Big Story: Stay Away From Body Cameras

Big Story: Stay Away From Body Cameras

Big Story: Stay Away From Body Cameras

The NYPD: New York City Police Department have been trying to figure out ways to test body cameras. This is an effort to get one for each of its officers for next year.

However, the snatch is that one of these body cameras burst into flames. Worn by an officer in the Staten Island, the body camera he was wearing burst into flames. As a result, the NYPD had to pull all of them out.

Emerging as one of the big story for the day, the caution and message here is: stay away from body cameras.

Big story: Body Camera Burst Into Flames
Big story: Body Camera Burst Into Flames


The Daily Beast Report

According to The Daily Beast, the incident occurred in Midnight at Staten Island. The model involved was the Vievu model – The LE-5 Camera.

According to reports, the camera began to smoke and then fell from his shirt in the ground. Then, it ‘caught fire and was damaged’.

The NYPD acknowledged that it was aware of possible defects with these technology products. However, exclaimed that in this big story of the day, nobody was injured. The battery, however, exploded.

Investigations Are Under Way

The investigations are under away, says the NYPD. Their statement revealed that according to the orders of James P. O’ Neill, the LE-5 models will all be pulled out. He pointed that the LE-4 cameras are going to continue to get used and employed. However, the discontinuation of LE-5 model is necessary and cancelled.

According to The Daily Beast on this emerging big story, 2990 cameras are affected out of the total 15,500 they got.

We aren’t sure what message to take out of this.

Body cameras are common in the NYPD and one is under way for ALL next year. However, after this recent big story, we aren’t sure what’s in next!

Stay updated/tuned for another big story at The Tech Unveiled soon.

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