5 Stocks To Buy In March 2021

5 Stocks To Buy In March 2021

If you have money right now and want to invest, don’t be afraid because investments are a good way of protecting your money. While there are many types of investments available, stocks are a great option because they are accessible and profitable. If you are looking to invest in stocks, here are 5 stocks to buy in March 2021.

5 Stocks To Buy In March 2021


If coronavirus is benefitting one company, it is Amazon. The corona pandemic has made people sit at home but people are still spending and eCommerce giants are benefitting. The pandemic has made eCommerce companies such as Amazon benefit. Since last year, the company’s stock price has increased from more than $1900 a share to now $3200 per share. The profits of Amazon are incredible and with the company having a P/E ratio of over 75, Amazon makes an interesting bet. E-commerce giants are benefitting with a P/E average of 55 at the moment and Amazon has a bigger one to boast and that means good numbers.

Amazon is one of the safer havens of people when they invest and if you are looking to invest today, Amazon is a good investment in March 2021 and one of the 5 stocks to buy in March 2021. (top stocks 2021)

Disney (NYSE: DIS)

Disney is a special stock that comes in a buy range of $191.14. It is affordable and has performed consistently, making it a good bet in March 2021.

A yearly performance of the company’s stock suggests that Disney stock has risen on a year to year basis and since it is affordable, it is a good invest this month.

Disney is benefiting with its Disney+ especially during Covid-19 recovery and streaming entertainment.

NextEra Energy (NYSE: NEE)

NextEra energy is not an exact winner of the corona pandemic. However, it is a company worth investing in.

NextEra Energy’s subsidiaries currently provide millions of homes and businesses to people across America. It is the biggest publicly traded utility company in the world. At the moment, its subsidiaries are Florida Power & Light, Florida City Gas and Gulf Power.

NextEra comes in utility stock and those have always been safer bets. NextEra is the biggest producer of clean, renewable wind energy in the world. It plays a crucial role in the significance of U.S. solar energy industry. They provide clean energy infrastructure and are one of the best bets in 5 stocks to buy in March 2021.


Gevo also makes for a good investment in this year in 2021. Gevo stock has met a decent rise in 2021. Up until now, Gevo stock has increased from just more $4 per share to nearly $14 now.

Gevo is a clean energy company and it focuses on the production of clean and renewable fuels.

Gevo has perfected technology that helps it turn renewable feedstock such as food scraps and waste food into clean and renewable fuels such as jet fuelts.

Companies which operate on green energy space get advantages such as grants, tax cuts an and increasing demand which Gevo benefits from.

Gevo, therefore, is a good bet and invest for 2021.


Alphabet is another tech giant which is worth your investment today. Alphabet is a parent of Google, the leading online search engine. The growth in Alphabet has been incredible and it will continue to grow in the time to come.

Alphabet is a big tech player and it has a P/E ratio of 35. Usually, peers have an average P/E ratio of 24. Alphabet, therefore, is a big stand and a favorite among analysts today.

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