5 Tricks To Help Your System Working

Health is one of the most essential things everybody prays for and it is vital to get our systems in order.

If we are talking about systems, here are 5 tricks to get your system in good working order.

5 Tricks To Get Your System Working.

The body is essentially One by nature and given by God.

God is a higher power that can help but it is always invisible and it is always an effort to help.

God might a be terminology that you are referring to; It is actually a ‘higher source’ in the universe. It is impossible to fight with the #unknown and that is how our limits stay intact. The idea is to drop free will, surrender, bow down and start afresh.

5 Tricks To Get Your System Working.

5 Tricks To Get Your System Working: Tech Unveiled

The bottom line and the silver lining is that there IS #time and #efforts never go futile. As is Allah to all is Allah to everyone.

*There is no discrepancy between the higher power or the higher source. The higher source is always here).

If we look at #2019, we can say it is the same mess again. Are the ahead years going to be better or what? Lets look at #2020 instead.

Things stay the same; you have to fight and go ahead. That is the only way forward.

What I can say is that, in any case, you need yourself to stand and rise up.


5 Ways To Get Your System In #Order by #2020.

  • Focus on your system and start with your legs. Focus your energy on your legs and work on your system.
  • Target by the bone and flex your system to store the balance between the eye of your center and the back of your back.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat plenty but go for something that spices up the system a little
  • Go for the ‘ticks’ in the system. They are the #Divine.

#TheDivineSeed, #TheDivineMechanism, #TheDivineRestoration, #TheDivineSystem #TheDivineGoodness and the Divine Self.

Stay tuned.

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