3 Things That Keep Pakistanis Going

3 Things That Keep Pakistanis Going

Pakistanis are a mixed breed of hatred and war mongered self-inflicting torture at all times. The country holds ground to some of the most well-educated individuals, musicians, workers, brands, companies, multi-nationals, and others. However, there is no way for Pakistanis to ‘just make it’.

Deemed as a third world country, Pakistanis are perhaps on some kind of bar since Trump’s presidency. Pakistan, however, is wrongly perceived. If only they knew what this nation holds.

Furthermore, no one can understand a Pakistani, for most of Pakistanis (the common lot – 30-80) dread being here. Moreover, the 20-30 lot hates being here. 30-35 likes what Pakistan has to offer and 35-38, most Pakistanis settle for abroad.

Thus and thereby, what is Pakistan left with at the end of the day is a group of older men and women, a non-existent party circle, and a lot of hatred amongst individuals.

Lack Of Activity And Recreation

The problem with Pakistan is that there is absolutely no kind of recreation here. While there might be ‘some spots’ for recreation, the common mid-man cannot afford them.

Pakistan has a lot of food spots, hotels, restaurants, ‘circles’, but it doesn’t have the right platform to breed the right kind of individuals that can lift this economy up.

However, few things still keep Pakistanis going. They are:

1- Its Almost Free Living Here: Things Inevitably’ Work Out

Pakistan has a culture where your ancestors have built homes for you and children usually share them. Pakistan doesn’t have a bad majority of free riders. Most people in the country work for they can’t sit at home. Pakistan is an Islamic Republic of Pakistan; rest of the frustrations breed because of those abroad, for the opportunities abroad and the age factor.

For instance, a 30-year-old woman who would be living a ‘free life’ abroad wouldn’t be able to do so in Pakistan for many reasons. Similarly, a 40-year-old man who would have an astounding career and life abroad will not have it in Pakistan.

Moreover and in essence and in a nutshell, Pakistan has pros (they still add to one’s frustration) of having a home for children who’re expenses they don’t have to pay, ease of going out, cars, lease, etc., language and food, but at the end, Pakistan still suffers because of lack of minority vote.

It lacks basic facilities and a lack of facilities to explore or improve or settle at a living standard above 3 or 6. (which already is quite low).

2- Its Easy Living Here As Compared To Abroad

It is quite easy living in Pakistan as compared to living abroad. At the end, things just ‘work out’.

Pakistanis enjoy going in the Northern areas, the food is good here, some people can throw ‘parties’ in their homes and chill a round or two.

Most Pakistanis are involved in working out a system that can help them settle abroad. Moreover,or just keep on the go. No one in Pakistan wants to sit or settle here perhaps above 60 years of age.

Moreover, the weather is tricky and sloppy:

Pakistan lacks the right infrastructure, employment facilities, merit-based job, offices, opportunities: pretty much everything but it is a good place for the slow and sloppy ones, who want to function when they want to and not when they don’t feel like it.

3- Everyone’s In For a “Run”

Pakistan is being led by a changed party today, PTI.

While we hope this party stays so Pakistan meets its ‘fate’ which is goodwill and good presidency, it is a country that can develop into a fruitful nation is led by the right people and names.

If Pakistan develops itself in the next 10 years, it is a country most people will appreciate living in.

However, if not, then most Pakistanis will be working on the same thing: to move abroad or something or the other. The weather in Pakistan is horrible and so are the institutions and facilities.

What Pakistan needs is a change:

It needs to classify people according to their merits not names (of institutions) or looks.

There should be a proper committee who’s only job should be to fix all collar staffs. There should be proper development, proper monitoring and evaluation, good salaries, benefits and compensation.

This is an unforgettable nation for its brutality and murders. However, the current leadership can put it to a stop and save this country by putting the past behind and solve its problems, One By One. [For that, Pakistan needs to be ONE as a nation].

What keeps people going in Pakistan is that everyone’s ‘in for a run’. Pakistan has somewhat become a ‘modern liberal country’, where a certain few thrive on gossip, of ‘the elites’, while some, digging fun off of the elites, others on gossip and control of others and the rest on ‘what ifs’.

And also..

Furthermore, Pakistan has a very weak passport.

If only the leaders of the country, by the way, who have always been there, made a change but they haven’t and so they too fail as ‘leaders’ of the country, can work out some agreement and make this country work towards progression.

Pakistan today, is left with nothing, but ashes.

Certain and some g**s, who don’t want to accept they are ga&& (they would be doing more if they accepted and returned back to normalcy). Moreover, a party circle (off of rented cars of their parents and sleazy women with caps and hoses for some irrational fun, the looks and ‘honor’ in disguise and a large base of pseudo elites who do nothing but a few orders here and there and a bottle of alcohol and young girls as new wives and so on).

Only faith can change this country, God knows’ of who’s, otherwise, this country has by far digressed and it probably has no redemption now unless a ruler comes and dictates this country towards progression, sustenance, and goodwill; and ultimately, reinstatement itself.

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