5 Ways To Stay Secluded In Corona Wave 3

5 Ways To Stay Secluded In Corona Wave 3

5 Ways To Stay Secluded In Corona Wave 3

The new corona wave 3 is taking a serious toll on people because they really don’t know what to do. Things are shutting off, that is for sure. What will help is taking care of yourself, act and be normal, lie down straight, clean yourself (Read: How To Keep Yourself Clean) and keep being the normal/same all along without any restrictions or self-thought to stop. The basics, we all know.

So in this state of corona wave 3, what should be done to protect yourself and stay secluded.

We mentioned the word secluded in the article because it is the best option out. No breath, take care of your self, drink water, align your body, get some rest and keep going. If you are feeling an inhibition to party or go out all the time or drink alcohol (Read: Alcohol and Corona Virus), stay away. It is time we clear up because the broader game of corona virus is much more than we think and it will take a while for us to heal.

The best way out of corona wave 3 is to stay in seclusion. Healing will take a long time so it is better we start today.

If you want to stay in seclusion during the third wave of corona virus, here is what you need to do.

How To Stay In Seclusion In Corona Wave 3

1- Make sure you avoid people as much as you can.

2- Try to ensure that the evil eye doesn’t bite you. Stay put and have plenty of water because water is energy.

3- Go for a brisk walk every 30 minutes throughout the week. It will get your energy rolling and your heart to be beating the blood normally, as it should.

4- Don’t forgo cleanliness and keep going. Indulge yourself in some activity, read a book and be careful. Corona Wave 3 is serious and the lock down is more intense. Keep it in your homes and go therapeutic.

5- Eat proportionately. Don’t eat foods that are too harsh for the body or system. Eat light, eat proper and keep exercising. You have to drink water with food to ensure that there are just lipids left in your body. Don’t go out, don’t sit out. Just stay where your safer havens are and keep working on yourself to keep yourself going. In essence, just keep it clean.

Corona wave 3 has been taken seriously by governments around the world and there might be some serious fixage that will be needed. While there are many people working on fixing, we must ensure we play our part by keeping it cool, not fighting, working on healing only, and turning to religion. (The practices we adopt out of religion will already keep us sane).

(Corona- the paradox or paradox syndrome)

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  1. Evil eye is a part of reality! And it is ALL the reality.

    Evil eye stops normal processes by a large proportion, which is why it is mentioned with water in this post. The evil eye has been discussed many times on this blog.

    And btw ‘hemerodaverse’ would be someone denying some part of reality. I accept reality in full capacity, so the one who would be averse is you not me!

    Have a good day.

  2. I am not sure where you’re getting your info, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more.
    Thanks for great info I was looking for this information for my mission.

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