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Biggest Problem In Pakistan Today

By on July 7, 2019

Pakistan is a struggling economy where there are all kinds of people and all kinds of issues.

If you take a look at this country from an overall or bigger eye perspective, you will realize that it is the same old Pakistan. (But now, it is under “TERROR ATTACK”).

Pakistan’s current economy seems to be stale. There are many problems with the country. It is the 21st century and the year ‘2019’. Hence, what we need to realize is that you have to move forward to enjoy the experience but you also need to halt, see and then make collective action to deal with this country’s problems.

World Eye

The world is moving at a very fast pace. There are too many people involved and the “race is on“.

From a world’s perspective, everybody is running for this race themselves. Moreover, it is human nature to have things to yourselves. We are talking about the principle of gain and loss right now.

However, this year, things have gotten extremely out of control: (See: South Africa, New Zealand, France, Pakistan, Iran, Europe and everywhere else).

Things are in chaos and economically, Pakistan is the least of most major economies. Pakistan itself is a mess because of the presiding parties, which are having a good go at themselves. The reality? There is absolutely nothing for the common man here:


Things are not that lost because there is One supremacy and that is his. If we are really playing Eye Eye, then I am sure to let you know that only Allah is here to take care of all of it.

Nothing’s a lost case, nothing is a loose hope. Everyone is here and things can be fixed but it may take a lot of time.


Their is no truth but the fact that this all has been ‘created’ by these own very people themselves (the ruling parties of Pakistan). The higher truth is that there is no control left and it is Jang-E-Uhad.

Another major operation going on in Pakistan is to “hunt the rapist“. Since the last many days, there has been a lot of news regarding all parties of this country, say PMLN, PPP and the nonexistent PTI. The news has sort of been in lines of Murder, Rape and related trajectories.

The good part is that they are all getting caught. And what we forsee in this country is a national force that is going to take down all of the loop holders and make this country One again.

However, the one person missing in this relation is Mr. Imran Khan, the current presiding Prime Minister of the country.

Current Situation

At the moment, every single business in Pakistan is hurting because of the state of the country. The problem is between the loose holders, the reality is presiding amongst the truth holders and the decision of the finality of this country will be taken by the few loaders, who if they can, and (they can) ( : See, corruption, loose talks, fake and crassy humor and much much more).

The truth is that there is absolutely no conclusion to any of it.

The agenda right now, seems like, there is absolutely no religion in this country and they are playing blood, Black Blood- And it’s result? Intestines and murder.


Pakistan is a mess and the state of the country is because of the people who have created this mess and that mess is attributed to Mr. Imran Khan, who has a very good history of rape, terrorism, and assaulted murder.

May God bless this country for it is in shackles and these chains, if they are pressed by the global authority, i.e. America, it won’t be soon before long that they halt every operation in this country and bring their forces to GIVE EVERYTHING BACK off what this Man, the Presiding PM of this country, has sold off to the world.

May Pakistan rest in peace but for those who are interested in saving the country rather then themselves for a minute, night, second or so, might be able to save it.

Its 2019 the forces are all in recline. Pakistan is a shame and the rest of the world is an attribute or perhaps a tribute to see the patterns that are befalling this country.


Lastly, leaked videos, rape assaults, cameras, pictures, alcohol, drugs and everything else are being caught in Pakistan because there is an interim race between all parties. And the only one who could catch this whole fiasco, a ball (literally) called Pakistan will benefit so that this ball doesn’t become a lost ball but a ball that may rule and show the world who it really is.

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