a feeling when you are being rodded by the eyes in the hidden? If you are not talking and if you are not speaking then what is it? Zuckerberg at work. Its time he admits.

I’ve tried and tested only to realize that perhaps there are certain ‘powerful’ hands at work: Newer ones, our age generation, because the ‘older ones’ are still there and still mature and still there for a reason.

Our generation is being controlled by Zuckerberg who can’t get his hand or head out of his Facebook, which literally is a gateway to hell.

If we realize these are signs of Qiyamat, men turning into women, women turning into men, talkbacks with parents, running around, no understanding, no aesthetic sense, no nothing, then we blame Zuckerberg for it and we have a certain name and we put our stamp on it. Rest, we make him admit.

Furthermore, it is a bigger game. It is called the shredded. It is used for paradigm shifts. The shifts would be us. The blame is on Muslims. The motive is to shred them so they buy more or shred them so they get certain products a few more, who are distributed worldwide say the Whey proteins. Or to take care of natural exports if he or certain hands are doing it by countries. I mean the list goes on!

Every Pattern Must End On E=MC2

Before this gets out of control, Zuckerberg should be probed into and he should be taken behind bars only to realize his true identity which is Jonah Hill. Jonah Hill DOES fit in the description of Dajjal, (a man with 1000 personalities). Moreover, if power is money in his dictionary, he is going down and he is going down big.

Find him under the name of Zuckerberg or Hill, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this new age kid is getting caught and it won’t be pretty. Talk about occupation strategies or facial surgeries or robotics or head to head Megatron with AI and real names and confusions (the ‘next chapter’ of Facebook’ by God Jonah, I mean whatever it is). This kid is all about ‘huhuahas’, and is running the ‘satanic’ club, which is not a mazhab but his own. It is free will and he is the ‘leader’ of that. And honestly, free will doesn’t persist in the world because everyone is liable for their actions and representations and doings by the universe as well (the air we smell, breathe and sit on as well).

Whether he admits it or not in exact proportion, men and women are breaking down now, median ages are turning into 10 or 15, money is losing hands and so is power. There is absolutely no normalcy in the world. We are just being shredded and there is no solace.

This game is so big, not even a monkey could understand it. The game is called its the other and it is a new game the other day. It is ‘anything but him’ so you don’t realize who the problem is and the problem is him. Taglines, shredding, privacy, robots, drugs, its all the ‘new age’ and that ‘new age’ is essentially all technology and essentially, its goodbye technology and hello new life (back to basics, go live).

We Have A Name: Its Close To Dajjal’s Doings

Jonah or Mark or his Facebook, all have been in the news for similar purposes. A true enemy of the Muslims who had a tattoo of Dajjal as well and got it removed on some kind mercy’s name, he should be fared well (he messes with the hidden) and it is about time people take responsibility for their due actions and start realizing life, peace, serendipity, serenity, love and belonging.

Amidst all of that and the fact that everyone has a lot of money now, we realize that the true purpose in life of one’s sake is to help so that you drive motive to the other and can breathe a few or two in your own. Life isn’t easy and robotics are making it all the more difficult. It is all fake now and it is time things go back to normalcy. If we head with this motive, things would sort down and life will indeed be back and with our true purpose in life, we head with reason, for no body can live without motive by and per se.

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