5 Predictions For Pakistan Ahead

5 Predictions For Pakistan Ahead

5 Predictions For Pakistan Ahead

Pakistan is now on a blatant attack by MQM, which has literally initiated their come back, in the disguised name of Nawaz Sharif, by killing 10 people at the Karachi Stock Exchange. It is a pity as to what this party, PML-N is capable of doing. Its unfortunate that they think that they are going to be able to make a comeback in Pakistan, like “old times”. The truth is that no one’s is going to persist except for who He wills. They are putting Pakistan to shame again and if we are talking about Pakistan, here are 5 predictions for Pakistan ahead.

1- Riots

I guess all ‘other’ ruling parties are taking things the same they did 10 years ago but Mr. Nawaz Sharif is trying his best to cash it: in the shadow of MQM, which is his and you’ll be shocked to realize that he is Altaf Hussain.

Riots, loot, theft, crime: putting it on PTI and taking care of Pakistan their way: Loot, theft, rape, murder, etc.

This is one of the 5 Predictions For Pakistan Ahead.

2- Some Bliss If Pakistan Walks On The Right Path

Second, if we are talking about 5 Predictions For Pakistan Ahead, then:

Some bliss might follow through if Pakistan walks on the right path. The supreme court already has started mentioning Hazrat Muhammad PBUH in the senate and books. Lets hope for some spread and revival of Islam in Pakistan and things will ease out. It is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Don’t be scared. It can be men in black shalwar kameez and women in nice abayas too.

5 Predictions For Pakistan Ahead: Tech Unveiled

3- Stagnancy: (5 Predictions For Pakistan Ahead)

Pakistan will probably remain stagnant in the coming few years or so. What Pakistan needs at the moment is a route to cleanliness. 5 predictions for pakistan can improve if there are clean roads, clean air, probably make sure of the natural resources and infrastructure. Improve the Northern areas, increase tourist activity, improve security, improve hotelling etc.

4- Things Will Improve After Corona

Things will improve after the corona is over. Lets just say that once malls start opening, Pakistan will lit up. Business activity will resume, revenues will be back and Pakistan will be on its two feet again.

5- Some Big Change: Major Events Can Help

Lastly, 5 predictions for Pakistan include the fact that Pakistan is at a stop right now. Things will automatically improve after things start going back to normal. Lets just say that people will calm down after operations resume, cinemas, theaters open and people start enjoying their lives, think about traveling, tourism beings etc.

The fact that petrol prices have increased in Pakistan in a day is not at all a serious concern. What a serious matter is that Mr. Nawaz Sharif needs to stop his aiding into Pakistan and go sit in a jail for the next 30 years of his life.

5 Predictions For Pakistan Ahead: Tech Unveiled

Secondly, Pakistan just needs a cleanliness drive and things will be good to go.

Thirdly, we have everything in Pakistan. Once things resort back to normalcy and with a new spin of Islam, Pakistan will get a revival that many would want to come to the country to experience. This will give Pakistan power back in its hands.

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