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September, 2020

3 Issues With Microsoft

By on September 23, 2020

3 Issues With Microsoft


These are tricky times and there is a lot going on at every end, especially the political realm. What is evident is that there is some lack of information or credit card hacks or perhaps issues with Microsoft that everybody seem to be reporting. If you are using Microsoft, here are 3 issues with Microsoft that you should be taking care of.

What is obvious is that the hacks are coming from Russia, some China and a lot Iran. These hacks are coming before the US Presidential Election 2020 and the motive behind it seems to be to take out Trump and put Biden in and next to him Fauci or Clinton.

The Motive Behind The Hacks?

Trump doesn’t have a popular vote in America but this man has been at work. America might benefit from Fauci with Biden, Clinton with Biden more but Trump with Biden and everybody at work could make a good American team.

The concentration is the Presidential election and who’s watching it? The Russian hackers, who hacked the 2016 Democratic campaign as well. It is believed it is the Strontium group which have targeted 200 organizations. However, they have targetted both Republicans and Democrats.

While Microsoft has already reported the issue, the US intelligence community did the same and the latter’s news came after that.

Popular opinion says it is the Russian hackers along with the Chinese hackers. The aim, essentially is to take off information to ensure that the current administrations are blamed for not taking care of what is being stolen. Or to create propaganda for what is evident and obvious.

Is it serious?

Well, it couldn’t get more serious than this. This is information being taken off your eyes, literally, to not let Donald Trump come in or to disrupt America before it breeds a new election.

It seems like a villain is at work and a mighty force may save this from happening but it is quite serious.

What is evident in the hacks or 3 issues with Microsoft are the following:

1- Boot error on start up

2- D and E drive loading itself

3- D and E drive loading itself repeatedly

To Conclude

Irrespective, these concerns are serious and might be damaging a lot of computers. It may be serious for those who cant afford new laptops and negligible by those who hold many. Furthermore, these 3 issues with Microsoft could be a breach of data, it could be a breach of suspicion and it could be your entire laptop.

It is better if people pucker up and understand what is going on around them and also to start reporting it to finally understand the motive behind it and it is to ruin the Trump’s Administration.

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How To Stay Silent: Practicing Silence

By on September 18, 2020

How To Stay Silent: Practicing Silence

Being silent is the best way to go about things. It is a manner and it is a form. Silence can help people go a long way. It shapes your personality, it shapes your demeanor and it helps you with a lot of things. For instance, it helps you stay away between two people, it helps you avoid conflict and it helps you from giving instant answers that could jeopardize you and your self-interest, be it your career, your freedom, your self practices, or your self silence itself. If you are looking for ways to be silent, keep reading how to stay silent: practicing silence.

Silence is a practice and it is virtue. People who are being ‘eaten a lot’, literally by gossip and small talk, are the ones who talk a lot. The idea is to stay silent so you can assess what is going around you. Only the fools talk and remember, nobody listens after a certain point. We are all here for our own purpose. There is no one as kind as the universe to take care of you all the time. Staying silent can help you gain perspective and it can help you assess what is good for you and what is damaging so you choose and move ahead with direction and foreword.

If you want to know how to stay silent: practicing silence, it is better that you learn the following:

Practicing Silence And Solitude

1- Never be too quick to say something. Always stay quiet and wait for your queue to answer. People can wait for 10 seconds to hear from you.

2- Read books (best books 2020), listen to conversations, talk between yourself and the other person but never interfere between two people. The more you talk, the more you know and the more someone knows, the more they get caught. It is then ideally better to stay quiet and withdraw yourself from occasions and instances that are not good for you. Only the people who want to get involved talk or those who are trying too hard to get in. Therefore, be patient because things will come to you in due time. It is better you avoid and let things come to you than talking about them and also getting affected by evil eye as well.

3- Practicing silence is a virtue. You should start in your home and start by assessing people. Start by assessing what is around you, assess things, get your cognizant in line and senses in tune. The center of the eye and line is real so stay with that and you will be good to go. Silence speaks louder than words. Despite what has happened to you, despite where you are standing, adopt silence because it also helps other people from stop talking as well (about you or in any others, answers about you and so on).

Silence helps in protecting breathe, from not tarnishing your image and from protecting you from all corners. Remember, you are your own best friend, so remain silent, get busy and pursue your self-interest. There is no one who is going to stand for you except for those by their own self-interest or perhaps your mother or brother so be careful because it is a very mean and cunning world out there, involved in all worldly matters, say a car or a bean.. I mean a car and a fig.. or a fig or a drag or whatever it is or between or under or above the sheets.

4- Silence helps in saving energy (maintaining balance) as well. It helps in saving you from people who are not good for you. It helps with useless arguments and it helps in drawing a line that talk doesn’t. Silence goes a long way in every aspect of life.

Staying Silent: Some Perspective

When it comes to How To Stay Silent: Practicing Silence, you go by stopping yourself from doing gossip, from talking on the phone for inundated hours, for talking amongst and between people and becoming a part of a gathering that is all talk and gossip and an attempt to bring the other down, say a 2 weeks ago or later.

Silence helps you gain respect and it is one of the best answers. A lot has been said about silence because silence helps in getting your eyes straight, it helps you regain balance, it is an integral part of all religions as well especially Islam and it helps you form a personality that is literally unbreakable.

If you want to read up more on staying silent and being silent, here are some links that can help:

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What To Do If You Are Seeing Shadows And Spirits?

By on September 8, 2020

What To Do If You Are Seeing Shadows And Spirits?


Seeing shadows and spirits is pretty common these days. Honestly, however, it is something you shouldn’t worry about. The downside of seeing these things is that it leads to fear, which causes minute heart attacks, the silent killer death or just you living in and out of fear. Other than that, it leads for one to get so fearful that it becomes a secret within the peripheral eye that they are seeing something and due to this when one goes in the reverse due to the fear of seeing these things, things start getting problematic. (You start seeing more things, you stop talking, you go in hiding and so on).

Shadows and reflections are also done (to a 0.2 extent) but mostly, its always intuition. The key to it is to not talk, especially if you are seeing these things.

The left eye can read everything and the right for it is to understand. You keep processing because these reflections can’t do anything to you. However, sometimes, your heart is tied up by people, it comes under magic. That too is done out of fear by one that ‘if it is you who is after them.

How To Move Forward With It?

Nonetheless, the best way out of it is to ignore it. The other best way out of it is to let things slide and the third-best way out of it is to sit in silence because it is all intuition and these people are right here. Intuition is a sign that people are trying to get through to you. The more the contact, the higher the intuition and vice versa.

Another common thing in seeing shadows and reflections is when there are bits and pieces of things. Honestly, if you ask me, that happens when your left eye is blown off or your body per se. The three letter word could be the cause of it (the forbidden word) and if yes or no, the answer to it is silence and sleep.

The Best Solution Is Sleep

Sleep can do wonders to your body that nothing else can. Trust that sleep comes to the fortunate and that once you start sleeping more, your intensity of coming back will increase and your body will be full, so you will automatically start ignoring these things and move further and ahead.

Also, these things cannot do anything to you. It is just intuition and if it gets out of control (Read: How To Regain Control), you simply end contact with people who don’t seem right to you and avoid contact by people who are always trying to get to you and draw major boundaries and lines because ‘everyone and everything is right here’.

Intuition is for you, just as everything else is. You Just Don’t Talk. You be wise, you discern and you learn and move forward. Rest, what they take off of the eye is a matter between man and Him so you let things be. The idea is to not talk. The essence is to remember that intuition and everything else is for you. You make sense of it, you mature and you realize what other people are trying to do to you and you walk your own path.

Avoid People Who Do Not Have Your Best Interest At Heart

This life can get very better with people of all kinds of intent. There are jealous people out there, there are people who want you as your back fall without you knowing, there are people who are after you for their own things and there are people who are just into you for who you are. Protect yourself.

Rather than ‘telepathy’ or ‘psychic readings’ and complicating things, its about time we start resorting back to normal and use telephone for normal contact and messages for response.

Also, it is a wise man’s decree to always follow their instinct. Your instincts are for you. And you just cannot let them go. Everyone is instinctive and you have to stick with them because they are your best interest. Nobody gives it away in a day, there are standards to things, beings and automated responses.. or responses by and per se. You ALWAYS stick with your instincts no matter who the other person is.

Assess Your Surroundings

There are very few people who are loyal and very few people who walk a straight line and path. You trust your old friends, 2 men with a men and 4 women with a man make up your life, that is your 7 stars or 7 heavens in this life and that should be life. Because life is as limited as your vision is (you see life through your own eyes and that is how life should be and how reservations and implications and all else should be).

Life is through your eyes and there is no in between. Intuition is also gossip and talk about you so staying silent is best. Furthermore, if only people realized that life is so short that rather than gossiping about others, they focused on themselves. Gossip, is therefore, forbidden as is evil. You stay silent, you hold your own and you move ahead. Silence is the best revenge.

Is It Normal To See Things?

Seeing things is no big deal. Essentially what happens between the eye and the peripheral lobe is people trying to get something off you in your hidden.

You just don’t react because this also comes under magic and the essence of magic is to make you feel and look stupid without you having done anything and that is magic itself. These matters are between man and Allah so we let it be and so do you.

You don’t take anything as a big deal. Rather you fulfill your sleep because intuition is your psychic sense which includes people, power, words, people trying to get to you or people trying to mess with your head because messing with intuition has become a common ground between masses these days as well. Yet you still don’t react. You remember the 99 names of Allah and you read Surah Naas for clearing your intuition.

Assess Your Intuition: It Is All Intuition And Balance Your Gut

Intuition is also the fun of life. You clear it and you move on. Nobody has the time to talk about petty things and no body has the time to talk about the minutest details about life unless they want to get something off you.

Life has moved on and no matter how sharp it might be, intuition is for you, just as everything else is for you. The idea is to not get scared, to hold your own and to remember and make sure that this too shall pass.

By sleep, you make your bodies full and by the fuller your body, the lesser the things you will see. Your entire system has to be intact for you to see lesser and fewer things. Also, some people mess with intuition by wearing different clothes and doing something to you so you see exactly what the person is.

There might be some kind of dealing with that person on some end or of some sort or in some case just someone after you. You still don’t react (that is don’t give it away) and you stay put, you pursue silence, you wait for the other party to suffer and you move on. Moving on is the best revenge of all.

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