Blaming The Toxic? What For?

The Pacific is in but it is constantly struggling for times are changing.


The problem is that things are changing and there’s too much population and too much work.

The notion of idealism is that we should benefit from the economy and rather than struggling with acid, I think we should check out what’s controlling the environment.

The pollution is the biggest problem and it can lead to seizures, short term memory.. no no in fact, this is exactly what is going on in the world. Essentially, the question is, what is happening and what’s leading to all of this?


Seriously, we are not talking about poisoning here.. It’s in the water, it is the sanitation, and it is leading to worse outcomes.

Worse comes to worse and it is the worse, people are dying and there’s too much sickness spreading in the entire world.

Ideally, the notion, is how to drop this warm water and allow it to clear the air so the moisture spreads and warmness alleviates.. None… I want you to realise that mammals, marine, crabs, they are all being polluted and it is in the water.. The answer?

The Answer..

The Answer…..



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