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Power Of God: The Divine Source

By on January 18, 2020

Power of God/Islam/TheDivineSource/TheFundamentals/TheBasics

Power of God: When there is a Daddy in town and it’s not you, why do you be the daddy?

Okay! ; and when there is a daddy and you know it, it was better to stop and not be the daddy.

You went against me and even if the right arrow is your shizzle and mizzle is Khan-khan-(churiyan).. te yaaara.. Tu... TuTrumpuItBetterYouNotInvolvuOtherwisePointBlankAlsoGotAHalUandItsAllu.

Trump Admits Solemani Murder.

If you cannot deal with the reality or get past the real fortnite in this life but before that dusk till dawn and then prayer and fajr and tahajud and prayers and routine, mood, friendships and “stuff”.. then you really can’t say that you are the ruler of the World esp. if you are not obeying what five religions do and practice. Thats for America and Maga. (Of course for tadda).

Then you should have just bowed down and made an announcement yourself the very first day of January 20th, 2019.

But since you are Trumpet – the anti-Allah and the so-called Devil and the reverse of trilogy and then names and then becoming him for your special friends and testing a soul beyond limits, thats what the result comes out as- if only you were remotely learned as a #Muslim or a common man. Nonetheless, your days are over tada. I am Maga and whether mega or maga, Point Blank says Hallaaao from the otherrr sieeede- Please don’t get Adele in trouble for this website, Dear Daddy of All. or perhaps, was.


Trump Admits Solemani Murder: Tech Unveiled

Lets get him behind bars.

CNN said that in the audio, Trump did not repeat that Soleimani was an imminent threat. Trump said Soleimani was “saying bad things about our country” before the strike, which led to his decision to authorize his killing.”

Stay tuned.

Islam wins

The Ellen Show.

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The ‘Unknown Problem’ In The World- The Realm of Hidden

By on January 17, 2020

The ‘Unknown Problem’ In The World- The Realm of Hidden

Life has been going on for eons and things are still the same. The focus now should be on “The ‘Unknown Problem‘ In The World- The Realm of Hidden”- The Answer.

After all, there are Still too many problems in the World but if you look at it, the problems are the same. Nobody can get on the patterns, unless its open war between a certain few and ‘no one is allowed to talk’ because that is based on the ‘power of few’. Lets say a Prime Minister and a Very Pious Man who is well known for his #Islam and the latter, a #disgrace to the nation, men and women alike.

Over the years, everybody has wanted an answer to The ‘Unknown Problems’ In The World- The Realm of Hidden and no one has the ‘givenstated.euro.pointblank.’ answer to it; forget solutions.

1- Too Much Technology

All solutions to now what we can refer to as Artificial Intelligence already (the real realm); we need an answer for existence. Trust me, nobody has that right now.

Whether it be mechanics or robotics, people or work, money or food, everything is there and everything is the same.

Lets not be aloof to the fact that forgery still exists as well. Misdeeds and miscalculations on people, with the fact that they are there, and that is a ‘given’, is the worst global situation and one that needs an answer.

When you hear someone or sense danger, move away. Someone is there. If you see things, too many, too piercing and too sharp, don’t shy away- they are people and in that instance, you would know. Even if they are shadowseriouslines.

2- Anything Against Nature Is Against You

The reasons for why people would have wanted something from you that they are appearing in front of you as ‘shadows’ is not any sign but there to ‘still keep you alive’. The answer is to keep away. That is perfection. (to avoid suicide in an attempt to get rid of it or being bothered about it- or to fight someone in the hidden).

Whether it be Bill Gates or say Queen Elizabeth; who hasn’t seen money, life, wonder and Grace. However, even the elitists sit together now for having a ‘brunch or two’ to discuss ‘world problems‘. However, the ‘grave’ problems are so many that when you start feeling exhausted you start to wonder where the rest of it will go. Moreover, if you think it isn’t your problem but the environments’ to fix it self by the ‘self mechanism’ of the universal characteristics of the Universe, life is for you to enjoy.

I sat down today to read the latest news and an update for 2020 and realized that things are pretty much the same. Threat seems to be in the air but it is just revenge now, on a global perspective and now I guess, too many people have realized its irrelevant.

What If There Already Is A Devil?

There are too many ”unknown” problems in the World because they are created by the Knowns’. If something is not there, how can it be? It is there for a reason.

There is also no fun of life if there is nothing otherwise, it will actually be nothing. However, to go through life and yaraara.. Don’t know what can be said. (We Walk By Blood).- For the #Killers.

World problems don’t exist internally. They are ‘created’ by men and the negative ones and especially for women to get in the system and reverse it. That is ACTUALLY the EVIL in the world and evil persists. Even the way on talks to you and how you feel it is exactly what the person means.

Do you shy away or sit away or run away? You shy away and let it go away.

How To Fix The Human Race

Honestly, in a 2020 century, there is absolutely nothing the world needs now. Everyone has technology, etcetc. What they would need is Health.

When the system goes in reverse (too many people dying, too many people are sick or too many ‘given’ or ‘stated’ sicknesses (esp. cancer or Aids), they are done by people and they do exist, still. HIV can be categorized as a smaller notion of AIDS for a deeper notion of entrapping one with HIV to a larger dose of AIDS itself.

and unfortunately, the human gut doesn’t have enough to take care of any of it, be it breath as well, if you realize.

The Human Race has been sabotaged and we need to stop believing it but ACT ON IT. ‘#ActOnIt.

Another rule of life is:

When you or have been or were ever sick, it was literally another persons’ effort to literally do that to you too (in many real cases and pointblank but more; theguts’ eye itself’ – the ‘self’ and the self has been as easy to blow as an entire home of 4).

Who hasn’t put money on the environment, who hasn’t helped the poor, who hasn’t lived in style; who hasn’t died and who hasn’t persisted).

When everybody start to sense something, it is time to give up.

The Only Problem in the world are People; be it the fact that they are the ones who are the human race- but the self instead and succinct efforts of everyone to bring the other down, materially, physically and everything by literally being there and chewing their tongues or gritting their teeth to embarrass you and bring you down- by the mind, to the butt, till the groin and from the nose to point blank and point blank to the center of your forehead- your eye.

Cryptic/NonCryptic Eye- The Answer” The Right Of #Allah.

It is the #Cryptic-noncryptic (Shit)-in my language but actually, you are the only one who’s in the right for yourself to the end. Honestly, every effort you see and sense is the others’. Be it any World Leader or a Group of World Leaders or Two combined in One to take on the Universal Force by some measure; this is the ‘unknown problem’ in the World many had been eyeing and the answer to this is one.

Shoot them at point blank without an inch of the muscle to make it real ; right in their groin, by their forehead muscle, in the groin and towards their real muscle; their bloodygroin on their forehead- ‘a person persisting the the reverse deliberately and for that reason- and thats a known murderer.

What happened to murderers in history? They probably ate themselves up. Fear stems from self, self starts from breath and breath is just 10 seconds away and so is death ;-).

Let the universal forces guide you and let the #correctivemechanism take place. Things will automatically fall in place.

(All of this with respect to: The Bait) Devil and Allah.

Unfortunately, their creators are already here and to sum all of it up is.. I don’t want to reveal it but. (2 of the Most Hated World Leaders today). (The Devil Himself). Trumpu. I swear, he just needs attention and food.

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PSA-Fiat Chrysler, Recent, Billion Dollar Deal

By on January 3, 2020

PSA-Fiat Chrysler, Recent, Billion Dollar Deal

PSA, French multinational manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles, and Fiat Chrysler, Italian American Company, announced a new, breakthrough deal with one another, 6 weeks ago. Both giants are going for an ‘all share merger’ through a $50 billion deal.

The deal is massive and through this huge, big deal, well-known names in the automobile industry are coming together. These include Fiat, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and Maserati, DS, Opel and Peugeot.

The move by Fiat Chrysler and PSA shows a binding agreement and a merger that will change the Global Car Industry forever.

Clear Insights On The Deal

The aim of the two manufacturers coming together is an effort to cut major costs and come under one roof.

Their aim is to cut costs by $4.1 billion per year without essentially closing factories.

At the moment, recession is evident and 2020 just started. The two manufacturers have come together to help with the efforts of the automotive industry. While the year might be tough, a big merger such as this one will impact things positively.

The Deal And Outcomes

The PSA/Fiat Chrysler is a massive deal that shows collateral bi-leadership. The essence and key of it is to understand that with the merger of these two companies, something huge is coming to the table. Both companies are together to boost the purpose of a solidified automotive industry. It is being said that within few weeks of its instance, things will materialize and start falling into place soon.

What Can Be Expected Off Of This Deal

As far as this deal is concerned, it can be said with utmost certainty that the deal will help in breaking the jargon in the Global Industry: And Help in Transforming The Car Industry.

Previously, the global industry had a worth of $4 trillion. The numbers of businesses prevalent in 2019 were 594,980 and annual growth in the industry from 2014 to 2019 experienced a 2.7% point change.

Both PSA and Fiat Chrysler have come together to refine the industry. The pledge is huge and the numbers are significant. What can be said about this deal is that Good Things Will Come Through.

PSA-Fiat Deal: Explained.

Graph: 1.0

If you look at it closely, PSA-Fiat Chrysler is one of the oldest in the industry. They combine big European operations under political/trade unions who have promised to resist any move or motive to cut jobs.

Their purpose is big:

To help the industry: and efforts of supply/demand (incessant increases & decreases) to assure consistency in the automotive industry and economy per se.

As of now, there are few significant problems in the global automotive industry including the following:

  • ­Big economic slowdown
  • Lack of business activity
  • Stricter emission norms (From BS-IV to BS VI)
  • Compliance is towards new safety reforms (Costly Vehicles; More Economic Losses).

PSA-Fiat Chrysler merger will be bringing together the Peugeot family, which is well known in the automotive industry (a 130 year old company), to tackle subsequent problems in the car industry and Fiat.

Furthermore, the overall perspective is to make things more efficient. Other names that are a part of this deal are: Fiat Agnelli Clan, of which, John Elkann (the scion of the company) will be holding the combined group.

The board will be held by 11 strong individuals, who will be holding a 5 member nominated deal by the PSA and the FCA. There will be labor representatives from both.

Their agenda is: let’s bring back things together’: Bigger And Better.

The deal is big and one of the most-awaited of 2019. This deal could be very fruitful for the car industry.

Important Details About The Deal

If this merger is led significantly, shareholders will be receiving a $4.67 per share a dividend. PSA shareholders will be receiving a spin off stake in Faurecia (France) as well; with a €1.22 per share a dividend.

For now, Fiat Chrysler is trading at a preferable 7% discount against the PSA.

Furthermore, a lot has been written about the planned merger between the two big names in the industry. This merger will include Fiat Chrysler (NYSE: FCAU) and (BIT: FCA), along with French PSA Group (OTCPKL PEUGF) and (EPA: UG) to create the biggest automaker in the world (and now the 4th largest) amongst others.

According to the company, the binding agreement between the mergers suggests the following.

The difference in this merger and why it is attracting so much attention is the fact that Fiat Chrysler and PSA is essentially a merger of equals (50-50). The merger is complex than your usual average stock merger.

Fiat Chrysler, in and over the course of 2020, is subject to a 1.1 billion euro ordinary dividend. This will be working to $0.78 a share.

Furthermore, shareholders will be receiving a 5.5 billion euro special dividend or let’s just say a $3.89 a Fiat Chrysler share.

Moreover, as far as the PSA shares are concerned, PSA will be spinning off a 46% stake in Faurecia (OTCPK: FURCF) (EPA: EO) and a French automotive supplier to its shareholders.

The Deal

PSA-Fiat Chrysler is an interesting merger because there is a lot at stake. It is huge because it is bringing together big, renowned names in the industry.

The essence of this deal is that once things get going in the right direction, there will be a lot of steady changes in the global car industry. Things will start moving at a fast pace.

Once it starts, things will simmer down soon. The new deal will be bringing in more man power and realistic returns. When there are realistic returns returns, there will be close and higher productivity and therefore, maximum returns (overtime).

The benefits of this deal could easily outweigh the negatives of this deal and result in profits easily. Once this deal gets the support of the masses, it will automatically be enough to generate employment as well.

Conclusive Summary

PSA-Fiat Chrysler deal is important because it is a gateway for consistent pathways. This deal, if it materializes fully, will turn into a billion dollar matchup.

The purpose behind this big, massive, Chrysler and Peugeot’s deal is to try to tackle the structural upheaval in the auto industry. Their idea is to first reshape the car industry, as it is going through a tricky phase of transformation.

Things are slow on the automotive end. Common problems include blockage in pipelines, low returns, lack of apprehension, slow movement and activity. The new merger, however, is here to solve all of that.

The PSA-Fiat merger will need approval from both European and U.S. regulators. Financing will be a concern but Peugeot’s involvement with Dongfeng as well, a China based company and others in the same deal, will stick well with the goal of the company.

However, if we talk about the concerns of this deal and the facts emerging from it, we can say that it will take time for things to materialize (off of this merger) but once it does, it would mean bigger and better things.

Politics also play a major role in this deal.

I can also say that if this deal materializes in the next 2-3 years, it will have enough space to essentially let the outflow of cars to other countries and free transport in their own countries. The deal will open many barricades to development and lead to economic prosperity.

The PSA-Fiat Chrysler deal is one of the most talked about deals in the industry. The problem with this deal is that it will not suffice to exemplary stance if it is not real. Secondly, if it is real, then it could definitely help with the upward and downward pipeline in the car industry and switch things back to normal. There is a lot of money involved and who doesn’t need cars.

If the deal materializes fully, it will help with returns such as:

  • Successive returns in the first year of operation
  • Better results in the next year after the year of operations
  • Improvement after the 3rd year of maximum operations
  • Higher profits, returns, success, overall peace and wellbeing (which will result in massive gains for the company and stability in the automotive industry- through their efforts and work).

PSA-Fiat deal is a confirm development and stamp towards elongated growth. It is a matter of conscience now that the World wakes up to terrible enhancements in “reverse” and move towards the Right direction. Big mergers such as these ones will turn out to be an undeniable force to overcome all directional problems especially in the automotive/automobile industry. 


The PSA-Fiat Chrysler deal hasn’t even started yet and it has already attracted global attention. It is aiming towards bringing enhanced growth and cooperation. We can also say that with the help of this deal, major problems in the automotive industry can be dealt with easily and securely. This, however, is if, things come to stance effectively. The benefits of this massive deal will breakthrough barriers in the global automobile industry.

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News: 21st December 2019: Feature

By on December 21, 2019

If you are a fan of finding out the latest news snippets in the blink of an eye, here are 10 to get you started.

1- Pakistan gets on the US’s religious Watch List. Read here.

2- Lahore chokes: 2nd lowest quality in the World: Read here.

3- Prince Philip Admitted To Hospital: Read here.

4- Michael Jackson’s Cases Open: Read here.

5- Mr. Imran Khan and His Anger: Read here.

(Mr. Ballzy, aka Mr. Curious Case of Abnormality in the Religous Sphere of he Universal Diaries. His ‘Rutshell’. Nothing more than a man and nothing less than ice.).. Or perhaps; Nothing more than a ‘middleman’ 😉 ;-))) and nothing less than a Hypocrite. I can bet my life many people are calling his name for answers and many that want his a** for the real answers. Let’s get this man behind Bars* ;-);-). Could be anyone’s anger. Sweet kid shouldn’t have messed with “The World”.

6- Imran Khan gets substance against Blasphemy case; that means he did ‘blaspheme’ in the first place, didn’t he? Read here.

I don’t think we can call them Saudis. It is all Muslims. Read here.

(Also, a scary face such as Khan’s will automatically ignite fire as everything screams in the #Universe when something is not right). Read here. It is a clear case of hypocrisy and dragging the normal subject through different masses. All him. Isn’t the state of the Country itself proof of his failure? Let’s get him behind bars.

(Link).. Link.


Khan putting everyone to shame; Argument: He is the PM, defense, You do it first; Problem? Himself. His identity? Laughing all the time. That’s’ the sign of a weak personality. Ask the people in Bani Gala or men in Pakistan, it will all make sense.

Read here. Read here. (Unfortunately, as this man is the opposite of anything remotely close to religion, on the basics as well. Then I can definitely say: Why is his speech not there on the Earthquake? Where is this Man and he is there.. But where is he? Hiding in remission or probably being the “Joker” to be conducting all of this act and still hiding. Time to come out baby. ;-).


Earthquake Sign Of “Change” From Imran Khan, Says Pak PM’s Aide; Trolled

Does Khan create an Earthquake? And as a common citizen, we often wonder too. Where is this man? zent on the percentage; It’s his Calling! 😉 ;-).

More news Snippets.

7- Three former bosses in Europe jailed: Read here.

8- Uber vows to change policy to avoid Germany ban. Read here.

9- Syria Jeopardized once again: Read here.

10- Trump slams US evangelical magazine that called for his removal. Read here.

11: US and China start talks on Nuclear Arms. Read here.

Stay tuned.

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5 Tricks To Get Your System Working

By on December 19, 2019

5 Tricks To Get Your System Working

Health is one of the most essential things everybody prays for and it is vital to get our systems in order.

If we are talking about systems, here are 5 tricks to get your system in good working order.

5 Tricks To Get Your System Working.

The body is essentially One by nature and given by God.

God is a higher power that can help but it is always invisible and it is always an effort to help.


Allah is real. God might be terminology you refer to as the higher source in the universe. It is unknown to fight with the #unknown and that’s how we test our limits. This is where #freewill comes in and unfortunately, for many and some, FreeWill doesn’t end. 5 Tricks To Get Your System Working.

5 Tricks To Get Your System Working: Tech Unveiled

However, the bottom line and the silver lining is that there is #time and #efforts never go futile. As is Allah to all is Allah to everyone.

*There is no discrepancy between the higher power or the higher source. The higher source is always here).

If we look at #2019, we can say it is the same bloody bass again. Are the ahead years going to be better or what? Lets look at #2020 instead.

Nonetheless, the companies in 2020 are going to stay the same and so will be the people #runningtheworld right now.

What I can say is that, in any case, you need yourself to stand up and ‘ride till #2020’.


5 Ways To Get Yourself In #Order by #2020.

  • Focus on your system and start with your legs. Focus your energy on your legs and work on your system.
  • Target by the bone and flex your system to store the balance between the eye of your center and the back of your back.
  • Drink plenty of water and get your systems in order
  • Eat plenty but go for something that spices up the system a little
  • Go for the ‘ticks’ in the system. They are the #Divine.

#TheDivineSeed, #TheDivineMechanism, #TheDivineRestoration, #TheDivineSystem #TheDivineGoodness and the Divine Self.


Stay tuned.

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5 Heinous Crimes In The World

By on November 23, 2019

5 Heinous Crimes In The World

Hmph. As we look around The World, we see so many #Protests going on and it is not a good sign. (Cryptic-non-cryptic: The Difference/ Personal. Internal. Self. God Complex. Or Perhaps. You Yourself). Crime is everywhere; People have been dying. And it’s the world. Better yet we stop these crimes before the crime gets to us. (5 Heinous Crimes In The World).

The Bar that we are looking at is Corruption and socially, politically and morally, every Leader of the World is Correct and Morally Incorrect. (Since there are #Atheists in the #World). The “NON-BOOKERS”. Trump just “categorized” everything according to Himself. And he is a crook and a thief. Something similar to the image below.

Remember, The Truth Always Presides.

Sometimes we can get sarcastic at Tech Unveiled so we are going to write it down and you follow us.

Here’s 5 Truths Revealed About The World- Posted Here First.

1- Trump is like a Trumpet who blows or crowls as he likes. His name is associated with ‘Trumpet’ and in the #HolyQuran as “Trumpet Will Blow on the Day of Judgement. So everything becomes #Haraam as it is. As he is the “Presiding Authority Of The United States of America”.

2- Everything in the World that is in the Right will prevail and anywhere there is a disturbance, Remember that He (Allah) is near.

5 Henious Crimes In The World

3- Divine recognitions are Always True, as we and I mean all of us are very close on this Earth by proximity and decline. Also, the Bar of 10 is the one Set by His (Allah) Decree, the Highest In A Human Soul. 10 could be Death, Presidential bids, crimes, death, angelic, Trump or his “ways” of being Oh So Cute!

4- The World is not a place where you can shit in the #Universe or just #Sit perhaps, Trump and say, this is for *******. The Universe is calling out your names, resign or will do the rest.

“Or” could be… Perhaps, your schemes and your partnerships. The One Factor The One Form, The One Trump, the One Imran, The One Khan, The One Golie ;-). #TheGame. #ParallelUniverse. The Notion? Do or Die. The buffers? Anything that crosses them. The Message?

Your Daddy Doesn’t Own This Land.

5- Go Home. Queen Will Preside. Monarchy Will Reign and Trump will Die.


ScoobaGirl. *In Yakayaka and YadaYada land*.


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The Flawed System: Tech Unveiled

By on November 18, 2019

The Flawed System: Tech Unveiled

There are many things we don’t like and most things we like. However, if we leave the ‘rest‘, we can understand where we want to go (passion).

At The Moment Glipmse: #WorldView

*The Flawed System: Tech Unveiled*

#Prediction: and #Truth:

#Germany is struggling, (socio-economic factors), Pakistan is burning (apartheid factors), people are crying, (social factors), life is on, (Lots of factors). (The Qaum of Lot).

Right now, it seems #November2019 is ‘no more a big deal’ and the “gear” is towards #2020.

If we look at #technology, I am sorry, we have superseded race by 10 million.

If we are talking about the cost, then there is no answer and what’s left is a mystery.

#Pakistan needs a forefront and needs to go beyond its measure to become a consistent supply of #arms to Russia, Japan, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan is divided and we need a dividing line that can balance it out.

Secondly, corruption (and I cannot point it out further or bring it out more) is mainly on the agenda right now (#November) because of the Wall Street, The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Bricks and the Wall Hooters.


IslamIs: KhatimENabooat

*Trump, is the picture above your #personality?* You’re Cute.

Thirdly, this World is so 3rd grade and its better if we have something new to change the system.

Anything against the #systemflow is not right.

*The Flawed System: Tech Unveiled*.

If any flow is disturbed by the human race, everything in the #Universe tells you no.

The identification of “no” is within and the gut feeling is the reflex and the idea is the birth of another notion in your head.. by? #People of course.

Finally, belief in solidarity, peace, and humanity is necessary to keep things at a rest. We don’t need any more bombs. Rather than wasting your money on the ‘evil’, why don’t you focus on something better.. #Glorification.

Finally, about the flawed system: tech unveiled..

Rest, the #newfinancialyear is in and #markets are going crazy.

There is Volatility coming up, there is no sugar in Pakistan, things are heating up in South Africa, Pakistan is at a maze, Urdu is nowhere to be found.. It’s all hoo-la-la-la.

Further assessment reveals that everything is calculated and it’s according to a certain few people in the #World (#TheWouuuurld) and it couldn’t be anyone else but #Trumpet. I am amazed, if a man so big, horrendous and insistent about his ways cannot be kicked out of office by the common WORLD POPULATION, then I think its annihilation.


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What Does The World Need Right Now?

By on November 9, 2019

What Does The World Need Right Now?

The World is at a collective shock right now, as people are ‘moving at the speed of #light’, but no one is really seeing any #Light at the end of the tunnel.

We are talking about people here; the world is a “f-a-a-a-ar fetched” thought though.


Tell me, if you are trying to seek #light at the end of the tunnel though and running towards it too and then trying to get it and achieve it too, its an infinite loop and the loop is what You are in, so how do you come out of it?

*Through Rest-That is the only solicited answer for the #HumanRace that Trump and his so-called Bas*urds are after: Through Creating #Voices and #Shadows*- In The “Parallel World”.

What I Really Want To Say

My Assessment of the world or perhaps;; “The World” shows that this world is a mere description of blood loss, loose emotions, crassness, murder and “shurder”.

If we put an incision towards the way the start from or perhaps, in from where they begin from, we can Easily make out as to Who Is Struggling and What Is Going On.

Honestly, living in #Pakistan, I can tell you that the #Leader of the country has to #Lead the people of the country but it really doesn’t have to hide and get scared from the People themselves, if there is a #Revolt.

When you have a lot to hide, you can never come out of your own self, and if and yes that is you then honestly, there is Absolutely Nothing that can change that.

You can’t undo your doings, especially if it involves Murder or Perhaps, getting into one’s #Soul and getting things out of it.

It is a scary thought.

I am trying to deliver a message here. I am a Writer and an Economist, a Researcher and a Masters in Economics and Development Economics.

Trust me, I, as the #CommonMan, and then I’ll make this article on me, would Only Suggest the following to the Presiding Governments in the #World.

(#TheWorld)- For QueenElizabeth.

1- LGBT is no way of living because what is not natural will never suffice.

2- You cannot get in the #Hearts of people. #Magic is the way to get it and Magic can be so severe that it can lead you to #Death. For their own vested interests, and I am talking about “Big Collective Governments Here”.

#Trump, #Modi, TheHidden, Aka Khan, #Japan, #India and lets just say Europe.

3- Mr. Donald Trump is running on a fluss and he projects the fluss to be You. Human nature or the issue is that when #death comes near, it is time to stop things. Trust me, what you are trailing and who you are being trailed by is your schizophrenia because nothing can stop people from coming towards you, for #Revenge.

*As you are an #Atheist, As we are #Muslims*.

4- World should be united AGAINST Trump or whoever it is; His name is a joke and he is a fluss; though he’s got many weaponary. Unfortunately, he is creating terrorism like bombs and other things to take people towards #War; To ensure their things run out and before that, he has a lot in business and work such as “His Trump Towers”, His Loose Control, His Mojo and Perhaps.. Let’s just hope, not his #Movember.

5- I reconcile to point number 3, where I say that Mr. Donald. Trump. *and since he IS representing America at the moment* is the Biggest Thief, Lie, Liar, A Supporter of Theft, Religion and Anti Religon; His collar, muscles, legs, head- All are in #Space and He is.. #HandsDown, #PantsUp, YakaYaka or Regarega.

If we go by the #Muslim calender, launched by #SaudiaArabia certain days ago;

It is #Safar or #Safr ka maheena and #RabiUlAwal- The Day Of Joy When #Muhammad Was Born.

Then not they. THEY, #Muslims, remember their names and guess who gives the Glory?


#TheWorld is a nasty place but you have only One life. The idea here is to get the Flusses out of the way – and Flusses because they think every other is the Fluss; so of course we are going to think you as a fluss as well because e=mc2.. You are not Running on Earth or the Earth is not After You.. You are sitting in a zippy zone ahead of Trump as Dog or God, whatever he wants to refer it to.

Essentially. Times Up #America, We Are Getting Too Disturbed.

And sorry from #Pakistan, just a bunch of illiterates here and supporters who probably want to grab the ass of the PrimeMinister of Pakistan here or perhaps in his #dreams now or not even that- Oh sorry, that’s him himself.

UNLESS THERE IS NO SELECTIVE AUTHORITY ON THE PLANET, NO ONE AND I REPEAT NO ONE CAN CHANGE THE COLLECTIVE DAMAGE THAT THESE SO CALLED ‘PREMIERS’ HAVE ‘CREATED’, ‘WHAT THEY ARE PLANNING TO DO’ – The HOW’s are too common and obvious- Gun, War, Water, Continents, Bombing the shells, bombing the Heroine, bombing Love, people.. YADAYADA- that’s for Maga.






And if the Thy comes on to you, its time to fly ;-).

Give it up for..

#AllPremiersStartAndReady.. *Echoecho*.

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Hong Kong Sinks Into The Great Depression: Trump Flourishes; But Where?

By on November 2, 2019

Hong Kong Sinks Into The Great Depression: Trump Flourishes; But Where?

Trump flourishes, as the #World sinks into The Great Depression. Though, he is the President of the United States of America, and he is in love with a girl, who he really doesn’t know is, but.. Even Mr. Nouuthring is unsure about this girl called #Light.

Skipping down to the Reeeurl matters:

The Great Depression is in the Air. And sadly, #HongKong has reached that point. It is time for someone to Cash on Hong Kong and pass partnership to start #trading; #trading in #Ancillary, #Weapons, #AncillaryWeapons, Etc.

Now Is The Time To Start Buying- Copyrights Reserved.

My 2 Cents: The Great Depression (#2019).

I, However, Am in a shock and utter dismay that it is #2019 and the World has sunk into #depression all of a sudden.

Hong Kong, Japan and Korea are an example of what Trump is settling in. (The U.S- Latest News; Read Here)- 3rd November 2019.

He’s looking at the #CrimeRate of other countries, whereas he alone is prepping for #2020. It is #2019 #Trump, that is an age to go.

If we do go into depression, (#depression, #impactdepression, #impactbehavior etc.), then we have to look at the precise moment of start-age and stop-age to control the utter and sheer mess he has done on the #Muslims.

Trust me; #Muslims by blood are blood- United They Stand, Together They Fall. And if it Is :The Great Depression:, then we will all live it.

The Great Depression: Tech Unveiled

A #Muslim in a Muslim State (Yemen) cannot conduct such a horrific task of murdering tens of thousands of people.

If these countries are less by population and more by sparseness; then the #commoninterest of someone like #DonaldTrump would simply be to grab the land and start building on the #Notion of “Capitalism”.

Seriously and See:

This World is not to be taken that seriously but for those who have an innate sense of humanity in them will Stand by these Problems and make sure they find a reason why this is happening or happened. Essentially, in a nutshell, there was no other option; That was 2018 to 2019. We now come back to July 2018 and May 2019, and 2019 December to 29 “Athemper” (#aerosols, temperature, thuglife, aptitude thermometer).. etcetc.

Nonetheless, we have to believe in Time because that in itself is interia and the common ground is already you in that time by #Allah. (The Great Depression).

Allah is the Only Entity that has borne the Human Race and not only that but the #Universe itself.

All glory to him, may Allah save us from people like #Trump or in #Alias form: #Trumpet, #Trumpi, Trumehte, Truempeh etc).

My abbreviations would be:

T for Tomatoes, R for Rum, U for Uganda, M for Mum, P for Pakistan- D for Disturbance.

*Lights’ in*. Its time for #2080 now. Because The Great Depression is apparently sinking in and everyone would need cover.

#Brexit, #India, #China, #Japan, #Pakistan.


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7 Top Stories That Shocked The World Today

By on November 1, 2019

7 Top Stories That Shocked The World Today

As always, today is no exception to the Universal Law of motion. Yesterday was #Thursday and now we are sitting on #Friday.

Before I get to the 7 top stories that shocked the world today, here are few to get you started.

1- There is a Major Shock in the World All The Time- And No One Understands Why.

Essentially, I don’t understand what happens overnight but the truth is that.. SUCH major happenings, bombs, women, crassiness, Halloween, etc. and everything WHILST celebrating all of it (#Trump) and eyes wide shut; you open your eyes and there you have it, another major blunder on which the opposition has built upon.

Mr. Donald Trump, You are NOT God.

And remember: What goes around comes around.

If you are interested in the 10 top stories that shocked the world today, here they are:

Trump suggests that #BorisJohnson is a much better ally than Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy Corbyn essentially was under the eye before the Brexit. Trump wants Brexit for capitalism and conquership- Their fun is the #Queen and their joke is #Boris.

That’s what they essentially are themselves; Luckily, the #universe is running that something or the other will equalize themselves.

They are or want Brexit for capitalism, Money and #Trumps’ Vision.


2- Queen and her Classiness Amidst Brexit- Their only message is: We Are The Boss.

Well, we all know what is going on on the Earth front. Essentially, this link reveals a subtle comeback of the #Queen.

For the #Queen; lets forget the past and move on to the future.

Butt feces like #Boris and daddy, #Trump don’t suffice.

The end of the last para says it all. They are just hoping that they remain true to themselves because they have seen the past and They Know (HU- Whistleblower).

3- Top 3 Price Predictions in Stocks include BTC, ETH and XRP. There is some sort of a Bullish Reversal in the naught.

These include: Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP. (Stock Reviews)

4- 5 Gainers in the Healthcare Sector include:-

ELOX (Eloxx Pharmaceuticals Inc.), PolarityTE Inc. (PTE), EyeGate Pharmaceuticals Inc. (EYEG), Myovant Sciences Ltd. (MYOV) and STAAR Surgical Co. (STAA).

4- ISIS names a new leader.

The Islamic State revealed that Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Qurayshi will be the successor of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Essentially, even ISIS is a fraud because these names are of Allah Subhana’ta’Allah. I doubt any name starts with al- than His (#Allah’s). #ISIS is a fluss but I don’t think they are #Muslims. Someone is running them and its either #Khan or #Trump. They’re getting money out of it that is why they are there and they are living in ‘jahalat’ so they are practically without brains. Someone’s running the World and unfortunately its Trump and Pakistan.

5- Xiaomi mimics the Apple Watch-

It’s a first watch for Xiaomi and its running a competition with #Apple. Xiaomi is not bad.

6- Trump, the God (nauzubillah) now decides to not stop fuel efficiency of Cars.

#Trump, how much money do you hold and what are your “powers” as the President of the United States of America because sooner or later, the #Muslims will bark and it won’t be pretty. Bloody R$$$$$$.

7- New Motorola Razr Revealed. Pictures.

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