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How To Prepare For Ramadan: 2021

By on April 8, 2021

How To Prepare For Ramadan: 2021

Ramadan 2021 is around the corner, in fact just six days away and there is a lot to do to prepare for it. If you haven’t been able to get the things to prepare for it already, here is a good guide (guide 2021) on it. How to prepare for Ramadan is all about feeling good and rejuvenated (again). It is a month where you can relax, sit back and enjoy the basic freedom of life while also assessing till the next year because your fate gets written till the same day your soul was lifted up on one of the Qadr’s and you get a response from God. That would be hidden and till the same date in the next Ramadan, when the veil is lifted off, you get another chance from God for another year in this life depending on how much you got because of your doings on this planet and how you behaved with what you got.

Ramadan is a sacred month and one must practice all kinds of seclusion in it especially ‘sticking to yourself’. If you have sort of understood the concept of Ramadan, here is how you prepare for it because there are just 6 days left for Ramadan 2021. It starts on 14th April, 2021.

How To Prepare For Ramadan

1- Clean your home today!

The first step to prepare for Ramadan is to clean your home today. Sort out everything and then sit on what you need to get and then prepare to spend some money, Ramadan can get expensive. Essentially, you think about all that you need in Ramadan and about clothes too for Eid.

2- Prepare for Eid (get a suit or two).

Sort out your clothes for Eid as well. Ramadan 2021 might be short and steady so you might as well want to get something for Eid beforehand. If you are a fanatic and want the latest in, then wait for it but keep it as a pointer.

3- Get everything you need- Fruit you can get every second day

Get all the necessities you need in food for the month. Ramadan is a slow month so make sure you get the staples and all extras. Focus on fruit and vegetables. Keep it light, keep the additionals rotating and the month should be good.

4- Power Of Prayer

Make sure you pray. That should be on the agenda. Once the month is here, spend the day in peace and serenity, come closer to God and night in solitude. Look out for the year ahead. There might be a lot coming up. Pray for normalcy this year and health and wellness all over.

5- Focus on Eid and till after Eid

Get the things you need to get for Eid. Plan your food choices and make sure you enjoy the month till the 5th day of Eid.

How To Prepare For Ramadan

Ramadan is a beautiful month and it gives you the chance to leave your sins behind and move forward with the right attitude, dedication and sanity.

Furthermore, this Ramadan, you should try to pray all five times (benefits of praying) and maintain sanctity after the break of fast. Try to pray as much as you can and read the Quran. Ramadan is a blessed month for His blessings come down on His men (and women) and they get secured for the time till the next Ramadan. So make sure you play your part in making the most out of this month but also towards contributing to the greater good and this month would then be full of His blessings and love on and for you.

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How To Heal The Right Way

By on March 31, 2021

How To Heal The Right Way

There is nothing better than healing if you ask me. Healing is not just our innate purpose in life but it is also important and necessary for living life. We have to heal every day, for we work, go to the gym, meet new people, eat new foods and do so much more than our spectrum changes and we need to bring it to balance. For that, we need to rise up and go beyond our own selves to restore ourselves to normal balance or equilibrium.

Life has indeed become a race and for many other reasons, healing should be our first and foremost priority. Without being healthy, we cannot function and if we cannot function, what is the point of life?

Healing starts with you and if you have taken it upon you to heal, you can also go further by healing others as well. If you are interested in finding out more about healing and how to heal the right way, here are a few important tips.

Healing Begins At Home

Healing begins at home. Moreover, healing is internal so first, you must fix yourself internally to be able to see things clearly. Internal healing has a few aspects associated with it and here are few simple fixes for it.

Internal Healing.

Start By Breathing Normally

Make it a habit to breathe normally for your day. When you wake up, take 10 breaths internally and take 10 breaths externally. Breathe in and breathe out, inhale and exhale till you find internal equilibrium. Then go to the bathroom and empty your system by having plenty of water and make sure you do have plenty of water to keep going. Also, make sure that you take green tea and similar beverages to keep your system clean. There is nothing better than flushing for clarity as well so make sure you do. You need to have clean energy for yourself to fix internally so make sure you have a lot of water and flush all of it out, especially toxins out of your system. (Read: How To Flush Out Toxins From Your System). You should make drinking water your habit and once you have, you can pass on this advice to others on how to heal someone without ‘essentially’ doing anything.

Eat Right

For internal healing, it is important that you eat right. Make sure you have green vegetables and fruits to keep your system clean. You also need the right foods to eliminate the wrong toxins and it can be difficult in such a fast pace world to keep track of everything so here is where exercise comes in as well.

Moreover, make sure that you eat right and make it a habit to walk every day as well so that your system pumps new blood and you can automatically start flushing toxins out of your system. It is a habit to do things for 10 days till your body adapts to it and starts becoming a part of the newer process. Once your body adapts, you can start training it and be a part of something healthy and nice.

What you can eat is kale, broccoli, apples, bananas, cucumber, carrot etc. to keep your system clean and healthy.

Exercise From The Bone

We have a bone and to get a grip of yourself, make sure you exercise from the bone. Walk from your bone so that you get rid of excessive fat and look from the bone whenever you want to lose fat. Furthermore, it is important that for being healthy, you have the right weight so that you can process things on time and are essentially on point-blank.

Exercise, eat your way out of depression and all such things first, make it a process not progress and eventually progress if you need. Just make healing a part of something that you are committed to. Moreover and also, you must remember that healing is always internal and everything is external, so if you are healed internally, you will see things right and so on and so forth. It has got to do with your energy so make sure you take care of your energy by eating foods that eliminate toxins, drinking plenty of water and go exercising. Make this a habit and you should be able to enjoy the greater pleasures in life.

Walk, Jog Or Run

In exercise and if you want to heal the right way, make sure that you walk, jog or run. Running can help in getting the body in motion and for pumping new blood. Moreover, it can help you align with yourself and it can help in an outburst of energy that brings in more energy.

Walking, jogging or running can also help you get a clearer picture of yourself. It can help you process dreams eventually where all the energy is sealed and where it needs to come out. It is true that if you process your dreams, you will have no sickness so make sure you go ahead with it and everything will fall into place.

Healing is excellent and once you get used to it and it becomes a habit, there is no running away from it. Furthermore, if you have been looking to heal the right way, the above few pointers can help.

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Apert Syndrome: Do you know what it is?

By on January 23, 2021

Apert Syndrome: Do you know what it is?

Who doesn’t know about Michael Jackson. In fact, a lot of people were happy after his death. Well known to be one of the most cryptic, scary and weird personalities in the world, Michael Jackson was famous for ‘looking like an ape’. Categorically, if we realize, Michael Jackson had apert syndrome and apert syndrome might just be cancer.

Michael Jackson has always been in the limelight but most of it showed who he was and the rest, people didn’t bother. What we can say about his face though is that if you look at it, it definitely is apert and apert is what is persisting today. It has persisted always (American baseball players- and remember their deaths) and many of the most majorities up until now.)

Who Is Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson had what we call nazar. His story revolves around shadows, though these shadows are intuition. Start understanding them and you will realize these are people, like actual people, trying to get through to you. Secondly, because of Nazar, when it gets out of control, what you start getting is apert syndrome, especially when you start fighting with these shadows and reflections.

Michael Jackson might have been one person who has gone through the ‘ape syndrome’. If we realize, we see that people, especially men, are literally turning into apes. Its under the notion ‘something is there’ and it is around seeing something or perhaps your own shadow and then somehow you answering questions in your private and someone’s hidden. (That might be true if the person is actually asking questions from you). Nonetheless, through telepathy, you would know who it is and when it is fine and why its happening. Remember that people come to you for help, whatever the intuition might be. However, what I am really trying to say is that if you have an ape syndrome or a Michael Jackson syndrome now, we can easily call it that, then beware of the following.

Ape Syndrome/ Michael Jackson Syndrome

1- Michael Jackson completely resembles the Pharoah and most people are definite that he is here. The pharaoh is someone who fakes his death for money, someone who appears and disappears for eating men flesh, someone who goes on long breaks and comes back with a lot of sorrow and pain for revenge and someone who doesn’t stop lurking around people’s sides. Pharoah is mentioned in hundreds in the Quran and in all Books. These Books were levied down for guidance/assistance and help and they are there for a reason. They are the guide till the Day of Judgement and till then you follow what is written in the Books as a practice to ensure you get to the Day of Judgement in fine and good capacity.

2- Only good minds can realize that something is going on even if it really isn’t. But you always talk of reason. The reason in this case would be someone eating your groin in your private and their hidden to annoy you and play along you without you know and then it gets that deep. It would mean someone playing a game with you in the hidden and that is how they completely possess you, leaving with sometimes absolutely nothing.

3- When it is nothing, you feel daunted, you feel nausea and you feel out of proportion. You feel weak (because the other person is actually doing things to you in their hidden and that sometimes takes heart activity to balance it out). If a lot of people are complaining about it and most of us have been a victim of it, why is it the same problem today? It is because of someone being after your back and consistently doing it to you till you start doing it to yourself to make the other person stop to resultantly cause this to become something so life threatneing, under the category of magic and under the category of the fact that your body becomes stuck, you might even go in reverse (when your mind can’t take it anymore but life is written for you so wake up) and when your heart doesn’t open (by God knows which fear or every, you would know), and you have infections and spots on your lungs because your body isn’t processing and you are stuck. This literally can get so real that you might even forget that it is happening to you.

This game can be SO INVISIBLE that most people would LOSE their lives to it. Michael Jackson probably did.

Nonetheless, if you are someone who has going through something similar or knows someone who is, here are some precautionary measures.

Word Of Advice For Cancer/Apert Syndrome (last of cancer)

1- NEVER fight in the hidden. Just accept that someone is playing with you and don’t talk.

2- It is either the ape syndrome, the lizard syndrome or the rat syndrome. All three would eventually give you signs of you scratching your self like one or talking about these pets or behaving like them in some capacity or the other. Nonetheless, if you are then no problem it is good that you have at least identified it. Putting on weight after it is a common sign as well because you start eating and you never feel full or that you have even had something. Thus, the best way is to get your teeth aligned and just keep getting things through it and that is under prayer or just you trying to get that effect out of your body and this means that someone is literally after you.

3- Just keep doing it till you feel something has really gotten out of your body. (That was Michael Jackson all about- after all, he didn’t have a bloody nose and it got cut because he was smelling too much!). Sometimes, this may take time because it is by binding that you tie three-four people together and do it to them all the time so it may get off by one person then the 3rd one then the 2nd and then you and since all people are here so it will happen by His decree that it will eventually get out but DON’T LOSE HOPE.

4- Just then see who you think it might be, a lot of people play with shadows or they are paid to so be careful. Perhaps if doctors realized this is the problem today and ever was… even they would go for the Quran as the healer not science and the solutions to this are available in the Quran.

Just pray for it. THE ONLY solution to it is to put your upper and lower jaw together and keep the motion going till it goes beyond the capacity and that when your body will start aligning, your mind will become right, your patience will increase, your pituitary gland will become fixed and you will have a brand new you and you will automatically start praying. (Remember the pituitary as a gland for emotions and serial killers are Always after that (especially if it’s a serious one).

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How To Stay Fit And Healthy In 2021

By on January 2, 2021

How To Stay Fit And Healthy In 2021

2020 has given us the biggest wake-up call of our lives. Hundreds and thousands of people were dead in 2020 because of the corona pandemic which literally has shocked everyone to the core. We can’t let this happen in 2021 and therefore, the only way forward is staying stronger (How to build resilience). If you are trying to understand what 2021 will be all about, the first thing is to take care of your health. It starts with staying fit and healthy and then doing other things to ensure that first, you are able to do them in the first place. This births the notion of how to stay fit and healthy in 2021.

If you are looking for how to stay fit and healthy in 2021, first realize that you have to prioritize yourself till the end. If you are here, is when you can take care of others. So, prioritizing yourself is very important. For that, you need to take care of yourself. In order to take care of your self, here are some important tips to stay fit and healthy.

5 Important Tips On How To Stay Fit And Healthy In 2021

1- Learn How To Say No

You can’t always keep saying yes and let go of yourself in the process. You need to be able to say no to people. When you let go, more things come to you in bigger and better shapes. Learn how to say no, prioritize yourself on things that you do for other inundatedly and take yourself forward. It’s only when this happens will you realize that how much is left for you, what you need to do and what you need to start to process yourself and process your mind, body, and soul.

2- Work On Working Hours: Tomorrow Is Another Day

There are 24 hours in a day that have to be categorically distributed to ensure you stay healthy and fit. Life can be a race if you are competing with someone as an enemy, otherwise, it’s all good. Your motivation should either be your children or your blood at the end of the day, otherwise, there is no reason for you to make money and work endlessly.

If we are looking at how to stay fit and healthy in 2021, it is important to stay with working 10 hours a day (at max) and then spend time on recreation, spend time with your loved ones and break the process to let sue all other processes. There should be a timeline in your mind when you are working, say the next 5 years for big achievements and the next 10 years for higher achievements. That is a lot of time and till then, spend time, break time, and do things categorically. Stay true to yourself and life will befit you and don’t harm others and life will be kind to you. Life is as simple as e=mc2 so be patient and kind and let all else take shape itself.

3- Eat What You Want, Not What You Need

Another one of the tips to stay healthy and fit is to eat what you want but not what you need. A body needs at least 3000 to 4000 calories to survive in a day. You are your best judge so it’s better to stay with yourself and eat according to what you think is right for you. A lot of common advice on eating is eating greens, eating fruits or meat or chicken. However, not all the commons suit all. Therefore, make sure you eat out of what you want (what your body needs and that will subside all of the other things that your body doesn’t need) and not what you need. Moreover, this means eating out of cravings or sugar or sweet that just limps your body and leaves you in a shock for 8-10 hours. A body should be active. It should be working in full working order for at least 8-10 hours a day. Thus, make sure you eat what you want (what your body wants- you would know yourself) and not what you ‘need’, say your sweet tooth’s or your cravings.

4- Walk Your Way Out Of Depression And Run Your Way To Victory

You have to be on some healthy exercise if you want to stay fit. Eating right will not do justice to you because you are still eating and not working it out. A mix of both and you will have the perfect gut. If you want to stay fit, make sure you walk your way out of depression, and once that, you run your way to victory. Running is the perfect answer to all weight loss and it isn’t that hard. So make sure you do it and you will be good to go.

5- Be Kind To Yourself

Finally, if you want to know how to stay healthy and fit in 2021, make sure you are kind to yourself. If you are kind to yourself will you realize how kind you can be on others. You do everything out of insecurity and you talk to bring the other down. You always go to the other for motive and you always indulge in self-harm because you were or are not enough for a certain specific. Therefore, the goal in 2021 should be to be kind to yourself and if you are, all other fours will automatically follow suit.

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4 Steps To Get Recognized On LinkedIn

By on November 20, 2020

4 Steps To Get Recognized On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very popular platform to get recognized for talent and job hunt. While a lot of people are getting hired from LinkedIn , others worry about its legitimacy or as to ‘how to make it work’. If you are looking for 4 steps to get recognized on LinkedIn, here is a good read.

If you are one of those individuals looking for a specific guide to start getting recognized on LinkedIn, here are few steps that can help you get recognized (LinkedIn).

4 Steps To Get Recognized On LinkedIn.

1- Complete your profile and accept your invitations regularly. Add more info about yourself and make it professional. Start commenting and sharing articles and if you like to write, share some about yours.

2- If you are on Fiverr or another freelancing forum, add that to your profile. There are hundreds of thousands of freelancers out there who can connect with you and help you in building your profile. Once you add a freelancing forum on your profile, you will automatically get a hike in your connections.

3- Upload your CV (Read: How write your CV) and start applying for jobs. Apply at those that are more in line with your profile than random applies. You will most likely get recognized and most likely get a call too. I tried it and it works well.

4- Finally, make sure you are active on the forum and have built a portfolio, momentum and trust that cannot be ignored. Be proactive, add and share, apply at jobs, give your updated profile and start applying. It will work out.

LinkedIn is a very useful platform that can help you get the right job. If you are looking for a sure shot or improved way to get started, here is a useful guide (2020 tech guide) that can help.

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4 Tips To Overcome Fear

By on November 5, 2020

4 Tips To Overcome Fear

Fear is the first human emotion that springs out of the peripheral lobe, if instigated by instinct. We are living in an age where it has become common to take revenge. This holds against all principles of Islam but the principle of divine equiveillance is true and whatever ‘instigated’ must fall in complete circle to find balance. We don’t want wobbly men and women going around, with people telling them that ‘they have done something’. It is better that you don’t take revenge because #karma is real. However, if the people around you are bitter and don’t stop at taking revenge, here are 4 tips to overcome fear.

1- Balance Yourself

Whatever it may be, make sure you balance yourself. Whether you are feeling things holding on to you or your mind not being proportionate by your body, just accept. Acceptance is the first part of accepting fear and fear is an emotion that ultimately leads to happiness. Remember that we create our own happiness so let go and remember that in revenge, you are blinded by disguise (lies/deceit and what not), so let yourself complete. And in that, remember, no one is looking at you so your ego is not going down the drain. Just accept and let your energy flow.

2- Accept The Four Human Emotions

Once you accept fear, you come closer to the second emotion which is anger. If you are looking for 4 tips to overcome fear, accept fear and feel anger. Feel the anger and let yourself be. Let your emotions run and those tears come out of your eyes to realize that most of it has already been let gone. Crying is the best way to let go and start afresh. You will feel how full you are, and you will automatically start feeling good about yourself.

3- After Anger, Accept Happiness, Gratitude and Sorrow

Anger makes you let go and that will happen only if you accept fear. Accept fear and let anger flow for happiness to dive right in. You will automatically start feeling good once you shed tears so keep going. Once your anger is out, you will automatically feel gratitude and once gratitude comes in, you will feel sorrow and after sorrow, you will start becoming a new person.

4- Start Accepting, Get Back, Live, Let Live And Remember: The Other Person Is Right Here!

Finally, once your tears start pouring, you will see haze and the best way out of it is to keep feeling. Process the memories your eyes have seen and you will realize what letting go is. People come and go (those who have hurt you or after you but also remember they are humans just like you and He is right here. Pray, thank Him for your blessings and realize that everything is a part of life). After sorrow, you will automatically start feeling balanced and your innate circle (gut) and equilibrium (right below the gut) will start normalizing. We are humans and the body is technical. Life isn’t easy but if you are easy on yourself, life will become easier too! (4 Tips To Overcome Fear).

Nonetheless, if it is any of another’s doings, then remember the other person is right here and ‘get the message’. Things happen for a reason and some things are not meant to be while others are.

Move on, go on, head on, feel, fear, be regretful, be apologetic, be human and realize that nothing can bring you down if you are true to yourself and head on in the positive direction to feel comfort and joy again.

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iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro: How To Preorder It

By on October 17, 2020

iPhone 12 and iPhone-12 Pro: How To Preorder It

Apple is back with its new phones, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The phones will be out on October 23rd. Both the iPhone 12 and three of its counterparts were released last week. iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. These phones have generated a lot of interest amongst users and rightly so. These phones are a notch different from their predecessors and can be pre-ordered and acquired from the markets from October 23rd, 2020, which is not too far away.

If we look at it, people will be more interested in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro for many reasons. Both phones have different features and have a different design which most people were looking for.

Pre-Ordering Apple’s New Phone

The iPhone 12 can be pre-ordered directly from Apple website. The starting price for the phone is $799. If you own an iPhone 11 Pro Max, you can about $500 in credit to buy the phone thanks to Apple’s “trade-in program”.

On the other hand, T-Mobile is offering the same promotion with its AT&T and Verizon. You can get the new 12 at a starting price of $799.

AT&T is also offering the iPhone 12 for $799. You can also use $26.67 a month for 30 months. AT&T (and iPhone 12) is offering the phone with a promotion which will allow customers to get the phone for $0 with a trade on a given, eligible device.

iPhone 12 is also available at Target. However, the only carrier that is offering the phone is AT&T.

Best Buy is also offering the phone for $799 with AT&T and Verizon. It is available for $729.99 with Sprint. You can also trade in if you have a phone. Best Buy is offering the new 12 for free with eligible trade-ins.

Pre-ordering Apple’s New Other Phone

iPhone-12 Pro can be acquired directly from Apple’s store page for $999. You can get $500 credit if you are trading in an older phone by Apple’s trade in program.

Target is also offering iPhone 12 Pro, which is available for preorder. It is the only carrier which is available at AT&T.

AT&T is also offering iPhone-12 Pro for $999. The phone is available for installments at $33.34 per month. However, if you are trading in an older phone, you can get about $800 off the purchase, depending on which phone you are trading in.

iPhone-12 Pro can also be acquired through Best Buy. Best Buy is offering the phone at $999 with AT&T or Verizon. It is offering the phone at $899 with Sprint if you add a new line to its account. Interestingly, Best Buy is offering the phone for a low charge of $6.67 per month with an eligible trade in.

Moreover, T-Mobile (and iPhone12 Pro) is also offering the new phone for $999. T-Mobile will give you about 850 in bill credits if you are a new customer or one who wants to add in to your line. You can get about half of your iPhone Pro in bill credits when you update to this model. Furthermore, if you are a T-Mobile or Sprint customer for over five years, you can get the phone for an additional less of $200 per charge (the iPhone-12 Pro).

Apple is geared up this year and it is all about the new phone. An iPhone can also make you very happy (Read: How to stay and remain happy).. That is one of the prime reasons as to why you should get it.

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Listicle: 3 Tips To Stay Happy And Healthy

By on October 5, 2020

Listicle: 3 Tips To Stay Happy And Healthy

If you want a short and concise article for staying happy and healthy, here is a listicle that can help. (Listicle: 3 tips to stay happy and healthy.)


Happiness comes to you when you are satisfied at heart. It wouldn’t necessarily mean that you are pure at heart. It would mean that you accept, you forgive and you are content with what you have and where you are sitting at the moment. The latter is more true because you can always have more. This life is endless and there are so many opportunities. However, you can only move ahead if you move with caution and with a clear heart.

If you want to be happy, you must make sure that you wrong no one. It all comes in front of you and these are clear signs that make you distraught and unhappy. Even if you have wronged someone, it is better you hear them out, we are all humans at the end of the day but no body likes it when they are not at the receiving end and they mostly like it when they are. Therefore, it is important that you move ahead in a straight direction and that would be your direction for an in life.

Moving ahead means that you are clear with what you want to have and what you want to achieve. Achievements come second, they are second to nature. What can fulfill your soul is love. Love is the answer to all solutions and an answer to staying alive, happy and joyful. In this Listicle: 3 Tips To Stay Happy And Healthy, here are 3 joyful tips to staying happy and healthy.

Always Move Ahead With Caution

While we are all humans, we have to move ahead with caution. There are all kinds of people in the world. Some nice, some bad and some good. You have instincts for a reason. These instincts can guide your soul. We aren’t going to be fighting or dealing with fishes or animals so it is the human race but to stay happy, we must choose our people wisely, we must choose our reason wisely and we must always choose to seriously discern and then learn and decide carefully as to who we are associating ourselves with.

Our blood is there for our back but friends can help you reason and treason. However, not all friends are good and mean well. Sticking with your instinct, taking care of your self, eating the right food and then assessing who to associate yourself with and who to hang out with by and per se can help you in staying happy and healthy.

A good circle of friends and family can light up your world and make you happy. It is that easy, simple and square.

Always Have A Direction In Life

You have one life and life should be balanced. If you are hogging too much after money, how will you have a back 10 years later? Moreover, if you are running too much after the fad world, who is going to give you a shoe to run 5 years later. Furthermore, if you are too pursued by your career, how are you going to run to get it? The idea is to take one day at a time, plan for the next 10 days and always stay and enjoy the moment. You have to be utterly present to do so and that is time. Intuition and all else falls when you are present. Life isn’t easy.

We see people running all over the place, people all over the place and so on. It is honestly true and real that only the strong survive and only the truthful prevail. Therefore, make sure that you always know what you are doing, don’t be afraid to seek guidance, stay true to yourself always and remember to always forgive and forget. Our purpose is not to be entangled with what someone did to us or will but perhaps what is ahead and what can we achieve and get.

Listicle: 3 Tips To Stay Happy And Healthy:
Read 5 tips for staying present and in the moment.

Remember The Universal Law, Make Friends, Talk To People And Never Forget To Travel

Travel (travel tips 2020) is fun of life and seeing is believing. Secondly, if you want to stay happy and make sure that no bad comes to you or happens to you, you must remember the universal law of e=mc2. What goes around, comes around so always do good and good will come to you. Always observe religion and faith too. Islam is one practice, others are there too. Visit the Holy Kaaba if you get a chance to.

Moreover, it is fun to get to know people, to talk to people, to make friends and to learn and observe from your surroundings. Learning is also an activity that makes life a lot of fun. Staying happy is a practice, it is an effort and it comes to you when you are content at heart. You are only content at heart when you have not wronged a soul and you don’t have an intent to wrong another the day after. Make sure you eat well (you eat when you are happy and satisfied and that again comes with morals and discipline).

So many people have lived life to their fullest, we have all kinds of people in this world, nobody has had it easy and you remember the universal laws or keep the base as the the day of judgement. Only then will you be able to live with a higher purpose otherwise your life will be indated and without a purpose.

To Conclude:

Staying happy and healthy are two things that come naturally only if you are satisfied, happy, clean at heart, nice to people, nice to your surroundings and have the higher purpose and motive in life. Only then are you successful, nice and well thought of and remember.

We can’t fake a muscle in this life and we always have to move ahead with caution. Happiness is a practice and whenever you are falling in an incessant hole of depression or feel a void, pray, and make sure that you process your feelings, sit in the middle of the eye, move on and forget. Only then will you embrace the truth and let the doors of heaven open for you for more bliss and greatness.

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How To Stay Silent: Practicing Silence

By on September 18, 2020

How To Stay Silent: Practicing Silence

Being silent is the best way to go about things. It is a manner and it is a form. Silence can help people go a long way. It shapes your personality, it shapes your demeanor and it helps you with a lot of things. For instance, it helps you stay away between two people, it helps you avoid conflict and it helps you from giving instant answers that could jeopardize you and your self-interest, be it your career, your freedom, your self practices, or your self silence itself. If you are looking for ways to be silent, keep reading how to stay silent: practicing silence.

Silence is a practice and it is virtue. People who are being ‘eaten a lot’, literally by gossip and small talk, are the ones who talk a lot. The idea is to stay silent so you can assess what is going around you. Only the fools talk and remember, nobody listens after a certain point. We are all here for our own purpose. There is no one as kind as the universe to take care of you all the time. Staying silent can help you gain perspective and it can help you assess what is good for you and what is damaging so you choose and move ahead with direction and foreword.

If you want to know how to stay silent: practicing silence, it is better that you learn the following:

Practicing Silence And Solitude

1- Never be too quick to say something. Always stay quiet and wait for your queue to answer. People can wait for 10 seconds to hear from you.

2- Read books (best books 2020), listen to conversations, talk between yourself and the other person but never interfere between two people. The more you talk, the more you know and the more someone knows, the more they get caught. It is then ideally better to stay quiet and withdraw yourself from occasions and instances that are not good for you. Only the people who want to get involved talk or those who are trying too hard to get in. Therefore, be patient because things will come to you in due time. It is better you avoid and let things come to you than talking about them and also getting affected by evil eye as well.

3- Practicing silence is a virtue. You should start in your home and start by assessing people. Start by assessing what is around you, assess things, get your cognizant in line and senses in tune. The center of the eye and line is real so stay with that and you will be good to go. Silence speaks louder than words. Despite what has happened to you, despite where you are standing, adopt silence because it also helps other people from stop talking as well (about you or in any others, answers about you and so on).

Silence helps in protecting breathe, from not tarnishing your image and from protecting you from all corners. Remember, you are your own best friend, so remain silent, get busy and pursue your self-interest. There is no one who is going to stand for you except for those by their own self-interest or perhaps your mother or brother so be careful because it is a very mean and cunning world out there, involved in all worldly matters, say a car or a bean.. I mean a car and a fig.. or a fig or a drag or whatever it is or between or under or above the sheets.

4- Silence helps in saving energy (maintaining balance) as well. It helps in saving you from people who are not good for you. It helps with useless arguments and it helps in drawing a line that talk doesn’t. Silence goes a long way in every aspect of life.

Staying Silent: Some Perspective

When it comes to How To Stay Silent: Practicing Silence, you go by stopping yourself from doing gossip, from talking on the phone for inundated hours, for talking amongst and between people and becoming a part of a gathering that is all talk and gossip and an attempt to bring the other down, say a 2 weeks ago or later.

Silence helps you gain respect and it is one of the best answers. A lot has been said about silence because silence helps in getting your eyes straight, it helps you regain balance, it is an integral part of all religions as well especially Islam and it helps you form a personality that is literally unbreakable.

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What To Do If You Are Seeing Shadows And Spirits?

By on September 8, 2020

What To Do If You Are Seeing Shadows And Spirits?


Seeing shadows and spirits is pretty common these days. Honestly, however, it is something you shouldn’t worry about. The downside of seeing these things is that it leads to fear, which causes minute heart attacks, the silent killer death or just you living in and out of fear. Other than that, it leads for one to get so fearful that it becomes a secret within the peripheral eye that they are seeing something and due to this when one goes in the reverse due to the fear of seeing these things, things start getting problematic. (You start seeing more things, you stop talking, you go in hiding and so on).

Shadows and reflections are also done (to a 0.2 extent) but mostly, its always intuition. The key to it is to not talk, especially if you are seeing these things.

The left eye can read everything and the right for it is to understand. You keep processing because these reflections can’t do anything to you. However, sometimes, your heart is tied up by people, it comes under magic. That too is done out of fear by one that ‘if it is you who is after them.

How To Move Forward With It?

Nonetheless, the best way out of it is to ignore it. The other best way out of it is to let things slide and the third-best way out of it is to sit in silence because it is all intuition and these people are right here. Intuition is a sign that people are trying to get through to you. The more the contact, the higher the intuition and vice versa.

Another common thing in seeing shadows and reflections is when there are bits and pieces of things. Honestly, if you ask me, that happens when your left eye is blown off or your body per se. The three letter word could be the cause of it (the forbidden word) and if yes or no, the answer to it is silence and sleep.

The Best Solution Is Sleep

Sleep can do wonders to your body that nothing else can. Trust that sleep comes to the fortunate and that once you start sleeping more, your intensity of coming back will increase and your body will be full, so you will automatically start ignoring these things and move further and ahead.

Also, these things cannot do anything to you. It is just intuition and if it gets out of control (Read: How To Regain Control), you simply end contact with people who don’t seem right to you and avoid contact by people who are always trying to get to you and draw major boundaries and lines because ‘everyone and everything is right here’.

Intuition is for you, just as everything else is. You Just Don’t Talk. You be wise, you discern and you learn and move forward. Rest, what they take off of the eye is a matter between man and Him so you let things be. The idea is to not talk. The essence is to remember that intuition and everything else is for you. You make sense of it, you mature and you realize what other people are trying to do to you and you walk your own path.

Avoid People Who Do Not Have Your Best Interest At Heart

This life can get very better with people of all kinds of intent. There are jealous people out there, there are people who want you as your back fall without you knowing, there are people who are after you for their own things and there are people who are just into you for who you are. Protect yourself.

Rather than ‘telepathy’ or ‘psychic readings’ and complicating things, its about time we start resorting back to normal and use telephone for normal contact and messages for response.

Also, it is a wise man’s decree to always follow their instinct. Your instincts are for you. And you just cannot let them go. Everyone is instinctive and you have to stick with them because they are your best interest. Nobody gives it away in a day, there are standards to things, beings and automated responses.. or responses by and per se. You ALWAYS stick with your instincts no matter who the other person is.

Assess Your Surroundings

There are very few people who are loyal and very few people who walk a straight line and path. You trust your old friends, 2 men with a men and 4 women with a man make up your life, that is your 7 stars or 7 heavens in this life and that should be life. Because life is as limited as your vision is (you see life through your own eyes and that is how life should be and how reservations and implications and all else should be).

Life is through your eyes and there is no in between. Intuition is also gossip and talk about you so staying silent is best. Furthermore, if only people realized that life is so short that rather than gossiping about others, they focused on themselves. Gossip, is therefore, forbidden as is evil. You stay silent, you hold your own and you move ahead. Silence is the best revenge.

Is It Normal To See Things?

Seeing things is no big deal. Essentially what happens between the eye and the peripheral lobe is people trying to get something off you in your hidden.

You just don’t react because this also comes under magic and the essence of magic is to make you feel and look stupid without you having done anything and that is magic itself. These matters are between man and Allah so we let it be and so do you.

You don’t take anything as a big deal. Rather you fulfill your sleep because intuition is your psychic sense which includes people, power, words, people trying to get to you or people trying to mess with your head because messing with intuition has become a common ground between masses these days as well. Yet you still don’t react. You remember the 99 names of Allah and you read Surah Naas for clearing your intuition.

Assess Your Intuition: It Is All Intuition And Balance Your Gut

Intuition is also the fun of life. You clear it and you move on. Nobody has the time to talk about petty things and no body has the time to talk about the minutest details about life unless they want to get something off you.

Life has moved on and no matter how sharp it might be, intuition is for you, just as everything else is for you. The idea is to not get scared, to hold your own and to remember and make sure that this too shall pass.

By sleep, you make your bodies full and by the fuller your body, the lesser the things you will see. Your entire system has to be intact for you to see lesser and fewer things. Also, some people mess with intuition by wearing different clothes and doing something to you so you see exactly what the person is.

There might be some kind of dealing with that person on some end or of some sort or in some case just someone after you. You still don’t react (that is don’t give it away) and you stay put, you pursue silence, you wait for the other party to suffer and you move on. Moving on is the best revenge of all.

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