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Blaming The Toxic? For What?

Everything is about money these days. Everything charges money, takes money, etc.etc. However, if you really realize, we are blaming the toxic but what for? In this article, ‘Blaming The Toxic? For What?’, I’ll try to make you understand that we should rather divert our attention towards bigger goals and challenges than take care of things such as the environment, the nature or perhaps hay there and way where. Sticking to the point can help many a most achieve a lot of constants and this will be one of them.

Essentially, what we need to realize is that Everything Is Done and rather than blaming, we understand, fathom and realize: that it is not us, nor nature but man itself that is doing this to regain power and control and that power and control is through money and only money because man can only take care of “Earth” and the #Heavens are only His. Authority is only one’s. The rest is power and money.

Blame games don’t end. Today we are just pointing fingers out at things (Trump in particular) and not doing anything about it. What we need to realize is that if everybody played their role in the environment or in nature, this world is not as dented as it is today.

Today we stand at crossroads of perhaps nothing left of humanity not even humans. Toxic is a greater concern but not as big as humans. While I hope the shredders go to waste, it is important to realize to come back, to fight in your right, to wake up and realize and to believe: have faith, regain your faith in religion, whichever yours may be and to stand up and fight to protect and secure humanity again.

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