5 Heinous Crimes In The World

5 Heinous Crimes In The World

Hmph. As we look around The World, we see so many #Protests going on and it is not a good sign. (Cryptic-non-cryptic: The Difference/ Personal. Internal. Self. God Complex. Or Perhaps. You Yourself). Crime is everywhere; People have been dying. And it’s the world. Better yet we stop these crimes before the crime gets to us. (5 Heinous Crimes In The World).

The Bar that we are looking at is Corruption and socially, politically and morally, every Leader of the World is Correct and Morally Incorrect. (Since there are #Atheists in the #World). The “NON-BOOKERS”. Trump just “categorized” everything according to Himself. And he is a crook and a thief. Something similar to the image below.

Remember, The Truth Always Presides.

Sometimes we can get sarcastic at Tech Unveiled so we are going to write it down and you follow us.

Here’s 5 Truths Revealed About The World- Posted Here First.

1- Trump is like a Trumpet who blows or crowls as he likes. His name is associated with ‘Trumpet’ and in the #HolyQuran as “Trumpet Will Blow on the Day of Judgement. So everything becomes #Haraam as it is. As he is the “Presiding Authority Of The United States of America”.

2- Everything in the World that is in the Right will prevail and anywhere there is a disturbance, Remember that He (Allah) is near.

5 Henious Crimes In The World

3- Divine recognitions are Always True, as we and I mean all of us are very close on this Earth by proximity and decline. Also, the Bar of 10 is the one Set by His (Allah) Decree, the Highest In A Human Soul. 10 could be Death, Presidential bids, crimes, death, angelic, Trump or his “ways” of being Oh So Cute!

4- The World is not a place where you can shit in the #Universe or just #Sit perhaps, Trump and say, this is for *******. The Universe is calling out your names, resign or will do the rest.

“Or” could be… Perhaps, your schemes and your partnerships. The One Factor The One Form, The One Trump, the One Imran, The One Khan, The One Golie ;-). #TheGame. #ParallelUniverse. The Notion? Do or Die. The buffers? Anything that crosses them. The Message?

Your Daddy Doesn’t Own This Land.

5- Go Home. Queen Will Preside. Monarchy Will Reign and Trump will Die.


ScoobaGirl. *In Yakayaka and YadaYada land*.


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