4 Tips To Overcome Fear

4 Tips To Overcome Fear

4 Tips To Overcome Fear

Fear is the first human emotion that springs out of the peripheral lobe, if instigated by instinct. We are living in an age where it has become common to take revenge. This holds against all principles of Islam but the principle of divine equiveillance is true and whatever ‘instigated’ must fall in complete circle to find balance. We don’t want wobbly men and women going around, with people telling them that ‘they have done something’. It is better that you don’t take revenge because #karma is real. However, if the people around you are bitter and don’t stop at taking revenge, here are 4 tips to overcome fear.

1- Balance Yourself

Whatever it may be, make sure you balance yourself. Whether you are feeling things holding on to you or your mind not being proportionate by your body, just accept. Acceptance is the first part of accepting fear and fear is an emotion that ultimately leads to happiness. Remember that we create our own happiness so let go and remember that in revenge, you are blinded by disguise (lies/deceit and what not), so let yourself complete. And in that, remember, no one is looking at you so your ego is not going down the drain. Just accept and let your energy flow.

2- Accept The Four Human Emotions

Once you accept fear, you come closer to the second emotion which is anger. If you are looking for 4 tips to overcome fear, accept fear and feel anger. Feel the anger and let yourself be. Let your emotions run and those tears come out of your eyes to realize that most of it has already been let gone. Crying is the best way to let go and start afresh. You will feel how full you are, and you will automatically start feeling good about yourself.

3- After Anger, Accept Happiness, Gratitude and Sorrow

Anger makes you let go and that will happen only if you accept fear. Accept fear and let anger flow for happiness to dive right in. You will automatically start feeling good once you shed tears so keep going. Once your anger is out, you will automatically feel gratitude and once gratitude comes in, you will feel sorrow and after sorrow, you will start becoming a new person.

4- Start Accepting, Get Back, Live, Let Live And Remember: The Other Person Is Right Here!

Finally, once your tears start pouring, you will see haze and the best way out of it is to keep feeling. Process the memories your eyes have seen and you will realize what letting go is. People come and go (those who have hurt you or after you but also remember they are humans just like you and He is right here. Pray, thank Him for your blessings and realize that everything is a part of life). After sorrow, you will automatically start feeling balanced and your innate circle (gut) and equilibrium (right below the gut) will start normalizing. We are humans and the body is technical. Life isn’t easy but if you are easy on yourself, life will become easier too! (4 Tips To Overcome Fear).

Nonetheless, if it is any of another’s doings, then remember the other person is right here and ‘get the message’. Things happen for a reason and some things are not meant to be while others are.

Move on, go on, head on, feel, fear, be regretful, be apologetic, be human and realize that nothing can bring you down if you are true to yourself and head on in the positive direction to feel comfort and joy again.

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