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It’s ironic and kind of funny that Boeing 737 for Italy just had one passenger. I guess this is what travel really is.

Named Skirmantas Strimaitis, this man had a one way ticket to Northern Italy. However, he had no idea that he is going to be the only passenger on the plane.

A national from Lithuanian, this man was flying from Vilnius to Bergamo for a nice skiing trip for March 16. When he boarded, he discovered that he was the only passenger on the plane.

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Along with the man, the seating capacity was off 189 but it just had one passenger, two pilots and 5 crew members.

In all honesty, it is not that big of a deal if someone is alone on a plane but for Skirmantas Strimaitis, this was glory.

Nonetheless; it was a big party for Strimaitis as he enjoyed a long lasting flight to Northern Italy and on his own. Travel!

For the one who was traveling, Strimaitis described his experience as unique and real.

Further, he described the experience as astounding, saying it was complete and pure bliss.

Nonetheless, it was a private plane experience.

Two other people had the same experience previously: First Karon Grieve was the only passenger on Jet2 Airlines and then it was Beth VerSteeg who flew from NYC to Washington D.C.

Around the world:

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