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October, 2020

Amazon, Apple, Google And Facebook Report Groundbreaking Sales Despite Tech Backlash

By on October 30, 2020

Amazon, Apple, Google And Facebook Report Groundbreaking Sales Despite Tech Backlash

The corona pandemic has made it tough for companies to survive and tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook hold no exception. There is a lot going on, on many fronts and most of it is not pretty. High competition and fierce demand and supply constraints have already made it hard for companies to survive. However, despite big tech backlash, tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook have reported groundbreaking sales.

Some of the most commonly reported issues that Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon have been dealing with are anti trust issues, tongue lashing and fierce competition, amongst the corona pandemic already. However, these four companies that make up a large portion of the tech world have still performed really well. This is something worthy of appraise and acknowledgement.

While Alphabet Inc. Google dealt with anti-trust charges, users boycotted Facebook and increased probe of Apple Inc. On the other hand, Amazon dealt with government regulators and news media, on the whole, really challenged all four of these companies. Other problems include regulatory scrutiny and congressional tongue lashing.

All of this proved to be secondary though when Big Tech giants reported ground breaking sales. On the stock exchange, Apple (AAPL) was 3.70% higher, Amazon (AMZN) was 1.52% higher, Facebook (FB) was +4.91 higher and Alphabet GOOGL was 3.05% higher and GOOG was 3.33% higher. Moreover, their reported record quarterly revenue was also higher.

Profit And Revenue

The total revenue for these four giants was $5.3 trillion. It valued at $220.28 billion last quarter. Furthermore, Amazon, Google and Facebook, all three reported double digit revenue growth except for Apple, which only produced best September quarter sales in its history, whereas all three had best quarterly total revenues.

The performance of all these four giants is better than the last quarter, when they reported a total revenue of $200 billion and profit of $29 billion.

All four companies performed well. However, the only problem was a jitteriness in few areas which led to a slide recline in revenue. Otherwise, revenues would’ve been higher. Some of these problems included a jittery outlook for Facebook, lack of forecast at Apple, Google shares declining during late trading and finally, Apple’s projection of outsize spending on important Covid-19 issues.

What’s Ahead

Things will be meek and bleak in the time to come. Costs will be higher in the holiday season. Amazon believes it will see a hike in productivity with added safety features for its employees, longer breaks for them and revised social distancing practices.

Facebook, on the other hand, will be under jeopardy, for times ahead will be tricky. Their CEO is already talking about fears of a social unrest after the U.S election. Facebook shares may rise but due to privacy concerns and tough times ahead, Facebook will have to be very cautious about its spending so it can gain back from revenues.

Moreover, Apple, which saw a 28.8% decline in revenue in China, didn’t have it easy but still performed in the corona pandemic. There is a lot coming up for Apple ahead and its new iPhones may add to its glory. The new phones are different in many/most capacities and their CEO is optimistic about a positive future ahead. He added that he is bullish on this cycle but hopes for a better run in the next.

Finally, for Alphabet’s Google, their search business returned to strength in its online ads and YouTube. Most people connected through social media during the pandemic and therefore, companies such as Google benefited. There are tough times ahead but all four companies are hopeful.

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The World In Chaos: Corona Level 2

By on October 20, 2020

The World In Chaos: Corona Level 2

Corona is stemming from anything that is remotely close to ‘excess’ or ‘excessive’. It is coming from anything that isn’t clean. It is coming from anything that is unclean and it is coming from any place that is ‘bitter’. This corona level 2 can be dangerous and one must be very careful before treading ahead.

It is apparent that Corona is back. This is ‘corona level 2‘, where the disease has made its mark in the world again. A lot of people are dying. Furthermore, cases of corona virus are being reported all across the globe. There has been a rapid increase.

People are dying but people are not stopping. In fact, after things opened after the phase 1 of the virus, people got out of control and forgot what they just bore. People started running towards restaurants, outdoors for gossips and chills, to places for ‘fun’ and continuing life in the same capacity which wasn’t even safe by any standards. That is the reason why corona level 2 came up and now people have to deal with it all over again.

Cause Of Corona Level 2/ Corona Layer 2

Since our systems are already weak from the upheaval of this strange disease, how will we be able to take stage 2 of the disease? Furthermore, amongst pressures, financial and work, it will become very hard to cope up with corona stage 2.

The truth is that people really forget their roots in the process and go back on the same things of destroying one another. The opening of restaurants and food gave them all the more reason to ‘get back’, only in their own apprehensive fancies, leading for them to be too over bearing for the others. It is a loophole and rather than cleaning tables, people should’ve been listening to sermons and there should’ve been sermons on how to clean yourself rather than how to go ahead with making profits.

This world is indeed a bitter place. Countries where there is cleanliness or richer countries will have low corona stage 2 cases and countries where there is this sick malaise of gossip and bringing and beating the other person down will be the worse sufferers of this disease. People need to be educated, government should take strict action and there should be a cleanliness campaign by water to clean and clear the air.

Nonetheless, if you are looking to avoid corona level 2 and want to ensure you are not struck by this life taking disease, here are some tips to follow:

10 Important Tips For Corona Level 2

1- Keep yourself clean, internally in particular. Eat greens, follow vegetables, have plenty of water and stay away from people who bring you down or eat you up.

2- Go easy on work and go by your limits.

3- Don’t fight with yourself in your hidden. Have lots of water and keep purging.

4- Wear a mask always and keep a distance of 10m from anyone and everyone.

5- Stop eating out and cook at home.

6- Don’t gossip or hold things in your heart. Even the walls have doors and windows have ears.

7- Follow a moral or code of life.

8- Go easy on yourself and others.

9- Don’t fight.

10- Stick with peace and harmony.

To Conclude

Water is the best solution to corona and so is exercise. If you exercise, wear a mask and make sure you sweat it out but you aid yourself with water. Winters are here so make sure you have enough layers to keep yourself going.

The human system is a sensitive concern. Be sure to hold yourself right and tight to avoid this corona epidemic called corona (corona level 2).

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iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro: How To Preorder It

By on October 17, 2020

iPhone 12 and iPhone-12 Pro: How To Preorder It

Apple is back with its new phones, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The phones will be out on October 23rd. Both the iPhone 12 and three of its counterparts were released last week. iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. These phones have generated a lot of interest amongst users and rightly so. These phones are a notch different from their predecessors and can be pre-ordered and acquired from the markets from October 23rd, 2020, which is not too far away.

If we look at it, people will be more interested in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro for many reasons. Both phones have different features and have a different design which most people were looking for.

Pre-Ordering Apple’s New Phone

The iPhone 12 can be pre-ordered directly from Apple website. The starting price for the phone is $799. If you own an iPhone 11 Pro Max, you can about $500 in credit to buy the phone thanks to Apple’s “trade-in program”.

On the other hand, T-Mobile is offering the same promotion with its AT&T and Verizon. You can get the new 12 at a starting price of $799.

AT&T is also offering the iPhone 12 for $799. You can also use $26.67 a month for 30 months. AT&T (and iPhone 12) is offering the phone with a promotion which will allow customers to get the phone for $0 with a trade on a given, eligible device.

iPhone 12 is also available at Target. However, the only carrier that is offering the phone is AT&T.

Best Buy is also offering the phone for $799 with AT&T and Verizon. It is available for $729.99 with Sprint. You can also trade in if you have a phone. Best Buy is offering the new 12 for free with eligible trade-ins.

Pre-ordering Apple’s New Other Phone

iPhone-12 Pro can be acquired directly from Apple’s store page for $999. You can get $500 credit if you are trading in an older phone by Apple’s trade in program.

Target is also offering iPhone 12 Pro, which is available for preorder. It is the only carrier which is available at AT&T.

AT&T is also offering iPhone-12 Pro for $999. The phone is available for installments at $33.34 per month. However, if you are trading in an older phone, you can get about $800 off the purchase, depending on which phone you are trading in.

iPhone-12 Pro can also be acquired through Best Buy. Best Buy is offering the phone at $999 with AT&T or Verizon. It is offering the phone at $899 with Sprint if you add a new line to its account. Interestingly, Best Buy is offering the phone for a low charge of $6.67 per month with an eligible trade in.

Moreover, T-Mobile (and iPhone12 Pro) is also offering the new phone for $999. T-Mobile will give you about 850 in bill credits if you are a new customer or one who wants to add in to your line. You can get about half of your iPhone Pro in bill credits when you update to this model. Furthermore, if you are a T-Mobile or Sprint customer for over five years, you can get the phone for an additional less of $200 per charge (the iPhone-12 Pro).

Apple is geared up this year and it is all about the new phone. An iPhone can also make you very happy (Read: How to stay and remain happy).. That is one of the prime reasons as to why you should get it.

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Listicle: 3 Tips To Stay Happy And Healthy

By on October 5, 2020

Listicle: 3 Tips To Stay Happy And Healthy

If you want a short and concise article for staying happy and healthy, here is a listicle that can help. (Listicle: 3 tips to stay happy and healthy.)


Happiness comes to you when you are satisfied at heart. It wouldn’t necessarily mean that you are pure at heart. It would mean that you accept, you forgive and you are content with what you have and where you are sitting at the moment. The latter is more true because you can always have more. This life is endless and there are so many opportunities. However, you can only move ahead if you move with caution and with a clear heart.

If you want to be happy, you must make sure that you wrong no one. It all comes in front of you and these are clear signs that make you distraught and unhappy. Even if you have wronged someone, it is better you hear them out, we are all humans at the end of the day but no body likes it when they are not at the receiving end and they mostly like it when they are. Therefore, it is important that you move ahead in a straight direction and that would be your direction for an in life.

Moving ahead means that you are clear with what you want to have and what you want to achieve. Achievements come second, they are second to nature. What can fulfill your soul is love. Love is the answer to all solutions and an answer to staying alive, happy and joyful. In this Listicle: 3 Tips To Stay Happy And Healthy, here are 3 joyful tips to staying happy and healthy.

Always Move Ahead With Caution

While we are all humans, we have to move ahead with caution. There are all kinds of people in the world. Some nice, some bad and some good. You have instincts for a reason. These instincts can guide your soul. We aren’t going to be fighting or dealing with fishes or animals so it is the human race but to stay happy, we must choose our people wisely, we must choose our reason wisely and we must always choose to seriously discern and then learn and decide carefully as to who we are associating ourselves with.

Our blood is there for our back but friends can help you reason and treason. However, not all friends are good and mean well. Sticking with your instinct, taking care of your self, eating the right food and then assessing who to associate yourself with and who to hang out with by and per se can help you in staying happy and healthy.

A good circle of friends and family can light up your world and make you happy. It is that easy, simple and square.

Always Have A Direction In Life

You have one life and life should be balanced. If you are hogging too much after money, how will you have a back 10 years later? Moreover, if you are running too much after the fad world, who is going to give you a shoe to run 5 years later. Furthermore, if you are too pursued by your career, how are you going to run to get it? The idea is to take one day at a time, plan for the next 10 days and always stay and enjoy the moment. You have to be utterly present to do so and that is time. Intuition and all else falls when you are present. Life isn’t easy.

We see people running all over the place, people all over the place and so on. It is honestly true and real that only the strong survive and only the truthful prevail. Therefore, make sure that you always know what you are doing, don’t be afraid to seek guidance, stay true to yourself always and remember to always forgive and forget. Our purpose is not to be entangled with what someone did to us or will but perhaps what is ahead and what can we achieve and get.

Listicle: 3 Tips To Stay Happy And Healthy:
Read 5 tips for staying present and in the moment.

Remember The Universal Law, Make Friends, Talk To People And Never Forget To Travel

Travel (travel tips 2020) is fun of life and seeing is believing. Secondly, if you want to stay happy and make sure that no bad comes to you or happens to you, you must remember the universal law of e=mc2. What goes around, comes around so always do good and good will come to you. Always observe religion and faith too. Islam is one practice, others are there too. Visit the Holy Kaaba if you get a chance to.

Moreover, it is fun to get to know people, to talk to people, to make friends and to learn and observe from your surroundings. Learning is also an activity that makes life a lot of fun. Staying happy is a practice, it is an effort and it comes to you when you are content at heart. You are only content at heart when you have not wronged a soul and you don’t have an intent to wrong another the day after. Make sure you eat well (you eat when you are happy and satisfied and that again comes with morals and discipline).

So many people have lived life to their fullest, we have all kinds of people in this world, nobody has had it easy and you remember the universal laws or keep the base as the the day of judgement. Only then will you be able to live with a higher purpose otherwise your life will be indated and without a purpose.

To Conclude:

Staying happy and healthy are two things that come naturally only if you are satisfied, happy, clean at heart, nice to people, nice to your surroundings and have the higher purpose and motive in life. Only then are you successful, nice and well thought of and remember.

We can’t fake a muscle in this life and we always have to move ahead with caution. Happiness is a practice and whenever you are falling in an incessant hole of depression or feel a void, pray, and make sure that you process your feelings, sit in the middle of the eye, move on and forget. Only then will you embrace the truth and let the doors of heaven open for you for more bliss and greatness.

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