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The Flawed System: Tech Unveiled

By on November 18, 2019

The Flawed System: Tech Unveiled

There are many things we don’t like and most things we like. However, if we leave the ‘rest‘, we can understand where we want to go (passion).

At The Moment Glipmse: #WorldView

*The Flawed System: Tech Unveiled*

#Prediction: and #Truth:

#Germany is struggling, (socio-economic factors), Pakistan is burning (apartheid factors), people are crying, (social factors), life is on, (Lots of factors). (The Qaum of Lot).

Right now, it seems #November2019 is ‘no more a big deal’ and the “gear” is towards #2020.

If we look at #technology, I am sorry, we have superseded race by 10 million.

If we are talking about the cost, then there is no answer and what’s left is a mystery.

#Pakistan needs a forefront and needs to go beyond its measure to become a consistent supply of #arms to Russia, Japan, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan is divided and we need a dividing line that can balance it out.

Secondly, corruption (and I cannot point it out further or bring it out more) is mainly on the agenda right now (#November) because of the Wall Street, The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Bricks and the Wall Hooters.


IslamIs: KhatimENabooat

*Trump, is the picture above your #personality?* You’re Cute.

Thirdly, this World is so 3rd grade and its better if we have something new to change the system.

Anything against the #systemflow is not right.

*The Flawed System: Tech Unveiled*.

If any flow is disturbed by the human race, everything in the #Universe tells you no.

The identification of “no” is within and the gut feeling is the reflex and the idea is the birth of another notion in your head.. by? #People of course.

Finally, belief in solidarity, peace, and humanity is necessary to keep things at a rest. We don’t need any more bombs. Rather than wasting your money on the ‘evil’, why don’t you focus on something better.. #Glorification.

Finally, about the flawed system: tech unveiled..

Rest, the #newfinancialyear is in and #markets are going crazy.

There is Volatility coming up, there is no sugar in Pakistan, things are heating up in South Africa, Pakistan is at a maze, Urdu is nowhere to be found.. It’s all hoo-la-la-la.

Further assessment reveals that everything is calculated and it’s according to a certain few people in the #World (#TheWouuuurld) and it couldn’t be anyone else but #Trumpet. I am amazed, if a man so big, horrendous and insistent about his ways cannot be kicked out of office by the common WORLD POPULATION, then I think its annihilation.


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What Does The World Need Right Now?

By on November 9, 2019

What Does The World Need Right Now?

The World is at a collective shock right now, as people are ‘moving at the speed of #light’, but no one is really seeing any #Light at the end of the tunnel.

We are talking about people here; the world is a “f-a-a-a-ar fetched” thought though.


Tell me, if you are trying to seek #light at the end of the tunnel though and running towards it too and then trying to get it and achieve it too, its an infinite loop and the loop is what You are in, so how do you come out of it?

*Through Rest-That is the only solicited answer for the #HumanRace that Trump and his so-called Bas*urds are after: Through Creating #Voices and #Shadows*- In The “Parallel World”.

What I Really Want To Say

My Assessment of the world or perhaps;; “The World” shows that this world is a mere description of blood loss, loose emotions, crassness, murder and “shurder”.

If we put an incision towards the way the start from or perhaps, in from where they begin from, we can Easily make out as to Who Is Struggling and What Is Going On.

Honestly, living in #Pakistan, I can tell you that the #Leader of the country has to #Lead the people of the country but it really doesn’t have to hide and get scared from the People themselves, if there is a #Revolt.

When you have a lot to hide, you can never come out of your own self, and if and yes that is you then honestly, there is Absolutely Nothing that can change that.

You can’t undo your doings, especially if it involves Murder or Perhaps, getting into one’s #Soul and getting things out of it.

It is a scary thought.

I am trying to deliver a message here. I am a Writer and an Economist, a Researcher and a Masters in Economics and Development Economics.

Trust me, I, as the #CommonMan, and then I’ll make this article on me, would Only Suggest the following to the Presiding Governments in the #World.

(#TheWorld)- For QueenElizabeth.

1- LGBT is no way of living because what is not natural will never suffice.

2- You cannot get in the #Hearts of people. #Magic is the way to get it and Magic can be so severe that it can lead you to #Death. For their own vested interests, and I am talking about “Big Collective Governments Here”.

#Trump, #Modi, TheHidden, Aka Khan, #Japan, #India and lets just say Europe.

3- Mr. Donald Trump is running on a fluss and he projects the fluss to be You. Human nature or the issue is that when #death comes near, it is time to stop things. Trust me, what you are trailing and who you are being trailed by is your schizophrenia because nothing can stop people from coming towards you, for #Revenge.

*As you are an #Atheist, As we are #Muslims*.

4- World should be united AGAINST Trump or whoever it is; His name is a joke and he is a fluss; though he’s got many weaponary. Unfortunately, he is creating terrorism like bombs and other things to take people towards #War; To ensure their things run out and before that, he has a lot in business and work such as “His Trump Towers”, His Loose Control, His Mojo and Perhaps.. Let’s just hope, not his #Movember.

5- I reconcile to point number 3, where I say that Mr. Donald. Trump. *and since he IS representing America at the moment* is the Biggest Thief, Lie, Liar, A Supporter of Theft, Religion and Anti Religon; His collar, muscles, legs, head- All are in #Space and He is.. #HandsDown, #PantsUp, YakaYaka or Regarega.

If we go by the #Muslim calender, launched by #SaudiaArabia certain days ago;

It is #Safar or #Safr ka maheena and #RabiUlAwal- The Day Of Joy When #Muhammad Was Born.

Then not they. THEY, #Muslims, remember their names and guess who gives the Glory?


#TheWorld is a nasty place but you have only One life. The idea here is to get the Flusses out of the way – and Flusses because they think every other is the Fluss; so of course we are going to think you as a fluss as well because e=mc2.. You are not Running on Earth or the Earth is not After You.. You are sitting in a zippy zone ahead of Trump as Dog or God, whatever he wants to refer it to.

Essentially. Times Up #America, We Are Getting Too Disturbed.

And sorry from #Pakistan, just a bunch of illiterates here and supporters who probably want to grab the ass of the PrimeMinister of Pakistan here or perhaps in his #dreams now or not even that- Oh sorry, that’s him himself.

UNLESS THERE IS NO SELECTIVE AUTHORITY ON THE PLANET, NO ONE AND I REPEAT NO ONE CAN CHANGE THE COLLECTIVE DAMAGE THAT THESE SO CALLED ‘PREMIERS’ HAVE ‘CREATED’, ‘WHAT THEY ARE PLANNING TO DO’ – The HOW’s are too common and obvious- Gun, War, Water, Continents, Bombing the shells, bombing the Heroine, bombing Love, people.. YADAYADA- that’s for Maga.






And if the Thy comes on to you, its time to fly ;-).

Give it up for..

#AllPremiersStartAndReady.. *Echoecho*.

Stay tuned.

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Hong Kong Sinks Into The Great Depression: Trump Flourishes; But Where?

By on November 2, 2019

Hong Kong Sinks Into The Great Depression: Trump Flourishes; But Where?

Trump flourishes, as the #World sinks into The Great Depression. Though, he is the President of the United States of America, and he is in love with a girl, who he really doesn’t know is, but.. Even Mr. Nouuthring is unsure about this girl called #Light.

Skipping down to the Reeeurl matters:

The Great Depression is in the Air. And sadly, #HongKong has reached that point. It is time for someone to Cash on Hong Kong and pass partnership to start #trading; #trading in #Ancillary, #Weapons, #AncillaryWeapons, Etc.

Now Is The Time To Start Buying- Copyrights Reserved.

My 2 Cents: The Great Depression (#2019).

I, However, Am in a shock and utter dismay that it is #2019 and the World has sunk into #depression all of a sudden.

Hong Kong, Japan and Korea are an example of what Trump is settling in. (The U.S- Latest News; Read Here)- 3rd November 2019.

He’s looking at the #CrimeRate of other countries, whereas he alone is prepping for #2020. It is #2019 #Trump, that is an age to go.

If we do go into depression, (#depression, #impactdepression, #impactbehavior etc.), then we have to look at the precise moment of start-age and stop-age to control the utter and sheer mess he has done on the #Muslims.

Trust me; #Muslims by blood are blood- United They Stand, Together They Fall. And if it Is :The Great Depression:, then we will all live it.

The Great Depression: Tech Unveiled

A #Muslim in a Muslim State (Yemen) cannot conduct such a horrific task of murdering tens of thousands of people.

If these countries are less by population and more by sparseness; then the #commoninterest of someone like #DonaldTrump would simply be to grab the land and start building on the #Notion of “Capitalism”.

Seriously and See:

This World is not to be taken that seriously but for those who have an innate sense of humanity in them will Stand by these Problems and make sure they find a reason why this is happening or happened. Essentially, in a nutshell, there was no other option; That was 2018 to 2019. We now come back to July 2018 and May 2019, and 2019 December to 29 “Athemper” (#aerosols, temperature, thuglife, aptitude thermometer).. etcetc.

Nonetheless, we have to believe in Time because that in itself is interia and the common ground is already you in that time by #Allah. (The Great Depression).

Allah is the Only Entity that has borne the Human Race and not only that but the #Universe itself.

All glory to him, may Allah save us from people like #Trump or in #Alias form: #Trumpet, #Trumpi, Trumehte, Truempeh etc).

My abbreviations would be:

T for Tomatoes, R for Rum, U for Uganda, M for Mum, P for Pakistan- D for Disturbance.

*Lights’ in*. Its time for #2080 now. Because The Great Depression is apparently sinking in and everyone would need cover.

#Brexit, #India, #China, #Japan, #Pakistan.


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7 Top Stories That Shocked The World Today

By on November 1, 2019

7 Top Stories That Shocked The World Today

As always, today is no exception to the Universal Law of motion. Yesterday was #Thursday and now we are sitting on #Friday.

Before I get to the 7 top stories that shocked the world today, here are few to get you started.

1- There is a Major Shock in the World All The Time- And No One Understands Why.

Essentially, I don’t understand what happens overnight but the truth is that.. SUCH major happenings, bombs, women, crassiness, Halloween, etc. and everything WHILST celebrating all of it (#Trump) and eyes wide shut; you open your eyes and there you have it, another major blunder on which the opposition has built upon.

Mr. Donald Trump, You are NOT God.

And remember: What goes around comes around.

If you are interested in the 10 top stories that shocked the world today, here they are:

Trump suggests that #BorisJohnson is a much better ally than Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy Corbyn essentially was under the eye before the Brexit. Trump wants Brexit for capitalism and conquership- Their fun is the #Queen and their joke is #Boris.

That’s what they essentially are themselves; Luckily, the #universe is running that something or the other will equalize themselves.

They are or want Brexit for capitalism, Money and #Trumps’ Vision.


2- Queen and her Classiness Amidst Brexit- Their only message is: We Are The Boss.

Well, we all know what is going on on the Earth front. Essentially, this link reveals a subtle comeback of the #Queen.

For the #Queen; lets forget the past and move on to the future.

Butt feces like #Boris and daddy, #Trump don’t suffice.

The end of the last para says it all. They are just hoping that they remain true to themselves because they have seen the past and They Know (HU- Whistleblower).

3- Top 3 Price Predictions in Stocks include BTC, ETH and XRP. There is some sort of a Bullish Reversal in the naught.

These include: Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP. (Stock Reviews)

4- 5 Gainers in the Healthcare Sector include:-

ELOX (Eloxx Pharmaceuticals Inc.), PolarityTE Inc. (PTE), EyeGate Pharmaceuticals Inc. (EYEG), Myovant Sciences Ltd. (MYOV) and STAAR Surgical Co. (STAA).

4- ISIS names a new leader.

The Islamic State revealed that Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Qurayshi will be the successor of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Essentially, even ISIS is a fraud because these names are of Allah Subhana’ta’Allah. I doubt any name starts with al- than His (#Allah’s). #ISIS is a fluss but I don’t think they are #Muslims. Someone is running them and its either #Khan or #Trump. They’re getting money out of it that is why they are there and they are living in ‘jahalat’ so they are practically without brains. Someone’s running the World and unfortunately its Trump and Pakistan.

5- Xiaomi mimics the Apple Watch-

It’s a first watch for Xiaomi and its running a competition with #Apple. Xiaomi is not bad.

6- Trump, the God (nauzubillah) now decides to not stop fuel efficiency of Cars.

#Trump, how much money do you hold and what are your “powers” as the President of the United States of America because sooner or later, the #Muslims will bark and it won’t be pretty. Bloody R$$$$$$.

7- New Motorola Razr Revealed. Pictures.

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Is There A New MacBook: 16 Inch Coming Up?

By on October 21, 2019

It is in the reports that a new, 16-inch MacBook by Apple is coming up. Moreover, the new MacBook is also hinting towards a new OS called ‘Catalina’.

The picture of the new MacBook by Apple was revealed by MacGeneration where the picture, design, look and colors of the MacBook were too obvious.

The new laptop is going to be called MacBookPro 16.1 and is in its beta stage. It will be available in Grey and Silver colors. It will feature Catalina.

Additionally, the changes in appearance of the new MacBook aren’t much or visible. It is being said though that the new laptop will run on iOS 13.2 beta.

The new laptop is slated for a 2020 release.

Moreover, Apple has been quite good and well rounded this year. It’s September 11 event introduced exactly what this year and its offerings are going to be. The new MacBook will be launched next year.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

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6 Stocks To Watch This Week

By on October 14, 2019

6 Stocks To Watch This Week

The week has started and people are enjoying the rush on the whole. Generally, things have been a little rocky because Japan has been graced by a typhoon, where as Pakistan has been blessed by an Earthquake. Nonetheless, while these calamities do have a huge impact on the markets, there are some stocks that will be outperforming this week. If you are into investing, then know that here are the 6 stocks to watch this week.

In the U.S market, things are shaky in the United States of America as well. However, you cannot lose or drop smaller gains for greater perspectives. Instead, what you need to realize and know is that life goes on as does every thing else.

This week in the stock market, and for stock enthusiasts, here are 6 stocks to watch this week.

First things first:

The top indexes such as S&P 500 (SNPINDEX:^GSPC) and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJINDICES:^DJI) gained 1% on homes of easing a trade war. Both of them are the top 6 stocks to watch this week.

The Dow Jones gained 16% in 2019 so far, whereas the S&P 500 was higher by 19%.

Furthermore, if you are looking for 6 important stocks to watch this week, here are the answers;


Netflix is hoping that its subscriber growth will lead to 7 million this quarter. This means its going to get back the share it lost in the market due to fierce competition by Apple and Disney.

Netflix would essentially benefit from the movies that are coming up as well.

Netflix, is therefore, one of the 6 top stocks to watch this week.


Costco, which goes by the label of (NASDAQ:COST) is going to report its earnings this week. Costco is another one of the 6 stocks to watch this week. Two other stocks to watch this week are Walmart and Coco-Cola. Both of these stocks are the ones to be watched this week.

Stitch Fix

Though Stitch Fix lost more than half of the worth of the premium it has been carrying, it can be said that Stitch Fix will keep its prices in check and could be one of the highlights in stocks this week. If you are looking to find out about the 6 top stocks to watch this week, this one is a must watch.

3 Out Of The 6 stocks to watch this week


B) Seagate Technology

C) Broadcom Chip.

As far as penny stocks are concerned, then the top 5 penny stocks to watch this week:

1- NF Energy Saving Corporation (BIMI)

2- Stage Stores, Inc. (SSI).

3- Teekay Tankers Ltd. (TNK)

4- Workhorse Group Inc. (WKHS)

5- Tsakos Energy Navigation Limited (TNP).

6- Most of the ones above.

Stay tuned.

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Fortnite Goes Down: Gamers See Black Hole

By on October 14, 2019

Since Sunday afternoon, Fortnite has been down and people who tried logging in, only saw a black hole. It is a known fact that the game is backed up, and it is running by a rebooted version that features a New Map.

The New Map was featured in Fortnite and it is quite unclear as to how the big map will feature. Fortnite news reveals people had a lot of problems in logging in the game tonight. Nonetheless, everyone who tried, failed.

According to reports, Epic wrote on Twitter after this that ‘the end is near’. After that, it wrote, This Is The End.

Further Fortnite news reveals, after seeing a big black hole, some players took it to twitter to write that they are still seeing a black hole and upon logging in, there was a failure at the game’s end. Nobody could log in Fortnite last night.

People were largely disappointed after this happened on Sunday. However, no one got a clear cut answer as to when the game will be back or why it happened.

It can also be said clearly: There was a massive glitch in the game and if you are on the look out for fortnite news then know that:

Fortnite itself might have lost a lot of profits. However, on the users’ end, nobody was able to connect to Fortnite on Sunday.

Stay tuned.

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Stocks Go Through Apprehension As Global Problems Increase

By on October 9, 2019

Latest stock market news reveals that European stocks are trading at a discount with the United States, which means the U.S. is leading the way in stock dominion.

Furthermore, off the American system, J.P. Morgan, on Monday, after assessing European stocks, said, it is now time to buy European stocks. This is a sign of ‘buy’ from U.S. to European stocks.

Moreover, additional reports suggest that Asian markets are at a reflux, whereas China is superseding expectations.

Come forth:

European Markets are at a trade-off as European Stocks fare less than the U.S.

Stock Market Rules: Read Here

When you are trading in stocks, you can slip easily. This is because there is a lot to know about the stock market. Moreover, to deal with stocks, it is important to check your perceptions. If you perceive things well, you will understand the complexity of the stock market and it will work out.

Moreover, if we are talking about the stock markets, then we have to commemorate the efforts of the fact that the stock market is dependent on many factors.

Prices, values, occupation, location, and other factors make up for those factors and these play a direct role in determining the worth of any stock market.

Understanding The Stock Market: Apprehension

The denomination of all stock markets becomes the United States of America because that is the apparent “Bar” of denomination. The U.S. is leading the global economy.

So, if the U.S. is a detrimental force in determining face values of different stocks based upon itself as the baseline, then, of course, the competition is fierce and the markets need to rise above to balance the overall global/world economy.

However, if compelling forces such big corporate houses in the U.S. are playing a key role in pushing U.S. stocks then business needs to improve in all economies to reduce the difference between trade and to rise above.

Furthermore, understand that “buy” is a collective term in the stock markets. If U.S. is giving a sign for European stocks (to buy), then U.S. is playing the main hand in the global stock industry.

Monday Stock Report And The Week Ahead

Monday morning news suggests that European stocks trade at a 19% discount with the United States of America.

According to Sachs, which is a major player in the global economic and business history of the World Stock Market, then the suggestions ‘to buy’ or ‘not buy or sell’ are constant tickers in the stock market world. The battle this week seems to be the U.S. against EU.

Many players are determining the overall/ global market conditions.

Furthermore, Monday sets of the week for the coming days whereas the weekend determines that the fact that stocks look alike. The decisions and actions are pending and are correlated directly to the activities of every economy.

Understanding The Stock Market Dynamics

Furthermore, the PEG ratio, the ratio of Price To Earnings (to Earning Per Share Growth), is the same in both regions (the United States and Europe).

This suggests that the World is indeed being controlled. Of course, we have running parties across the globe.

For the year so far, against the U.S. eye, we say that the Stoxx 600 (SXXL +0.68%) has gone up by 7% as compared to a 17% gain for the S&P 500 (SPX, +1.42%). The change in factors is 10 and this shows that essentially, the Major Stock Indices are prevalent in the United States of America.

If America is leading the way, then easy terms of trade should be offered and open trade should be proposed to balance the ‘trade union’.

The Trade Cycle, if corrected, would lead to greater good and it will provide individuals (the common public or perhaps man) to deal with their circumstances better. This nexus would provide relief from transitory forces and help open up trade barriers easily.

Nonetheless, the game will change if Europeans initiate a stock index: (European Major Stock), according to their bar and minimum and then trade with lesser developed countries to improve their terms of trade which will inevitably improve the economy and then make it easier for the economy to circulate a motion of good. Its value will increase and it will lead to dominion and nonetheless, in a partnership or solicit, to stand as One.

Right now, terms of trade are unfortunately biased and certain people, with their preferences, are trying to demean the world economy which has impacted business and motion, across the globe, very adversely.

Monday Proceedings

U.S. stock futures were lower, on Monday, which pointed to a loss of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The stock average was down 372 points.

Dow futures were lower by 100 points. During early trading on Monday, it set the tone for another miserable week for this week. Recession fears are also looming and these are quick signs that someone wants to grab the ice before it heats up too much.

While it is unnecessary to think who is running this game, some things are just obvious.


Stock News: Conclusion

The stock market and stocks in general will be dependent on the overall behavior of the global economy. This week, things are looming and signs of recession are evident.

Nonetheless and furthermore, America has too many wings and the President of the U.S. is already running a double show.

The World is based on the principle of ‘demand and supply’. Moreover, other important and key lessons to remember this week are:

  • On Monday, Citi upgraded Uber to buy- Uber shares were higher during premarket trading but they are lower (35%) than their initial public offering price. This shows that Uber, with its HQ in the U.S., will be a detrimental company in determining this week’s gains and losses at the stock market in NYE and other exchanges.
  • General Motors is another company to watch.
  • The Whistleblower campaign is ‘on’, so ideally, this week will be a little gloom and dusty. America is going to play a major part in all exchanges.

Nonetheless, the Dow dropped 0.9% last week whereas the S&P 500 slid by 0.3%. Furthermore, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 100 points by 0.4%. The Nasdaq Composite dropped by 0.3% and the S&P 500 sectors lost 0.6%.

For this week though, these stocks are a must-watch:

  • Exxon Mobil (XOM): Past year performance: 5.6%. Trading at NYSE: XOM
  • Nathan’s Famous (NATH)
  • Pfizer Inc. (PFE) Past Performance -14.5%. (NYSE: PFE).
  • United Parcel Service (UPS): Past performance 1.8%. NYSE: UPS
  • iRobot (NASDAQ: IRBT)
  • Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX)
  • Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ: ISRG)
  • Five Below
  • OneSpaWorld Holdings
  • Edwards Lifesciences
  • Dexcom
  • Vertex

Stay tuned for more updates.

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The Human Race: We Can Only Humanize Things If We Are Surrounded By Humans

By on October 4, 2019

The Human Race: We Can Only Humanize Things If We Are Surrounded By Humans

It is 2019 and there is an incessant sign in the #universe to protect it.

Things are moving at a superseding pace and THIS superseding place (The World, The Earth and Everything In Between), only certain can take.

Furthermore, this piece of writing is for the Human Race.

We can only humanize things if we are surrounded by humans.

Those who need the most protection in the human race are the ones who are struggling the most. The best way out of this game is to know your limits, settle for your sovereign authority and move against this direction or perhaps, just step away from it.

However, who is shaking this authority and why things happen? You have to trust the universal laws.

The Human Race has been made by His Sovereign Authority, #Allah and in between is His doings for His beings. Anyone who comes in this #universalprocess will trip or drop; fail or lose momentum. Limits are the key and trusting the process is the key. The game? This is the #World and no one can escape it. Only #Death. If someone’s playing the race of the humans, #WhistleBlower, then it should be taken care off very seriously before more humans pass away or start reacting the same.

“The World At War”- October 4th, 2019. (Read here, here, here).

Playing The Human Race should be Everybody’s nightmare. Let’s not forget this is the World and we are all a part of it. Anyone who IS playing this game should be Kicked Out Of The Universe In Their Own Tongue, Slogans and Doings.


‘ Israfil (Arabic: إِسْـرَافِـيْـل‎, romanized: Isrāfīl, alternate spellings: Israfel, Esrafil) is the angel who blows into the trumpet before Armageddon and sometimes depicted as the angel of music. … It is believed that Israfil will blow the trumpet from a holy rock in Jerusalem to announce the Day of Resurrection’- #Quran. (Wikipedia).

Trump; Tech Unveiled.

The end of time: The Day Of Judgement.

Mr. Donald Trump is mentioned in the Holy Quran and it is quite safe to say that he is The Ajjal or Da’Jj’al. Nonetheless, his 2-2 of figurative speech is not coherent with his actions or behaviors. Furthermore, if we are looking at #whoistrump or if there are cries being heard of women or men saying “its trump”, its not schizophrenia or bipolar: Voices Are Created. (A very clear sign of the Day of Judgement“.

Understanding The Problem With The Human Race

There is absolutely no sign in the Universe for you to behave or act a certain way. If you want to understand the self, know that it is eternal.

You yourself are the problem, if you are endangering this #Universe and if you really are the problem, which you really are, then its time for ‘GoodRiddence’.

Also, there is a limit to blaming and then the blame game itself. The Universe cannot be the problem so the problem itself becomes very clear.

If we are playing the game of the human race, then, the #code of it is simple:

By the other:

Bypass every line with other individuals in the name of ‘self’, ‘ego’, ‘attitude’ or perhaps, just through Hidden Intentions and Motivations. Remember that the other self is also here and once they find out, Allah comes in the middle; and for and He reads every breathe, every second, every soul and every instance.


Remember the rule of solitude and grace: What goes around, comes around, even in the hidden by Allah’s decree.


Unfortunately, the game of the Humans is already on the go. Minor glimpses can be taken off the shows #GameOfThrones etc. However, those are ideas and concept, turning them into reality is ‘One’s” doing and that is…


It states in the #HolyQuran that the “Trumpet will blow on the day of judgement” and it will, if you ask #Muslims. However, if the #Quran itself states #Trump then it is definitely THAT serious.

May Allah protect us from this man of a face, face of a man, the conclusion, the spin, the 70 year old BAS#####. Trump.

The Human Race: We Can Only Humanize Things If We Are Surrounded By Humans

The Race Of Human: Playing The Human Race Game.

We can only humanize things if we are surrounded by humans.

Are we all humans? Most people wonder sometimes. “We are all God’s creation” said a psychiatrist to me once. I drew the line of interim from it that perhaps, we are all different.

The Truth?

We are All God’s Creation, true, but where you are standing is your health, what you do is who you are, what you want to do is where your heart is stuck and what you want to do is already that you are doing.

The stability?

To live in peace, aptitude, solitude; to be humble, to bow down in grace and to surrender to the Will of Allah SubhanaTa’Allah; The Supreme Authority Sitting On Top Of Our Heads.


The Human Race; By Trump and Other Allies.

After reading up on a lot of subjects and being a writer and researcher my self, I realized that the game of the Human Race is a very dangerous bet. Especially, if you are sitting 10 hours away from all destinations. Who so ever is playing this game, and whoever KNOWS this game, is the one who has Exploited this “Game” and This Game will inevitably bite you in the ass, sooner or later.

The way you can get OUT of this game is to feel with your heart, let your feelings submerge, get it out of your system but putting a line ON your system (your body) and wherever you see a little sign of universal mechanisms or perhaps anything that is discomforting you, you either press it with your hand or draw back and let your heart do the rest. Your eyes on someone else’s heart within your body and getting it out of your system is the way to keep going in this human race.

The soltitude for all in this is that Allah is there and if this game was THAT serious, he would have obviously not let it happen.


The Human Race: Global Economic Pressures

We are all humans but different notions or ideas come because these ideas have already been planted in the Universe. Things don’t just happen. In fact, tbut the war is now based on this race. If we are playing the games of humans, i don’t think it is game of thrones but in fact something very and deep down important. You cannot keep on screwing humans for your own vested interests.

It comes a surprise to me that most people in the World don’t know this but evil politics in the same world as we all are in can be a very dangerous phenomenon.

Reading the global news and being an avid reader of such news, I have realized how badly it effects on to have nazar on the other. It has been said that you cannot spill out anything in any others’ name, as per the Holy Quran and these are many categories of magic (sorcery, magic, spilling out beans in someone else’s name, making up different identities, presuming to be someone else and making sure you are someone else while making the other a fool). Nonetheless, these are important categories and names you must know to make sure that you are not a part of this game.

Fighting The Problems: Tech Unveiled

This World has become a problematic concerns and few hands are running it. Moreover, the concept and talks of taking over the world and its problems such as large scale destruction, global war and bigger phenomenons still persist. All of it is true but the concept and plan is all deceptive.. And that truly is what the game is now. We are talking about building homes in space, exploiting the universe, taking charge of the moon, creating destruction.. So on and so forth.

The problem is that the common man is unfortunately sitting in the middle of the World.

It is the right of every human to withstand any authority that is standing by him. Moreover, on a global scale, it is time that things start revolting.

You cannot play the game of humans because it will kill them. Whoever is playing it, aka Mr. Trump, on all levels, should immediately leave his Seat. Thats the First and Last message of the #Universe.

Secondly, if we really Are playing this game by population and majority, which we are and there is nothing much of it that is left, it is important that we take charge of the ongoing struggles and bring a face that is worthy of trueappreciation.

Nonetheless, this is not the time to bicker and backer because the World is at a threat and the threat is so severe that even the World cannot escape it.

Whoever is fighting against the norms or nature should realize that Death is not too far away. Death is inevitable and it may rock you to the core and not even come to you just to give you a glimpse of who you are and then walk away so that you stay in the same place as you are and let the universal forces bite you in the ass and come up to normal leverage.

Or perhaps, send you to the inevitable place of no return: Your Grave.

Stay tuned.

Tech Unveiled.

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Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

By on September 29, 2019

Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

Facebook has created a new digital currency and its name is Libra. With partnership with Visa, PayPal, Stripe, Mercado Pago. Furthermore, these merchants will be accepting Libra.

Moreover, other tech companies on board with Facebook include eBay, Uber, Lyft and Mercado Pago.

The plan of crypto currency Libra is pretty solid because Facebook will also be introducing a new digital wallet with it called Calibra. This will be used by people to exchange plus store currency. The mission will be done through with Facebook apps.

Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

What Is Libra The Cryptocurrency?

Libra will be introduced during the 1st half of the coming year. The currency will be run by the Libra Association which is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The whole aim of it is to be accessible, secure and then stable. It has also been announced that Libra cryptocurrency will be backed by stable governments’ money.

Seems to me that Sheryl Sandberg’s Facebook is trying to come up with a one stop solution for digital currency. This means that Facebook is trying to secure a name in the cryptocurrency industry by the name of Libra and then support it with all sorts of other mechanisms including digital wallets and currencies.

The gimmick and trick by Facebook here with the cryptocurrency is that they are going to come up with a one-stop solution, the cryptocurrency itself (aka: Libra) and then come up with a well rounded solution such as the Digital Wallet to support it and so the money goes back to Facebook itself with its detrimental exchange rates on and for the app.

Furthermore, and lastly, with the cryptocurrency, Libra, being backed by monetary exchanges such as governments money, the backing is solid, the support is legit and America, is getting a new currency by next year. This will solidify the companies’ state in World though it will also strengthen America’s position “against” the World.

Since America considers itself to be the Only Solicited Economy to take charge or the World and then by and by then, according to that.

Facebook And The New Cryptocurrency: Libra

Here’s to hoping that World Dominion doesn’t go to one state. Aka. America. However, since there are so many companies competing for the World Dominion and especially in America on every second, know and realize that America is in for a ride!

Tech Unveiled.

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