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December, 2020

Excellent Investment Advice For Forex Investors

By on December 28, 2020

Excellent Investment Advice Forex For Investors

If you are an investor looking to invest in Forex, here is some important piece of advice that you can benefit from.

First things first, investment in Forex is a difficult ordeal but can become easy if you know what you are doing. If you want to experiment, you could still benefit from advice.

However, it is better to not experiment and become serious with your investments because it is always WISE to not waste money.

The investment world is a large platform with a lot to explore and see. Moreover, if you are finding it hard to start or you are finding it hard to understand where to invest or continue investment from, here is some excellent investment advice for you.

Excellent Piece Of Advice For Forex Investors.

Buying And Selling Advice For Forex Investors

1- Buy Chinese Yuan And Sell Japanese Yuan

Chinese Yuan is relatively stable than the Japanese Yuan because China is the 2nd largest economy in the world today. Its currency has a lot to benefit from, especially given the size of China’s goods markets.

With China being a leading exporter in the world, China has essentially a lot to offer and with it being the 2nd largest economy in the world, its Yuan is a stable bet than most other currencies.

2- Buy Pound, Pound, Pound And Pound.

The Pound is one of the biggest currencies to watch in 2021. A lot of people will be trading in pounds than the US dollar because of the New President.

Furthermore, the pound makes it easier to trade in Euro, and given the size of the UK’s economy and its strategic alliance, the pound is the currency to hold till at least March 2021 when the covid cases rise and people and countries still hold on to currencies, capital markets and money.

3- Sell Cryptocurrency And Get Actual Currency

Cryptocurrency is a safe bet if you want to put your money into something for shorter trades. However, actual currency is actual currency. Cryptocurrency will be dented till 2022 because money has lost its value because of corona and currencies will catch up.

Actual money will hold a lot more worth when it starts getting circulated again in the economy and is held or invested in investments. With a lot of options to invest in by financial markets, actual money is around 25 times better than crypto right now.

4- Sell Japanese Yuan and don’t buy instead.

If you hold the Japanese Yuan, get rid of it. No one is trading with Japan right now because of immediate covid concerns which insiders know and most don’t. Japan wants to brand its currency so it sells and they get better returns for it, say gold or Ethereum.

It is a game and it is a game bigger than China, till they get rid of all the loose printed money in 2020-2021 till Covid, where they go different routes to take on the bigger’s inside and sell of the Yuan as much as they can.

Sell Japanese Yuan if you have it and go for Chinese Yuan because you buy it at the same price minus some difference than say a Pound or a Dollar.

5- Sell Bitcoin and buy Ethereum

Finally, if you are into cryptocurrency, one currency to buy right now is Ethereum. Ethereum is being mined by the bigger tables across the world especially China. It has a lot of potential because you can buy mixed metals with it especially lead.

Lead is being acquired and SOLD in most countries at exorbitantly high prices say $10 a bar worth $2 in real terms. Lead is used in mining, construction, and the refining industry which will NEVER STOP WORKING.

Ehtereum is, therefore, the soundest bet in the next 10 years than Bitcoin in particular or any other currency except Ethereum lite which is a better bet than Ethereum itself.

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Epic Games “Free For A Day Apps”

By on December 27, 2020

Epic Games Free For A Day Apps

Well, a lot of people are doing a lot for Christmas or already have. The wait is till New Years” and a lot of companies and names have done/offered new and exciting things/products or services to ignite a light for Christmas/New Years’ this year. One of them is Epic Games.

News has it that Epic Games is making one app free for a day on Christmas. This one the day after Christmas. The game is called My Time a Portia and it is available till 11am EST tomorrow. After 11 am, the game will be available at a normal price.

Epic Games: Free For A Day Apps (A Night In The Woods)

For those who downloaded the game for free, get to play it for free and keep it as well. However, given that you maintain the same amount with which you downloaded the app.

All Epic Game Store users, who downloaded the game, will be happy to realize that they got themselves a good game because it has a decent player base. The game has positive steam, with 93% of the people giving the game 22,000 reviews.

Epic Games Free For A Day Apps: Tech Unveiled

Epic Games “Free For A Day Apps”

By another leak, another game that will be available for free on Epic Games is A Night In The Woods. It is a fairly ‘less popular game’ but it is more critically better acclaimed. You can download the two games by simply looking for them online and downloading them right away.

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5 Tips For Buying The Right Stocks

By on December 25, 2020

5 Tips For Buying The Right Stocks

If you are a stock investor who is looking to invest, here are 5 tips for buying the right stocks.


The stock market can become a very tricky place if you do not have the right means or measures to use it or cope with it.

As a beginner, you will easily get lost in the market, which is full of shares, stock prices, options, stock holders, stock names, companies, derivatives and others.

Therefore, it is important to know what you are getting into before you start investing. If you are looking to invest in stocks, here are 5 tips for buying the right stocks.

1- Know The Stock Market

The first step to start investing is to know the stock market. Before you invest, you should know the market you are investing in. The market will be of the country you are based in unless you are a foreign investor who has access to foreign markets. By your country profile, check which markets you are eligible for and then start investing.

2- Choosing The Right Trading Platform

There are many trading platforms out there from which you can start investing in. Trading platforms include forex, CFD trading, MetaTrader 4,, and others. Choose the right platform to start trading. You always choose the platform according to your country. Furthermore, you cannot start trading unless you are a part of a platform. So choose your pick wisely.

3- Invest A Certain Amount Of Money

Another one of the 5 tips for buying the right stocks is to invest a certain amount of money in the trading platform to start investing. Moreover, you cannot just get started on and in investing.

Furthermore, you need to invest a certain amount of money to start investing. You can achieve that by checking the minimum amount of money that you need to invest in an exchange before you get started.

4- Choose Your Stock Picks Wisely

Another one of the 5 Tips For Buying The Right Stocks is to choose your stock picks wisely. Contrary to popular belief, it is not right or wise to buy popular stocks such as Facebook, Apple or Google immediately. If you are getting started, you start with the small to mid-cap stocks, especially if you are on a budget. Furthermore, if you are making up your investor basket, it should contain a mixture of stocks such as certain small-cap stocks, certain mid-cap stocks, and certain high cap stocks.

Search up on stocks that are part of the bigger and right industries and those that produce products or services that are long-lasting. Look at their long term reports, financial reports, long term plans, dividend returns, and profit returns. Don’t JUST invest. Read, review, and then invest.

5- Start Investing And Be Patient

Once you are through with this, you start investing. When it comes to investing, it is important to be patient in the process.

Invest smaller amounts first and then go for bigger amounts. Choose your stocks wisely. For instance other than stocks, you can also invest in options, exchange traded funds, commodities and others. Choose your pick wisely.

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3 Top Stocks To Buy Today

By on December 23, 2020

3 Top Stocks To Buy Today

If you are a stock investor, here are 3 top stocks to buy today.

1- Linde

Linde has a stock price of $960 and belongs to the chemical industry. With a market value of $109.6 billion, it has a dividend yield of 1.7%.

Linde is a major supplier of industrial gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. It was recently aquired by Artisan Thematic Investor (ARTTX).

Analyst expect a positive 2020 for Linde ahead, with its revenues expected to grow in say mid-single digits. Its profit is expected to improve by more than 10% as well.

Linde has a lot to look after and will make for a wise investment in 2020.

2- Sarepta (SRPT)

Biotech Sarepta Therapeutics (NASDAQ: SRPT) is a leading precision genetic medicine provider. It leads the world-leading pipeline for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD).

SRPT has a buy rating from more than 18 analysts in the last 3 months. Its stock is priced at $178.74. In times ahead, when the need for medication will be high, Sarepta is bound to do well and further well.

Sarepta (SRPT), therefore, makes for a good investment and is one of the three top stocks to buy today (SRPT).

3- CVS Health

Third in the list of 3 top stocks to buy today is CVS Health.

CVS belongs to the Pharmacy retail and health insurance industry. It has a market value of $95.2 billion and a dividend yield of 2.7%. CVS Health Corp (NYSE: CVS) has a stock price of $67.22 which makes it affordable and a stock that falls underneath the mid-high cap stock.

CVS has been running basic facilities such as flu shots and tests for strep throat. It provides basic health services such as primary care services, weight loss programs and others.

It makes for a good investment for it provides regular treatments and such services never go out of fashion or demand.

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12 Horoscope Predictions For 2020-2021

By on December 21, 2020

12 Horoscope Predictions For 2020-2021

If you are a fan of horoscopes, here are 12 Horoscope Predictions For 2020-2021

1- Virgo is going to find a lot of peace through work, solitude, blessings and goodwill this year till December 21st, 2021. They will make it big and they will make sure they do. They are smart mouths, they are very snide and they can put a person to shame by just one look. Virgos will find peace in 2021, sailing through 2025 till they find their big break and then launch themselves as a powerhouse themselves. Virgos will have a lot to work on but they will stick to that one project and push it forward till it breaks and shows results. Virgos will travel, they will keep it cool but they will have learnt from their lessons and will push through 2020 to 2021 to 2022 to 2023 to 2024 and then prepare themselves for that big launch for the next 10 years.

2- Scorpio is going to rest till December 2021 and work on projects that are more feasible, more doable and more apprehensible. They are going to focus more on their relationships, take things slow, adopt newer rules in life and revamp themselves.

3- Taurus is going to be a lot more dependable this year. They are going to be a lot more reliable, they will choose better friends and they will let go of their past. They will go through troubling times and will not find peace till December 2022 but will still try to make things work.

4- Gemini is going to be on a race this year till December 21st, 2021 or mid of 2022. They are going to find a lot more ideas to experiment with. They will be on their toes with business, development and management. Furthermore, they will have a lot more avenues to explore and will divulge their energies in creative outlets and projects than the wrong people.

5- Capricorn are going to make it big by and till December 21 and carried forward till 2025. They are on a passion project and they are not letting go till they get enough. They are going to take on a lot of projects, they will be looking at money and they will travel a lot.

12 Horoscope Predictions For 2020-2021

6- Cancer is going to find peace with a lot of things. They might find the ‘right person’ for themselves. They will go overboard with spending and they are going to drown themselves with luxurious things. They may find their big break and are going to find and make it big by 2022.

7- Pisces are true to themselves. They have a good chance of making it big in and by 2022. They will find a lot of stability, they will make peace with a lot of things and they will learn with a lot of experiences this time. They will move ahead with caution but will know what to do; they will not give up and they will make it big.

8- Aries is going to move ahead with caution and keep it low this year. They will find a lot of projects but choose their pick wisely. They are going to keep it on the low with work. They will find new friends, they will travel but they will keep it low this year.

9- Sagittarius is speedy and doesn’t really know what they are doing but always keep it classy so they get numbers there. Sagittarius will have a lot to work on this year and keep up with but they will make their mark this year and by 2021, they will have something set in motion. Sagittarius likes to keep it low but when they want to tell, they do. Sagittarius too will keep it on the low and after 2021, will have a lot to cope up with and deal with by 2022.

10- Aquarius likes to keep it sudden. By December 2021, they will be swapped with work but they will do it in their style. They might face a lot of set backs but they will keep it low. Furthermore, Aquarius will have a lot of partnerships, they will make it big and will set their mark in the universe.

11- Leo likes to keep it cool but underneath that soft and feisty demeanor is a powerhouse yet to be revealed. Leo likes to keep it cool and calm but once angered, they bring the house down and they do. Leo will have no problem sailing through December 2020 to December 2021. In fact, they will have so much to deal with that they will not have time to take care of those manicures as well. Leo will have no problem finding money, love or power but they may lack or lag in relationships. Therefore, they should ensure balance and choose to sail through life than running around and sitting on that powerhouse.

12- Libra is a smart mouth but once angered, can give you a run for their money or two. Libra will have absolutely no problem in finding work for the next 10 years. By December 2021, they will have a lot figured out and by 2022, they will start showcasing their projects. Libra is cool on the exterior but very clever on/in the interior. Libra will find no peace in relationships if they keep trying to ‘balance’ those scales. Libra should let go, find a different approach to life, work on all aspects of life than money and find peace in their relationships.

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Facebook (FB): Why Is Facebook Stock Still A Buy?

By on December 20, 2020

Facebook (FB): Why Is Facebook Stock Still A Buy?

Facebook stock (NASDAQ: FB) is priced at $276.40 today. What makes it a good and recommended buy is its consistent performance in the last one year or so.

Moreover, what can be attributed to Facebook’s success is its strength and stronghold, especially in the corona pandemic. This happened when more people resorted to online mediums for communication than before.

Facebook Stock’s Success

Furthermore, what can also be attributed to Facebook’s success is the fact that the corona pandemic is going to take much more time to ‘end’ and Facebook is going to be the prime mode of online communication amongst masses, where people stick at home to work.

Its stock, therefore, is going to rise. Facebook is also going to gain because of eCommerce ad growth, which is going to be high in the coming months, especially during Christmas.

Moreover, according to the analysts that cover Facebook stock, 42 have given it a Buy rating, and 6 rate it as hold which is pretty obvious to realize that its status is buy.

The company has a price target of $327.32, which shows a 15% return from its price on Tuesday. Its shares have gained significantly this year (by 41%), as the benchmark S&P 500 index rose by 20%. (More on S&P 500 index).

Furthermore, amongst other reasons to buy Facebook stock is the fact that it has a 52 week period- price target of $316.87 which shows that Facebook stock is going to rise in the coming months.

Facebook Stock Conclusion

Facebook’s stock has been stable and is a must add in your investor basket, especially if you want something concrete in volatile times.

Facebook is leading the ‘big tech groups‘ and has a lot more to gain in the months to come which keeps it in good books.

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Which Phone To Get In 2020?

By on December 18, 2020

Which Phone To Get In 2020?

Are you a tech enthusiast? Do you want to know the top phones 2020 and choose the best one; probably as a gift for yourself or to your loved one in Christmas? Well, if the answer is yes, then you have stumbled at the right place because today, we are going to discuss the top 3 phones of 2020 and then the best phones of 2020 in a continued list of this article.

Best Phones In 2020

Which Phone To Get In 2020?

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Probably the best phone of 2020, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 6.7 inch OLED (2778×1284). It has a A14 Bionic CPU, a 6GB RAM and expandable storage. You can either get it in 128GB capacity, 256 GB capacity and 512 GB capacity. The phone also boasts a 12MP rear camera (wide) and a 12MP ultrawide camera (f/2.4), 12MP telephoto (f/2.2), a 12MP (f/2.2) front camera and a phone that weighs 8.03 ounces.

Furthermore, the iPhone Pro Max has three rear cameras but benefits from a bigger/larger main sensor. With 2.5 telephoto zoom, the phone delivers amazingly colorful video recording (Dolby Vision) but it is one of the best phones there out there, especially if you are looking at its competition.

With the best in class cameras, an immersive 6.7 inch display, a bit heavy overall shape, a charger that is sold separately, the phone has a superior performance and is amongst the best bet in 2020.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

With a big 120Hz display, an affordable price, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE has a 6.5 inch OLED (2400×1080) and a Snapdragon 865 CPU. Alongisde a 6GB RAM, the phone has a 128GB storage/expandable, a triple lens rear camera (12MP main) a 12MP ultrawide camera, a 32MP front camera and a battery lie of 9:03.

The phone has a big 120Hz display, comes with an affordable price, is a solid performer and has a fast charger.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE comes with a $699 price tag.

Furthermore, the phone has a 120Hz refresh rate, a 6.5-inch display, 5G connectivity. The phone has a triple camera system and a solid front and back.

Which Phone To Get In 2020?Tech Unveiled

OnePlus 8 Pro

Bright and beautiful, with a 120Hz display, a long battery life and boasting a strong performance, the phone has a 6.78 OLED display (3168X1440), a Snapdragon 865 CPU, a 8GB RAM, a 12GB RAM and a 48 MP wide rear camera, a 48MP ultrawide camera.

With wireless charging, the phone has a long 11 hours battery life, a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth scrolling and a curved display that pulls off a long battery life. The phone is available in three capacities: $799, $955.03, $1553.27.

So if you are looking to get the best phones in 2020, or Which Phone To Get In 2020?, here is an answer. The rest of the top 10 include:

4- Google Pixel 4a (Review)

5- iPhone 12 mini (Review)

6- iPhone 12 Pro (Review)

7- iPhone 12 (Review)

8- Moto G Power (Review)

9- Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition (Review)

10- Google Pixel 5 (Review)

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10 Signs That Dajjal Is Here

By on December 15, 2020

10 Signs That Dajjal Is Here

There is a lot of press on Dajjal being here. Do you realize he is here? I think he is. Just as there is a lot of speculation about Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) or talk at least and Qiyamat too, then I think yes he is, and here are 10 definite signs that he is.

1- Humans will not behave like humans anymore. They will behave like animals even in front of their mothers and family members and it will be as normal as ice. (They will feel like a rod rodding their central never and them keeping secrets and just irritation or losing eyes and going blind and going against everyone and without an answer).

2. Have you read Surah Yaseen? There is a statement in Surah Yaseen ‘that the Dead will be back and that Trumpet will blow on the Day of Judgement‘. Who do you think of when it comes to Dajjal? Will be covered in stage 2 of this article.

3-. There will be knocking and thumping on top of homes. People will be in reverse. It will be in reverse, dead but alive, alive but dead. Dajjal would be after everybody and he will be. He will have a thousand personalities, will be an open enemy of the state and will kill people in the name of God. He will be a conspiracy theorist and would look like MJ.

4- Dajjal will enter the Kaabah and take off the veil and rod the gold and take the key (but fail) and leave that place after shredding it and trying to get in it to realize you can and run away from it forever. (This has already happened.).

5- People will be running around like animals, without doing anything. They will understand nothing, they will fathom nothing and they will have absolutely nothing to understand, realize, or process. It will go back to ‘who taught you how to talk’ and humanity will have to start all over again. Dajjal only works for money (big money, big pharma’s is his game). All of this will leave us with nothing. Say… no eyes, blasted retinas, and for a layman who knows nothing, this would mean the end of eternity because only 10,000 individuals are literate by every merit).

10 Signs That Dajjal Is Here

6- He will have a face of a man, body of a torso, butts of a woman and tongue of a horse.

7- He will take everything away from humanity and make them sit on 0 and keep it on zero-till Muhammad (PBUH) finally wakes up and puts him to shame.

8- He will then take humanity to phase 10 (10 heavens), sit on the far side of the east, and control humanity from there. He will resemble Hitler. He will be a neo-nazi and he will not be a pleasant sight. Furthermore, he will move around the world for freewill whenever and wherever he wants.

9- There will be a parallel orbit around the universe and dajjal will walk on it. There will be knocks on doors, things will start disappearing or falling from our hands when we don’t ask for it. We will get angrier than usual and in the hidden without a fault. Resultantly it will jeopardize our relationships with our closest and all signs of Day Of Judgement will hold true.

10- People will know who dajjal is and despite everyone knowing, there will be no answer to his misogynies except for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who will fight in his right and everybody will join him to fight against dajjal. And he will finally be bought down.

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What Is Going On In The World? 2020

By on December 8, 2020

What Is Going On In The World? 2020

Things don’t look pretty and things look bitter. The corona pandemic has taken people to extremes now but it is a good sign too. It is a good sign because the pandemic has been going on since the last 2 or 2 1/2 years and business activity and other activities were still going on. The second wave has taught us to stop so we can have a new start.

If only we took precautionary measures then would we have been saved by now. It is always better to take the problem by its roots or start so it doesn’t spread. Corona was taken lightly in the start but it is hungry work and now we can stop. Remember, we are humans, everything is here, we need to stop and heal and move forward before this pandemic takes the lives of many.

While the corona pandemic has taken major lives now, we move on to what is going on in the world. I’d say a lot. If you want to find out what is going on or what you need to be updated on, here are 10 important snippets that will make a good read. (2020).

1- Fauci plans to take corona vaccine public. Read here.

2- Trump doesn’t want to leave office. Read here.

3- Cigarette Prices In Pakistan. Read here.

4- Prince William and Kate Middleton are humans, just as us. Read here.

5- Pfizer vaccine: UK patient receives her first treatment. Read here.

6- Lewis Hamilton wants to return before season finale: Read here.

7- Apple’s new headphones are a must get. Read here.

8- Corona is changing the way we recruit. Read here.

9- Mystery Illness In India Alarms Individuals: Read here.

10- Christchurch Massacre Attack: (New Zealand). Could it be prevented? Read here. (2020 update).

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10 Predictions For 2020-2021

By on December 2, 2020

10 Predictions For 2020-2021

Are you someone who lives on thrill? Are you someone who believes in predictions? Do you believe things can come true if someone predicts? If the answer is yes then keep reading because here are 10 predictions for 2020-2021 by Tech Unveiled.

10 Predictions For 2020-2021

1- The dead will be back. (Quran).

2- We will be closer to the Day of Judgement.

3- We will be taking care of covid the same way we started taking care of it when it started. Things will be left on common ground till the end of 2021 now.

4- There will be a lot of deaths and people will not accept the new world order.

5- Muslims will suffer at the hands of the Jews but Muslims will retaliate.

10 Predictions For 2020-2021

6- Small talk, small grounds, meaningless meetings and parties will end. People will turn to Islam.

7- One thing that will keep going is cannabis. Other drugs will lose hope.

8- All world leaders today will stay but Mr. Biden will face excess pressure from the Jews.

9- Things won’t be pretty on nuclear fronts.

10- People will be running around for a covid-19 vaccine. (coronavirus20202021)

2020 has been very challenging. It has been lop-sided, it has been frantic and it has been ‘funny’ at the hands of Mr. Trump, who himself suffered at the hands of corona. 2019 wasn’t pretty, thanks to Mr. Trump, where we saw too many blasts across the world especially New Zealand, America (not reported), Afghanistan, China, Syria and Japan.

Soon after, 2019 took a big drag to Feb 2020 and there was the ‘corona pandemic’. A silly man at work, corona is a serious thought. 2020 was all about corona.

By world statistics, 200 million thousand people have died at the hands of this coronavirus, which is based on human feces but what it is actually based on is human flesh.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – YouTube

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