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These are tricky times and there is a lot going on at every end, especially the political realm. What is evident is that there is some lack of information or credit card hacks or perhaps issues with Microsoft that everybody seem to be reporting. If you are using Microsoft, here are 3 issues with Microsoft that you should be taking care of.

What is obvious is that the hacks are coming from Russia, some China and a lot Iran. These hacks are coming before the US Presidential Election 2020 and the motive behind it seems to be to take out Trump and put Biden in and next to him Fauci or Clinton.

The Motive Behind The Hacks?

Trump doesn’t have a popular vote in America but this man has been at work. America might benefit from Fauci with Biden, Clinton with Biden more but Trump with Biden and everybody at work could make a good American team.

The concentration is the Presidential election and who’s watching it? The Russian hackers, who hacked the 2016 Democratic campaign as well. It is believed it is the Strontium group which have targeted 200 organizations. However, they have targetted both Republicans and Democrats.

While Microsoft has already reported the issue, the US intelligence community did the same and the latter’s news came after that.

Popular opinion says it is the Russian hackers along with the Chinese hackers. The aim, essentially is to take off information to ensure that the current administrations are blamed for not taking care of what is being stolen. Or to create propaganda for what is evident and obvious.

Is it serious?

Well, it couldn’t get more serious than this. This is information being taken off your eyes, literally, to not let Donald Trump come in or to disrupt America before it breeds a new election.

It seems like a villain is at work and a mighty force may save this from happening but it is quite serious.

What is evident in the hacks or 3 issues with Microsoft are the following:

1- Boot error on start up

2- D and E drive loading itself

3- D and E drive loading itself repeatedly

To Conclude

Irrespective, these concerns are serious and might be damaging a lot of computers. It may be serious for those who cant afford new laptops and negligible by those who hold many. Furthermore, these 3 issues with Microsoft could be a breach of data, it could be a breach of suspicion and it could be your entire laptop.

It is better if people pucker up and understand what is going on around them and also to start reporting it to finally understand the motive behind it and it is to ruin the Trump’s Administration.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

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