5 Health Tips To Keep Going In 2020

2020 has been such a mishap that people are trying to understand whether to work, fix, do nothing or something or nothing per se. This state of ‘circles’ has left people miserable. If you ask me, summers are already here and it is going to be difficult to keep up. For that, if you are wondering how to keep going, here are 5 health tips to keep going in 2020 that might help.

1- Have Water

One of the 5 health tips to keep going in 2020 is having water.

Having water is essential if you want to survive. There are no limits to having water. In fact, the trick with having water is that when you are at your limit, have another sip or two and break that rigor.

Then you are good to go. Water is energy and there are no limits to having energy. Have water, purge and then keep going.

2- Eat healthy

Another one of the 5 health tips to keep going in 2020 is eating healthy. Eating healthy might be the ultimate trick at this point in time.

While it is true that you wouldn’t want to eat that much at this time and might be going without eating anything, it is important that you start with something.

Men should have their meals cooked by their wives or themselves: Steaks (something that makes you full) and women should preside in something lighter; while steaks are fine, so is chicken or anything halal.

Greens would work, so would bean and so would carbs. If you have ‘roti’ in Urdu and perhaps Pita in English or something similar; Wheat is essential too. It’s all about energy otherwise you will be fainting while coming back to yourself.

3- Keep yourself warm

Despite the fact that it is summers and you will be running around, you might want to keep yourself warm.

For that it is important that you snuggle in your beds and stop running around. Get a book, keep yourself warm and think about those who fill your heart.

For 5 health tips to keep going in 2020, you should also try to make sure you are at your fullest and you are taking care of your health.

This running around, when you get up and then get something, then you sit and then you get up. I’d say relax! Your bone for sanity and let yourself be. You will find peace.

Everything is internal and your gear is for your blood only. All else is secondary.

4- Have anything that is clean

Cleanliness is virtue and if you aren’t being clean then it is important that you be. Take a bath, brush your hair and go for a walk (it is a must to breath and go out in the open and enjoy some fresh air.

Remember that if you are facing rigidity in your bones or feeling some inkling in your veins, it is fever. For that you must walk and rest.

All processes are internal, else is external. If you are ‘seeing things’, those too will disappear with water. Try it and leave us a message here if it doesn’t work :-).

5- Space is essential

You cannot live without space. Whether it is your husband or your family or your children or yourself, it is important that you give one another space.

Looking for 5 tips to keep going in 2020? Keep reading.

What happens in commotion is that small misunderstandings build up and it makes you develop a stubbornness of saying no to everything. Then, what everyone says is second talk and your anger doesn’t stop. That too is coming back to yourself.

Don’t forget that you see life through your eyes only and keeping yourself sane is the key. Listen to everyone but make sense out of things yourself. If you become stubborn, your end will probably be anger.

When you are anger, you start opposing everything and at the least stick with yourself a little. Those are your tears which perhaps wouldn’t even open if you are under undue pressure or in that angst itself.

The ultimate therapy is crying and that only happens when you let your heart settle in. Let yourself cry and have water if you are too dehydrated. There is no shame and if you feel someone’s watching you or after you, drop that thought.

You will come back to your self if you let your last breath breath: 10 seconds and then sublimity, realization, processing, letting go and a new life and a new start.

We hope the above 5 health tips to keep going in 2020 mentioned above help. However, for further details or assistance, contact us or leave us a message here. We are here to help!

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