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5 Guaranteed Ways To Protect Yourself From Corona Virus

By on March 3, 2020

5 Guaranteed Ways To Protect Yourself From Corona Virus

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Corona Virus is now spread over 30 major countries. It started with China, it ended up in Iran, it travelled to Pakistan and now it is in India.

Corona Virus stems from the breath and the breath is the Last Breath. The last breath is where you are by. Start breathing from that point and you will find solitude.

Hence, the first pointer is:

  • Take care of Corona Virus by taking care of your Last Breath. Start breathing from there and you complete your congestion (due to winters), saliva (because of the heat) and the lack of change due to the change in weather.
  • Corona Virus is Respiratory. I don’t think treatment or panadols can help. What is better is to sit in space, interact less and breath. The only breathing tip has been written above.
  • Wear a mask to protect you from divulging else where (to use energy). In fact, focus on breathing and it will help you get rid of the spootum in your saliva.
  • Don’t worry about it too much because you are immediately not disappearing off of the face of this Earth. Just lie down straight on the floor, put your hand on your chest, massage the left eye underneath the ribs and start with the left lung. Spread your hand over it and you will find peace.
  • Just take care of the body but don’t overdo it- you will never get enough of it. Just spread your hand over the left side of your body and let it go. Once you feel clear, drink water. Water is essential for breathing as is food and climate. Take a walk, clear your head, don’t engage in wreckless behavior and stay true to yourself .

Corona is dangerous and remember its the breath. It is not a sad glory that Corona has sort of us disrupted 2020. I mean there is a lot more to go and look ahead.

Avoid your partners and just be with yourself. Corona Virus doesn’t bother anyone. It is just a little disturbance in the tract-ory gut. Start breathing from your last breath and it will help in fixing your system (the body itself).

Stay tuned for more updates.

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