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7 Top Stories That Shocked The World Today

By on November 1, 2019

7 Top Stories That Shocked The World Today

As always, today is no exception to the Universal Law of motion. Yesterday was #Thursday and now we are sitting on #Friday.

Before I get to the 7 top stories that shocked the world today, here are few to get you started.

1- There is a Major Shock in the World All The Time- And No One Understands Why.

Essentially, I don’t understand what happens overnight but the truth is that.. SUCH major happenings, bombs, women, crassiness, Halloween, etc. and everything WHILST celebrating all of it (#Trump) and eyes wide shut; you open your eyes and there you have it, another major blunder on which the opposition has built upon.

Mr. Donald Trump, You are NOT God.

And remember: What goes around comes around.

If you are interested in the 10 top stories that shocked the world today, here they are:

Trump suggests that #BorisJohnson is a much better ally than Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy Corbyn essentially was under the eye before the Brexit. Trump wants Brexit for capitalism and conquership- Their fun is the #Queen and their joke is #Boris.

That’s what they essentially are themselves; Luckily, the #universe is running that something or the other will equalize themselves.

They are or want Brexit for capitalism, Money and #Trumps’ Vision.


2- Queen and her Classiness Amidst Brexit- Their only message is: We Are The Boss.

Well, we all know what is going on on the Earth front. Essentially, this link reveals a subtle comeback of the #Queen.

For the #Queen; lets forget the past and move on to the future.

Butt feces like #Boris and daddy, #Trump don’t suffice.

The end of the last para says it all. They are just hoping that they remain true to themselves because they have seen the past and They Know (HU- Whistleblower).

3- Top 3 Price Predictions in Stocks include BTC, ETH and XRP. There is some sort of a Bullish Reversal in the naught.

These include: Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP. (Stock Reviews)

4- 5 Gainers in the Healthcare Sector include:-

ELOX (Eloxx Pharmaceuticals Inc.), PolarityTE Inc. (PTE), EyeGate Pharmaceuticals Inc. (EYEG), Myovant Sciences Ltd. (MYOV) and STAAR Surgical Co. (STAA).

4- ISIS names a new leader.

The Islamic State revealed that Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Qurayshi will be the successor of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Essentially, even ISIS is a fraud because these names are of Allah Subhana’ta’Allah. I doubt any name starts with al- than His (#Allah’s). #ISIS is a fluss but I don’t think they are #Muslims. Someone is running them and its either #Khan or #Trump. They’re getting money out of it that is why they are there and they are living in ‘jahalat’ so they are practically without brains. Someone’s running the World and unfortunately its Trump and Pakistan.

5- Xiaomi mimics the Apple Watch-

It’s a first watch for Xiaomi and its running a competition with #Apple. Xiaomi is not bad.

6- Trump, the God (nauzubillah) now decides to not stop fuel efficiency of Cars.

#Trump, how much money do you hold and what are your “powers” as the President of the United States of America because sooner or later, the #Muslims will bark and it won’t be pretty. Bloody R$$$$$$.

7- New Motorola Razr Revealed. Pictures.

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