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Self-Help: 3 Things To Do After Life Goes Back To Normal After Corona

By on August 7, 2020

Self-Help: 3 Things To Do After Life Goes Back To Normal After Corona

While the corona pandemic has really shaken everyone to its very core, there is life ahead. In this self-help article, we will explain 3 things to do or be mindful of when life goes back to normal after the corona pandemic.

What has gone has already passed but what is ahead is something that we should all be mindful of. This is where self-help comes in and the point of this article gets delivered.

What we can take as a lesson of the corona pandemic is to be mindful of others, to be careful of one’s emotion and self, to ensure everyone’s safety while and whereas ensuring ours and to be careful of our actions. This is not a land bestowed upon you by your forefathers, nor is it free will. If it is free will, you keep it to yourself because no one is asking for it. The idea is to be mindful and rest will follow through. After all, we have a divine purpose by innation and that should be our motive in life than else where and alls’ where.

Self-Help: For Corona Tech Unveiled

Another To Take Responsibility

One person is objectionable and actionable by every objection and action for each and everything that he or she does on this land. Times have changed. Following the corona pandemic, one will realize how important it is to be mindful of the self, that everything is internal (this is the secret) and that to be careful of ourselves for other’s selves’ as well.

Reports suggest that things are ‘resorting back to normalcy’ following the corona pandemic. It will take time, it will be slow but things will go back to normal. (Read: How to stay normal).

If you are someone who has a little bit of sanity and humanity left in them, here are 3 things to do after life goes back to normal after the corona pandemic:

3 Things To Do After Life Goes Back To Normal After Corona

  1. To be cautious of others, to be mindful of what you are wearing, eating, and passing, to follow ethics and be considerate of everyone who is around you.
  2. To realize that no one’s life revolves around yours. That every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Moreover, to think that humanity suggests that one’s nature is to help, save so never go against nature to destroy someone’s self because it will create an opposite and equal reaction and it will come biting you in the butt. To be Mindful Of Others. (Think of Karma if you go in the wrong).
  3. Start wondering what you are doing, to realize that it is not free will, to realize that your godforsaken attitudes will not take you anywhere. If you are living with someone, you just can’t call it off or just say yes or no according to yourself. You should have been the same when something initiated as well as you are when it is ending. You are liable to someone once you initiate an exchange with them and your actions will always have an equal and opposite reaction. This land is as much as yours as ours and there is no such thing as free will. (Islam)
  4. Worry and feel for the other, to respect the other, to have sanity in yourself, to not play with someone’s emotions and to realize that everything is not about you and no one’s lives revolve around you after a certain point. Life is bigger than this. Smaller actions translate into bigger actions and words and a small kindness can go a long way.

There are all kinds of people in this world. The biggest lesson that corona can teach us is to stay in our limits. Furthermore, to never transgress and to ensure that you don’t wrong a soul and that His revenge is the best. After all, if man takes revenge, why won’t He? (For patience).

Self-Help: Corona Pandemic: Tech Unveiled

Life Is Simple: Don’t Complicate It For Yourself Or Others

Life is better if simple. Self-help is necessary to check you self. Whether it be loose stomachs to back aches, to feeling bad to feeling good, to going in depression, corona brought everything to the table. Next time, it will bring the one who did it to the table.

May we all be protected by His mercy though once things start opening, we find the right way of doing things, be mindful that there are all kinds of people in the world (iblis is there too) and that people have to be stopped once gone out of control with you or if transgressed you and if they don’t stop then you take every action to ensure they are stopped in all mighty capacities.

Be Mindful: Do Good And Good Will Come To You

Remember that life is as simple as e=mc2 so be mindful. To do good and good will come to you and all processes will follow suit.

You really don’t know what will happen next. Therefore, then, how can you ensure something while seated on your guts that haven’t moved in a long, long time and while.

Finally, if there is a lesson after corona is to be clean, to have a lot of water, to check your breath, to check your body, to check your systems, to check your surroundings, to check your appearances, to be mindful, to ensure your safety above anyone else’s and to be sure of your actions because every action indeed does have an equal and opposite reaction.

Hope this self-help article helps and stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

What Is Our True Purpose In Life?

By on August 4, 2020

What Is Our True Purpose In Life?

We, human beings, are innate beings, with a divine purpose in life. While most of us will not understand what that true purpose is, it goes without saying that ‘our true purpose in life is to Help’.

Those of you who often wonder and ponder as to where to go ahead, how to go ahead and what to make out of life, realize that you plan for the next 10 days. Then, you realize that your true purpose is to help (that takes care of this life and the after life as well) and that you are ‘free beings’, here to live your life, given to you by Allah SubhanaTaAllah and there is only one life and none other, life becomes simple. Simplicity is the way of life.

Life is beautiful, only if you realize how to make the most out of it and that is by realizing your true purpose and that true purpose is to help, as stated above.


Nobody has had it easy. We have millionaires who commit suicide, men and women from all natures and kinds, who now commit suicide at their ‘prime age’. If you want to realize an answer to the question if we are controlled and something is affecting our mood, relationship and reactions, even in the hidden, then the answer is yes. And if we want a person behind that name, it would be Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg is all about technology and who doesn’t realize the science and man debate. The answer for that is that everything was and is tested on Man and science is the opposite of all human processes. If we want to start with something afresh, the answer to that is annihilation: This is God’s land, eat, sleep, pray, make amends, tie knots, be happy and live your life. However, if it becomes that selfish and that gutted, then you stand with what is referred to in Islam as Alms Giving, which really is ‘sadqa’, or perhaps under the category of ‘what is your true purpose in life’, which is help and: to help by money, food or perhaps money itself.

We have already bore the fruit of technology. It is time that we stand tall against all irreconcilable measures to take back technology or give technology and stop turning life into a game and it is all life. Call it AI or how our words are recognized while we speak in our homes to find ads on our screens that are similar to us by talk, I’d say that if everything is done in proportion, it would balance out. However, if it is as extreme as robotics and man and women robotics and arpeligic wheelchairs to shred and picking motives to grind, then I’d say that it is time we stop, we come back and we start life all over again.

The Shredder And The Griller

It always goes to basics, and it always goes back to roots and ‘what is natural will never suffice’. We are all tied by His decree by faith and that is mazhab and that means to feel for another’s pain or loss, happiness, anger or perhaps their true self-sufficiency itself which is their heart. It is a bitter world now because we are being shredded and if we look at it closely then gadgets especially the ‘rod’ ones are to blame here. People die because of it and His decree is here to protect and save. However, this is not how the world works and whoever is at work here, must stop, confide and make it a solace to protect each other and one another. The wrong can only persist for so long till it bursts into your face and then it becomes casual talk and all else fails.

There are limits to a man. Once transgressed, that man should be held in full proportion and be questioned for his actions under ‘his authority’. Secondly, Balance is the key to self sufficiency and today is by no means balance. Everything must be restored in its true balance and state to find normalcy, behavior, and for the world to be set in true motion for everyone to bear and take on the fruit of His authority.

Life indeed is e=mc2.

What Is Our True Purpose In Life? Tech Unveiled

We Have Had Enough: Its Time For Normalcy Again

If we want to come back after all this shredding and roding, we go back to what is our true purpose in life and we find solace in the fact that He is there and we find a motive in helping others and be normal in normal routine otherwise.

For us Muslims, who have a better understanding of it:

We Are Being Controlled: It Is Time Zuckerberg Admits.

“Dream within a dream anyone?”

Do you ever have a feeling when you are being rodded by the eyes in the hidden? If you are not talking and if you are not speaking then what is it? Zuckerberg at work. Its time he admits.

I’ve tried and tested only to realize that perhaps there are certain ‘powerful’ hands at work: Newer ones, our age generation, because the ‘older ones’ are still there and still mature and still there for a reason.

Our generation is being controlled by Zuckerberg who can’t get his hand or head out of his Facebook, which literally is a gateway to hell.

If we realize these are signs of Qiyamat, men turning into women, women turning into men, talkbacks with parents, running around, no understanding, no aesthetic sense, no nothing, then we blame Zuckerberg for it and we have a certain name and we put our stamp on it. Rest, we make him admit.

Furthermore, it is a bigger game. It is called the shredded. It is used for paradigm shifts. The shifts would be us. The blame is on Muslims. The motive is to shred them so they buy more or shred them so they get certain products a few more, who are distributed worldwide say the Whey proteins. Or to take care of natural exports if he or certain hands are doing it by countries. I mean the list goes on!

Every Pattern Must End On E=MC2

Before this gets out of control, Zuckerberg should be probed into and he should be taken behind bars only to realize his true identity which is Jonah Hill. Jonah Hill DOES fit in the description of Dajjal, (a man with 1000 personalities). Moreover, if power is money in his dictionary, he is going down and he is going down big.

Find him under the name of Zuckerberg or Hill, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this new age kid is getting caught and it won’t be pretty. Talk about occupation strategies or facial surgeries or robotics or head to head Megatron with AI and real names and confusions (the ‘next chapter’ of Facebook’ by God Jonah, I mean whatever it is). This kid is all about ‘huhuahas’, and is running the ‘satanic’ club, which is not a mazhab but his own. It is free will and he is the ‘leader’ of that. And honestly, free will doesn’t persist in the world because everyone is liable for their actions and representations and doings by the universe as well (the air we smell, breathe and sit on as well).

Whether he admits it or not in exact proportion, men and women are breaking down now, median ages are turning into 10 or 15, money is losing hands and so is power. There is absolutely no normalcy in the world. We are just being shredded and there is no solace.

This game is so big, not even a monkey could understand it. The game is called its the other and it is a new game the other day. It is ‘anything but him’ so you don’t realize who the problem is and the problem is him. Taglines, shredding, privacy, robots, drugs, its all the ‘new age’ and that ‘new age’ is essentially all technology and essentially, its goodbye technology and hello new life (back to basics, go live).

We Have A Name: Its Close To Dajjal’s Doings

Jonah or Mark or his Facebook, all have been in the news for similar purposes. A true enemy of the Muslims who had a tattoo of Dajjal as well and got it removed on some kind mercy’s name, he should be fared well (he messes with the hidden) and it is about time people take responsibility for their due actions and start realizing life, peace, serendipity, serenity, love and belonging.

Amidst all of that and the fact that everyone has a lot of money now, we realize that the true purpose in life of one’s sake is to help so that you drive motive to the other and can breathe a few or two in your own. Life isn’t easy and robotics are making it all the more difficult. It is all fake now and it is time things go back to normalcy. If we head with this motive, things would sort down and life will indeed be back and with our true purpose in life, we head with reason, for no body can live without motive by and per se.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

How Should You Lead Your Life

By on June 27, 2020

How Should You Lead Your Life


Life can become a bitter place. There are very few people who are loyal. Loyal is your blood and they are your best interest at heart. However, since they are your blood, they will never want ‘bad’ for you. Life can become a mess if you are around bad people. It can become challenging if you don’t stop, realize and make decisions for yourself. Trust me when I say that there is absolutely no one who is going to stand by you; whether it be good times or bad, except your blood.

People judge. The judgment is in the eye and it is for you. This can be translated into His love for His eternal beings. Hence, we as humans have that capacity in us to judge and discern. All judgments by us are for our sanity. Call Him God or Allah, He is the one who puts it in the hearts of all. I’d stick with Allah so we stick with his mini aide, God himself.

Remember that this life is for you. Be it your friends or family, I don’t think anyone will be loyal to you except themselves and for themselves, you. We must discern, think and realize in order to understand that we don’t live by the day. What we live by is forever’. We should have something in mind. We should always choose the right path and think of ourselves, for our lives ahead.

What Should You Understand

These are different brackets of life when you think and say you are going to be there for the other and what not. However, the truth is that you only stand for your family (your parents and your children). Even your husband is not your sincere, not even by the common or innate law of discipline so who will be.

Everything starts with you and ends with you. You should make sure that you work yourself towards progression, faith and discipline. For that, you must ensure that you are loyal towards yourself. Do things that are in your best interest, believe in the good, do good for people, make yourself understand that tomorrow is another day and realize that you are going to be there 10 years from now, so learn, practice, prepare and think of the future.

Never stop for anyone as this life is a ‘journey’ and a journey that should be spent in splendor for there is one life but there is the here after too: hence a mix of this life (a balance in this life) and preparation for the next life (by practicing mazheb- Islam: Prayer especially) is the route to spirituality, divinity and the right life.

Only The Truthful Prevail

Only those who fear Him are the ones who are the ‘good‘ in life and may have that sense of yearning and belonging in them to stop doing harm to the other. Others are just there to make sure they bring you down or use you to bits and pieces till they are done and they move on to the next motive. They always come to you for a motive and that motive is always money in some form or the other.

The best way to live life is to practice Islam, (24 hours in a day and just 5 prayers a day), read the Quran (for your sanity and taking out the effect of other people’s actions and doings on yourself, and perhaps take His names for ensuring that those who pretend to be your aides are removed from your ends in all capacity: the ones who will have to be there for you will be there for you: its not a competition.

Also, on the flip side, they can also be there for you and it is again not a competition. Life is just balance but there is after life too (the Day of Judgement), so this life should be spent in Balance to attain goodness here by ensuring balance and by prayer to attain goodwill in the hereafter).

Life: Tech Unveiled

Few Tips For Success

This life is a place that can turn into a bitter hole, for you as well, if you are surrounded by the wrong aides. On your first sign of Him putting matters into your heart, you must remove that person from your life till they don’t get the message. Once they do, make sure that they do and move on.

The idea is to not resist and keep going. Life doesn’t stop for anyone, you make your own life, nor do people, nor does humanity and neither does mankind. The idea and essence is to keep going till you make something out of yourself (your dreams, passion and blood) and till you ensure yourself a good place in the hereafter (by ensuring the 5 disciplines of Islam and that too in the moderation in which they are by).

If you are lost in life, here are 5 tips to help you:

  • Get rid of the wrong people. Don’t waste your time. Don’t be on what if’s. Make that decision now before they drag you in their loophole. Instead, succumb through and find your passion, motive and divert your interest in it. You will be glad if you find your passion and how good it is to sustain it.
  • Find the right people: surround yourself with people who you look up to, who you respect by itself and who respect you.
  • Get rid of any circles that don’t welcome you. Get rid of anyone who doesn’t welcome you. You should always be true to yourself and the rest will follow through.
  • NEVER chase people. People will always want you or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is your blood and your life and that would be your passion. Find your interest and pursue it.
  • Let your intuition be your guide.
  • Travel, learn, experience and stay away from the 5 things prohibited in Islam or every Mazhab/Mazheb including gossip, eyeing the other, free will, excess of everything (haraam) and rape.


Life should be taken seriously because there is only one life. It should be lived in moderation and it should be spent in good will. There are no limits to life or what you can make out of it. However, balance is the key to rightfulness, goodwill is the practice and balance is the key.

Learn to respect people, people will respect you, never go behind anyone’s back to get what you want (you are as much here as the other, if all else fails, the universal laws will come into place for e=mc2 is real and everything must come under perfect motion for His eternity to function in perfect order and swing), be honest (only the truthful prevail, persist and preside) and always be good to one self and you will automatically learn how to respect others as well.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

5 Health Tips For Corona Victims

By on June 24, 2020

5 Health Tips For Corona Victims

A lot of people are testing positive for corona virus since the last two weeks. If you are in the same boat, don’t worry as these 5 Health Tips For Corona Victims can help you instantly.

Keep reading: Corona Tips, Covid-19 And Recovery

1- Drink Plenty Of Water

The idea with corona virus is to clean your system as much as you can. For that, you need water.

Water is a source of energy, one that goes unmatched by all others. It contains ‘nothing’ and keeps you going.

Water is a miracle of Allah SubhanaTaAllah and if you really believe this instead of thinking its a health tip that is just there, you will realize its benefit.

Thus, 5 Health Tips For Corona Victims includes’ drinking plenty of water.

2- Distance Yourself From People

Another one of the health tips to recover from coronavirus is to distance yourself from people. Be it your mother, father, husband, children or any other, social distancing is what you should go for.

Make sure you are keeping your own. Try to avoid social contact and talk. Just be with yourself and you will be able to clear your respiration that way, self and overall health and well-being.

This is another one of the 5 Health Tips For Corona Victims that can help save lives and protect you from this pandemic.

3- Put Aside Technology As Well

You should also try to put aside technology as well. Your mind picks up on everything. It is, therefore, important that you keep away from technology as well.

Put your phone on airplane mode, sleep as much as you can and rest. You will be good in a matter of no days.

4- Stay clear from energy drinks and toxic food

It is also better to stay away from energy drinks and toxic food. This is another one of the 5 tips for corona positive victims.

While energy drinks might be your gateway to a sore throat, toxic food, such as those high on oil and spices, might irritate your chemical balance. Therefore, go for foods as pure as possible and eat naturals (carrots, greens; essentially, vegetables and fruits).

5- Keep Yourself Clean

Finally, if you are still reading ‘5 Health Tips For Corona Victims’, make sure you keep yourself clean.

Drink plenty of water, have green tea, avoid things that are not natural, have greens. Also, avoid people because intuition is real and it will all add up.

Don’t drink alcohol as it will add to your hallucinations and may take away the sense of right and wrong, if things get out of control.

Make sure you wear a mask especially everytime you go outside. Better than sanitizer is water so ensure you clean yourself every time you come from outside.

Lastly, don’t show anger in the hidden. Give yourself time to breathe and relax. Everything else will follow suit.

If you are pissed at someone and keep cursing them or avoiding them in the hidden, it is better to take the 99 names of Allah and read the Quran as much as possible; it will get their eye off you and take off nazar off you in general.

Every thing has a cure because everything artificial is based on man and man itself is a production of God. Therefore, it is better to keep things as real and humane as possible because it is very easy to loose fight in this deep inundated mess now today that we call life.

Quran is the pathway to heaven and namaz (prayer) is the solution to all evils.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

CoronaVirus Tips: Recovering From Corona Virus

By on May 29, 2020

CoronaVirus Tips: Recovering From Corona Virus

CoronaVirus has pretty much knocked the socks off everyone. Ramadan is over and people continue to struggle. The main question that still lefts to be unanswered is recovery and money, which is literally driving everyone crazy! If things continue to be the same way, it will breed war, and if its war, it may mean civil war. In this case, this is if Kim Jong Un doesn’t decide to call a nuclear war, off of his petty defense of being caught as the criminal behind CoronaVirus (Corona Virus Tips). One circle of wrong and so many circles of trying to make it right and still wrong (Quran). What a petty hole, I mean, men, oh I mean, the uh-a-ahs (these monkey laughter’).

It has been 6 months and there is absolutely no answer for coronavirus. While salaried employees are getting their incomes (those on a payroll especially in bigger companies at least), others are struggling. Even those with money are struggling.


You need health to be functional and if they are targetting health in the pettiest of ways then the entire world needs to rise up, call it mercy and find out who has done it.

Things don’t seem right and the Civil War has already started. (Riots in America). It is a serious concern. Till they don’t bow down and get “The Message”, til then things will not stop and by the way, who is stopping them any ways? The world has failed in protecting the citizens and now it will be no mercy. ‘They just called upon their own graves.

At the moment still, there are many people who are unemployed, most working on freelancing forums such as (Fiverr and others). Corona has literally upset everyone but first, the ones who will be answerable are the Prime Ministers and Presidents, then Law and Order, then the Army, then the people and then the people will rise above. The solution? None!

All Governments Have Failed: Its A Hate-War

Moreover, things should LITERALLY be taken by the thorns of it. The reason why this is happening is black magic and many forces are at work. Furthermore, Pakistan is very well-connected- everyone knows everyone and so does the rest of the world I believe. Additionally, there are people within these circles who are being targeted (The Elites).

Long story short, but not, because corona is now a very serious epidemic.

Corona needs to be controlled before things get out of control.

It Is A Dirty World: Someone Needs To Speak Up

When the war is that blatant, you need to control the ones running it. You have to stop the wrong before the wrong gets doubled and protect the right till the right persists. Otherwise, there will be no right and wrong and essentially, it will all be similar to what is the world today.

Nonetheless, what matters is that people have to get out of this corona virus, and move ahead. They need to find a solution, keep up with their health and work will follow through. For this, people need to drink ample amount of water, eat the right food, keep it low and ‘clean up’. Rest, they should leave all matters on Him.

CoronaVirus Tips: Tech Unveiled

Truth Be Told..

Corona Virus has had so much talk about it and no results. It is obvious no one is interested in saving the Earth, perhaps a selected few. Some of the main countries to be struggling off of corona are:

  1. Pakistan
  2. India
  3. Japan
  4. Syria
  5. China
  6. Afghanistan
  7. South Korea
  8. North Korea

Furthermore, and essentially, and pretty much then, cross-borders and all over the world.

People are making efforts to get over corona [Argentina (effort: the CUIDAR COVID-19 Argentina app for relief and keeping up, Europe [Macron is pretty much out of the picture], masks etc.)].

However, if you realize that the thing is still there, these are just insects or men or women being injected by blood and stool and filth. It is just being thrown off to eat men and women off of far of areas; if then, then no one can keep up.

I hope the doers of corona are fixed by their thaws so the world can breed.

If you are struggling with corona, here are some coronavirus tips that can help:

CoronaVirus Tips:

If you are struggling with CoronaVirus, here are 6 tips that can help you come out:

  • Take care of your breath by practicing breathing exercising: Wear a mask for it and breath (especially in the morning when the air is clear).
  • Start walking! There is nothing better than exercise.
  • Stay away from Everyone!!!
  • Check your respiratory tracts: have plenty of water, go for the last breath and clean that out.
  • CoronaVirus is internal so CoronaVirus tips would include having green tea, herbal teas, water, lemon water: anything that purifies your system.
  • Moreover, if you are infected, say there is any pain in your nerves, or perhaps for women, pain while getting their eyebrows done etc, it is infection. Go for an antibiotic right away. You feel pain because of infection (the real screeching pain).
  • Have something that keeps your system going: Say greens- Purge, eat, breathe and relax.

Corona Virus Tips are important to keep yourself sane and healthy. However, if you realize that what hasn’t passed in the universe and what hasn’t His mercy done, will you realize that all good things will pass, so will the bad and peace will follow through and ensue.

For more updates, stay tuned at Tech Unveiled.

5 Tips To Stay Happy And Healthy

By on May 11, 2020

5 Tips To Stay Happy And Healthy

For someone who wants to understand, happiness is all about being healthy. You won’t be able to eat, drink, sleep or any of it for that matter if you aren’t happy. Happiness is all about your health. Looking for some clearance? Here are 5 tips to stay happy and healthy.

1- Get Rid Of Clutter

First of the 5 tips to stay happy and healthy is to get rid of clutter. This means getting rid of unimportant people right away.

Make sure that you are clean and clear in the head and you know what you want.

Get rid of people who don’t agree with you, are energy vampires or just want a ‘fun or two’.

Remember that life starts with you, ends with you, so you must always be careful about yourself. Prioritize yourself and you will be amazed at the benefits of saying no. You should also find divulgence if you are too disturbed and peace if you want to stick on something.

Let loose; stay in silence and you will come in a state where life becomes easy to comprehend and you don’t have to rely on others or ‘things’ to stay happy or sound.

2- Never Lose Hope: Tomorrow Is Another Day

Another one of the 5 tips to stay happy and healthy is that you should never lose hope. Tomorrow will be another day and all matters go to Him, reside and preside with Him. All we can do is make an effort and He gives and forgives both.

If you have met with too many wrongs and you don’t like what people have put you through; if you don’t understand where to go ahead from, do the following:

  • Build your confidence. Never underestimate yourself.
  • Always think of the good.
  • Find balance and happiness within yourself.
  • Let your intuition follow suite.
  • Think about your next 10 years.
  • Remember life and death is in His hands.
  • No one can do a thing or two to you; you are also equipped and able to do three many things or few to them or too. Let things go and let your self be. You WILL find peace.
  • Life is surreal: You will find your match soon and once you do, nothing else will matter.
  • Be patient.

3- Find Your Passion

Furthermore, also to stay happy and healthy, you have to look for meaning. Find your passion and pursue it. Start reading up on it. Time is passing by; However, it is never too late or ever too soon. Make sure that you find meaning in life (and that meaning will always be to make someone else happy) and the trickle down effect (of you being happy too) and think about the good things.

You have to stand up for something. Otherwise life would be meaningless. The ultimate purpose of man is to help and the ultimate purpose of a woman is to, help, again. This gives you motive for life.

Always stay happy for life is too short. You can’t have everything to yourself. Sharing is caring but balance is important. Not too much, nor too less. It is all about being content with yourself and that is the pursuit to happiness: to find someone and help them and be on your own and discover your self.

Everyone is different. No two souls are the same. Therefore, you will find your purpose soon.

4- Make Sure You Are Not Hurting Anyone In The Process

Another thing to talk about if we are talking about 5 Tips To Stay Happy And Healthy, is that to be happy, you have to make sure others around you are happy too.

Everyone has an equal share in life as you do. Though life starts with you, you have to make sure you are not hurting anyone along the way. Trust me when I say that if you hurt someone, you will get hurt equally the same. No one can survive without guilt and no one can survive without doing bad to someone. The guilt, the emotions, everything will be yours.

Always make the other happy and you will find happiness too. However, always remember that even in this process, Balance is key.

Some times, you get in some euphoric state, and think that it might end or you may lose it. You have to remember that tomorrow will be a new day so the feeling can’t stick around all the time.

If you are happy that you have found someone, good but for things to go on, you have to keep going. For staying happy and healthy, you also have to exercise and remember the basics. Food, people, talk, normalcy, and balance.

Remember that no two things last for too long. You also always pick up on vibes. For self-sustainability and sustenance, keep pursuing your passion but let others get drawn to their innate selves themselves.

Let Yourself Be

Some times, we get so happy that we want to clear the air so we can sit in happiness and enjoy the surroundings around and amidst us. However, if you do too much for the other for your happy place, remember you will always stay disappointed.

The other will come to you if they need something. Never bend a muscle or two for the other. Stick with yourself and keep testing your self and your limits but let others be themselves too.

Again, balance is key and no one can take your happiness away. Some times, it may not be ‘Nazar’ that takes our ‘prime away’ but your intuition giving you a hunch of people coming through. This could be work or something or the other.

Stay balanced and you will find God.

5- Make Sure You Remember The Higher Motive

If we are talking about 5 Tips To Stay Happy And Healthy, remember that we have a divine purpose in us and that is for our sustenance till the end of time. We weren’t born without reason. We were born with a seed to help us become aware, knowledgeable, self-sustainable, and for our longevity and sustenance.

Our divine purpose is always to help. Some times, we find happiness in our others happiness.

All souls go back to Him and if we keep that in mind (and that is innate), you will find balance inevitably. Remember that everything is a part of life. Most phases are two or two years of your life. We find maturity around 30 and by 30 we are well-settled. Small worldly things don’t matter to us and we find meaning in Higher things.

Life should be lived in grace.

It is not always about money, it is not always about career and it is also not always about people, partying, plans and gossip. It is about finding your self and achieving your higher motive.

All worldly things must end and they do. However, what stays intact is purpose and reason. Once you find your base and common ground, you will be happy to live in His dignity and worth.

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Why Is It Important To Stay Healthy? Understanding Life Through Intuition

By on May 3, 2020

Why Is It Important To Stay Healthy? Understanding Life Through Intuition

Intuition is a scary, withal concept. However, if only you realize and have an understanding of wisdom and intelligence, will you realize that your intuition is for you.

While all humans are alike and the same, the difference between man and woman is very obvious and there is no third generation. Today, unfortunately, times are so sick that I believe that there are hermaphrodites and they don’t even accept or admit or understand that they are the third generation.

However, what they do with their middle eye is that they disintegrate the difference and capacity between man and woman and essentially impose everything is the same and ok (LGBT).

They ensure rights for themselves and envoke riots so that they can live lives their own ways. Furthermore, what is not natural will never suffice and there is a moral code and that is living by the 5 principles of Islam.

While it has become a ‘non-concern-ary-concern’ to question morals and debates these days, we are actually heading in the wrong direction. Some times, there is a higher order and it is for people to understand, realize and stop. There is only for so long a man’s will persist. The true state of nature will redeem itself.

However, if there is too wrong and we are being tested by our faiths only for the concern of a, now, 10% or more few, then we need to stop, be simple, be organized and start preaching the right thing.

Everything today has become border line crazy but it is all human nature and the fact that we have become so scared of what is, what is not and how we feel, is in fact the end of mankind. We must speak up for the right things, talk about the right people and show concern for those who are suffering. Our work as humans is also counted in this life.

Moreover, we are here for a reason. We are not inundated animals or fools. We are here for a purpose and that is to help, heal and assist.

Times are crazy today. There is absolutely no discrepancy between man, woman, gays and perhaps lesbians as well.

The truth is that there is only for so long that a circle of misdeed and wrong will continue or persist. Like true nature, everything will reinstate itself, and women nor man will like being in one capacity. In fact, man or woman, both will deny, regret, beat themselves over it, and even end themselves for the wrong they indulged in.

This will happen when we sit in our own capacity to realize that when we are having a relationship with the same gender, one is more than the other and it might be fake love or pseudo relationships. Truth be told, one would want to be single than have extra-torrential relationships with someone who is of the other gender.

What is not ‘normal’ by the universal law will never suffice.

Once we have established this, we move on to realize what our intuition is for and what we need to do with it.

Lying down straight can help you clear your head. Clearing your head is the key to a successful life. Anything above your normal levels (in a wrong relationship) will be the end of you.

You need to segregate, sit in silence, quarantine and help yourself make sense out of things or understand that this life is for you and that you need to progress to make the most out of life:

There is only one life and there is a lot to do than just helping people by one swing or doing things for the other’ or perhaps losing motivation in all of this. It is hard to come back after a downward spin but if you realize everything is here and you let yourself be, will you realize how good life is and how true the principle of nature is.

Letting Go, Moving On And Finding Clarity (and Happiness)

Your Intuition: Your Senses: The Code Of 5.

While most of us might not have the understanding of intuition, it is important to tap into your potential and that would be possible by ‘letting yourself be’.

Intuition guides you to your true purpose. You can get a sense of your intuition by letting yourself be.

How is that done? That is done by laying straight, as much as you can, and letting yourself be, irrespective of whether your body is free-flowing or not..

Your body will stop responding when it gets ‘too much’. The best way out of it is to stop!

Realize and let yourself be till you start healing and eventually when your body starts processing, that is where the healing process will begin.

For letting yourself be, the positive is that you give yourself 10 minutes (straight) and then your mind will start processing and you will start seeing things (which is for your clarity)- Keep doing it and you will find clarity. You get disrupted because of ‘the evil eye’ and that will clear off if you lie down straight.

Once you start seeing people or things or little things, the process of healing begins. You might even find out who’s after you and how it can clear if you let your self be.

The idea is to lie down straight for 10 minutes and then if you get uncomfortable, take the back bone pain for resilience and keep yourself straight till the next 10 minutes or so. Don’t worry, once your body starts cleaning itself, the next process will start from what has been cleared.

Intuition is the fun of life.

Understanding Intuition: Understanding Meaning

You can only understand intuition if you let yourself be.

The idea in this is to not show your anger or be angry or perhaps live with a grudge, you still let your self be because the principle of e=mc2 is true. This means don’t be angry on the other in your hidden (in your home or hidden perhaps).

Let it go.

If it is too new, then give it 3 days to settle. No one is saying you are not human. You let yourself operate in clarity. No decision is taken in a day. If you are too hasty, you will regret. You just let yourself be and enjoy the beauty of life. There is no escape. And if things aren’t clarifying or are in the clear, you give it time. There is a reason why suicide is haraam. Suicide is a result of hastiness. You just give yourself time.

Enhancing The Healing Process: Have Water For The Bone

Water is energy and if you are in a phase where you do not understand anything or are ‘seeing things’ or ‘hearing voices’ or just ‘uncomfortable by the gist or wrath of it’, I’d say that you first bow down to Him (that is the first step of surrender) and then you leave it all on God’s will.

Once you do that, you will realize that everything else is just a step ahead.

Understanding Intuition: Making Sense Out Of Things

If we are talking about ‘intuition’; intuition is your senses, the middle eye, the third eye. It all comes back to you and intuition is for you.

Perhaps if you are seeing black things, or black shadows or something irrational or fast, then that means that first, you are on a loose and secondly, everything is according to you.

So you bow down and you leave everything and then you start understanding.

What you see is the other person; when you are not asking for it and you are not talking, then understand that shadows and voices are people.

Shadows are fine, voices are a step ahead.

In fact, voices are the end of a soul but they are done. It literally means someone is doing it but theirs’ will not persist for too long. These satan like individuals pop up at night and that is why we have Maghreb till Isha and then rest and staying at home. Remember that dreams are real and for that you have intuition. Just let yourself be and you will find clarity.

Moreover, there is no other realm except of the realm you know. Every one is different but what you are saying is the truth. If you can’t express, you give it 3 days and you will start healing. There is no reason to doubt the legitimacy of the human soul or the human body. We have been designed by His authority.

There is no reason to doubt any of His matter. However, keeping away from bad people (evil persists) and just keeping an eye out is important otherwise you will go stale. That is why we have the Quran (the finality of all Books) and that is why we have dua (prayer).

Quran is ‘the solution’ of all hidden matters, all tied and sealed matters: for being stuck on something and for tears. Remember crying is healing.

It Stems From Voices and Shadows

Moreover, voices are done, shadows are seen. Voices are anothers’ effort to bring out a cat-like personality in you, to see you running and fearing. The ideology of it is to disturb you and get information out of you and disturb you so much that you can’t take anymore and see your things and plan their next moves. This is the call of one man (to be revealed later on) and the doings of his circle (satanism).

However, if there is no real relationship, the others’ efforts will not work. Voices come under schizoid (it all stems from the efforts of on humans, then rats, then man and now women too).

Shadows on the other hand is your intuition. These are people. Black lines, yellow lines, stringent black lines, white shadows, ahead of you, before you. In essence, shadows are for you. Give it three days and don’t react or talk to them. They are not actually people but your intuition.

Furthermore, you see exactly what the other person is. You let yourself be. You cut all contact for 3-4 days and you will stop seeing these things. The essence is to be happy and not react to these things. There are no limits to man nor woman. Limits were defined by those who created the Al-Kafirun mazheb (unfortunately by a Muslim himself.

To create a discrepancy between all mazhebs and disintegrate between man and woman as well. (Reminds me of Jackson, especially his being the Christ and whatnot).

There Is Hope And It Is All Written. Read The Quran. The Final Legacy Of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and The Message Of Allah Subhana’Ta’Allah.

To move forward, all you need to do is a sajda.

You surrender to His will and that is just bowing down.

Trust that He listens and also trust that you will never get enough of bowing down to Him. This is literally his eternal love and your eternal submission to whatever He may please for you.

All of it has been written by Allah SubhanaTaAllah and you have to trust something and that is the legacy of all religions and the finality of all religions: Islam and The Quran, which was levied on Hazrat Muhammad PBUH by His will and if it is His will then all humans innately surrender to Him because He and Allah are in every heart and everything calls His name.

Understanding Life Through Simplicity And Clarity

Moreover, if we are talking about the world today and the saying of ‘what is going on’ or ‘life has gotten out of control’ or perhaps why don’t things change; or the bigger question; where is Allah or perhaps, is this His wrath or is this Qiyamat itself?

The answer is Yes because Allah is only the good and the rest is man. If the world knows something today, it is by His decree and if it was by His decree then no one can deny the inevitable fate of man and women alike, which is Qiyamat itself.

There is a reason why there was a divine intervention in the world in 2018. The Message: Enough is Enough and on the name of Muhammad and Him (Allah himself).

Here, it is important to realize that if it is Him then we must be assured that everything has gotten out of control and He and His Messenger are here to reinstate it. It will all go back to where it started.

Staying Healthy, Good Will And Surrender

People should take it as good will, otherwise it can be the same loose control that we are already in. We do things out of fear. So whoever messes with you faces the brunt of it the very same day but they don’t reveal and you may reveal it not or perhaps do but the best answer to all things is silence.

For go, stay with your family or perhaps quarantine and there is no reason to doubt His Majesty, Power and Blessings.. and don’t be aloof to what has already happened and what has already not happened.

The first step to any process is gratitude, once you pay heed to your blessings will you only realize how grateful He is. Furthermore, how only the good will and does persist. It is only time that the world will realize the divine intervention and why.

Understanding People With A Purer Soul

Moreover, you can only ‘chill and relax’ with your blood for their ‘intent’ is pure. The root of all evils’ is intent. This means that someone is meeting you for another purpose (getting something out of you, in their hidden) and you might realize it after you’ve gone home (your intuition) but if you ask me; on the first sign of wrong doing, that person should be removed from your life immediately.

Your intuition- your grass root is always right. It is you and it is for you. When it is for you then it is for you. You just have to let it be till you start realizing what intuition is and how it can help you get clarity and realize that everything is here and that nothing is escaping out of your hands.

You are sitting on something, that is yourself. Age matters, your good deeds matter and your life matters. Your coffin, you, your veins and your blood, is literally for your blood. You have to be present, you let your feeling slide and then you will realize who’s who and who needs what; and what you need and what you need not. Essentially, the good, the bad, the evil and your stakes, your decisions and you staying put. The best way out of this is healing (rest, rest, rest and Sleep!). You cannot function without sleep. Sleep is the end of all misery and the start of a new life.

Letting Yourself Be: Rumi?

Letting yourself means that you just sit or lie down. If you can lie down straight, it is going to benefit you because the truth of the sword between the eyes is the truth of life, eyes, your body, your mind and your soul- indeed is the third eye and that eye is for you. It is your coffin and indeed we are going back to him. Don’t look at how others are happy. Just look at how fortunate you are. Thank Him for your limbs, the rest is all attainable.

All emotions are the same. Four people make up your life and 2 men are there for your problems. No one else. You stay happy in your home. No two feelings can go on for so long and no too good, nor too bad. The essence is #balance and that is exactly what Islam is.

Everything Is Internal: Can’t Fake A Muscle In This Life

Furthermore, despite the fact of what people are going through these days; say that they feel like they are stuck or putting on weight and the body is just not flowing and they are running from one place to another; if you are not asking for it, it is because of the other.

This is where the integral message of this article comes in. Rest and you will find how good life is. We have people older than us who are living and alive. We have to come out of our phase and realize that life is bigger than people itself. All experiences teach us something. We learn, we realize and we move on. This is life.

Intuition is a concept based on letting yourself be and that is just lying down straight. Whatever passes, whatever you see and whatever slides is for your clarity. It is only time you will realize what wonders clarity can do to you.

This Life And Everything Else Is For You

This life and your intuition is for you. You don’t have to run away and waste time, you let yourself be and you let things slide because remember that everything is internal and it is ALL the same (heart, mind, body, soul; anger, happiness, sadness and lack of trust). Essentially, you have to come back to yourself and you have to realize there are other people in the world who can literally take care of you.

Furthermore, if you are seeing too many things (its people) and it is their urgency, their problem. You will make sense out of these shadows, spirits and lines if you first stop taking alcohol (you see too much if you have gone aback yourself). Secondly, only if you stop getting angry with your mouths in all ahahas and hahuhays but infact, stick with the process of everything being internal and letting yourself be.

You are not here for another’s breath. You are not here to assist them by what is coming off of their mind, body and soul. Men should literally start respecting women and women should pay due respect to men. Inevitably, He knows and when all matters fail, there is always divine intervention (His help is indeed near) and you thank God for His miracles. For that you have to be patient and sit in solace. Remember that God sits in silence.

The 21st Century: Roots Stay The Same, Always

In this era and age, where no one can essentially get enough of the other for some good reason or odd, it is better to stay away from those who don’t seem right. Your first feeling is right. Also remember that people come to you for a reason (talking about intent here) and that reason is always money. You keep away. The idea is to start saying no but for that you have to be there; present and that is the idea of healing itself.

Always trust your intuition and always let go of people who seem wrong on the first sign (them disagreeing with you or having another perspective as yours). You stick with people who matter and that should essentially be your blood.

Understanding How Life Is Surreal And How Man Is Bitter

This life is too short. If you understand that everything is here, whether it be food, money, clothes, shoes, fun, entertainment, the Internet, technology, the world, countries, nations, cities or lets just say the world, you will find peace.

No One Is Taking Anything Away From You: Everything Stems Out Of Fear

You will realize that nothing is skipping from your hands and that it is important to simplify your life.

You have to categorize, you should start writing your tasks down, you should watch the time after every 30 minutes or so and you should check the date after getting up every morning and sleeping every night.

Furthermore, no one got it right the first day. This life is for you and there is only one life.

While there may be others to bring you down, no two people can work the same in coherence and no two souls are alike.

You distinguish and you walk your path with maturity, sincerity and grace.

Furthermore, your religion and beliefs must be enough to keep you sane and bring some confidence in you. Lastly, you remember yourself for the next 10 days. You first. So essentially, you plan for the next 10 days. $10 a day and you are good to go. Or perhaps, if you realize that you can only eat for so long or drink for so long or enjoy for so long or perhaps that it is you and every thing is internal, you will find peace.

There Is No Such Thing As Revenge: Only Good Riddance

Furthermore, every one is fighting their own battles; things don’t look as good as they appear or seem to be. However, for your clarity, you plan for the next 10 days and you keep working because no individual can sit idle for too long and money is always the motivation so no one can work without getting paid good.

The concept of experience over money and power; all wrong. Money is the only motivation you get up every day; the rest is for you and your family, even the money you are earning and getting. ;-).

The rule of life is e=mc2 (every notion, every principle is set on this) and this means what goes around come around.

So find goodness in your solace and you will find the right path and then you embark on the journey forward because inevitably, we all have to die as well and we not only prepare for this life but we think about the end too. However, that is innate so it is better to forgive and let go than hold a grudge and destroy your sanity, mind, body, face, soul and mindset. You let go and you will find meaning in life and the right person too perhaps. There is a reason why suicide is forbidden (haraam) because only He knows and you know not.

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Why Is It Important To Fast In Ramadan?

By on April 27, 2020

Why Is It Important To Fast In Ramadan?

Fasting in Ramadan is important because it helps in clarifying your thoughts, your heart, your mind, your body and your soul.

It is just as you are on a diet and without that. Why? Because essentially, everything else contains chemicals, insecticides and what not to some or every extent, which is harmful for the body. Fasting in Ramadan helps you cleanse your mind, body and soul. Cleansing is very important for the soul. Ramadan, then helps you become brand new.

Ramadan Helps In Purifying The Body

While the body has the natural mechanism of cleansing itself, if you are smoking too much and you are eating too much and you are all over the place; then no part of your body will work. Fasting helps with that.

Moreover, fasting in Ramadan is important because it helps you bring in your balance again. Remember that Islam is balance and for restoring your self, you can fast so that your body comes to its natural state (dusk-till-dawn- settling back in your self).

Ramadan is a one long month. It is a sacred month. It is a month when the Quran was revealed on Prophet Muhammad.

History Of Ramadan

The ideology behind Ramadan is to reinstate the “Holy Kabbah”, which off and on was taken off by the Yahud for its delicacy and gold.

Furthermore, it isa practice that makes you bow down and stop.

All enemities are prohibited in the month of Islam.

Ramadan is a call upon and a month of belonging and longing for the Prophet and his mother.

Ramadan is a pardah against satans and satanism (it is a practicing religion now).

Benefits of Fasting

Ramadan has many benefits to offer. These include:

  • To cleanse your body
  • To get your sanity back in order.
  • Moreover, to realize and think.
  • To prepare for going back to normalcy; long hours of inundated work.
  • Additionally, Ramadan is the only calendar on the year.
  • Ramadan is the most sacred month where Allah revealed himself to Muhammad.
  • Furthermore,Ramadan is a call for prayer; to make you realize that its not Allah that doesn’t listen to your prayers but yourself because you are not in your senses amidst the worldly problems.
  • To clean your nafs (your heart), your mind (your body) and your soul (your presence) and your bone (your belonging) and your ‘self’ – (your heart itself). In clear ideology, this means your entire balance. For your body, to cleanse without eating, for you to pay attention to what God has given you; for your senses that you have to be there for Allah and not the other way around and for your self belief that Allah is there and there is no other prophet (satan) but Muhammad and that this is life and there is no other life or spectrum and that no one is taking things away from you and its all here. In essence, this is possible if you are in your senses and after a year long eating or perhaps half, its important to take a break so you go back to your divinity and start a new life after Ramadan, for the next part of the year. It is all ari-the-ma-tics.

It Is A Sacred Month

Ramadan is a very sacred month. It is a month of good will and perhaps, for you to realize. It is a month of realization; to help you get back in your senses again. Moreover, to make you realize that outside world and to help you come out of your fears.

Furthermore, to help you gain strength to face the world again. For you to get a break. For you to succumb to all worldly pressures and sit in sujood and come back to your self. It is a month of surrender, to God’s will and to help you get back on your two feet again.

To Conclude

Fasting essentially helps you pay Qadr (Read: LailatulQadr) to the minutest of things that we usually take for granted. It teaches you sabar (patience) and it makes you remember how good food is, your eyes are, your sanity is, and how otherworldly pressures make you lose your self and nothing else.

If we surrender to God’s will, then definitely, God is kind and He is merciful. Ramadan will help you pay attention to your self and your belongings and make you remember how fortunate and blessed you are.

May we all stay kind to one another and may we all stay put to each other; After all, Ramadan is a call for prayer; for oneness, longitude and solitude.

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5 Health Tips To Keep Going In 2020

By on April 21, 2020

5 Health Tips To Keep Going In 2020

2020 has been such a mishap that people are trying to understand whether to work, fix, do nothing or something or nothing per se. This state of ‘circles’ has left people miserable. If you ask me, summers are already here and it is going to be difficult to keep up. For that, if you are wondering how to keep going, here are 5 health tips to keep going in 2020 that might help.

1- Have Water

One of the 5 health tips to keep going in 2020 is having water.

Having water is essential if you want to survive. There are no limits to having water. In fact, the trick with having water is that when you are at your limit, have another sip or two and break that rigor.

Then you are good to go. Water is energy and there are no limits to having energy. Have water, purge and then keep going.

2- Eat healthy

Another one of the 5 health tips to keep going in 2020 is eating healthy. Eating healthy might be the ultimate trick at this point in time.

While it is true that you wouldn’t want to eat that much at this time and might be going without eating anything, it is important that you start with something.

Men should have their meals cooked by their wives or themselves: Steaks (something that makes you full) and women should preside in something lighter; while steaks are fine, so is chicken or anything halal.

Greens would work, so would bean and so would carbs. If you have ‘roti’ in Urdu and perhaps Pita in English or something similar; Wheat is essential too. It’s all about energy otherwise you will be fainting while coming back to yourself.

3- Keep yourself warm

Despite the fact that it is summers and you will be running around, you might want to keep yourself warm.

For that it is important that you snuggle in your beds and stop running around. Get a book, keep yourself warm and think about those who fill your heart.

For 5 health tips to keep going in 2020, you should also try to make sure you are at your fullest and you are taking care of your health.

This running around, when you get up and then get something, then you sit and then you get up. I’d say relax! Your bone for sanity and let yourself be. You will find peace.

Everything is internal and your gear is for your blood only. All else is secondary.

4- Have anything that is clean

Cleanliness is virtue and if you aren’t being clean then it is important that you be. Take a bath, brush your hair and go for a walk (it is a must to breath and go out in the open and enjoy some fresh air.

Remember that if you are facing rigidity in your bones or feeling some inkling in your veins, it is fever. For that you must walk and rest.

All processes are internal, else is external. If you are ‘seeing things’, those too will disappear with water. Try it and leave us a message here if it doesn’t work :-).

5- Space is essential

You cannot live without space. Whether it is your husband or your family or your children or yourself, it is important that you give one another space.

Looking for 5 tips to keep going in 2020? Keep reading.

What happens in commotion is that small misunderstandings build up and it makes you develop a stubbornness of saying no to everything. Then, what everyone says is second talk and your anger doesn’t stop. That too is coming back to yourself.

Don’t forget that you see life through your eyes only and keeping yourself sane is the key. Listen to everyone but make sense out of things yourself. If you become stubborn, your end will probably be anger.

When you are anger, you start opposing everything and at the least stick with yourself a little. Those are your tears which perhaps wouldn’t even open if you are under undue pressure or in that angst itself.

The ultimate therapy is crying and that only happens when you let your heart settle in. Let yourself cry and have water if you are too dehydrated. There is no shame and if you feel someone’s watching you or after you, drop that thought.

You will come back to your self if you let your last breath breath: 10 seconds and then sublimity, realization, processing, letting go and a new life and a new start.

We hope the above 5 health tips to keep going in 2020 mentioned above help. However, for further details or assistance, contact us or leave us a message here. We are here to help!

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How To Take Care Of Your Jaw

By on March 13, 2020

How To Take Care Of Your Jaw

Actually, speaking is no one’s game. We talk only when we have to speak. However, some people enjoy talking. Essentially, a strict man would never talk but enjoy and a loose girl will never enjoy nor talk. Girls are supposed to listen, true, to their fathers, yes, to bosses, no way and to orders, hell no.

Things have become so complicated these days, I mean, there is absolutely no limit to anything. Girls are doing it, men are doing it; spreading talk by talk by talk and talk and ”getting things done”.

Evil persists in the world but in a world where you start finding out someone’s been after you and you start taking revenge, that is where it all starts. Remember life is all about you but if you are angry and at home and taking your piss off someone, then I can say that indeed, it would be right to protect your jaw first.

Actually, once you grit your teeth, something starts happening to the body. It’s important to take care of the jaw because it is talk and if we are talking about how to take care of the jaw? Remember the gut and the groin.

Protecting The Jaw

There are many ways to protect your jaw. First of all, start biting and let yourself sit in a subtle position. Start talking and let your self speak. If you have lived in fear too much then the best option is to spend more time with yourself and try exploring yourself.

Understanding how to take care of your jaw is as simple as looking yourself from a man’s perspective; essentially that you are alive (for the women) and for the men, by their talk on you and the anger essentially and then, the ones who never stop the fight.

We actually are not aloof to the fact that this is a cowardice world full of malaise and that are people themselves. If you want to understand how to take care of your jaw, start breathing and get your body in order.

Healing Begins Internally

Furthermore, that might essentially not be pilates or exercise per say, we are talking about internal healing here.

Healing yourself internally is to sit in silence (at your home preferably) and not around people because we too pick up on vibes. There are bad people in the world and unfortunately, the game now is to take people by their most protective part and its called ‘black magic’. If you are a victim of black magic, it would suffice to say that black magic might ruin a person’s motive, career, love, and belonging.

There is nothing worse than someone taking you away from your family and if that someone is doing it in their homes out of greed for you and you start reacting to it, it will never be the end of it because even walls have their doors, closed.

Essentially, and what is important to realize is that it would be better for one to start healing immediately if they have frustrated out their anger in any way especially by their body. Once you do it by the body with the same intent and if not the same intent but anger and someone hears your Prayer (that is real), then, of course, you will be protected against the one who is after you.

Guided Meditation

Shadows and spirits are real but what is more real is the fact that in whichever state you are in, you see life through your eyes only. Life is indeed that limited.

The best way to succumb to all of this is to realize that you are indeed important and whatever you are seeing are People (the same or new) and essentially now, magic has been extorted to such extent that they are after minds now and it could be any big talent.

If under how to fix your jaw, we say that it’s all about energy; say the left is intuition and the right one is the heart, then all we need to do is get our minds in order.

Every feeling is true, every sense is yours and everything is for you to understand. Once you start doing something to yourself or your jaw perhaps, then I can say that it would take time to heal but it would heal if you stay quiet after your first and final frustration and then start healing.

Healing Is Internal

Remember that your anger and frustration goes to the other person as well. This is a loose battle and we are not aloof to the horrific picture (which is the world itself). Ideally, this world would be a better place if we didn’t have to fight and everybody got on the same page.

However, other things are about personalities and the fact that people don’t want to be around you. A man never understands but all regret and regret come from a daughter’s fate. A man is as weak as his mother and a daughter is as forgetful as his father but in front of the 4 men alike, no daughter or men would suffice, especially if the latter’s are from the dead.

Ideally, the notion of healing is all about internal health. It is best that you start being at home and don’t get affected by other people’s energies. It would be better if you let things sink in. Remember feelings are emotions and emotions are in the veins. Some have to pass, some have to go, some have to come too but only if you are patient and nice.

Going Back To Basics

These are basics because essentially we are the man and living beings. Henceforth, ever in anger especially with the jaw, forget harming yourself but be vigilant because the other person is here too. When you start seeing shadows is when other people are actually cursing you on the other end, and you might be in clear conversation with them but whatever the ‘relationship’ is – it goes by that.

Also, stick to your first instinct about people, this world is a bitter place (by money and materialism). However, the right forward is to stay in your grace and be true to yourself and never fake a muscle let alone a lie. Hearts are on all ends; you never know who’s heart and relationship you might be crossing in this world called reality; in your homes called Your personal space and vices (bad people and we are not like that):, it all comes to solace and grace.

Jaw is a problematic concern if I tell you that they are after minds and talents now. To confuse them in every way and they are. Open enemies? Hell for sure. Their hidden? Their issue. Right here, hell yes and to fight? Even every religion is fought by decree and solace by grace and all religions are one as are all men and women.

Internal Healing: It All Begins At Home

It all starts internally. Start doing your homework at home; accept your disgrace if it is at the hands of one but let it go and remember your stance in the relationship and their stance in the relationship and all shall pass. Good comes to those who make an effort to do good.

Life isn’t easy. Only the truthful presides. These games are being played in the hidden now and the hidden is everyone’s secret. I’d say people leave it on to His Supremacy and start taking care of their bodies and selves internally, externally, but themselves and no other.

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