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A Sincere Letter For The World

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A Sincere Letter To The World: Tech Unveiled

I was sitting just randomly last night and I foresaw a Dream. That Dream showed me Light and instantly, I recognized, that this Light might be for me. I got excited and I thought I’d exhibit some of my stances after this happened.


In the 1980s, there was some erratic behavior going on in the Sky. No one foresaw it but something was just there. That something was Mr. Trump (Just being used for my Write Up here).

Trump in 1980s.

It is said that the Universe gives you all kinds of signs to be Aware, to be Great at Knowledge, to Live like a Human and to not Judge anybody because This World Is Enough For You To Judge Yourself And Drive Your ‘Self’ Yourself.

I am a VERY stringent person who doesn’t give her a second to breathe, compensate, realize or draw. However, now, I find many similarities between myself and the Man in the video above. Essentially, He. is just my *aaaupooosiiiteeee*- Mr. Trump’s Language! Moreover, I wonder if it was Safe to see someone who has a jolted skin, perhaps a maniac, Coke, Drugs, Shit comes Later. A Maniac running the world and He is very proud of it.. How.. How did Donald Trump become the President of the United States of America. It was a fluss back in 2018 and it still seems to be a disease.

*Mark my slang as Mr. Trump’s Notions- I mean The IDEA of Being like Trump, I mean the FORCE as TRUMP is.. I mean.. I am at a loss of Words for the MAN himself; D-d-d-onald- t-r-u-m-p.

A Sincere Letter To The World: Tech Unveiled

On The Other Switch

Recently, there are SERIOUS problems going on in Pakistan. Harassment is a common problem; I have received calls myself of harassment’. I am Shocked. The things that are being reported here, I feel this is just a LGBT kind of Thing going on in Pakistan.

Or Perhaps, the Inner Motives of a Certain Few have come to Light and the result has been chaos.

Always remember: When there is something going on in the Universe, things start barking, and then According To You, AS PER WHAT You DO to the Universe itself. And the Universe is Collective. It means Trees, Plants, Dogs, Animals, Kids, Children, Men, Women; Everything; Which the Universe is.


Time For A Drastic Change In World Policy


Every thing on the Planet starts with the Self. Things JUST don’t happen. They happen for a reason. If you feel something, something IS there and you should take notice. Deaths are NOT a part of it. Someone or the Other does it. Essentially, these Ultimate Loopholes of a MAN Vs. Man or a MAN Vs. Woman have pretty much distraught everything on the planet. And In America’s Doubt, They Are Leading The Way.

The Truth: Everything is in motion already, even if I write this and there are borders and cross borders throughout and along the way.

Human Nature Is About Principles

I talk about the Basics, called your principles; Who you are, Who you stand up to be, who you aspire to be, who you classify to be and who you call upon your self to be; It could either be someone or the other in a Universe such as this, where there is so much diplomacy and people, who are so near by you. This springs the notion of the Evil Eye, which has been consistent in all languages and religions.

This is right because Islam is an Example of How you live your life. The classification is the book itself, which was the Fifth Religion In The World- Called Islam.

Essentially, Prophet Muhammad was a Man. A Man set by principle, a Man set by Example and a Man who nearly all inspiring men aspired to be.

So it should be common knowledge that if we are talking about the Prophet, that means that the Prophet is by example a classification of the relationships between different kinds of people by blood. The Prophet being the Unknown Trilogy Never called himself the Son of Allah but as is, he is the most Authoritative Men in History of Pakistan. And Literally, The Entire World.

In the other world, which seems congested, He thrones with his weapons out loud, He screams, he shouts but at the end he says, I didn’t do it, you did it but that is from me, Mr. Trumpet, (Of which: The Trumpet Will Blow On The Day Of Judgement and I am Just Saying).

Essentially, Trump is the Reverse of God and God is the Reverse of Trump. There is Enough Universal Force to take down this man. The life of the Prophet and his light is enough a reminder that defeat is necessary what come may, no matter how it is done. It is about time!

The delay would probably be because of some interpersonal decisions by the Decision Makers. #SaudiaArabia.

However and though,

The ACTUAL PROBLEM arises from the fact that there are too many people in the World and nobody really gives a damn about America. Also, no body gives a crap of the Universe and everybody is running from themselves, which is the Self. The Self Can Be Healed.

On the other front:

In other news, as I read and realize today, There Cannot Be A Bigger A Joke As Trump On This Planet.

He has its own Administration and Policies For the State_ Aka, The United States of America. He is apparently running the “Show” – GAME- Game?? Life! His SELF needs attention, as our the basic principles of EVERY self. #HumanNature. (Reminds me of Michael Jackson).

To Conclude: I Thereby Bow Down: Subsequently, Mr. Trump:

I am JUST saying that THIS World is NOT a SPACE that you can litter or throw your items on.

It is a place that can heal you if you are going down the drain. EVERYTHING is around you. Like it or not, take it.

The problem arisis from the fact that there are too many people budging in your business and if it is a global level then honestly, IT IS TOO CLOSE.

Honestly, if you ask me, I know too much of this but if you read these links on Twitter posted around the same days ago, it just shows what Mr. Capital is able to do.

Inside the heart of the One in Reverse

Every one has a psyche and everyone is human. Trust me that one day or the other, everything will go around and come back around you.

Life’s principle is e=mc2.

Trust me, what goes around comes around, it is important to take care of yourself. HEALTH comes first.

Nonetheless, these stupid Wars, fascist agendas and delayed memorandums can only do a certain bit for you. I feel it is only a bigger Lobby and Bigger The Better stance that is ruining the world. Unfortunately, we are a part of this world and it is time to Fight before the Dusk Hits The Dawn and there is another news of Collapse, Transitory interference, dunk work, and New Lobbys, New Mechanisms, New Games, New Lifes, New Promises, NEW Everything- Only because they are (T&I) are removing everything else (the Good) to keep their Egos intact and to run the World.

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