Cannabis legalization Canada

Canada: Tech Glitches On First Day Cannabis Legalisation

Cannabis got legalized in Canada on the 17th of October. As anticipated as this day was, as expected, people had to face some problems.

It was reported that there were certain shortages and tech issues people had to face when getting marijuana.

People who already wanted to get it in the first place were warned about shortages. Moreover, others who tried getting it online had other things to face and deal with. Many people also had to line up for Hours in stores to get the product.

Delta 9, an online retailer selling cannabis, was sold out early in the morning. People, essentially, lost it as it got legalized in the country.

Gary Symons, while talking about orders, said,

“At Delta 9, there were 100 orders in the first 60 seconds of legalization”. He confirmed the company sold $50,000 worth of products during the first 60 minutes.

It is being said that the store will have the products right back online by 8:30 am local time.

There were delays in delivery services too. Pineapple Express, for instance, experienced delays of several hours. In Saskatchewan, there were some marijuana retailers. However, in Saskatoon or Regina, even those were missing.

Certain retailers reportedly wanted to get started but there was a shortage of the drug.

Cannabis legalization Canada
Cannabis legalization Canada

Updates By States

On the other hand, British Columbia’s government set up their online store in motion. They were offering some strains of Mango Kush but they got sold out before daybreak.

Over there, Kamloops, a licensed retailer is selling 75 strains.

The government website in Ontario,, doesn’t promote online sales altogether. There, you have to wait till April next year to get in, in physical stores.

In Alberta,, the main site of the province for online sales, was not loading. Even the company acknowledged the glitch.

It becomes clear that as cannabis has gotten legalized in Canada, there are problems being faced. In the first day of its legalization, some major problems have sprung up. Tech glitches and more, we hope they sort out so people can breath a sigh of relief.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

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