3 Top Stocks To Buy Today

3 Top Stocks To Buy Today

3 Top Stocks To Buy Today

If you are a stock investor, here are 3 top stocks to buy today.

1- Linde

Linde has a stock price of $960 and belongs to the chemical industry. With a market value of $109.6 billion, it has a dividend yield of 1.7%.

Linde is a major supplier of industrial gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. It was recently aquired by Artisan Thematic Investor (ARTTX).

Analyst expect a positive 2020 for Linde ahead, with its revenues expected to grow in say mid-single digits. Its profit is expected to improve by more than 10% as well.

Linde has a lot to look after and will make for a wise investment in 2020.

2- Sarepta (SRPT)

Biotech Sarepta Therapeutics (NASDAQ: SRPT) is a leading precision genetic medicine provider. It leads the world-leading pipeline for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD).

SRPT has a buy rating from more than 18 analysts in the last 3 months. Its stock is priced at $178.74. In times ahead, when the need for medication will be high, Sarepta is bound to do well and further well.

Sarepta (SRPT), therefore, makes for a good investment and is one of the three top stocks to buy today (SRPT).

3- CVS Health

Third in the list of 3 top stocks to buy today is CVS Health.

CVS belongs to the Pharmacy retail and health insurance industry. It has a market value of $95.2 billion and a dividend yield of 2.7%. CVS Health Corp (NYSE: CVS) has a stock price of $67.22 which makes it affordable and a stock that falls underneath the mid-high cap stock.

CVS has been running basic facilities such as flu shots and tests for strep throat. It provides basic health services such as primary care services, weight loss programs and others.

It makes for a good investment for it provides regular treatments and such services never go out of fashion or demand.

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