3 Added Benefits Of Having A Platonic Love Parnter

3 Added Benefits Of Having A Platonic Love Parnter

3 Added Benefits Of Having A Platonic Love Parnter


Platonic love is one that involves love but to a selected extent. Platonic relationships are different from romantic relationships. It is one that does not involve romance but it is loving. It is also loyal, honest, and respectful. Furthermore, such a relationship requires lesser time to progress but end up sooner than normal relationships (benefits of being in a normal relationship).

As a platonic partner, you two will be together with one another. There could be sex but it may not necessarily be love especially if the feelings are not reciprocated.

A platonic relationship could be the absence of romance in a relationship. Such a relationship may exist with your best friend (how to be a good friend). It may exist with your cousin, coworker, or workout buddy. Furthermore, such a relationship may have respect, love, loyalty, and admiration as an integral part of it.

Platonic Love Benefits

In simpler words, platonic love is when one feels a sense of trust (how to develop trust in a relationship), validation, and safety in a close relationship. It’s a feeling of goodness and you feel like you are cared for in a relationship. Essentially, such relationships are less sexually intimate and come with established boundaries and consent if there is physical apprehension in them.

Most of the benefits of a platonic relationship involve having a partner you can talk and turn to all the time. It also involves having someone who can help you in your work and in getting things done. It also means having someone you can physically share an experience with, without exactly getting committed to them.

Many people wonder if they should get in a platonic relationship. Well, the answer to that is that you should check out other opportunities rather than going for something that is ‘this casual’. Platonic relationships or a platonic partner can be damaging, especially in cases, when they are not returning the favor.

To conclude then,

Platonic relationships are different from romantic relationships but are quite loving themselves. In fact, such relationships are an aid to provide respect, loyalty and support outside of a romantic partner. Such relationships are fun. However, they can turn into a mess if they are not aided to with the right attitude or support.

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