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World's Thinnest Phone

The “World’s Thinnest Phone” Is Here

By on October 18, 2018

The “World’s Thinnest Phone” Is Here

The “World’s Thinnest Phone” is here and comes with an exciting new feature to incorporate Business Cards.

You can’t do much without business cards. Business Cards have now sort of becoming a necessity and with the incorporation of business cards, I’d say The phone should be a keeper for ‘the other work’.

What it is bringing to the table is simplicity and design.

The Thinnest Phone is made in Japan and it comes with a cardholder inside.

Being called ‘The ‘Card Phone’, KY-O1L, the phone has been manufactured by Kyocera. However, the phone will be coming to NTT Docomo.

The “World’s Thinnest Phone” Is Here

Size And Other Measures

Furthermore, The World’s Thinnest Phone has the same footprint as a credit card. It is not bigger than 5.3mm and it weighs 47g.

Additionally, Docomo is calling the phone the thinnest and lightest phone available in the phone. With a 2.8-inch monochrome e-paper screen, the phone has a 380mAh battery on board and supports LTE connectivity.

Tiers Competition And Higher Volumes

New phones made a good advent in 2019 and companies are consistently trying to up their game.

The phone comes with LTE connectivity as well.

The phone has a camera on board, an App Store and a smart web browser.

While Docomo is saying that this is the Thinnest Phone, others are contradicting.

The New Phone And Its Features

They are saying that The Moto Z phone, which was launched in 2016 was under a 5.2 mm thick screen and claim that it is their thinnest. Moreover, the lack of camera on the new thin phone, however, makes it Quite Thin!

As far as the price of the new KY-01L is concerned; it is 32,000 Yen- $300. It isn’t a lot to pay, considering that it is going to be really easy for you to carry it around at all times too. The Thinnest Phone means comfort and ease.

Additionally, with a browser on hand and board, the new phone can be a good companion.

Watch the new phone and its video here:

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Beats Solo 3: Mickey Edition

Beats “Solo 3” ‘Mickey Mouse Version’ Coming Up

By on October 17, 2018

Mickey Mouse 90th anniversary is just around the corner and guess what? Beats is coming up with a Mickey Mouse version of its Solo 3 headphones.

Recent reports reveal that Beats by Dr. Dre is partnering with Disney to bring forth a Mickey Mouse version of the Solo 3 Wireless headphones.


The previous Solo 3 original editions were available for $30 less but now the company has come up with a special Solo 3 version to commemorate Mickey!

Beats Solo 3: Mickey Edition
Beats Solo 3: Mickey Edition

The company announced the headphones through a marketing campaign that features Lil Yachty and others. The new headphones are set to come with a felt case that will be inspired by the materials of the Disney character. They will also feature an enamel pin along with a decal sticker.


The only color the headphones are available in is Gray. You can now pre-order the new headphones from Amazon. They are priced at $329.95. (Pre-order here).

Release And Availability

The standard Solo 3 are priced $30 less than these Mickey edition’s. The headphones will officially be released on November 11 and they will be available through the following:

Beats is not the only company to incorporate Mickey Mouse in its designs. Previously, Google announced a Mickey Mouse stand for the Google Home Mini. Others will also be in the pipeline.

Share your thoughts about the new Mickey Edition Beats Solo 3 headphones with us!

If you are a fan of Mickey, these headphones might be the classiest choice you could have. Even though they are a BIT pricey, they are still worth it because they are a special edition.

You can place your order for the headphones TODAY or you can wait till they officially release.

Nonetheless, these headphones are a definite catch.

Stay tuned to learn about the latest tech updates here.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro: Official

Huawei Mate 20 Pro: A Small Exact

By on October 17, 2018

Huawei Mate 20 Pro: A Small Exact

Huawei Mate 20 Pro is a phone that is attracting a lot of attention because of two factors:

  • Its features
  • Its prices

Available from today, this phone is beating many others in most capacities (in the same price range).

Two things that stand out about Huawei’s new phone are its specs and camera.

What About Huawei Mate 20 Pro

One thing that stands out about the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is that it has 3 cameras at the back.

Each of these cameras has a different focal length to boast. The phone comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor just as the Vivo Nex.

Another feature of the new Mate 20 Pro is that it has a 3D face unlock feature that offers secure authentication. This feature is also found in the Oppo Find X and iPhone X.

What Else?

Furthermore, the phone also has a high-resolution display of 6.4 inches and an OLED screen. This bears similarity to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as well.

It seems like Huawei is trying to beat the Note 9 with its new phone. Huawei has also stressed that it has a better Android software on board than Samsung, offering 22% higher stability in gaming and more.

The company claims that it is also more power efficient (14% higher) than Note 9.

Wireless Charging And More

This is not it as the Mate 20 Pro also comes with fast wireless charging just like Samsung.

However, it also features reverse wireless charging compatible with Qi devices.

Confused what reverse charging is?

Well, with your Mate 20 Pro, you can charge (wirelessly) Note 9 or iPhone X/XS.

It is being said that the phone has a Hyper Optical Pattern that minimizes fingerprints. Also, it has a soft texture that allows easy grip.

The phone has a 4200 mAh battery. Height wise, it is the same as the Pixel 2 Xl.

You can still use the phone with one hand. It also has an IP68 rating for water/dust resistance. Therefore, the phone comes with an additional layer of protection.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro: Official
Huawei Mate 20 Pro: Official

The Mate 20 Pro has 7nm Kirin 980 processor. Furthermore, it will also have a faster LTE combined with a Cat.21 model that supports high speeds of 1.4Gbps. It also has the capacity of processing tons of AI.

You can start getting the Mate 20 Pro for €1,049 for the 6GB RAM and 128 GB Storage phone.

Face ID/Fingerprint Sensor, Camera And Details

Moreover, the Mate 20 Pro has Facial ID recognition, which is similar to the iPhone. Apart from that, it has also incorporated a fingerprint sensor.

The Mate 20 Pro comes with multiple cameras. It has gotten rid of the monochrome sensor and is using better sensors instead.

The company is now incorporating three different focal lengths and a 20 mp camera for better shots.

There is also a 40 MP camera for conventional wide angle plus an 8-megapixel camera for telephoto.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro: Official
Huawei Mate 20 Pro: Official

To Conclude

Huawei is showcasing a brilliant phone this time that has better features than most devices in its budget today.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

iPhone XR Review

Our Honest iPhone XR Review

By on October 16, 2018

Our Honest iPhone XR Review

Tech giant Apple revealed its latest products at the Apple event in September. One of the products it revealed was a ‘cheaper iPhone’, called the iPhone XR.


The iPhone XR is a model Apple phone but it is cheap which makes it a catch.

However, if you are going to buy the phone or considering it, you might want to know what it has to offer.

Today, I am going to make it easy for you to decide whether you want to go with the phone or not in this Closest to Real iPhone XR Review.

iPhone XR : Review-digital trends
iPhone XR : Review-digital trends


The unique selling point of the iPhone XR is that it is available for $749 or £749. It is priced at $1229 (Australian dollars), the 64 GB model. For the 128 GB model, users will have to pay $799 or £799. Lastly, the 256 GB model will cost you $899, £899 or $1479 (Australian dollars).

It’s not that bad, if you ask me because the iPhone X, the basic model, was available for more than the price of the XR’s 256 GB model.

It’s worth getting!

Release Date

The iPhone XR will be available via pre-orders from October 19 onwards. It will be on Apple stores from October 26 onwards.

While the pre-orders of the new phone are just two days away, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will both be available for pre-orders before that.

The Screen

Now we come to the other main parts of the phone… it’s screen.

Well, the new iPhoneXR has a 6.1-inch screen and thick bezels. It uses the new Liquid Retina display. If you look at the screen on the whole, it is sort of lower quality than the other models or what new phones have to boast but it’s still not that bad.

We can trust Apple for its screens that I know and can say.


Last year when newer screens and technology was available, Apple stuck to its ground roots and delivered something that was quite impressive.

This time, Apple is still favoring it with the Apple iPhone XR and trust me, it isn’t that bad.

The iPhone XR, however, has a screen ratio close to 18:9 which is different than the regular 16:9; therefore, it may take some time for users to get used to it.

iPhone XR : Review
iPhone XR : Review

The Feel

You know, the feel of holding a phone is a very important factor for users. Honestly, I felt that the phone is a little bigger so it does feel big in hands. You do feel it is a plus size phone but it doesn’t seem out of ordinary.

It is sleek like other Apple phones or sleeker, but seriously, it feels comfortable in your hands.


As far as the camera on the device goes, it is safe to say that iPhone XR’s camera is the weakest amongst the three phones by the company. It has just one sensor than two, especially for portrait mode. However, not sure if this is too bad in comparison or not. It, however, doesn’t have a second lens but it isn’t pathetic quality.

The iPhone XR’s camera has a 12MP sensor on its rear. The front has a TrueDepth camera that is used for selfies and unlocking facial features. It also has a Smart HDR that allows the phone to capture good elements of a picture.

Pictures from the XR model aren’t going to be very low quality, in fact, when we tested it, they came out to be sharp and colorful.

Battery Life

The iPhone XR might have a better battery life than expected. There is less power and a more efficient engine on board. Moreover, the screen resolution is also a little less which means that it won’t take up much battery.

Honestly, the iPhone XR isn’t bad. It is the cheaper phone so people might just be a little skeptical about it but on the whole, it is a decent phone for its price tag. Capturing elements of the iPhone X, the XR does have a lot to offer for budget-friendly users.


We rank it a 7.5/10. We think it could’ve been better but if it was, wouldn’t it be equal to the pricier versions of the iPhone X?

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

AMD Graphic Card

AMD RX 680 Graphics Card To Launch Next Month

By on October 14, 2018

AMD RX 680 Graphics Card To Launch Next Month

People who enjoy gaming are always on the look of graphic cards. They are always looking to update and always on the search for the best ones. If you are a gaming fan, the AMD RX 680 graphics card is one that will fulfill your requirements as it is and right away.

The AMD RX 680 Graphics Card

Have you been looking for a gaming graphics card’ that can literally help with the quality and speed of your gaming sessions and the laptop itself? If yes, then you should keep reading, for the AMD RX 680 graphics card is the one to watch.

The new AMD graphics card, the RX 680 is bringing a lot to the table.

According to reports, the AMD Radeon will be launching next month. Moreover, what we know for sure is that it has a lot to offer. For starters, it will be 15% faster than its predecessors.

Sources have revealed that AMD will be launching the latest of its Polaris lineup on the 12mn node. The AMD Radeon, they say, is going to launch in November, which is only just a month away.

AMD RX 680: Learn, Update and Upgrade

A lot is being said about the new RX-680 graphics card. Some say the AMD RX-680 is a Polaris card, similar to its predecessor, AMD 580. With a faster clock and an irreversible chip, the new RX 680 could be adding a lot of sunshine to your laptop and gaming sessions.

As far as its configuration is concerned, the new AMD 680 model, will have a 2,304 GCN core. Previously, the RX 670 and RX 570 also had the same 2,048 GCN core. However, this one will be promoter, faster, with a quick overall speed and a quick processing speed.

Gaming will be a brand new experience for you altogether with the help of the new AMD Radeon.

Budget Friendliness

The RX 680 is going to be a budget-oriented product. Hence, don’t expect a lot of fastnesses or the GDDR 6 memory to replace the previous GDDR5. The memories are going to stay the same.

We don’t know for sure whether the new AMD graphics cards will be launching soon! However, we are hearing all sorts of things regarding its release. The latest comes from Fudzilla, who has revealed many spicy details about the new AMD graphics card.

What we also know is that the new AMD graphics card will not be very expensive and it will have similar features as its predecessors but be a top up or two .

More details about the AMD Graphics Card will be revealed.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

iPhone Apps

5 Latest FREE iPhone Apps You Should Have

By on October 13, 2018

5 Latest FREE iPhone Apps You Should Have

Apple made rounds with its recent launches.

Whether you are an iPhone X user or have shifted to the XS/XR, there is still a lot that needs to be explored.

Nonetheless, here are 5 Latest FREE iPhone Apps You Should Have on your iPhone today.

While we recently covered the ‘The Must Have Android Apps“, today, we’ll talk about the iPhone and the apps you must have on it.

Must-Have iPhone Apps


If you are a fitness enthusiast, Sweatcoin is an app you are looking for. Sweatcoin tracks your fitness progress and keeps you on track. Furthermore, it also awards you these ‘Sweatcoins’ that are good for staying updated as these are redeemable. You can buy actual products from them!

The Best Part?

It’s available for free.



Waze has been designed to help you on the roads. Yes, you heard it!

Waze is for anybody who commutes a lot and is on the road often. Waze knows how fast the users are traveling and it tells you about the shorter routes.

However, not just that because Waze also tells you about any accidents, falls or any other ahead.



1Password for iPhone helps you keep all your passwords in ONE place.


It is quite hard to keep track of every password. However, this is where 1Password comes in. The app has a Master Password for all your apps. It syncs from your desktop and helps you generate one password for all. Explore this app and try to remember just One password as that will do the entire trick for you.

1Password, again, is free.



For those who like taking notes, Bear is a must note taking app. It is colorful, simple and has an amazing interface that you would love to explore.

Moreover, the app is available for Free.



Most of you might not have heard about Apollo, an app that lets you redesign your Reddit feed for your iPhone.

I don’t think there’s anything close to what Apollo is offering for its users.


This is part 1 of the top iPhone apps you SHOULD/MUST have.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

Nokia 7.1 Plus-Leaked

What Is Nokia 7.1 Plus Bringing To The Table?

By on October 12, 2018

What Is Nokia 7.1 Plus Bringing To The Table?

Latest reports reveal that the new Nokia 7.1 Plus will be making its way to India, Pakistan (Nokia 7.1 Plus Price In Pakistan) and other parts of the world soon.

Moreover, thenew phone is slated for a reasonable release in order to revive Nokia, with time and apprehension.

The upcoming phone has been in the news for some time now.

Furthermore, the event, which is due to take place in China, was introduced in a pleasant mood. The event launched the Nokia 3.1 Plus, first, along with some other relevent phones.

In India, the 5.1 Plus, 6.1 Plus and 6x/5x are already available. However, tech enthusiasts are eyeing the 7.1 Plus because it is bigger and better.

People today enjoy bigger screens and tight displays.

Moreover, the new Nokia 7.1 plus is being released in an effort to help Nokia with its’ revenues.

Will it? I think it will.

Nokia 7.1 Plus-Leaked
Nokia 7.1 Plus-Leaked


Moreover, insider sources revealed that the phone will boast the following features:

  • The phone will have Qualcomm, Snapdragon 710 SoC.
  • 2.2Ghz Processor
  • 4GB-6GB RAM
  • 64-128GB Expandable storage
  • 8GB RAM
  • Multi-core Score of 5937
  • Single core score of 1827
  • Android 8.1 Oreo
  • 6.18 inch TFT display boasting 2246 x 1080
  • 3400 mAh battery
  • Cameras of 12-13 MP/20 MP Selfie Snapper
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Headphone Jack
  • 4GB RAM

Furthermore, the phone was launched by HMD Global. The company first released the new 3.1 Plus, which is an interesting entry-level phone. However, its successors such as the Nokia 7 and others are also an interesting bet. What is Nokia eyeing is the 7.1 Plus.

The Nokia 3.1 Plus: A Phone With Great And Higher Capacity

The new 3.1 Plus is a mid-level phone with a 2GB RAM and 16GB worth of storage. There is another version of the phone that has a 3GB worth RAM and 32GB space. Both the phones are available for $184 and $207.

Turning our focus back to the 7.1 Plus, things are slightly hush-hush right now.

However, it’s predecessor, the Nokia 7.1, came with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 Processor and had dual Zeiss Optics (rear cameras).

Additionally, it also had 12 MP and 5MP cameras.

Things are about to change for the Indian market for the new Nokia 7.1 Plus might be coming to it very soon. Since its predecessor was the following, its successor will have more to offer.

Update: The Nokia 7.1 Plus has already been released and has had a good few sales: 2.2 to 2.3 million in China, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, India, America and South Korea.

While the phone, complete with features and release has already been launched, leaked pictures of the phone are below.

Nokia 7.1 Plus-Leaked
Nokia 7.1 Plus-Leaked

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

Fortnite- Ghoul Trooper

For Fortnite Fans: Ghoul Trooper is Coming To Fortnite

By on October 12, 2018

For Fortnite Fans: Ghoul Trooper is Coming To Fortnite

Fortnite fans can rejoice as the game is going to get graced with a new skin. very soon. For those who don’t know, Fortnite is a game that rose to prominent fame over a course of very few years. It has men and women hooked to it.

As crazy as its fans are, Fortnite fans are going to rejoice very soon after the new skin and they won’t stop for more; That’s just Fortnite.

It was also recently revealed that the new skin, which is called ‘Ghoul Trooper‘, will be coming to the game in its 6th season.

Along with that, Ghoul Trooper is going to excite fans for sure.

For Fortnite Fans: On Ghoul Trooper

Ghoul Trooper is a simple zombie skin. It has an old school Fortnite design. The design team is putting new costumes for the skin as well. The skin looks quite good, especially on the front.

Some are drawing a close similarity to the return of Ghoul Trooper skin to Fortnite with the Skull Trooper skin. This means that with the skin, we will have its male counterpart, a pickaxe, a glider and a challenge system intact.

Fortnite- Ghoul Trooper
Fortnite- Ghoul Trooper

The Anticipation…

A lot is coming up for Halloween for the game’s fans and things definitely look promising. This is true for those who know this game very well.

And honestly… Who doesn’t these days?

Fortnite was first released in 2017. Since it was released, it has become a MASSIVE Epic Games hit. Old or young, everybody is playing the game.

The game involves a lot of illicit interaction, as it motivates people to join, pick up new fights and take on new roles and skins. This always keeps things interesting.

Finally, the Skull Trooper Skin is one skin that got very popular in the game. However, today, it is evident that Ghoul Trooper will also be making its way to the game very soon.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

Lenovo S5 Pro: Tech Unveiled

Lenovo S5 Pro: An Android-Powered Affordable New Phone

By on October 11, 2018

Lenovo S5 Pro: An Android-Powered Affordable New Phone

According to latest reports, the new Lenovo S5 Pro is ready for a big launch this month.

According to reports, Lenovo, a brand hailing from China, is going to unveil the new Lenovo S5 Pro and the Lenovo S5 on October 18.

Sources are saying that the launch of the new phone is going to be a special one, where the company will not just launch one phone; but two.

Additionally and moreover, the launch of the new phone has also been confirmed by Lenovo. This means and shows that the phone will be making its way to the table soon.

Parent company, Lenovo, has confirmed that the phone is already completed and done.

According to us, Tech Unveiled, the new Lenovo phone is one that is a user-friendly, tech-savvy phone. However, a compromise but a good one.

It is a sturdy phone that can help you last a good few years for you or so.

The Lenovo S5-Pro: Specifications

The Lenovo S5 Pro is going to come with TWO, front-cameras. It will also have a special dual rear camera set up.

The S5 Pro, on the other hand, will have better features and specs.

Furthermore, the new Android phone is going to come with many healthy features. These include the following:

  • A good, fast Qualcomm processor
  • High speed processors
  • A powerful ram
  • A quick processing speed

The new phone by Lenovo is also expected to have some elements of AI in it.

The phone will be available in different colors including red, black and blue.

Lenovo S5 Pro: Tech Unveiled
Lenovo S5 Pro: Tech Unveiled

Details About The New Lenovo Remain Hidden For Now

Moreover, there hasn’t been much that has been revealed about the phone YET. However, the phone is going to be better than its predecessor, the Lenovo S5.

The Lenovo S5 had a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. Moreover, it has 2 RAM variants, 3GB Ram, 4GB Ram and 128GB worth of internal storage.

The S5 further had a full HD display and it runs on the Android 8.0 Oreo based ZUI 4.0.

Lenovo S5 (price Pakistan), running on Android, hasn’t made it’s way to some markets even now, including India.

Additionally, the worldwide launch of the new S5 Pro is set for an October 18th release.

With some new features, a fast processor and a quick apprehensive model altogether, the new phone will have a lot to boast for tech-savvy customers, who want a budget Android phone that they can use for the next 2-3 years or so.

For more updates, stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled