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5 Latest FREE iPhone Apps You Should Have

iPhone Apps

By on October 13, 2018

Apple made rounds with its recent launches. Whether you are an iPhone X user or have shifted to the XS/XR, there is still a lot that needs to be explored.

While we recently covered the 3 must-have Android apps, today, we’ll talk about the iPhone and the apps you must have on it.

Must-Have iPhone Apps


If you are a fitness enthusiast, Sweatcoin is an app you are looking for. Sweatcoin¬†tracks your fitness progress and keeps you on track. It also awards you these ‘sweatcoins’ that are good for staying updated as these are redeemable and you can buy actual products from them!

The Best Part?

It’s available for free.



Waze has been designed to help you on the roads. Yes, you heard it!

Waze is for anybody who commutes a lot and is on the road often. Waze knows how fast the users are traveling and it tells you about the shorter routes.

However, not just that because Waze also tells you about any accidents, falls or any other ahead.



1Password for iPhone helps you keep all your passwords in ONE place.


It is quite hard to keep track of every password. However, this is where 1Password comes in. The app has a Master Password for all your apps. It syncs from your desktop and helps you generate one password for all. Explore this app and try to remember just One password as that will do the entire trick for you.

1Password, again, is free.



For those who like taking notes, Bear is a must note taking app. It is colorful, simple and has an amazing interface that you would love to explore.

Bear is also available for Free.



Most of you might not have heard about Apollo, an app that lets you redesign your Reddit feed for your iPhone.

I don’t think there’s anything close to what Apollo is offering for its users.


This is part 1 of the top iPhone apps you SHOULD/MUST have. We will soon talk about the next lot. Stay tuned, stay updated.

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