5 Things That Can Save Sinking Economies

5 Things That Can Save Sinking Economies

The World is in motion as I write this post on sinking economies.

Reading the news, I realize that every economy is in some sort of trouble. Every one is fighting for War but none of them truly need it. What they need is for the barriers to open so they can get everything themselves- an excerpt from America itself.

America creates the attention and gets it. However, we are not concerned about America. We are concerned about the sinking economies.

There are many troubled economies across the globe. Be it China, India or Pakistan, the actions of the United States of America are having adverse impacts on the local population. Moreover, one can never be sure about where to go and where to start from if a Big Igniting Force (read more here) is making sure that everything is ‘wiped off off of this face of Earth”.

Year In Summary: Sinking Economies

This year has been rocking , with many deaths across the globe. Pakistan wasn’t an exception to any of it. Moreover, the bombs in Afghanistan, the act-up in Russia, the seriousness of what’s happening in the United States and then, rain, thunder, Earthquakes. Let’s just say, NO economy was spared by the wrath of His Mighty. (Allah).

Nonetheless, these are personal agendas that will never end. If you are stuck in a bloody loophole, trust me no one is going to take your hand and help you get out of it. In fact, the truth is that sinking economies have to be rescued.

If you are looking for a self guide or want to cash up on this write-up sure. However, don’t forget the seriousness and requirement of these things for your economy.

5 Things That Can Save Sinking Economies

Sinking economies need to do the following to make sure “The People” are put right in their place, for this economy to survive. (Could Be Any).

Nonetheless, 5 things can save sinking economies with ease. These are:

Start Catching Minerals And Procure Them

You need minerals to set up many things including homes, jewelry, clothes etc. Trust me that these are such basics. Such minerals are found on the street of say Pakistan. Get them collected and start putting them on the right use.

Minerals also mean Coal, Iron, Bauxite, Gypsum and many more.

In a country like Pakistan, there Are (different ‘ruling’ parties) in the country. All of them are procuring these minerals, found in good abundance in the country, to show the people their work but also to keep a decent amount of it in your pocket. That’s corruption. Sindh is full of coal, Lahore has a lot to boast as well. Majority of our minerals are in Sindh so the government should inclusively intervene and take care of these minerals before they are sold to the higher population.. A.K.A, America.

Start A Clean Drive: Cleanliness

Health and well being both spring out because of many reasons. The best way to take care of yourself is cleanliness and the same is advisable for economies as well.

Why don’t economies start clean drives or clear ups if things are that serious. In fact, the truth is that to be clean you have to make sure you are taking care of yourself. He made you capable, He made you sustainable and He made your attainable.

For a humanitarian cause, every economy, especially lesser developed countries such as Pakistan, should work on these measures. The #government will be shocked to see the change in this country by simple corrective measures such as these.

Clean Out – Create Space

Everybody loves space but due to over population, which in my opinion is now ‘a-game’.. I mean it is better to create and give space to one another. Every economy will thrive if they get minimal things sorted.

Rather than focusing on the random things, how about the Government starts thinking about things on a ‘Self’ level. The self means the self of a person and the Self of a Person and of every person is the Same.

Henceforth, by keeping these things in mind, the government should take care of its domestic problems through correcting the self of the people. The Self means: Food, Clothing, Shelter, Job Creation, Clean Roads, Accessible economies with accessible governments.

Everything is in the clear and every thing is in the right. This is the best way to take care of sinking economies such as Afghanistan, Iran, Munich, and others.

Streamlined Issues Of Every Economy

I don’t think there is a proper balance and off the center I mean of every economy. I just wonder now as to what is the Bar to set these economies together and straight up. Though this makes the entire thing a not so worthy one, truth be told, comparison is the problem of all evils.

The issues of Every economy in the World are THE SAME. There are indexes developed on it etc. However, what We fail to realize is that if the Europeans or Germans are doing well, then they are more accessible- It’s their rule of life, it is their problem. It is their issue to be indulged with one another. However, with a trying to get its grasp back kind of country such as Pakistan… I feel it is just a bigger ball game. The world of politics, shadows, shooting, killing, fun and done.. You can fill the spots in between.

Nonetheless, Pakistan isn’t too far behind and I often wonder what is that Bar that looks at Pakistan and Then determines its fate.

For a humanitarian cause, other countries can provide aid to the country but WITHOUT return. (If the so called Americans or Europeans are interested in humanity or God knows what). Remember, any person comes to you because of a purpose and its mostly their purpose or somebody elses. The understanding of this logic would be very complicated.

However, to put things in perspective and in short:

Sinking economies such as Pakistan can benefit from a lot of things if there is no disturbance. Presidents should not be answerable to other Presidents, by the day, time and limit. Not working out.

In fact, Pakistan should just focus on the small things available here and ALL minerals- work on them, save them and procure them. These are in high demand so they will automatically increase your supply, improve the country’s supply chain, get many things in production and then, even Pakistan will be in a position to start negotiating and trading.

The blue collar staff of the country should all be allocated in the country to clean, collect and save. The rest will be done automatically.

Sinking Economies: Get Your Trade Sorted

Finally, sinking economies, who are looking for solutions to change things around; the answer is get things sorted!

Trade isn’t that tough and all roads and barriers are open for and to the World. Does that mean that the ‘superpowers’ of this World don’t want to interact with less developed economies. Well, that’s a well rounded applause for humanity; one that the Europeans, Americans and everything in between chant about all the time. Only We know who’s going to stay here till the end.

Nonetheless, if trade barriers are restricted then less developed and sinking economies such as those of Pakistan should try to develop policies at a local level. They should try their best to bring forth Unity and discipline among st all branches of Islam. They should also try their best to make sure that all provinces are four and complete. The Standing Authority should be acknowledged and at least, domestic trade should be started to make #Pakistan a brand new economy again.

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