5 Health Tips For Corona Victims

5 Health Tips For Corona Victims

5 Health Tips For Corona Victims

A lot of people are testing positive for corona virus since the last two weeks. If you are in the same boat, don’t worry as these 5 Health Tips For Corona Victims can help you instantly.

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1- Drink Plenty Of Water

The idea with corona virus is to clean your system as much as you can. For that, you need water.

Water is a source of energy, one that goes unmatched by all others. It contains ‘nothing’ and keeps you going.

Water is a miracle of Allah SubhanaTaAllah and if you really believe this instead of thinking its a health tip that is just there, you will realize its benefit.

Thus, 5 Health Tips For Corona Victims includes’ drinking plenty of water.

2- Distance Yourself From People

Another one of the health tips to recover from coronavirus is to distance yourself from people. Be it your mother, father, husband, children or any other, social distancing is what you should go for.

Make sure you are keeping your own. Try to avoid social contact and talk. Just be with yourself and you will be able to clear your respiration that way, self and overall health and well-being.

This is another one of the 5 Health Tips For Corona Victims that can help save lives and protect you from this pandemic.

3- Put Aside Technology As Well

You should also try to put aside technology as well. Your mind picks up on everything. It is, therefore, important that you keep away from technology as well.

Put your phone on airplane mode, sleep as much as you can and rest. You will be good in a matter of no days.

4- Stay clear from energy drinks and toxic food

It is also better to stay away from energy drinks and toxic food. This is another one of the 5 tips for corona positive victims.

While energy drinks might be your gateway to a sore throat, toxic food, such as those high on oil and spices, might irritate your chemical balance. Therefore, go for foods as pure as possible and eat naturals (carrots, greens; essentially, vegetables and fruits).

5- Keep Yourself Clean

Finally, if you are still reading ‘5 Health Tips For Corona Victims’, make sure you keep yourself clean.

Drink plenty of water, have green tea, avoid things that are not natural, have greens. Also, avoid people because intuition is real and it will all add up.

Don’t drink alcohol as it will add to your hallucinations and may take away the sense of right and wrong, if things get out of control.

Make sure you wear a mask especially everytime you go outside. Better than sanitizer is water so ensure you clean yourself every time you come from outside.

Lastly, don’t show anger in the hidden. Give yourself time to breathe and relax. Everything else will follow suit.

If you are pissed at someone and keep cursing them or avoiding them in the hidden, it is better to take the 99 names of Allah and read the Quran as much as possible; it will get their eye off you and take off nazar off you in general.

Every thing has a cure because everything artificial is based on man and man itself is a production of God. Therefore, it is better to keep things as real and humane as possible because it is very easy to loose fight in this deep inundated mess now today that we call life.

Quran is the pathway to heaven and namaz (prayer) is the solution to all evils.

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