5 Top Things In Tech Today

If you are a tech enthusiast, here are 5 Top Things In Tech that will literally shock you.

All of Trump’s doings.

1- Paid Advertising On Facebook Comes To A Halt

First things first. One of the 5 Top Things In Tech includes Facebook suffering at the hands of Trump.

Many popular brands such as REI, The North Face and Talkspace have stopped paid advertising on social giant Facebook after a US civil rights group led a boycott campaign.

Unfortunately, the boycott campaign comes from Trump. He is digging his own hole because as a President of The U.S., you can not interfere personally in any matters of any company. This is personal war so his days will be and are outnumbered.

2- Pinterest Gets Scrutinized

Another one of the 5 Top Things In Tech is that 11 Pinterest employees have revealed how the place was, as a place of work and perhaps, most of them revealed that the place was toxic and difficult to work at.

Facebook and Pinterest, therefore, and thereby go down the drain.

3- Nextdoor Ends Option To Share Concerns Directly With Local Law Enforcement

Social media giant Nextdoor revealed that it is ending a feature that permitted users to share their concerns directly with the law enforcement.

Nextdoor is a commonly criticized website. Looks like Donald Trump is fully at work.

4- Apple To Shut off Doors At Arizona, Florida, South Carolina etc.

Due to the high number of Covid-19 cases in Florida, Arizona, South Carolina and others, Apple has decided to shut off its stores in these respective states.

5- Apple’s WWDC On Monday To Announce Major Features

Sources reveal that Apple is going to announce some new updates at the Apple WWDC, which is today.

These include the big iPhone updates, the iOS 14, the new home screen layout, setting third party apps as default and so on.

In other news, Trump is literally giving a run to companies and people alike… And in this weather? Lets just thank God he met God’s stick!

Stay tuned.

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