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5 Tricks To Get Your System Working

By on December 19, 2019

5 Tricks To Get Your System Working

Health is one of the most essential things everybody prays for and it is vital to get our systems in order.

If we are talking about systems, here are 5 tricks to get your system in good working order.

5 Tricks To Get Your System Working.

The body is essentially One by nature and given by God.

God is a higher power that can help but it is always invisible and it is always an effort to help.


Allah is real. God might be terminology you refer to as the higher source in the universe. It is unknown to fight with the #unknown and that’s how we test our limits. This is where #freewill comes in and unfortunately, for many and some, FreeWill doesn’t end. 5 Tricks To Get Your System Working.

5 Tricks To Get Your System Working: Tech Unveiled

However, the bottom line and the silver lining is that there is #time and #efforts never go futile. As is Allah to all is Allah to everyone.

*There is no discrepancy between the higher power or the higher source. The higher source is always here).

If we look at #2019, we can say it is the same bloody bass again. Are the ahead years going to be better or what? Lets look at #2020 instead.

Nonetheless, the companies in 2020 are going to stay the same and so will be the people #runningtheworld right now.

What I can say is that, in any case, you need yourself to stand up and ‘ride till #2020’.


5 Ways To Get Yourself In #Order by #2020.

  • Focus on your system and start with your legs. Focus your energy on your legs and work on your system.
  • Target by the bone and flex your system to store the balance between the eye of your center and the back of your back.
  • Drink plenty of water and get your systems in order
  • Eat plenty but go for something that spices up the system a little
  • Go for the ‘ticks’ in the system. They are the #Divine.

#TheDivineSeed, #TheDivineMechanism, #TheDivineRestoration, #TheDivineSystem #TheDivineGoodness and the Divine Self.


Stay tuned.

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The Human Race: We Can Only Humanize Things If We Are Surrounded By Humans

By on October 4, 2019

The Human Race: We Can Only Humanize Things If We Are Surrounded By Humans

It is 2019 and there is an incessant sign in the #universe to protect it.

Things are moving at a superseding pace and THIS superseding place (The World, The Earth and Everything In Between), only certain can take.

Furthermore, this piece of writing is for the Human Race.

We can only humanize things if we are surrounded by humans.

Those who need the most protection in the human race are the ones who are struggling the most. The best way out of this game is to know your limits, settle for your sovereign authority and move against this direction or perhaps, just step away from it.

However, who is shaking this authority and why things happen? You have to trust the universal laws.

The Human Race has been made by His Sovereign Authority, #Allah and in between is His doings for His beings. Anyone who comes in this #universalprocess will trip or drop; fail or lose momentum. Limits are the key and trusting the process is the key. The game? This is the #World and no one can escape it. Only #Death. If someone’s playing the race of the humans, #WhistleBlower, then it should be taken care off very seriously before more humans pass away or start reacting the same.

“The World At War”- October 4th, 2019. (Read here, here, here).

Playing The Human Race should be Everybody’s nightmare. Let’s not forget this is the World and we are all a part of it. Anyone who IS playing this game should be Kicked Out Of The Universe In Their Own Tongue, Slogans and Doings.


‘ Israfil (Arabic: ุฅูุณู’ู€ุฑูŽุงููู€ูŠู’ู€ู„โ€Ž, romanized: Isrฤfฤซl, alternate spellings: Israfel, Esrafil) is the angel who blows into the trumpet before Armageddon and sometimes depicted as the angel of music. … It is believed that Israfil will blow the trumpet from a holy rock in Jerusalem to announce the Day of Resurrection’- #Quran. (Wikipedia).

Trump; Tech Unveiled.

The end of time: The Day Of Judgement.

Mr. Donald Trump is mentioned in the Holy Quran and it is quite safe to say that he is The Ajjal or Da’Jj’al. Nonetheless, his 2-2 of figurative speech is not coherent with his actions or behaviors. Furthermore, if we are looking at #whoistrump or if there are cries being heard of women or men saying “its trump”, its not schizophrenia or bipolar: Voices Are Created. (A very clear sign of the Day of Judgement“.

Understanding The Problem With The Human Race

There is absolutely no sign in the Universe for you to behave or act a certain way. If you want to understand the self, know that it is eternal.

You yourself are the problem, if you are endangering this #Universe and if you really are the problem, which you really are, then its time for ‘GoodRiddence’.

Also, there is a limit to blaming and then the blame game itself. The Universe cannot be the problem so the problem itself becomes very clear.

If we are playing the game of the human race, then, the #code of it is simple:

By the other:

Bypass every line with other individuals in the name of ‘self’, ‘ego’, ‘attitude’ or perhaps, just through Hidden Intentions and Motivations. Remember that the other self is also here and once they find out, Allah comes in the middle; and for and He reads every breathe, every second, every soul and every instance.


Remember the rule of solitude and grace: What goes around, comes around, even in the hidden by Allah’s decree.


Unfortunately, the game of the Humans is already on the go. Minor glimpses can be taken off the shows #GameOfThrones etc. However, those are ideas and concept, turning them into reality is ‘One’s” doing and that is…


It states in the #HolyQuran that the “Trumpet will blow on the day of judgement” and it will, if you ask #Muslims. However, if the #Quran itself states #Trump then it is definitely THAT serious.

May Allah protect us from this man of a face, face of a man, the conclusion, the spin, the 70 year old BAS#####. Trump.

The Human Race: We Can Only Humanize Things If We Are Surrounded By Humans

The Race Of Human: Playing The Human Race Game.

We can only humanize things if we are surrounded by humans.

Are we all humans? Most people wonder sometimes. “We are all God’s creation” said a psychiatrist to me once. I drew the line of interim from it that perhaps, we are all different.

The Truth?

We are All God’s Creation, true, but where you are standing is your health, what you do is who you are, what you want to do is where your heart is stuck and what you want to do is already that you are doing.

The stability?

To live in peace, aptitude, solitude; to be humble, to bow down in grace and to surrender to the Will of Allah SubhanaTa’Allah; The Supreme Authority Sitting On Top Of Our Heads.


The Human Race; By Trump and Other Allies.

After reading up on a lot of subjects and being a writer and researcher my self, I realized that the game of the Human Race is a very dangerous bet. Especially, if you are sitting 10 hours away from all destinations. Who so ever is playing this game, and whoever KNOWS this game, is the one who has Exploited this “Game” and This Game will inevitably bite you in the ass, sooner or later.

The way you can get OUT of this game is to feel with your heart, let your feelings submerge, get it out of your system but putting a line ON your system (your body) and wherever you see a little sign of universal mechanisms or perhaps anything that is discomforting you, you either press it with your hand or draw back and let your heart do the rest. Your eyes on someone else’s heart within your body and getting it out of your system is the way to keep going in this human race.

The soltitude for all in this is that Allah is there and if this game was THAT serious, he would have obviously not let it happen.


The Human Race: Global Economic Pressures

We are all humans but different notions or ideas come because these ideas have already been planted in the Universe. Things don’t just happen. In fact, tbut the war is now based on this race. If we are playing the games of humans, i don’t think it is game of thrones but in fact something very and deep down important. You cannot keep on screwing humans for your own vested interests.

It comes a surprise to me that most people in the World don’t know this but evil politics in the same world as we all are in can be a very dangerous phenomenon.

Reading the global news and being an avid reader of such news, I have realized how badly it effects on to have nazar on the other. It has been said that you cannot spill out anything in any others’ name, as per the Holy Quran and these are many categories of magic (sorcery, magic, spilling out beans in someone else’s name, making up different identities, presuming to be someone else and making sure you are someone else while making the other a fool). Nonetheless, these are important categories and names you must know to make sure that you are not a part of this game.

Fighting The Problems: Tech Unveiled

This World has become a problematic concerns and few hands are running it. Moreover, the concept and talks of taking over the world and its problems such as large scale destruction, global war and bigger phenomenons still persist. All of it is true but the concept and plan is all deceptive.. And that truly is what the game is now. We are talking about building homes in space, exploiting the universe, taking charge of the moon, creating destruction.. So on and so forth.

The problem is that the common man is unfortunately sitting in the middle of the World.

It is the right of every human to withstand any authority that is standing by him. Moreover, on a global scale, it is time that things start revolting.

You cannot play the game of humans because it will kill them. Whoever is playing it, aka Mr. Trump, on all levels, should immediately leave his Seat. Thats the First and Last message of the #Universe.

Secondly, if we really Are playing this game by population and majority, which we are and there is nothing much of it that is left, it is important that we take charge of the ongoing struggles and bring a face that is worthy of trueappreciation.

Nonetheless, this is not the time to bicker and backer because the World is at a threat and the threat is so severe that even the World cannot escape it.

Whoever is fighting against the norms or nature should realize that Death is not too far away. Death is inevitable and it may rock you to the core and not even come to you just to give you a glimpse of who you are and then walk away so that you stay in the same place as you are and let the universal forces bite you in the ass and come up to normal leverage.

Or perhaps, send you to the inevitable place of no return: Your Grave.

Stay tuned.

Tech Unveiled.

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What Is Going On In Pakistan?

By on September 22, 2019

What Is Going On In Pakistan?

Pakistan is a country that is lacking some supplementary ideas that could really and easily help this country by pass major obstacles This means that if we look past our own eyes and vision, it could enhance peace, serenity, , life and new beginnings.

Pakistan is a country segregated by fear. The truth about Pakistan is that everything is already here.

Be it roads to culture to serenity to fun and travel, things always look good here. However, the problem With Pakistan is that Pakistan does not have the right kind of People to create a Force that people know of automatically and, so that, no other “Forces” comment on this country’s soil and operations.

Problems Prevalent In Pakistan

The major problem with Pakistan is that when you take it by the International measure of Indexing (perhaps as an economy or country per se), it becomes second to none. However, what I wonder is:

Why are we going by the Global Measure of Indexing?

How about we look at the domestic economy of the country and divert our attention towards the small, micro and minimal sources that can contribute towards the well-being of this country.

When I talk about Micro Economics, I refer to things that can help the country on a domestic level. This includes Conventional or Islamic microfinance loans. Having done my thesis on the perceptions of the two loans in Lahore, Pakistan, I feel that micro economic ventures such as these can play a vital role in developing small economies and helping these economies flourish through consistent and insistent help.

Micro-economic factors, efforts and help may seem small or close to none by most people. However, the truth is that micro economics was established many years ago. It is a branch of economics that looks at small, consistent efforts that can boost the domestic economy. Micro economic efforts combined with macro economic efforts can also help the economy go forward. Moreover, higher measures of developments if looked at ‘consistently and measurably’ can really help the economy go forward.

Power Struggles in Pakistan: The 78 year Problem Of This Country

The consistent problem with Pakistan is that there are TOO many people competing for the same seat and that is contributing towards and for the economy to crumble or cripple down.

Seriously and honestly, these ‘petty’ power struggles in the country; of the State, The Pre-dominant cultures, the cultures themselves and then on the subdued cultures etc. has always created havoc in the country and will continue to do the same in the coming run as well.

In my opinion, Pakistan needs a strong hand that can determine its proper authority, so that things operate smoothly on Every front.

Furthermore, in my opinion, the country needs an authoritative hand and an authoritarian government that can fight with these problems so that these power struggles end, once and for sure.

Furthermore, the country needs one hand that can take care of the government and then many subsidiary hands that can take care of other problems as well.

The Clear Truth About Pakistan

Unfortunately, Pakistan has the same culture and ‘running aspect’ as it was since its inception. The country is Quite “Modern” itself and the people of the country are very open minded and know what decency, grace and class is.

In Pakistan, most of the economy was at a somewhat halt since the last many months. It is the same culture that breeds hatred when all parties coincide and fight to come back to power.

The Fact of the matter is that most of these parties are One by and forth. It is the same people running the country on the front end and the back end. They might be playing a game for the People to see, however, no one is do dumb and in recline that they don’t understand what is coming to the picture. This, in fact, is the issue that has consistently bogged the country down, with no major developments, and a subliminal culture.

In retrospect, the global economy is moving at a fast pace.

Moreover, the presiding government cannot even do anything about this matter and the fact that the last 8-9 months have been such a drag in the country is quite a haunting thought. (This was 2019).

Therefore, the call for an authoritarian government and a good and quick hand on top is the way to go about it. Not the army, not the state, not the military, not the ISI. The government needs a hand, the army needs stability and the Operations of this Country need a predominant hand that can help it move forward with grace and class.

Finally, Pakistan has to coincide with the efforts of other Muslim countries especially #SaudiaArabia to become One (in all measures) and to withstand and support of Saudia-Arab by every measure.

The Upside of Pakistan

Pakistan can be an undeniable force for the people of this country as they are very original and are Muslims by pre-dominance. Pakistan has a lot of potential and it is obvious in every regard. Moreover, the military army of the country is doing very well as well and perhaps in every regard.

Furthermore, Pakistan should get rid of the People who are the Enemies of the State and these Enemies will mostly be those who are more in line, in opinion, with the open-mindedness, or perhaps, liberality of others. Rather than boosting an open culture, realize that everyone has a mind-set and a belief and a code. The country should follow the same discipline because the people of the country are also sitting in their homes and everything is Very close by.

Moreover, The People of the Country should be enough in clear and understanding and complaint about the disturbances in the Air which is effecting every individual and in every capacity.

It won’t be too long before this aspect of the economy becomes obvious.

Furthermore, anyone who is against the believes of the Muslims will always be the enemy of all, according to the Book, and the one who is an enemy of the all will make sure every one becomes an enemy as well, to ensure that their own motives don’t become the truth.

Moreover, if you are Not a Muslim , you CANNOT run a Muslim state; for it will be Against The Best Interest of The Country.

Other than that, if you are Swearing by Oath and then trying to ensure you stand by it but pretending and finding the fact that others are also of the same excuse, then you cannot walk and nor will the others.

However, the others will make sure you get botched down by an inch or two and in the process, and by the Universal Laws, you will definitely be knocked down. Probably in a second or two and then by the second or two or none of One. And that One is the decision of the Universe itself (signs that Allah gives you).

Finally, when the Universe Conspires To Tell You The Truth With Every Sign On Your Face, It Is Time To Let Go. This is because nothing can stop any Universal Force if something is That Wrong in the universe itself.

To Conclude

Years have passed on by and many people have left this Earth. The principle of E=MC2 always presides and truly it does in every and most capacities. Finally, the truth can never hide especially if too many people are at stake.

Finally, staying sane in the process of all of this is the key to a happy life. You are in control of everything that you have but your vision is limited to you. It is better if the universal authority itself determines which path one will go, be it a country or human. (Something major and minor in between).

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

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How To Put Yourself Back In Perspective

By on September 2, 2019

How To Put Yourself Back In Perspective

Putting yourself in perspective can be quite a difficult, if you are under One roof.

The roof I am talking about is the ‘Sky’ and the root I am talking about is the ‘Sun’.

The orbit is Nature.

However, the question of how to put yourself back in perspective comes from the fact that you don’t have to fly between the skies and motions but instead, you need to get a grip on yourself to attain perspective.

3 Common Problems Of A Common Man

I swear this is the 21st Century and that would, at the least, mean, 21 thousand years. However, we all have different believes so essentially, the Common Man should abide by the Islamic Law (SaudiArab launches Islamic Calendar) to make sense out of things.


Come what may, If you are having such problems, here are three important things you should do Right Away to gain perspective.

1- Stop holding on to yourself.

2-Don’t practice any belief

3-Do what you feel like doing

However, the Trick is to do this when you are ALL Alone. Well, if you start doing it in front of others then the others will notice and that would be your admit.

Henceforth, practicing all kinds of beliefs in private is a good idea and that is how you May emerge as a better person. Rest, everybody knows who you are!

Attaining Discipline

If you are looking for how to help yourself for attaining discipline, know that life is all about discipline. If you are looking for ways regarding how to put yourself in perspective, the ideology should be discipline. I mean, You Yourself should be discipline. Discipline includes 5 primary things:

  • Self Belief
  • Motivation
  • Clean
  • Well Motivated
  • and Honor

Unfortunately, though things are moving at a very fast pace in the world of Robotics, Technology, Mission and The End, these ‘Kicks’ of a man will only last a second before the Man gets blown away himself.

Honestly, I smell the Air around me and it is always a Sign as to how wrong something is and how much of a lawful earning are you doing.

You can read as much as you want about self discipline, you can do as much as you can but if you don’t mean it, nothing will work nor anything will change.

Self discipline, perseverance, the right kind of attitude and strength are the ingredients of a good life and a great personality.

How To Put Yourself Back In Perspective

Life isn’t easy. So many have passed before us and so many have to go after us. The middle path is Life. The end is Death. And the Start WAS YOUR story only. In direct tone, no one can save anyone but yourself. (Self Belief, Self Help).

If you want to learn more about discipline, here are things that will get you in the right motion:

  1. Read the book
  2. Go by the book
  3. Abide by the Book
  4. Take care of the Book
  5. Take care of yourself.

Stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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Content Specialist At Fiverr: Read Here

By on August 29, 2019

If you are looking for a content specialist, you might as well know and realize that there might be plenty of advertisements of it on the Internet but there are few that are Good at it.

I am one of the Writers at Tech Unveiled and I had two profiles on Fiverr previously. Honestly, I’ve made a lot of money off those accounts.

I recently started a new Fiverr account by my name, AmnahJ_05.

Being a specialist in writing, I know many aspects of Writing including the following:

  1. Basic content: Starter level content – This includes how to articles, articles on self help, articles on help and motivation and others.
  2. Mid Level Content: Mid Level Content is the one with a lot of surprises. It comes with proper headings and sub headings. In my writing, I make sure that I take care of all the pronunciations, grammar and anything else; more or less.
  3. High Level Content: Finally, when it comes to high level content, I can take care of that too. High Level content includes articles on Real Estate, Stock Markets, Business Analysis, Business Analysts and others.
  4. Proof Reading Services; I also provide proof reading services. This includes editing, writing, grammar and more.

Recently, and by in large, I know my way around writing because I have been writing since the last 10 years. I started in 2009.

I am a Bachelors in Economics (With a gold medal) and an Mphil in Development Studies. (3.69CGPA).

My Fiverr profile is here.

Stay tuned.

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Life Goals: Freedom And Sustenance

By on August 21, 2019

Life Goals: Freedom And Sustenance

I am here to tell you and let you in on a little secret today.

Getting freedom and attaining sustenance is One’s dream. Other routes to happiness, dreams and freedoms include other measures of life of sustaining life plus achieving sustenance including premiership, leadership, full control, power and Authority.

However, the authority is only His, -Allah Subhana’Ta’Allah’s. The delicacy, of religion and faith is the purity of one’s self against their faith and belief. That only He knows.

Therefore life, automatically, becomes a place on Earth where you have to go up, climb, succeed, thrive and make sure you are alive (till the End of Time perhaps)- That is longevity, the should-be mantra and peace and life instead.

Furthermore, remember that Life doesn’t come easy but the right kind of attitude can take you places altogether. That’s rigidity, help, happiness and everything, in one and all in one together.

Life isn’t a bowl of melons- What matters are emotions, life, heart, soul, feelings and the Pour Out Of These Feelings.

To Evolve: Sustainability And Sustenance

Whether we are young or old, getting freedom and attaining freedom is not that easy. Life has been hard for all of us and we have seen our shares of ups and downs.

Life is all about getting freedom. It is about attaining sustenance and it is about having the right attitude so people start believing you in full strength and full rigor.

Rule no. 1 of #life is to stay happy. Rule #2 is to let go out of the past and move to something better. Go through the transition rather than avoiding it or reacting to which your heart has already settled on. These are gimmicks of the Universe that you will never be able to settle on one thing. In fact, the Human Mind is so vast that it can become adaptable and it can get you places. However, restricting yourself, finding excuses, getting your work done through others and to reacting to things that are not that is abnormality.

Rule Of Life/ Rule Of Law

The biggest rule of Life is= What Goes Around, Comes Around. If you plant a seed in the universe, there might be two seeds that might welcome you to your fanatic hood. Planting one seed might have helped you to get an insight regarding your interests in plants and nature. Trust me and trust it that Life doesn’t come easy. It is not a game and life itself is the truth. Finding and attaining that balance is an automatic recovery and move along of and in life.

Life is unpredictable and it is true that it is only going to be you at the end of it all because you Are your best friend. However, if your limits become somebody’s glory or your doings become somebody’s dismay, then you will naturally be out of life itself. That is the Rule of Law and the Rule of Jurisdiction.


Life isn’t easy and there are many different rules you Have to abide by if you want to survive till the end. Yes, Help is always on and in the way. However, the Divine Help will always be available for you, If you have abode by the divine. Life isn’t 2 cents, mellow or lemons or grass, it is the reality and the divine truth that life will end- The Day Of Judgement will come and till then, Life is a test- The goal is to survive till the end. That’s the basic formula of life.

Life= Energy Mass Center Square. – The rule of law, rule of life, rule of humanity, rule of mass energy, rule of intellect and rule of absorbing all of it through your mind which bores the notion of Life and all of these laws in fact.

Finally, if you want help then sure life should be tackled by keeping a day in mind. Always save your money, don’t give things away, keep a check on your tongue, smile, eat and always thank Allah for His blessings. For he is the One who bore you, took care of you when you were little, came down to you when you needed help and assistance and took you through this life, one by one, stroll by stroll, and you need not know and ye know not. However, this is the devil’s work- The opposition will be you. The fight will be till this time till the End of Time. The Answer will be His. That is also someone’s glory. Nonetheless, life should be taken lightly though relationships and priorities must be taken seriously.

Stay tuned.

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Dubai In Paper: News Ranked

By on July 22, 2019

Dubai In Paper: News Ranked

1- Smart Dubai To Launch Expo 2020 Virtual Assistant

2- Dubai to feature bigger enterprise this year, with Rashid leading the way for Dubai’s assistance’ type fish.

Read here: News

3- Dubai Won’t Be Showing Calories In Menu For 2 Years

Read here: News

4- How to Do Business In A City Like Dubai

Read here: News

5- Dubai On Job Performance: How it performed and what’s on stake.

Read Here: News

6- Dubai Modernizes: Here’s what you need to know.

Read. here: ..News

Stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

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How To Say No And Stay Sober

By on June 19, 2019

How To Say No And Stay Sober

If you really want to succeed in today’s time, you have to make sure you know how to say no. Saying no can do you a lot of favors especially drive motivation within and guide you to your true purpose.

Honestly, the truth is that nobody wants to hear a no. Everybody is out there to get to their true purpose in life. However, how many are they hurting along the way would perhaps be history for them.

The truth is:

Nobody waits for you essentially but rather, everyone is ‘trying to make an incision entry of themselves’. It’s not about YOU (for the other person) but everything is for You. Once you realize it, your belief will get strong and you’ll get some affirmation on your true purpose in life.

Everybody has goals. Everybody has aspirations but nobody wants to get disturbed while they are trying to attain what is written for them. Therefore, the importance of saying no to one to drive yourself to your highest purpose is the best way out in this over excessive life.

History Speaks For Itself

If you look at history, every artist, book writer, singer-songwriter or anyone else for that purpose, talks about ‘light’ or positivity or motivation perhaps. However, have you ever wondered where they go with this notion and what happens to them after all this motivation?

If you look at things deeply, you will realize that people are always looking for the truth and that’s where their motivation springs from. However, over time, everybody goes through ‘life’ and it might have taken the time to reach their true purpose.

So, the idea here is to understand all sides of the story and never to coincide with one’s specific efforts. Also, before someone gets to your purpose, you should get to their purpose instead by stopping them by simply saying No.

Also, you never know who’s who these days so it is better to avoid. And if someone’s trying to get too close to you, it means there is a big problem.

how to say no: aay store
how to say no: aay store

The Biggest Problem We Face Today

One of the biggest problems today is for one to say no. I say, there should be no more niceties because we’ve already been too humane for the world. There have been nice people and there have been bad people. The truth is that now, between nice and bad, there is a line which is called the ‘integrating line’. For humans who try to get to your true purpose, it is going to be called extinguishing light or a sling shot right through your brain. We all have this line within, which is our bare minimum.

Hence, the best way is that before they get to your true purpose, you better say no and if they don’t listen to your no, they better succumb to all that they wrote themselves for you through your eyes till their heart only. (That’s a tit-for-tat, the Ultimate principle of life).

The problem these days is that nobody gets the message. The issue arises when one starts to cross your line; the conflict starts which is the other person’s motive and that is where the war arises. Therefore, before this war, it is important to say no to avoid a greater mess through a bigger glory- the end of the one who starts the mess or ignites the fire.

Nafs: Gut: Eye

Also, remember, everyone is fighting a war, the war within one’s self. This includes a battle within, in an attempt to stay sane, against what we called your, “nafs” (in Islam: Nafs = your gut and the hold on your gut, which is a hold on your ownself).

โ€œUntil you learn how to confidently say NO to so many things, you shall always say YES to so many things. The real summary of a regretful life is a life that failed to balance YES and NO. Yes! A life that failed to recognize when to courageously say NO and when to confidently say YES!โ€
โ€• Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

There have been so many books on how to say no and there is a need to emphasize for one to say no because these days, nobody knows how to respect a line.

They abuse you, they be with you, they mingle with you and they go back to their respective places, their shells, their comfort zone, where they plan, inch by inch, your demise, one by one and nor do they reveal, nor do they tell.

Honestly, nobody can cross a line with you which means your respect, your passions, your motivations, your aspirations, your dreams, and your life. The problem these days is that not only is a person being eyed these days but they are rather getting stripped off of their belongings which includes themselves. There, is, therefore, a need, to draw a line and say No to the other person politely before they get out of their purpose to get to your purpose, which would be your heart per se!

Getting In One’s Heart

Getting to one’s heart is getting to and in their system, and once you get in someone’s business, they start collapsing, just as an individual would, if their ‘Maksad’ is being crossed by another just for some personal gains, laughs, khekhe’s and he‘he’s.

A lot of people have talked about how to say no. In fact, it has been a motivational topic for many speakers. Additionally, books have been written on how to say no.

If we are talking about how to say no and stay sober (pun intended), here are some motivation that will guide you to believe the importance of saying no, putting the other person aside, giving them a message and so, they don’t intervene in your purpose, your heart, mind and soul.

Quotes on How To Stay No.

โ€œLove yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious.  You get to choose how you use it.  You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and wonโ€™t accept.โ€
โ€• Anna Taylor

โ€œSometimes “No” is the kindest word.โ€ – (for the ones who understand)
โ€• Vironika Tugaleva

โ€œTone is the hardest part of saying no.โ€ – Tone matters!
โ€• Jonathan Price, Put That in Writing

โ€œWhen you say no to the wrong people, it opens up the space for the right people to come in.โ€
โ€• Joe Calloway, Magnetic: The Art of Attracting Business

Looking For A Simple Formula? There’s None!

If you think about it, how to say no seems like a simple formula. It comes easy to the eyes and it comes easy on the face and it comes easy on the lips off one. However, the truth is, this advice is true for the good ones because the rest of the ones have already said no and are trying to succeed or portraying too. Though, the heart is still one and it’s all YOU that has gone through all of it. The story? It’s going to be a win-win always for the ones who have betrayed you. And then, the underlying meaning for you in this would be to learn from your surroundings and then learn how to say no.

how to say no: aaystore

By learning how to say no, you will get the following:

  • A little bit of love
  • Some perspective as to how you have to succeed this life whilst and between all that is going on around you
  • Its never going to be easy though learning how to say no can definitely help you succumb to a certain things and then becoming afresh about your needs and then going for those needs one by one and Step-By-Step.
  • You should learn how to say no and that will allow you to succeed in this life but things will always be taken one by one. and that is perspective for you.

Books on how to say no:

The art of saying no: Damon Zahariades

How to How To Say No: Without Feeling Guilty: Patti Breitman

The Power Of A Positive No: William Ury

Stay tuned.

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Macbook SMC Reset

How To: Save Your Macbook With SMC Reset

By on October 18, 2018

How To: Save Your Mac With SMC Reset

There may come a time where your Macbook starts underperforming or shut down even.

There is no other way to perform a small reset on Apple’s Mac’s except one:

The SMC Reset.

Macbook SMC Reset
Macbook SMC Reset

The SMC Reset

The SMC Reset is a powerful way of jump-starting your Macbook. It is performed in a simple manner. However, if your battery is completely dead or there is some power supply issue, SMC Reset will not work.

In order to perform an SMC Reset, do the following:

  1. Shutdown your Mac
  2. Connect the power adapter to your Macbook
  3. Press and hold down the Shift + Control + Option keys and the Power Button
  4. Once you hold these four together, release them after 4-5 seconds.
  5. After releasing the buttons, you will see that the light on your charger has turned from Green to Orange, which will show that the SMC reset has been successful.

When To Perform SMC Reset?

An SMC Reset works to resolve power/hardware issues in Macbook. It is usually performed when other techniques are unresponsive. In case where your Mac has stopped responding to other troubleshooting techniques, the SMC reset will again be useful.

Most common times when an SMC reset is performed on a Mac are:

  • Mac cooling fans issue
  • Mac fan management problem
  • Power management problem
  • Battery problems
  • Light problems
  • External displays don’t work
  • Videos don’t work
  • functionality issues
  • General performance issues

An SMC reset for a Mac is very easy to perform. If you don’t think that the above instructions were helpful, use this video as an assist as it will definitely help you pull an SMC reset.

SMC Reset is an easy way to jumpstart your Macbook and solve problems related to it. Rather than taking your Macbook to a technician, it is a better way to resolve your problems.

Try the SMC Reset today to solve troubleshooting problems in your Mac.

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