The Biggest Problem In Pakistan Today

The Biggest Problem In Pakistan Today

Pakistan is a struggling economy where there are all kinds of people and all kinds of issues. The Biggest Problem In Pakistan today, however, is the lack of Enactment of the Men in Army. Pakistan should be protected by its State. The rest will always follow through. After all, a person doesn’t need more than 10 pence per day for survival or perhaps a rupee or two for energy from candies (not even available for Rs. 5 now).

If you take a look at this country from an overall or bigger eye perspective, you will realize that it is the same old Pakistan. (But now in Pakistan, you literally can’t even breathe).

Pakistan’s current economy seems to be stale. There are many problems with the country. It is the 21st century and the year ‘2019’. Hence, what we need to realize is that you have to move forward to enjoy the experience but you also need to halt, see and then make collective action to deal with this country’s problems.

Looking At Things From A Global Perspective

The world is moving at a very fast pace. There are too many people involved and the “race is on“.

Things are in chaos and economically, Pakistan is the least of most major economies. Pakistan itself is a mess because of the presiding parties, which are having a good go at themselves. The reality? There is absolutely nothing for the common man here.

People Of Pakistan Need A Reality Check

Things are not that lost because there is One supremacy and that is only His. Pakistan’s sustenance is on Breakeven level and it is not even enough for a man to go by on a daily basis.

The idea is to move forward and realize your opportunities across the globe. Connect with the right people and let things happen.

Give yourself 10 days to get a news that you have been waiting for. 10 days are enough for a survival of a soul without even bare minimums.


Pakistan is a Very Islamic country. It has to be cleared off people that are eyeing its gold. Most of Pakistan doesn’t even have Muslims now. They are all liberals or pseudo party makers or fakers in the real Pakistan.

The PROBLEM in Pakistan are the people who are talking. The issue is that these are the same faces around every Good Muslims in their home in Pakistan.

There are NO standing orders. Pakistan is on the Loose- Ask the Elites and it lacks the principles of Getting Things Done and that is unfortunately due to murder, genocide, rape, incest, blood and Open Murder. Especially evident in the last 2 or 3 years or so.

Pakistan could benefit from Education, Open Platforms (free of cost) [Pakistan already has too many leaders and too much Wealth – Especially on a grass root level which is its population itself].

If we look at the total wealth of Pakistan, its resources (land, sand, sitting in Tharparkar, Sindh etc. it is essentially enough to realize that Pakistan is in the hands of the Corrupt since the last 2 years or so. Its government has been a failed government only because of its Prime Minister or probably the fact that things haven’t gotten along at a personal level.

Nonetheless, the biggest problem now, in Pakistan, since its election in 2018 when the Current Prime Minister came in is Corruption and Theft.

Pakistan has now sort of emerged as such a ‘private’ state, which it is that it should be enacting law and order on all borders of its by devising the State’s Army and the Police for Law and Order.

In any country, the Presiding Authority is Always the Prime Minister.

If we conduct a research on the performance of Pakistan- from 2018 to February 2020 now, Pakistan has suffered, not only money wise but blood wise. And that blood has been the loss of the Muslims across its borders and the men and women of its country.

Lets remember the fact that Pakistan is the ONLY Islamic State and its name is the Islamic Republic Of Pakistan.

Lets also not forget that Islam is internal as are all religions and if Muslim are dying in a Muslim state then its time to get rid of ALL governments and enact Law and Order right away through a Martial Law.


The State is above the Sovereign Authority and on the FIRST murder of a Muslim in a STATE (Country- Pakistan), the Army should lead the way.

Remember: no one is above the law, not even the Prime Minister and the law are basics.

The basics, the books, the songs, the headphones, the party, EVERYTHING is there. The State only needed protection and the last 10 months have been enough to realize how important is to not fight with a person of faith against a person of dismay.

A Muslim NEVER fights for food and food is money. Money is power and power is control. If we forget all these notions and just Realize as to What HAS ALREADY HAPPENED in the last 10 months for a ‘Bar’ then I think Pakistan should be working on reenacting its essence and spirit and that are the People of Pakistan.

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