5 Prayers That Can Heal You Right Away

There is so much going on in the world today that it is hard to keep count. In between all of this, it is easy to lose health, let alone focus or steadfastness. If you are a busy person, if you are going through a very personal problem, if you are a victim of the cryptic, non-cryptic notion, we have an answer. The answer is Allah, the Book (Quran) and prayer. (Read: Power of Prayer and 5 prayers that can heal you right away below.)

Essentially, with the human coffin, which is ourselves, what we need to do is ‘think straight’. What many ‘games’ in the universe are doing for products and big money is that they are taking the ‘coffin away’. For that, prayer is the ideal solution.

5 Prayers To Heal You Right Away

If you are someone looking to fix yourself and cannot, here are 5 prayers that can help.

1- Read Surah Naas At least 10 Times A Day and Then In Continuum For His Mercy And Then Protocol

2- Read Surah Falak For His Gratefulness And Then His Mercy And Kindness

3- Read ‘LaillahaillAllah Muhammad Ur Rasool Allah‘ “لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله” However Many Times For Gratitude And Then His Answers And Prayers For You

4- Read Ayat-Ul-Kursi For Getting The Highest In Life But With That Being In His Mercy And Kindness

5- Read Ayat E Karima As Many Times For His Kindness, Mercy and Then Empowerment

Essentially, the idea behind prayer is to keep yourself relaxed and pray. Once you start seeing #dreams, you will realize how much of sickness or other ailment is by some other degree. Process your dreams, stick in prayer and you will have a clear conscience. Once you do, you can start afresh and you will realize that all that you are feeling is part of a process. After you have processed your dreams, you will stick with yourself, which Islam and other religions teach us and you will keep going in your direction to pursue your dreams and much, much more.

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