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4 Trailers You Must Watch This Week

4 amazing trailers are coming up this week.

One of the first and prime most season to watch this week is Solo:


Solo trailer is streaming on Netflix and it was nice to watch it.

Solo is a film that came together so rapidly that people have been thrilled to watch its trailer.

The budget for Solo has been less but it is one of those trailers that has somewhat rocketed the sky limits.

Here’s the link to watch it:


Shazam is also one of the finest DC Cinematic universe has seen.

The concept behind the movie is that there is a teenager who will magically get all the super powers and then they goof it out trying to figure out what he is trying to do. He could be a super hero but he makes a lot of mistakes.

The trailer is out… April 5th.


There is an interesting movie coming out… And it’s called… Brightburn.

It’s an inspiring story. Based on Superman, the concept is: Is it ending in… will he be…. a… Super evil? Or:

Well… the film is very interesting.. But… ideally…. It is an interesting concept.. It is May 24th… and… I guess it will have a very.. freaky……… Outcome!. Watch trailer here:

Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones season is out and definitely it is the final season.

I’m sure there is a lot there but Game of Thrones Season 8 is final for the concluding episodes.

Watch the new trailer here:

It starts on April 14th.


Tolkein is an interesting one that is coming up next. The film is sort of generic but it intersperses as the real world. Tolkein images might be very interesting. But it will come out May 10th.

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