5 Shocking Stories From The World Today

2021 has begun and a lot is in Chaos. If you are a fan of reading, here are 5 shocking snippets from the world today.

1- Twitter suspends Mr. Donald Trump’s account: Read here.

2- Most shocking-ly expensive watches in history today: Read here.

3- Tesla 2021: What Is Elon Musk Going To Do This Year. Read here.

4- World’s reaction on shocking Capitol Hill attack: Read here.

5- Lunar Eclipse 2021: What To Expect This Year: Read here.

2020 already shocked us to the core by the corona epidemic/pandemic but we hope 2021 is better.

2021 can only be better if we realize what has already happened and get at the top of our game to rise above and do our best to achieve what we want. 2021 might be full of surprises but by taking charge, we can learn, move ahead and lessen these shocks to rise up and above.

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