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January, 2021

Apert Syndrome: Do you know what it is?

By on January 23, 2021

Apert Syndrome: Do you know what it is?

Who doesn’t know about Michael Jackson. In fact, a lot of people were happy after his death. Well known to be one of the most cryptic, scary and weird personalities in the world, Michael Jackson was famous for ‘looking like an ape’. Categorically, if we realize, Michael Jackson had apert syndrome and apert syndrome might just be cancer.

Michael Jackson has always been in the limelight but most of it showed who he was and the rest, people didn’t bother. What we can say about his face though is that if you look at it, it definitely is apert and apert is what is persisting today. It has persisted always (American baseball players- and remember their deaths) and many of the most majorities up until now.)

Who Is Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson had what we call nazar. His story revolves around shadows, though these shadows are intuition. Start understanding them and you will realize these are people, like actual people, trying to get through to you. Secondly, because of Nazar, when it gets out of control, what you start getting is apert syndrome, especially when you start fighting with these shadows and reflections.

Michael Jackson might have been one person who has gone through the ‘ape syndrome’. If we realize, we see that people, especially men, are literally turning into apes. Its under the notion ‘something is there’ and it is around seeing something or perhaps your own shadow and then somehow you answering questions in your private and someone’s hidden. (That might be true if the person is actually asking questions from you). Nonetheless, through telepathy, you would know who it is and when it is fine and why its happening. Remember that people come to you for help, whatever the intuition might be. However, what I am really trying to say is that if you have an ape syndrome or a Michael Jackson syndrome now, we can easily call it that, then beware of the following.

Ape Syndrome/ Michael Jackson Syndrome

1- Michael Jackson completely resembles the Pharoah and most people are definite that he is here. The pharaoh is someone who fakes his death for money, someone who appears and disappears for eating men flesh, someone who goes on long breaks and comes back with a lot of sorrow and pain for revenge and someone who doesn’t stop lurking around people’s sides. Pharoah is mentioned in hundreds in the Quran and in all Books. These Books were levied down for guidance/assistance and help and they are there for a reason. They are the guide till the Day of Judgement and till then you follow what is written in the Books as a practice to ensure you get to the Day of Judgement in fine and good capacity.

2- Only good minds can realize that something is going on even if it really isn’t. But you always talk of reason. The reason in this case would be someone eating your groin in your private and their hidden to annoy you and play along you without you know and then it gets that deep. It would mean someone playing a game with you in the hidden and that is how they completely possess you, leaving with sometimes absolutely nothing.

3- When it is nothing, you feel daunted, you feel nausea and you feel out of proportion. You feel weak (because the other person is actually doing things to you in their hidden and that sometimes takes heart activity to balance it out). If a lot of people are complaining about it and most of us have been a victim of it, why is it the same problem today? It is because of someone being after your back and consistently doing it to you till you start doing it to yourself to make the other person stop to resultantly cause this to become something so life threatneing, under the category of magic and under the category of the fact that your body becomes stuck, you might even go in reverse (when your mind can’t take it anymore but life is written for you so wake up) and when your heart doesn’t open (by God knows which fear or every, you would know), and you have infections and spots on your lungs because your body isn’t processing and you are stuck. This literally can get so real that you might even forget that it is happening to you.

This game can be SO INVISIBLE that most people would LOSE their lives to it. Michael Jackson probably did.

Nonetheless, if you are someone who has going through something similar or knows someone who is, here are some precautionary measures.

Word Of Advice For Cancer/Apert Syndrome (last of cancer)

1- NEVER fight in the hidden. Just accept that someone is playing with you and don’t talk.

2- It is either the ape syndrome, the lizard syndrome or the rat syndrome. All three would eventually give you signs of you scratching your self like one or talking about these pets or behaving like them in some capacity or the other. Nonetheless, if you are then no problem it is good that you have at least identified it. Putting on weight after it is a common sign as well because you start eating and you never feel full or that you have even had something. Thus, the best way is to get your teeth aligned and just keep getting things through it and that is under prayer or just you trying to get that effect out of your body and this means that someone is literally after you.

3- Just keep doing it till you feel something has really gotten out of your body. (That was Michael Jackson all about- after all, he didn’t have a bloody nose and it got cut because he was smelling too much!). Sometimes, this may take time because it is by binding that you tie three-four people together and do it to them all the time so it may get off by one person then the 3rd one then the 2nd and then you and since all people are here so it will happen by His decree that it will eventually get out but DON’T LOSE HOPE.

4- Just then see who you think it might be, a lot of people play with shadows or they are paid to so be careful. Perhaps if doctors realized this is the problem today and ever was… even they would go for the Quran as the healer not science and the solutions to this are available in the Quran.

Just pray for it. THE ONLY solution to it is to put your upper and lower jaw together and keep the motion going till it goes beyond the capacity and that when your body will start aligning, your mind will become right, your patience will increase, your pituitary gland will become fixed and you will have a brand new you and you will automatically start praying. (Remember the pituitary as a gland for emotions and serial killers are Always after that (especially if it’s a serious one).

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5 Authentic Predictions For 2021

By on January 18, 2021

5 Authentic Predictions For 2021

If you are an authentic enthusiast, here are 5 authentic predictions for 2021.

5 Authentic Predictions for 2021.

1- Multinationals will face a decline this year because of a lack of cooperation and the change in the system. Medium-sized companies will find their way to the finishing line and small-sized companies will also find a way. SMEs will be better off this year than multi-nationals themselves (finance). Multinationals should keep it slow and SMEs should ‘cash up’.

2- Here is another important authentic prediction for 2021. This might be a year of more than one than the One. or in plurality. Therefore, people should rise up and ‘nip 2021 in the bud’ by going to the finishing line (31st December 2021) by ‘Keeping up’.

3- Things will be ‘stricter’ this year so people should be careful around ALL corners (aspects of life). (Authentic predictions 2021).

4- If there is a rule in life we need to follow for 2021, it is to “Always Trust Yourself”. And if it’s a mantra we need for 2021, it is to KEEP UP. (Don’t get involved in the petty things in life as to who got what and who went out with whom. (Food of ‘others’ and their other melodramatic things that you take personally even if it’s true for them and yeah we all have a heart) [a mind can be senseless]. Rather, focus on yourself and get those things yourself! After all, if they had to ask you, they would have done it themselves ;). And for the rest of it? Get a check-up. Jews take it seriously for a reason. …

5- BELIEVE IN LIFE. Life is there. There is only one life. You feel sad when you don’t have things your way so create your own sanctuary. If you are saddened by what is coming your way, stop, wait, accept, understand and then speak and speak before you speak. (5 practices of life). You have to fix yourself (especially after the corona) before you get involved in anything (even rule number 4, if you know what I mean). You have to believe in life, you have to plan your travel and you have to wait and be patient. Things take time and life comes with patience. Oh and if you feel sad, you go towards balance and for balance, wait and keep your teeth fixed (so you don’t talk and be away from Nazar). Once you start balancing yourself, you will automatically be balanced and all the things that we work for are already HERE so you ALWAYS be patient and work towards your goal. (Keeping up).

Yes these are authentic predictions for 2021, if only you UNDERSTAND.

5 Shocking Stories From The World Today

By on January 9, 2021

5 Shocking Stories From The World Today

2021 has begun and a lot is in Chaos. If you are a fan of reading, here are 5 shocking snippets from the world today.

1- Twitter suspends Mr. Donald Trump’s account: Read here.

2- Most shocking-ly expensive watches in history today: Read here.

3- Tesla 2021: What Is Elon Musk Going To Do This Year. Read here.

4- World’s reaction on shocking Capitol Hill attack: Read here.

5- Lunar Eclipse 2021: What To Expect This Year: Read here.

2020 already shocked us to the core by the corona epi/pandemic but we hope 2021 is better.

2021 can only be better if we realize what has already happened and get at the top of our game to rise above and do our best to achieve what we want. 2021 might be full of surprises but by taking charge, we can learn, move ahead and lessen these shocks to rise up and above.

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5 Must Play Games In 2021

By on January 4, 2021

5 Must Play Games In 2021

2021 has started off with news of corona virus simmering down, thanks to the corona Pfizer vaccine. We are going to need a lot of strength to get back in 2021. This means a lot of work and to get back, a lot of recreation as well. Recreation could mean a lot of things, however, one of the many things it could mean is gaming. If you are a gaming fan, here are 5 must-play games in 2021.

Werewolf, The Apocalypse Earthblood

Werewolf is a game you duly enjoy. Werewolf Earthblood is here to bring you something really special about the game: A game that is hands-on. You play the game as Cahal who is a werewolf looking for redemption after killing one member of his tribe.

You will play as the main character and the game will feature an obligatory player with choices and a skill tree. You can choose the ability to shift between three players, human, wolf and then werewolf. It should be very fun and interesting.

The game Werewolf: The Apocalypse- Earthblood is one of the major players of 2021 and a must play this year.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse Earthblood – Official Gameplay Overview Trailer – YouTube

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is hitting PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and Stadia, PC by January 20.

Hitman 3 is the publication of IO Interactive A/S. It is a single-player, Stealth and with a lot of action. We can say that the game is the best place to play in World of Assassination Trilogy. You can import all locations from the predecessor of the game, Hitman 1 and Hitman 2, and play it with the third rendition of the game, for no extra cost.

HITMAN 3 – Opening Cinematic – Bing video

Other good January releases include The Medium, Stronghold: Warlords, Ride 4, Cobra Kai, MXGP 2020, The Yakuza Remastered Collection amongst others.

Hitman 3 is one of the most DEFINITE 5 Must Play Games In 2021.

Psych (Online Game)

If you are looking to kill your time with a PC that cannot handle heavy games, Psych is a game you need to explore. One of the 5 Must Play Games In 2021, Psych is a game very popular with students. It is a game with many genres such as general knowledge, Disney and others (different game rooms for all).

With vast game rooms, you can enter different game rooms as you want and choose a selection based on how you want. Psych is a lot of fun and is easily accessible, which makes it a good game to play in 2021. (Best Online Card Games 2021).


Humankind is coming to PC’s and is developed by Amplitude Studios. Published by Sega, it has a strategic genre with a release date of April 22, 2021. The game allows you to make and create your own civilization by combining 60 different historical from the old age to the Modern Age. Each culture has a different layer so there is a lot to play and explore. The game is endlessly interesting and endless fun, making it one of the 5 Must Play Games In 2021.

The Medium

Exclusively for Xbox Series X|S and PC, The Medium is a horror game which features dual reality game play. With the game, you can seamlessly and easily swap between two different renditions of the game with a press of one button. Both versions are available on top of one another so there is no doubt or error in loading both when you press the switch.

The game is coming to Xbox Game Pass in January and has a lot of excellent graphics to boast. Watch out for the game and enjoy your 2021 with some horror and fun.

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How To Stay Fit And Healthy In 2021

By on January 2, 2021

How To Stay Fit And Healthy In 2021

2020 has given us the biggest wake-up call of our lives. Hundreds and thousands of people were dead in 2020 because of the corona pandemic which literally has shocked everyone to the core. We can’t let this happen in 2021 and therefore, the only way forward is staying stronger (How to build resilience). If you are trying to understand what 2021 will be all about, the first thing is to take care of your health. It starts with staying fit and healthy and then doing other things to ensure that first, you are able to do them in the first place. This births the notion of how to stay fit and healthy in 2021.

If you are looking for how to stay fit and healthy in 2021, first realize that you have to prioritize yourself till the end. If you are here, is when you can take care of others. So, prioritizing yourself is very important. For that, you need to take care of yourself. In order to take care of your self, here are some important tips to stay fit and healthy.

5 Important Tips On How To Stay Fit And Healthy In 2021

1- Learn How To Say No

You can’t always keep saying yes and let go of yourself in the process. You need to be able to say no to people. When you let go, more things come to you in bigger and better shapes. Learn how to say no, prioritize yourself on things that you do for other inundatedly and take yourself forward. It’s only when this happens will you realize that how much is left for you, what you need to do and what you need to start to process yourself and process your mind, body, and soul.

2- Work On Working Hours: Tomorrow Is Another Day

There are 24 hours in a day that have to be categorically distributed to ensure you stay healthy and fit. Life can be a race if you are competing with someone as an enemy, otherwise, it’s all good. Your motivation should either be your children or your blood at the end of the day, otherwise, there is no reason for you to make money and work endlessly.

If we are looking at how to stay fit and healthy in 2021, it is important to stay with working 10 hours a day (at max) and then spend time on recreation, spend time with your loved ones and break the process to let sue all other processes. There should be a timeline in your mind when you are working, say the next 5 years for big achievements and the next 10 years for higher achievements. That is a lot of time and till then, spend time, break time, and do things categorically. Stay true to yourself and life will befit you and don’t harm others and life will be kind to you. Life is as simple as e=mc2 so be patient and kind and let all else take shape itself.

3- Eat What You Want, Not What You Need

Another one of the tips to stay healthy and fit is to eat what you want but not what you need. A body needs at least 3000 to 4000 calories to survive in a day. You are your best judge so it’s better to stay with yourself and eat according to what you think is right for you. A lot of common advice on eating is eating greens, eating fruits or meat or chicken. However, not all the commons suit all. Therefore, make sure you eat out of what you want (what your body needs and that will subside all of the other things that your body doesn’t need) and not what you need. Moreover, this means eating out of cravings or sugar or sweet that just limps your body and leaves you in a shock for 8-10 hours. A body should be active. It should be working in full working order for at least 8-10 hours a day. Thus, make sure you eat what you want (what your body wants- you would know yourself) and not what you ‘need’, say your sweet tooth’s or your cravings.

4- Walk Your Way Out Of Depression And Run Your Way To Victory

You have to be on some healthy exercise if you want to stay fit. Eating right will not do justice to you because you are still eating and not working it out. A mix of both and you will have the perfect gut. If you want to stay fit, make sure you walk your way out of depression, and once that, you run your way to victory. Running is the perfect answer to all weight loss and it isn’t that hard. So make sure you do it and you will be good to go.

5- Be Kind To Yourself

Finally, if you want to know how to stay healthy and fit in 2021, make sure you are kind to yourself. If you are kind to yourself will you realize how kind you can be on others. You do everything out of insecurity and you talk to bring the other down. You always go to the other for motive and you always indulge in self-harm because you were or are not enough for a certain specific. Therefore, the goal in 2021 should be to be kind to yourself and if you are, all other fours will automatically follow suit.

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