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Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing

By on September 27, 2019

Friday is the Week’s end and we are looking at 10 original pieces of writing from today to decode the world.

Cryptic or behaviors, the World is moving at the speed of light and it is about time that We get a grasp of it to control it before it supersedes to extents that cannot be tackled anymore by Man himself.

In an attempt to decode the world, we look at 10 original pieces of writing by me, at Tech Unveiled.

Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing

First 3 Pointers

1- Pakistan and America are in a shock as to what is going on in the World. Though what we don’t understand is that America itself is doing nothing but commenting on everything in the World. America is taking us down by its demands though when we look at who is running the show, we get clarity about who is essentially running the world. Things don’t change in a day; I wonder what these meetings of Prime Ministers and Presidents are for (and monthly visits and calls?) Doesn’t make any sense anymore.

2- News is abuzz that in the process of running the World, certain few dominated the World and started acting like ‘Gods’ to take charge of the same World in which they are standing on. Is it cryptic or is it happening in real? It brings us to the World of Shadows. That, per Islam or any right, is against the Book and Every Book perhaps. It would be better to look at the revelations and as all of it was bestowed upon us to lead this life with a code, a moral code, which would take you towards the path of serenity.

3- To exhibit further in this Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing, we are sure of the fact that the “Game” is so big and so real that They are now bombing oceans, continents, submarines and pretty much everything in between.

Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing

4- Every hint you get is real and every real is that hint. The Ones who are on the Right Path will automatically understand the difference between these two and the light for to conduct and go towards the right path. It is always the choice between good and bad, not lesser of two evils and if there are two evils, remove the evils so that there are new Evils. Or Good perhaps. However, the two evils will never see the good despite within themselves so if the two devils persist, it is time to take them by their core to prevent bigger, collateral damage.

5- Further in Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing, we also look at the good things that happened this year but the problem is messing with the current premiership in the world. I am looking at #trump2020 on Twitter and it is as big a joke as he is.

6- The drive to bring and stick with #capitalism to bring in independent economies to promote a culture that is according to you and above the law because it is your self that needs the law to be apprehended that way..#LGBT2020 and things similar are crazy concerns. That could be fine perhaps however what is happening on global forums is sort of just not in motion for people sitting in their respective places and seats throughout the world.

Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing

7- Further in Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing, it is also true that what is going on across the globe should benefit every economy in every capacity. Perhaps, the religion of Islam must persist and coherent laws should be made to prevent #damage and unnecessary laws to outlay the existing governments across the globe.

8- Evil politics and voodoo politics must end. It should be the end of Magic and in the 21st century, pseudo men such as Trump and Modi should be ousted and new talents across the globe should be given a chance of taking charge of the world. (Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing).

9- You cannot drive out economies based on your opinion and jurisdiction. It is not possible for you to run economies based on your stances and then making sure other parts of you across the globe do the same to oust long year governments such as Monarchy in England (#Applause: (Brexit and Boris). [Lets not forget how similar a face both Trump and Boris have). This itself is LGBT.

10- The #Universe is not going anywhere. You decisions of a day or two could easily be made with insistence or hesitation or whatever it is. However, don’t forget that these *THUMPTHUMP*- Big Decisions are Taken on Fronts but The Next Day, That Shall Fall On You As well, (TRUMP), will Be the Same As The Days Of The Other One. It is a Race, if you are playing it and if it is that personal, then you will be blown out of every proportion and these proportions are internal so it starts with your gut. And information? Forget it. This is from The Devil.

Decoding The World: 10 Original Pieces Of Writing

Tech Unveiled

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The World: A Bizarre Outlook

By on July 31, 2019

The World: A Bizarre Outlook

The world outlook seems meager and bizarre, for things are seemingly at a definite halt.

It looks to me and it appears to be that there is War and even if it isn’t, then these are definite signs of war on the whole.

In a comprehensive read up of the World, we look at many different factors.

For one, India is at War with China and is in cohesive effort with Trump to bring down the East Asian region. Modi is backed by Trump and these are clear indications of his supposed wrath for the Muslims.

War: Tech Unveiled

On the other hand, Trump is in full fight with China, as he is aiming to bring down the technology sector in the country.

First, it was his trade war and now, it is his attitude towards the Western economy. The Eastern economy, he doesn’t take much seriously except Saudi Arab, which has gold, oil and silver presiding there, by in large.

Let’s not forget that these three are priceless commodities and commodities are not that easy to get.

Hence forth, to conclude, it is important to say that Trump is fighting a war and the war is succulent and prudent.

On the other hand, it is important to see what is going on in Pakistan.

A grim outlook of the country shows that there are attacks on all boundaries of the country. NWFP is at war, so is Baluchistan. Karachi has been drowned by floods, with about 12-20 reported deaths and then we have India, which is igniting the war and is some what paying a price for it.

Things seem weak. However, the quick reminder is that these are lives and a lot of people are dying.


In Afghanistan, there was an important gun men set up which blew off many people. On the other hand, India seems to be bothering Muslims in the country and Afghanistan in general. That appears to be Modi’s strong hold in the economy. Seems like Modi hasn’t learnt his lesson in the past few months.

Moreover, there also has been a flood in River Chenab as India has released its water without any information as such.

Interestingly, Pakistan had been a little normal till Ramadan. However, since Ramadan, there have been so many bombs that the collateral damage for the leaders of the country is quite prominent and huge.

On the other hand, there has been a major river flood and flooding in general in Europe and they are saying that it could create a big economic havoc in the region.

Things don’t look good on any front. (Globally and Economically). Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

Stay Tuned At Tech Unveiled.

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Stocks 2019: News Snippets

By on July 24, 2019

If you are a stock enthusiast, here are the top snippets from today: Stocks 2019

Stocks 2019: Tech Unveiled

1- ASX 20 Gets An All Time High: Read here. (Indication: Positive).

2. China Launches STAR to Boast Stock Market: Read here. (#Emerging Businesses)

3. Dow Falls To New Levels: Read here. (Controlled by Mr. T).

4. Stocks fall because trade progress is disturbed. Read here. (#CurrentPolitics).

5. The Apple iOS Update: Read Here.

Stocks 2019: Tech Unveiled

6. Apple stocks could hit new all time highs: Read here.

7. CannTrust drops significantly: Marijuana gets hurt. Read here.

8. KSE Turns Upwards March: Read here.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

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There’s A New CEO At Warner Bros- She’s A Woman

By on June 25, 2019

In brand new updates, Warner Bros has hired a brand new former BBC executive named Ann Sarnoff.

Warner Bros new CEO is making history with the holdage the company has.

As of new reports, Sarnoff will be joining John Stankey, who is the CEO of Warner Media.

Stankey will be joining and replacing Kevin Tsujihara at Warner Bros. For now, what we know is that this the news is quite commemoratory.

John Stankey will be bringing a lot to the table. She has previously seen many monetization methods and all of these skillsets that she carries will be held dearly by their team.

Warner Bros: Technology

In a press release, it was remarked that Ann has shown cohesive ability to innovate and grow revenues. It has embraced the evolution that is taking place in their industry.

It is a big time changer in history and this has never happened before.

Nonetheless, it seems like a split second into momentum this year and its a big and a first for Warner Bros- I guess history is being made.

Stay Tuned.

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How To Say No And Stay Sober

By on June 19, 2019

How To Say No And Stay Sober

If you really want to succeed in today’s time, you have to make sure you know how to say no. Saying no can do you a lot of favors especially drive motivation within and guide you to your true purpose.

Honestly, the truth is that nobody wants to hear a no. Everybody is out there to get to their true purpose in life. However, how many are they hurting along the way would perhaps be history for them.

The truth is:

Nobody waits for you essentially but rather, everyone is ‘trying to make an incision entry of themselves’. It’s not about YOU (for the other person) but everything is for You. Once you realize it, your belief will get strong and you’ll get some affirmation on your true purpose in life.

Everybody has goals. Everybody has aspirations but nobody wants to get disturbed while they are trying to attain what is written for them. Therefore, the importance of saying no to one to drive yourself to your highest purpose is the best way out in this over excessive life.

History Speaks For Itself

If you look at history, every artist, book writer, singer-songwriter or anyone else for that purpose, talks about ‘light’ or positivity or motivation perhaps. However, have you ever wondered where they go with this notion and what happens to them after all this motivation?

If you look at things deeply, you will realize that people are always looking for the truth and that’s where their motivation springs from. However, over time, everybody goes through ‘life’ and it might have taken the time to reach their true purpose.

So, the idea here is to understand all sides of the story and never to coincide with one’s specific efforts. Also, before someone gets to your purpose, you should get to their purpose instead by stopping them by simply saying No.

Also, you never know who’s who these days so it is better to avoid. And if someone’s trying to get too close to you, it means there is a big problem.

how to say no: aay store
how to say no: aay store

The Biggest Problem We Face Today

One of the biggest problems today is for one to say no. I say, there should be no more niceties because we’ve already been too humane for the world. There have been nice people and there have been bad people. The truth is that now, between nice and bad, there is a line which is called the ‘integrating line’. For humans who try to get to your true purpose, it is going to be called extinguishing light or a sling shot right through your brain. We all have this line within, which is our bare minimum.

Hence, the best way is that before they get to your true purpose, you better say no and if they don’t listen to your no, they better succumb to all that they wrote themselves for you through your eyes till their heart only. (That’s a tit-for-tat, the Ultimate principle of life).

The problem these days is that nobody gets the message. The issue arises when one starts to cross your line; the conflict starts which is the other person’s motive and that is where the war arises. Therefore, before this war, it is important to say no to avoid a greater mess through a bigger glory- the end of the one who starts the mess or ignites the fire.

Nafs: Gut: Eye

Also, remember, everyone is fighting a war, the war within one’s self. This includes a battle within, in an attempt to stay sane, against what we called your, “nafs” (in Islam: Nafs = your gut and the hold on your gut, which is a hold on your ownself).

β€œUntil you learn how to confidently say NO to so many things, you shall always say YES to so many things. The real summary of a regretful life is a life that failed to balance YES and NO. Yes! A life that failed to recognize when to courageously say NO and when to confidently say YES!”
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

There have been so many books on how to say no and there is a need to emphasize for one to say no because these days, nobody knows how to respect a line.

They abuse you, they be with you, they mingle with you and they go back to their respective places, their shells, their comfort zone, where they plan, inch by inch, your demise, one by one and nor do they reveal, nor do they tell.

Honestly, nobody can cross a line with you which means your respect, your passions, your motivations, your aspirations, your dreams, and your life. The problem these days is that not only is a person being eyed these days but they are rather getting stripped off of their belongings which includes themselves. There, is, therefore, a need, to draw a line and say No to the other person politely before they get out of their purpose to get to your purpose, which would be your heart per se!

Getting In One’s Heart

Getting to one’s heart is getting to and in their system, and once you get in someone’s business, they start collapsing, just as an individual would, if their ‘Maksad’ is being crossed by another just for some personal gains, laughs, khekhe’s and he‘he’s.

A lot of people have talked about how to say no. In fact, it has been a motivational topic for many speakers. Additionally, books have been written on how to say no.

If we are talking about how to say no and stay sober (pun intended), here are some motivation that will guide you to believe the importance of saying no, putting the other person aside, giving them a message and so, they don’t intervene in your purpose, your heart, mind and soul.

Quotes on How To Stay No.

β€œLove yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious.  You get to choose how you use it.  You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept.”
― Anna Taylor

β€œSometimes “No” is the kindest word.” – (for the ones who understand)
― Vironika Tugaleva

β€œTone is the hardest part of saying no.” – Tone matters!
― Jonathan Price, Put That in Writing

β€œWhen you say no to the wrong people, it opens up the space for the right people to come in.”
― Joe Calloway, Magnetic: The Art of Attracting Business

Looking For A Simple Formula? There’s None!

If you think about it, how to say no seems like a simple formula. It comes easy to the eyes and it comes easy on the face and it comes easy on the lips off one. However, the truth is, this advice is true for the good ones because the rest of the ones have already said no and are trying to succeed or portraying too. Though, the heart is still one and it’s all YOU that has gone through all of it. The story? It’s going to be a win-win always for the ones who have betrayed you. And then, the underlying meaning for you in this would be to learn from your surroundings and then learn how to say no.

how to say no: aaystore

By learning how to say no, you will get the following:

  • A little bit of love
  • Some perspective as to how you have to succeed this life whilst and between all that is going on around you
  • Its never going to be easy though learning how to say no can definitely help you succumb to a certain things and then becoming afresh about your needs and then going for those needs one by one and Step-By-Step.
  • You should learn how to say no and that will allow you to succeed in this life but things will always be taken one by one. and that is perspective for you.

Books on how to say no:

The art of saying no: Damon Zahariades

How to How To Say No: Without Feeling Guilty: Patti Breitman

The Power Of A Positive No: William Ury

Stay tuned.

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Apple Outperforms Since Dot Com Bubble

By on June 12, 2019

Apple Outperforms Since Dot Com Bubble

Apple has done something that it hasnt done in so many years.

According to reports, Apple shares have gained about 1% for about 6 straight sessions now. This is their biggest gain since 2000.

What is evident is that Apple’s stock has finally rallied in about many, many years. Moreover, after 20 failed attempts, there has been a shortage of and in a dot com bubble which is affecting people in many and every sense.


AAPL +1.16%, rose by 1.2% on Tuesday to post a 6th straight win. This is Apple’s longest winning streak since the 7th day stretch in April.

Apple stock has gained 23.5% for the year and it has a SPDR Technology Select Sector which has gained by 24.2%. The Dow industrials DJIA dropped -.0.05%.

Moreover, along with this, Amazon is up by 0.16% and Facebook Inc. FB (+1.88%).

On the other hand, consumer inflation has hit 15 month highs. According to reports, fueled by food prices, the consumer price index was up by almost 2.7% in May as compared to a year earlier. Accelerating growth by about 2.5% in April, food prices rose in the month of May to about 7.7% which is its fastest pace in the past three years, after it climbed to 6.1%.

Non food prices have climbed by 1.6%, as it moderated to about 1.7% increase by April.

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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What’s Wrong With Technology In Pakistan?

By on June 10, 2019

Has anyone noticed what we have noticed in technology in Pakistan these days. Have you ever wondered what happens to technology all of a sudden; as in you are browsing your phone, your Internet and suddenly good things start to emerge? (ads) or just that things start slowing down or start lagging perhaps.

Moreover, do you know that there are many major issues with technology in Pakistan that it would be a shocker to realize what the loopholes essentially are.

Being In Pakistan

I am in Pakistan and certain problematic concerns are ruining the global economy, including Pakistan itself. This is especially true as far as technology in Pakistan is concerned.

If we are talking about technology in Pakistan, certain major broad liners are BIG problems with the country’s technology itself such as:

  • Lack of technology itself
  • Slow Internet Speeds
  • Lags and delays

Recent Changes In Technology These Days

Change in Google Search Console

The Google SEO Search Console has become a very complicated ordeal. In fact, it is one of the main problems emerging for many on the forefront as websites are on a slowdown because of this very problem.

The new Google Search Console’s version is far more complicated the first one. Moreover, it has made accessibility quite difficult. Thereby, many websites are struggling.

While the first Google Search Console was easy to understand by those who understood it properly, the New Google Search Console was rolled out immediately without the users having a proper say in it.

Emerging as one of the major problems in technology in Pakistan, the idea here should be to try the use of mediums, articles, blogs or YouTube tutorials to understand how this works.

You can understand the New Google Search Console and many have too but there are certain technical glitches in it that is making the websites struggle to a huge extent.

The new search console is making it difficult for those who are trying to use technology in Pakistan as it is affecting their website rankings.

Moreover, it is also making the analytics part of the website very problematic and it is therefore, not that understandable.

Tutorial For Google Search Console

Copyrights Reserved Pakistan

A huge problem in Pakistan is the lack of Copyrights reserved. Whether you are talking about technology in Pakistan or the overall country’s landscape in general, you will see that it is one of the main Asian countries that faces huge problems because of Corruption.

Corruption in Pakistan has been a huge issue since its birth. Corruption in this country means being involved in every level, being a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’. The ones who are ruling this country are the ones that are taking a share out of what they have worked for or presented to the people. Nonetheless, the answer for corruption is that they have been using the state money in any case so the money was never theirs.

It is time to end corruption in Pakistan for it to bear greater grounds and beef.

Since the leaders of this country are so corrupt, there is no medium ground or over ground for the citizens of the country. Everybody is working for themselves, spending what they have and then running another day without any break. Moreover, magic, playing with the hidden, being cryptic and bullying remains a huge problem in the country. In fact, these are the things that are joked about or taken lightly by so many that this country hasn’t moved an inch behind or an inch less from where it started from.

As far as a political indictment would be, technology in Pakistan will improve if you first get the copyrights enacted.

This means that nobody can copy ideas of software, take information through illegal measures (check mobile carriers: Mobilink, Ufone and others), no phone tapping, no cameras in the country to take a look at the normal homes or anything above or less.

Pakistan will suffer greatly if it is not taken care of. Ideally, every thing in the country should pass the bar and by the minimum. There should not be any free loot. There should be contractary agreements and contradictory increments. Nobody should be pirate free and every body should succumb to a proper center in order to maintain and enable privacy and increase.

Additional Feelings

Let us not forget that enacting Copyrights in this country would give people their money back- be it celebrities or anchors, whose money it is and then it would also mean fair judgement in the country and lastly, it would make it easy for the current government of Pakistan to take things step by step and tackle things one by one too.

It is a perfect solution and a slow but steady step to end this loot ‘bazari‘ in this country, as well as putting the rest others (check PML-N, PPP) and other “fighting parties”, trying to be the “face of the country” to step back and let the current ruling party reign and run this country called ‘p-aaa-k-isss-t-aaan‘ – (naan,aan,kaan,shaan,paan,laan, baan) etcetc.

Pakistan is on a lack of technology and the problems are so evident but there essentially is no help because there is absolutely no help, not even divine help.

Access to Upwork- Another Problem In Pakistan

While Fiverr makes a responsible choice as far as freelance work is concerned, Upwork is still not working or is probably on the loose. Upwork profiles don’t get accepted in Pakistan anymore. This, according to many, is one of the problems with the technology in Pakistan.

Having a personal experience with Upwork, I realized that it used to accept profiles but now it really doesn’t.

The reason behind this could probably be the lack of support for Pakistanis on the medium by the US, after the new US government. There could be many other factors too.

Access to Upwork would mean a lot of money because that is how the pay scale and payout is with this company.

Cyber Security

Another major problem with technology in Pakistan is cyber security. Cyber security has been a problem since a very long time. It IS an everyday thing. However, in Pakistan things have never shined ‘bright through’.

Cyber security has caused a lot of problems in the country. People are being fooled most of the time with carriers such as Mobilink, Ufone, Zong and others. Truth be told, these are the same companies that have their handheld devices out and rolled.

One of the best solutions to cyber security would be to take care of the information that is being leaked or tapped or covered by mobile carriers. Moreover, the internet should be checked too as to where the information regarding the information transferred Over the internet is going.

Cyber security is a huge responsibility and cyber crimes are one of the most dangerous problems this country is facing. To tackle cyber crimes, the best way and measure is to take care of policy i.e. the people, their mobile usage, their spending, expenditures and more.

Any leakage of information is Breach and any efforts taken to take care of this breach is a lack of information and that, perhaps, is the biggest breach.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

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Pakistan: An Insightful Look

News: #Conferences, #Technology, #Environment, #Business

By on May 30, 2019

News Updates:

30th May, 2019.

Special News:

1- #Eid special Trains launched: Booking’s Open: Read here.

2- #Kuwait announces #EidUlFitr #Holidays. Read here

3- #Iran and the UnitedStates.. Iran responds to US: Read here.

4- #Pakistan commemorates #Malaysian returns: PK 322. Read here.

5- #Germany Hopes For Something Eerionic: Read here.

News: Tech Unveiled

Other News

  1. Saudi Arab Invites #Qatar To #Iran: Read here.
  2. Gogo Develops #5G Networks For Planes: Read here.
  3. iRobot’s New Cleaning Robots To Vacuum House: Read here.
  4. Good news for Africa- #SouthAfrica hints towards learner government: Read Here
  5. US-China Trade War May Escalate: Read here
  6. Oil prices drop, trade war escalates: Read here.
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Indy 500: Why It May Cancel?

By on May 26, 2019

Indy 500: Why It May Cancel?

Indy 500 may cancel and people placing their bets on it are cancelled and worried. (Indianapolis 500).

There are many fans of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and it is the great spectacle in Racing but it may stop because of thunderstorms and racing.

The Indy 500 is due to take place this weekend and thousands of fans will be called in.

While many fans will gather at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and festivities are due on Friday, there is lightning expected and a thunderstorm due on Friday which may close the gates early.

Racing fans and drivers will be speeding on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Indy 500 (Indiania 500) awaits the big decision and there are bets being placed on them so we’ll decide when the Indy 500 takes place, after 100 days. (Let’s keep it at that πŸ˜‰ )

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Trending News: Clowns, crypto-ism And Elections

By on May 22, 2019

Trending News: Clowns, Crypticism And Elections

Top trending news for May 22nd, 2019 shows there is a lot of crypto-ism going on in the world today.

People are dying, riots are in, people are folding up, losers are hanging in and shit is happening!

It’s real and it is true. The higher truth? You’re in for a surprise.


Halloweens: When is Halloween?

October 31, 2019: Tech Unveiled
Trending news: Tech Unveiled
1- Global Trending News
  1. Putin And Trump Are Trying To Weaken The EU: CNBC: Link
  2. Walking Robot Will Deliver Your Packages: Link
  3. Fox News reports Mexico’s rise in war crime: Link
  4. China And US Trade War Continues: Link
2- Trending news in the release: May 23rd, 2019
  1. British Steel Mill Collapses, 5,000 jobs at risk: Link
  2. Americans ACCEPT That Tariffs Are Bothering Them: Link
  3. Top Raking Stocks: Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Pure Storage: Link
  4. Russia’s opinion contradicts with Turkey Over Missile Sale: Link

3- Technology News

  1. CNBC reports rise in Modi’s Decline: Link
  2. Unusual Uncertainty Stocks Drop: Link
  3. Markets Are Being Punished And Stocks are Low: Link
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