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AMD In The News!

Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD) stock is priced at $82 today. In the last one year, the company stock has increased quite notably. In an YTD analysis, the company stock was priced at $53 and reached $82, showing high and decent numbers.

Advanced Micro Devices has a market cap of $96 billion, a day’s range of $80-$82 and a 52-week range of $48-$99. Furthermore, AMD boasts a share volume of 36M and an average share volume of 44M. (Read: Qualcomm Stock In Latest News)

AMD Performance Is Quite Reasonable!

We can believe that AMD’s performance has been quite reasonable and good. A good measure of the company’s growth is the fact that it has been reinvesting a big chunk of its profits. Furthermore, they are reinvesting because of high rates of returns

Furthermore, demand for tech in 2021 and onwards will be high. Therefore, demand for AMD’s products will be too. However, with such high demand, AMD will have to polish up and produce more to keep up.

Global Chip Shortages Would Benefit AMD Ahead!

AMD has been trading flat at the exchange with the microchip sector shipping to green. The company has been impressing global chip shortages. It seems evident that AMD has made a nice come back. Investors shied away from AMD stock but now they are focused.

With Covid-19 still looming in 2021 and people staying at homes, demand for technology will increase rapidly. Resultantly, demand for AMD chips and others will also be subsequently higher in the time to come. There is a high chance that because of this AMD chips will experience rapid gains. Furthermore, this will lead to higher gains in the future for the company, which will lead to stock rise, making the company more profitable ahead.

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