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Boris And Trump: Tech Unveiled

By on July 24, 2019

Boris And Trump: Tech Unveiled

With life passing by so quickly, it would be very important to realize how to control everything, stop everything and to understand, where this world is heading. It’s only #2019 and things are already at a loose. Well, they are not a loose, maybe according to #BorisJohnson but from His eye, definitely. Trump and Boris, therefore, at trying to seal the deal, in an effort to stop everything and then, give everything back, to him, which is also his favorite sign.

News Reveals The Following

Latest news reveals that Mr. Donald Trump is back.

This is for ‘God’s’…

Trump’s logo is: ThumpThump.

The Day of Judgement is: Qiyamat

(Read up on Qiyamat and you will understand the language.. Though in the Quran it states, “The Trumpet Will Blow…” and that would be for Mr. Trump because the World knows who this man is and he still doesn’t submit to His will- which is, surrendering everything in the name of Allah.

Similarities Between The Two And Subsequent Plans

Sources have confirmed that Mr. Boris, who seems like a clone of President Trump himself, is the new Prime Minister of the UK [His immediate plans].

Read: Who Is Boris Johnson? And Here:

For me, Boris and Johnson… Oh I mean, Johnson and Johnson or perhaps, Trump and Trump, are for me, the same. This means business, this means lost hopes [ for the businesses, this god forsaken man has forseen and taken away and much more].

Boris and Trump’s example in the Quran and literary is similar by nature. Their faces say the truth. No one, on Earth, looks the same as one another. However, what they have done, how much they have helped each other, good vs. evil and how much evil they have done is the truth about them, themselves.

For me, Boris as the PM of United Kingdom and Trump’s revelation to keep it going, that is, the War on Iraq and Afghanistan.. Doesn’t mean much sense because the Muslims, aka. right now Iran, is in full force to beat the World to it. And their belief, mindset, everything… Allah, is with them. May they succeed, in whichever way they have pursued.

So are we back to the same lifestyle, space ships, cars, hoolllll—eee—gunnnn-ssss- culture, life and laugh, laugh and lol, P****** and Holes?


Time comes, time goes. It might be registered that these two big guns, Trump and Boris, who acts like Johnson and Johnson, that’s where his name has been derived from probably. The two clowns are back. And Hazrat Aminah is right here, to assess, who are we working for, what are we doing, why are WE never satisfied and why do these goons get to do the ‘ooo-laaa-laaa-laaa’, while we try to be humans amidst our usual life routines.

It’s a problematic concern, definitely, though it is in the news that there has been some Divine intervention and it has also been revealed that #Allah [subha’na’Ta’Allah] has come down on Earth with the ever so mysterious Hazrat Aminah [that’s her start, and she’s here till the end]. Though the catch? Allah is on Earth and there is not bigger a name than his.

Problem discussed?

Now, here’s the catch.

Both Trump and Boris have recently been caught for raping a girl and for Trump, it’s a common. Only that he does it and he makes sure every second of the soul is Wiped off of the face of the Earth. Trump’s legacy might be there, though ask the people as to what he does with them, so that’s a humanitarian concern to kick his butt out of this ‘hole’ aka Earth.

For Boris, he was in the news two days ago for someone heard a girl scream next to his house. He was heading out with a drink and was found with a girl. The girl screamed, and he had to be taken to the locker- Though then he might have been freed.

So I am wondering, if he is the PM of UK and he is the President of the World aka [the long forsaken United States of America] and if they are running the world… So we, the common man, will become like them. So if we are under Trump’s order or [Hukam], then perhaps we will all turn to him or turn into him and keep nodding and he’ll keep smiling with that right lip twisting towards the side of the goon’s face while the little lip residing against the upper lip and that’s his devilish smile. That he knows it all. How Trump how… Well, that’s a question, I am never going to tell.

The game? No body admits what they have done so essentially, this world and life is a game. For the gamers yes, for the ones in solace, they sit and watch and wonder if they can do something to change the entire system, the system created by them i.e.

Boris is the same, probably 8 inches lower than Trump.

Two goons settled-

Next, news reveals that Ms. Christine Lagarade is resigning from IMF and she is going to head the Common fund or similar in the UK which shows that America has conveniently intervened in the Queen’s economy already.

If Lagarade likes her respect, she should stay at home till the boys blow away her holes off.


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