Breaking: North Korea Shoots War: China In Jeopardy

It seems like a lot has happened in a day. While we are currently and at the moment dealing with the consequences of corona, sudden war between North Korea and South Korea, India and China and America in the middle has sprung up. Times are tricky. People around the world are struggling and suffering. However, it seems like these premiers just don’t or can get enough!

If you have missed out on the news today, because of the corona upset or perhaps, being late on the television, here are 10 important news snippets to read from today.

  1. Breaking: North Korea Shoots War Against South Korea: China In Jeopardy: Read here.
  2. According to latest reports, North Korea has shot up a war that blew up (talk records place in NorthKorea). Read here.
  3. On the other hand, China is dealing with a brand new Covid-19 outbreak. Read here.
  4. China is also dealing with war against India. Read here.
  5. The safest destination in the world to travel is: Read here.

In addition…

6. China and India At War: Read here.

7. 20 hotspots for Corona Virus identified in Pakistan: Read here.

8. Violence In Kashmir Should End: Read here.

9. Trump faces health issues: Read here.

10. New PlayStation design revealed by Sony: Read here.

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